This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of **Unknown**. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

**Unknown** **Unknown** [I7565]  Helmut Werner Rosentreter [I7564] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I9690]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I9689] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I6581]  Edmund Rosentreter [I4011] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I8514]about 1550before 1660Michael Rosentreter [I8506] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I8518]about 1571before 1681Mathias Rosentreter [I8517] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I8624]about 1605before 1715Severin Rosentreter [I8541] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I8619]about 1643before 1753Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I8602] 
**Unknown** **Unknown** [I0927]about 1737before 1847Peter Rosentreter [I0799] 
Adelheid **Unknown** [I9900]6 May 193010 Jun 2017Günter Rosentreter [I9912] 
Adeline **Unknown** [I8895]1 Mar 1874before 1984 
Agnes **Unknown** [I0410]about 1653before 1763Georg Rosentreter [I0409] 
Alice **Unknown** [I9794]19171991Robert Rosentreter [I9793] 
Amalia **Unknown** [I3005]about 1856before 1966Frederick Rosentreter [I3004] 
Andrea **Unknown** [I8606]  Jörg Rosentreter [I0306] 
Angelina **Unknown** [I6290]about 16573 Feb 1731Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I6291] 
Anna **Unknown** [I4661]after 1879before 1989Wilhelm Heinrich Rosentreter [I4656] 
Anna **Unknown** [I7996]3 Oct 189528 Nov 1972Max Hermann Richard Rosenträger [I7994] 
Anna Catharina **Unknown** [I7254]about 1733before 1843Adam Rosenträger [I7253] 
Anna Luise **Unknown** [I6318]177524 Mar 1832Friedrich Rosentreter [I6319] 
Anna Margretha **Unknown** [I6289]about 1693before 1803Philip Rosentreter [I6288] 
Anna Marianna **Unknown** [I9458]about 1794before 1904Kristof Rosentreter [I9457] 
Anneliese **Unknown** [I8613]  Gerhard Rosentreter [I8608] 
Annemarie **Unknown** [I2354]about 1908before 2018William (Bill) John Rosentreter [I1910] 
Antionette **Unknown** [I6132]  Otto John Rosentreter Jnr [I1765] 
Aster **Unknown** [I9934]  Burkhard Rosentreter [I9933] 
Auguste **Unknown** [I2975]28 Aug 18342 Jun 1875Eduard Rosentreter [I2936] 
Barbara **Unknown** [I10161]  Peter Rosentreter [I8783] 
Becke **Unknown** [I1279]about 16924 Apr 1725Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1278] 
Benny **Unknown** [I9941]  Katrin Rosentreter [I9940] 
Berta **Unknown** [I5242]  Alfred Albert Rosentreter [I0980] 
Bertha **Unknown** [I3388]about 1834before 1944Jacob Rosentreter [I3387] 
Bertha **Unknown** [I1053]about 1845after 1900Rudolf Rosentreter [I1052] 
Bette **Unknown** [I1846]  Donald (Don) A Rosentreter [I4542] 
Betty **Unknown** [I6256]  Lester James Rosentrater [I5545] 
Caitlin **Unknown** [I6122]  Jimmy Rosentreter [I6121] 
Caroline **Unknown** [I4583]about 1825before 1935Samuel Gob Rosentreter [I4579] 
Catharina **Unknown** [I7192]about 1631before 1741Hans Rosentreder [I7191] 
Catharina **Unknown** [I8703]about 1650before 1760Gottfried Rosentreter [I8697] 
Catharina **Unknown** [I2806]about 168825 Mar 1743Paul Rosentreter [I2802] 
Catharina Dorothee **Unknown** [I6428]about 1703before 1813Michael Rosentreter [I6427] 
Catharina Margaret **Unknown** [I2026]about 1656before 1766Hans Jacob Rosentreter [I2025] 
Catherine **Unknown** [I3674]1789Jan 1828Johann (John) Conrad Rosentreder [I1103] 
Celestine **Unknown** [I9371]about 1854before 1964 
Christina **Unknown** [I8531]about 1607before 1717Hans Rosentreter [I8523] 
Cäcilie **Unknown** [I4899]12 Nov 18608 Apr 1905 
Dagmar **Unknown** [I8511]  Udo Rosentreter [I8510] 
Debbie **Unknown** [I8944]  Walter (Wally) Henry Rosentreter [I3957] 
Dee **Unknown** [I9171]  Wesley D Rosentreter [I8745] 
Dorota (Dorothea) **Unknown** [I9322]about 1804before 1914Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9321] 
Dorothe **Unknown** [I0053]about 17312 Jan 1818Hinrich Rosentreter [I1202] 
Dorothea **Unknown** [I1113]17302 Jan 1818Otto Rosentreder [I1112] 
Dorothea **Unknown** [I9108]about 1784before 1894Paulus Rosentreter [I9107] 
Dorothee **Unknown** [I9896]about 1804before 1914**Bricklayer** Rosentreter [I9895] 
Eileen J **Unknown** [I1891]  Alan D Rosentreter [I1861] 
Elena Alexandrovna **Unknown** [I2858]about 1888before 1998Sergey Ottovich Rosentreter [I2827] 
Elisabeth **Unknown** [I1200]161920 Apr 1701Görke Rosentreder [I1198] 
Elisabeth **Unknown** [I6296]about 1652before 1762Christoph Rosentreter [I6285] 
Elżbieta (Elisabeth) **Unknown** [I9216]about 1814before 1924Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I9215] 
Emma **Unknown** [I4908]about 1874before 1984Gustav Rosentreter [I4907] 
Erna **Unknown** [I3602]about 1905before 2015Vladimir (Waldemar) Karl Rosentreter [I0861] 
Erna **Unknown** [I3508]19132002 
Gesa **Unknown** [I8471]  Thomas Rosentreter [I8470] 
Hannah **Unknown** [I9917]  Uwe Rosentreter [I9916] 
Henriette **Unknown** [I6773]about 1826before 1936Ludwig Rosentreter [I6761] 
Hilda **Unknown** [I3859]  Gordon Rosentreter [I4589] 
Holly **Unknown** [I2553]  Scott C Rosentrater [I6999] 
Ilona **Unknown** [I8779]  Michael Rosentreter [I8762] 
Jacobina (Josephine) **Unknown** [I1909]8 Nov 18755 Dec 1945Heinrich (Henry) Rosentreter [I1930] 
Jacques **Unknown** [I10047]  Carole Rosentreter [I10046] 
Jadwiga **Unknown** [I9730]17311 Jul 1794Gottfried Rosentreter [I9719] 
Janet **Unknown** [I4602]  Terrence Rosentreter [I4601] 
Janice **Unknown** [I4598]  Wayne Rosentreter [I4597] 
Janine **Unknown** [I9939]  Bastian Rosentreter [I9938] 
Jean **Unknown** [I8547]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
Johanna **Unknown** [I1882]11 Jul 1783before 1893Andreas Rosentreter [I1881] 
Johanna **Unknown** [I3196]about 183916 Jan 1876Johann (John) August Rosentreter [I3044] 
Johanna **Unknown** [I4754]about 1900before 2010 
Julianna **Unknown** [I2362]about 1861before 1971Christoph Rosentreter [I2361] 
Karen **Unknown** [I4591]  David Rosentreter [I4590] 
Karin S **Unknown** [I3804]  Michael Rosentreter [I3787] 
Kaynika **Unknown** [I2911]  Uwe Rosentreter [I2910] 
Kimberley **Unknown** [I9172]  Kurt Hans Rosentreter [I8743] 
Klara **Unknown** [I9159]about 1774before 1884 
Konrad **Unknown** [I2534]about 1894before 2004Caecilia Rosentreter [I0627] 
Kordula **Unknown** [I8513]   
Lilli **Unknown** [I4227]28 Aug 19395 Nov 2017  
Linda **Unknown** [I5396]  Wayne Murrey Rosentreter [I2147] 
Louise M **Unknown** [I3446]about 1813before 1923Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I6172] 
Lucille **Unknown** [I1231]  Norman Albert Rosentreter [I3155] 
Lynne **Unknown** [I2554]  Michael J Rosentrater [I0464] 
M Lucille **Unknown** [I2979]25 Jan 190917 Feb 1995Benjamin Gus Julius Rosentreter Snr [I3342] 
Margie **Unknown** [I10120]  Gene Francis Rosentreter [I9774] 
Maria **Unknown** [I8488]about 1636before 1746Paulus Rosentreter [I8487] 
Maria Elisabeth **Unknown** [I7270]about 1719about 1829Johann George Rosenträger [I7269] 
Marianna **Unknown** [I9072]  Kazimierz Rosentreter [I9071] 
Marianna **Unknown** [I0412]about 1631before 1741Martin Rosentreter [I0411] 
Marianna **Unknown** [I9162]about 1777before 1887 
Marianna **Unknown** [I9406]about 1782before 1892Marcin (Martin) Rosentreter [I9405] 
Marianna **Unknown** [I4998]about 1791before 1901Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I4997] 
Marie **Unknown** [I7198]about 1621before 1731 
Marilyn **Unknown** [I5636]  Wayne Philip Rosentrater [I5758] 
Mary **Unknown** [I1410]about 1853before 1963Lewis (Louis) Rosentrater [I1409] 
Mary **Unknown** [I1507]about 1855before 1965M Rosentreter [I1814] 
Mette **Unknown** [I1077]1 Feb 173727 May 1765Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
Michelle **Unknown** [I8901]  Robert Todd Rosentreter [I8900] 
Mindy **Unknown** [I3944]  Scott Rosentrater [I8715] 
Minna **Unknown** [I4897]about 1854before 1964Eduard Rosentreter [I4896] 
Mona **Unknown** [I10037]  Larry Rosentreter [I6205] 
Nancy **Unknown** [I2041]  Gary Rosentreter [I4536] 
Natalia Ivanovna **Unknown** [I2876]18951972Alexander Ottovich Rosentreter [I2800] 
Norma Isabel **Unknown** [I2298]  Donald Walter Rosentreter [I2213] 
Olaf **Unknown** [I9927]  Sabine Rosentreter [I9926] 
Olga **Unknown** [I8104]  Ewald Rosentreter [I8107] 
Pat **Unknown** [I6905]  Frederick George Rosentreter [I3282] 
Peggy **Unknown** [I0683]   
Petra **Unknown** [I9077]  Matthias Rosentreter [I8797] 
Rebecca **Unknown** [I8831]1791before 1901Johann Rosentreter [I8830] 
Regina **Unknown** [I9422]about 1779before 1889Jacob Rosentreter [I9421] 
Rene **Unknown** [I3068]  Jeff Rosentreter [I3058] 
Robin **Unknown** [I9929]  Dina Rosentreter [I9928] 
Rosalie **Unknown** [I4338]Jun 178427 Jul 1878Gottlieb Rosentreter [I4339] 
Rosina **Unknown** [I9486]about 1803before 1913Johann Rosentreter [I9440] 
Roswitha **Unknown** [I8607]  Jörg Detlef Rosentreter [I8604] 
Salome **Unknown** [I1284]about 1722before 1832Hinrich Rosentreter [I1282] 
Sandra **Unknown** [I9925]  Andreas Rosentreter [I9924] 
Silke **Unknown** [I2227]   
Sophia **Unknown** [I9951]  Benjamin Rosentreter [I9950] 
Sophia **Unknown** [I7275]about 1724before 1834Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I7276] 
Steffi **Unknown** [I8037]  Alfred Rosentreter [I8036] 
Stephanie **Unknown** [I2649]  Kristian Jon Rosentrater [I1999] 
Stephanie **Unknown** [I4190]  Matthew Rosentreter [I4189] 
Susan **Unknown** [I2239]  Robert Rosentreter [I1002] 
Susanna **Unknown** [I9323]about 1826before 1862Ludwig Rosentreter [I9319] 
Suzanne **Unknown** [I2299]  Bill Rosentreter [I2278] 
Sylvia **Unknown** [I4596]  Dennis Rosentreter [I4595] 
Sylvie **Unknown** [I1952]  Ian Rosentreter [I1943] 
Ursula **Unknown** [I3509]19381979Erhard Rosentreter [I3506] 
Ute **Unknown** [I9937]  Uwe Rosentreter [I9936] 
Wihelmine **Unknown** [I3447]18481891Johann (John) Rosentreter [I3445] 
Wilhelmina **Unknown** [I0874]about 1849before 1959Peter Rosentreter [I0873]