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Peter Rosentreter

[Gramps ID I1120]

Many thanks to Ryn Dedo nee Rosentreter for finding this mis-indexed Probate & Will (it was listed as Peter Rosentacter) and thereby showing us a glimpse of this person and his family’s life.

Prussian Hussar Uniform colour plate by F.Neumann around 1850

Prussian Hussar Uniform

Peter Rosentreter was born on the 19th Feb 1820 in Bramstedt, Lower Saxony, Germany, second child and the eldest son, to Johann Wilhelm Rosentreter and Adelheit Catharine Ballmers.


  • He married twice, firstly to Lucka Catharina Cordes, and then after her death, to Anna Sophie Fixsen. It appears that neither marriage bore any children. We have not been able to find Marriage or Death records.
  • We can trace him back seven generations to Jänke Rosentreter *abt 1612. Jänke has over 260 documented Rosie descendants. This family lived and farmed in the Sandstedt/Bramstedt areas of Cuxhaven for over 300 years and Jänke’s descendants can be found in Berlin, Germany, England (Rosentreders) and New York & California in the USA.
  • He was a Captain of a company in a Prussian Hussar Regiment (most likely the 10th (Magdeburg) Hussars). This would mean that he most likely fought in the Austro-Prussian War (also called the seven weeks war). He would have been stationed at Magdburg or possibly Stendel. One wonders if he knew the Rosentreter families from that area and if/how he was related to them?
  • He died late in 1898.
  • His properties were in the fertile farmland along the Weser river and within the Elbe-Weser triangle.
  • His estimated ‘current day value’ of his estate at death – $1.5-2 Million US Dollars in assets, plus at least five (5) properties in the Hagen region.


His Legacy:

The following is a transcript of his Will to which notes have been added to explain places, people, etc.

Last Will and Testament

I, the undersigned, Peter Rosentreter, a private gentleman at Hagen, do make and publish my last Will and Testament in the following.


I appoint as my heirs:

1. My wife, Anna Sophie nee Fixsen.
2. The children of my brother Wilhelm Rosentreter deceased in New York.
3. The children of my brother Johann Adolph Rosentreter, deceased in New York, excepting his eldest son Wilhelm.
4. The children of my sister Anna Marie Rosentreter formerly married to Husemeyer, which sister died in Hoboken.
5. The children of my brother Otto Friedrich Rosentreter deceased in Brooklyn.

To which heirs I substitute their lawful issue of the body.

P1 Notes:

  • Hagen refers to Hagen im Bremischen, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • Anna Sophie Fixsen [I5894].
  • Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1123]. We are unsure as to why Johann Adolph’s son Wilhelm was excluded, however this Wilhelm was already a successful Jeweller in New York at the time.
  • Johann Adolph Rosentreter [I1122].
  • Anna Marie Rosentreter [I2922].
  • Husemeyer refers to John Henry Husemeyer [I2921].
  • Otto Friedrich Rosentreter [I1121].
  • Hoboken & Brooklyn are in New York, USA.



I bequeath to my wife Anna Sophie nee Fixsen at Hagen the sum of five thousand marks (5,000 M) of my estate.

P2 Notes:

  • 5,000 Marks in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$50,000 today.



On May 24th 1873, I loaned to my deceased brother Wilhelm Rosentreter the sum of 6,000 Six thousand dollars which sum is now owing to me by his heirs.

This my claim with the interest in arrears shall fall to the four children of and surviving my brother Wilhelm Rosentreter, share and share alike.

Further, I loaned to my said brother Wilhelm Rosentreter in the spring of 1881 the sum of 6,000 Six thousand dollars, which was secured by a mortgage to me on the house No 259 Greenwich St, New York.

This claim has likewise not been repaid and his heirs are still indebted to me in this sum at the present time, and this sum with the arrears of interest thereon shall go to his son Herman Rosentreter in New York alone.

The two daughters of this my brother Wilhelm, Lina, married Miners, and Emma, married Rencken. both at Hagen, shall each receive 7,500 M Seven thousand five hundred marks.

However, these sums shall not be paid to them in cash, but the capital shall remain under the administration of my executors of this last will in Hagen, and only the interests accruing there on yearly shall be paid to them.

The capital shall fall later wholly and entirely to their lawful issue.

Should one of the two sisters die without leaving lawful issue of her body then her capital shall fall to the surviving sister or her issue of the body respectively.

Should both sisters die without lawful issue, then the two capitals shall fall to their brothers Herman and Wilhelm Rosentreter, share and share alike.

The said two daughters of my brother Wilhelm shall also receive the silverware of my estate and shall divide the same equally as far as possible, excepted, however, shall be the three silver spoons coming from my deceased mother and the silver soup ladle which I won at a shooting match and which comes from the store of Schabberhar.

P3 Notes:

  • $6,000 US Dollars in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$200,000 today.
  • 7,500 Marks in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$75,000 today.
  • I can find no reference to the store ‘Schabberhar’ but it must have been a well known silversmith at the time.



The children of my deceased brother Johann Adolph Rosentreter, excepting, however, his eldest son, Wilhelm, shall receive the sum of 5,000 Five thousand dollars and shall divide the sum equally.

This sum shall be paid as soon as such amount has been converted into cash out of my estate.

P4 Notes:

  • $5,000 US Dollars in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$166,000 today.



The children of my deceased brother Otto Friedrich Rosentreter in New York, shall inherit of my estate the sum of 10,000 Ten thousand dollars.

P5 Notes:

  • $10,000 US Dollars in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$333,000 today.



The children of my deceased sister Anna Marie, formerly married to Husemeyer, in New York, shall inherit the residue and remainder of my estate after paying the shares in my estate heretofore provided for by the foregoing paragraphs of this my last will, and also the legacies hereinafter set out, and all other outlays and after payment of all debts if any at the time of my decease, and after payment of the funeral expenses as well as the transfer tax to be paid on all the shares and legacies of my estate.

The children of my said sister Anna Marie, formerly married to Husemeyer shall further receive out of my estate:

a. Wilhelm Husemeyer in New York, my diamond shirt studs.
b. Hinrich Husemeyer of the same place, the gold watch with chain which I received from my former company of Hussars of which I was the Captain.
c. Anna Rathmann nee Husemeyer, of the same place, the watch of my deceased wife, Lucka nee Cordes.
d. Lina Kramer nee Husemeyer, of the same place, the three silver spoons coming from my mother as well as the silver soup ladle which I won at a shooting match and which comes from the store of Schabberhar.

P6 Notes:

  • A Captain of a Hussar company was a revered man. We think he was a Captain of the 10th Hussar Regiment (10th (Magdeburg) Hussars) in Magdeburg or Stendal. 
  • Here we find the first mention of his deceased wife. We have found her birth record and believe her to be the sister of his brother Wilhelm’s wife Metta Adelheid Cordes [I0656].
  • This is obviously his favourite family (nephews and nieces) as he stated they would inherit the residue and remainder of his estate.



In the Cemetery at Hagen a monument shall be erected for me similar to the one which I erected for my deceased first wife.

P7 Notes:

  • We have not been able to find this monument.


Charles F. Mattlage Shipping Document


The persons and corporations hereinafter named shall receive the legacies opposite their names at once after my death, respectively as soon as sufficient cash has been realised:

a. Charles F. Mattlage in New York, for all the good he has done me, 300 Three hundred dollars.
b. James Craig, first book-keeper of Charles F. Mattlage, three hundred (300) dollars.
c. The young man in the business of Charles F. Mattlage in New York who has done all errands for me, whose name I cannot give, but which will be given by Charles F. Mattlage One hundred (100) dollars.
d. Charles F. Mattlage in New York, or in case he does not qualify my other executors of my last will in New York, shall expend for charitable purposes in their own discretion, five hundred (500) dollars.
e. Fritz Rosentreter at Cassebruch and Otto Rosentreter at Driftsethe shall each receive five hundred (500) Marks.
f. Otto Rosentreter at Driftsethe shall further receive all the real estate at the time of my death belonging to me in the “feldmark” Driftsethe excepting, however, the real estate called “Saal”, further, he shall inherit also the balance of the purchase price for the Moor-land sold by me to Buck in Driftsethe, called “Sandbergsmoor” of 225 M two hundred and twenty-five marks, with interest if the same shall not have been paid at the time of my death.
g. Fritz Rosentreter at Cassebruch shall receive the farmland “Hohefeld” in the “Hagen Feldmark”.
h. My cousin, the “Altenthieler” Hinrich Roes at Hagen shall receive every year One hundred and fifty marks (150) for life.
i. Friedrich Wersebe, son of the Kothner Hinrich Wersebe in Hagen shall receive out of my estate a thousand marks (1,000 M).
This sum shall be deposited for him with the Savings Bank here.
k. Karl Huster, Jr in Hagen, shall have my “Tannenkamp” near Boersten, my black horse if it is still alive, with the small American wagon and harness.
My share in the Staubmuhle, which F. R. Cordes and I own in common, finally my gold watch chain which I bought there.
The horse bequeathed to him shall if it cannot perform any more it’s duties only be sold to a butcher to be killed.
l. To the school in Hagen, I bequeath the farmland “Hinterfeld” near Leeser’s house, namely for the purpose of laying out a gymnasium and playgrounds, the same shall not be used for gardening.
The carpenter work herein shall be given to the carpenter Wilhelm Beusse in Hagen.
Further, I bequeath to the school in Hagen the sum of 1,000 M One thousand marks which shall be deposited with the Savings Bank here on interest.
The yearly interests of this capital shall be applied to giving to the school children every year a small Christmas offering, and out of the interest shall be bought a Christmas tree and small presents.
The buying of the presents, etc. shall be left with the president of the school at the time being.
m. To the children of the Kothner Heinrich Roes in Hagen I bequeath out of my estate jointly the sum of Five hundred (500) marks.
n. Friedrich Cordes at Hagen shall receive my double barrelled gun if the same is still in existence at the time of my death, and the sum of three hundred marks (300 M) which in case of his death shall likewise go to his heirs.
o. For the benefit of the poor of the community of Hagen a capital of one thousand M (1,000) marks shall be paid out of my estate to the president of the community, the interest of such capital shall yearly at Christmas be divided among the poor of the community of Hagen by the President of the community in time being with the assistance of the President of the school at the time being.
In regard to this legacy I direct especially that special care shall be taken for the purpose of securely investing the same, and the capital as well as the interest shall never be applied otherwise than for the aforementioned purpose.
p. The Kothner Hinrich Mehrtens at Hagen shall receive (500 M) five hundred marks, further
q. The country letter carrier Wilhelm Kneie at Cassebruch (500 M) five hundred marks.
The persons mentioned above sub. p. and q. were formerly in my employ for a longer time.
r. The servant Wilhelm Allmers, now in my employ, of Cassebruch, shall receive 500 M five hundred marks if he is still in my employ at the time of my death, otherwise 300 M three hundred marks and likewise,
s. My present servant girl Juliane Otten of Hagen (500 M) five hundred Marks if she is still in my employ at the time of my death, otherwise (300 M) here hundred Marks.
t. George Rosentreter in Wittstedt shall have the cane presented to me by the “Amt Hagen Club” in New York, two pictures of the Amt Hagen Club, my landau with the best harness and horse blankets.
u. Hermann and Elise Bargmann in Oldenburg shall have my piano and be paid out of my estate for the expense of moving the same (100 M) one hundred marks.

P8 Notes:

  • The firm of Charles F. Mattlage were a Wholesaler in Fish Salt & Provisions in New York.
  • Fritz Rosentreter [I1137] at Cassebruch and Otto Rosentreter [I1139] at Driftsethe appear to be his first cousin Johann Albrecht’s [I1127] sons.
  • Cassebruch –  Kassebruch, Hagen im Bremischen, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Driftsethe – Driftsethe, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • The specific properties named for Fritz and Otto have not been found.
  • Altenthieler means Retired Farmer.
  • Kothner means Cottager (usually a small farm owner).
  • Item ‘j’ was not written.
  • “Kamp” means a fenced field or piece of land (near a farmhouse). “Tannen” are fir trees. Therefore, “Tannenkamp” is probably a piece of land surrounded by fir trees, or a piece of forest.
  • Boersten – Börsten, Hagen im Bremischen, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • 1,000 Marks in 1898 would be worth approximately USD$10,000 today.
  • The gymnasium still exists in Hagen – Waldschule Hagen-Beverstedt.
  •  Friedrich Cordes is most likely a brother-in-law and sister of Lucka & Metta.
  • It would be interesting to find out if Peter’s legacy for the poor of the community of Hagen (point o) still exists.
  • Point p provides an interesting connection: The Mehrtens/Mertens family had a long association with the Rosentreters going back to the early 1600’s. The Mehrtens family came from Aschersleben (Magdeburg area) providing a clue that the Sandstedt/Bramstedt Rosentreters may have also come from the Magedeburg area.
  • Wittstedt – Wittstedt, Bramstedt, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • George Rosentreter is most likely Otto Georg Rosentreder [I3128] and would have been a first cousin once removed.
  • A ‘landau’ is a four wheeled carriage.



At once after my death my whole estate, real and personal, as well in Germany as in America shall be sold publicly as far as I have not disposed otherwise as above stated.



The burial plots in the Cemetery of Hagen and Driftsethe shall not be sold, but remain in my family.



My wearing apparel, shirt-studs, etc., shall be given away to relatives, friends and poor people, my albums, pictures, books shall likewise be divided among relatives, friends and acquaintances by the executors of my last Will in Hagen.

The wearing apparel, furs, etc. of my deceased wife Lucka nee Cordes shall be given away, and this shall be done by my present wife.



Of course, my wife shall retain the free disposition of the objects which belong to her and which she has brought with her at the time of our marriage, and the same shall fall to her relatives in case she should not have made any other disposition.



I appoint as the executors of my last will:

a. Regarding my estate in America

    1. Charles F. Mattlage, Sr
    2. Hinrich Mattlage, Jr
    3. Wilhelm Husemeyer, all in New York.


b. Regarding my estate in Germany

    1. My wife Anna Sophie Fixsen
    2. Carl Huster, both in Hagen.
    3. George Rosentreter in Wittstedt.

They shall undertake the settlement of the American and the German part of my estate respectively independent of each other and they shall be empowered to do all acts necessary for the settlement of the estate, to consent to sell the real estate, to give due notice on all claims, to collect and to receipt duly for the same, to cancel and transfer mortgages.

In case of death of one of the executors of my last will, I confer the above powers to the surviving executors alone.



All prior Wills made formerly by me shall be revoked by this present will.



In case one of the other of the above described heirs shall not be satisfied with the provisions of this last Will and shall attack the same, then in such case the dissatisfied heir shall be wholly excluded from my estate, and his share in the same shall fall to the other heirs in the same branch share and share alike.



This is my well considered last will which I ask to enforce as a testament, mortis causa donatio, codicil or in any other legal manner, and I have signed the same with my own hand, In witness thereof.

P16 Notes:

  • ‘mortis causa donatio’ means gift on the occasion of death.


So done at Hagen on January 21, 1895

(Signed) Peter Rosentreter


Original Document (PDF) – From Ancestry – New York, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999 – Peter Rosentreter – b 1820 – Probate & Last Will New York

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