August Rosentreter

Birth NameRosentreter, August
Gramps IDI1610
Age at Death75 years, 11 months, 15 days


Birth8 Dec 1828Lichnowy, Chojnice County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland  
Death23 Nov 1904   


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherJohannes Rosentreter [I1594]179211 Sep 1848
MotherEva Brügmann [I1595]about 178511 Jan 1853
    Sister    Anna Maria Rosentreter [I1596]2 Apr 181620 Sep 1884
    Sister    Maria Eva Rosentreter [I1597]17 Feb 18187 May 1818
    Sister    Catharina Elisabeth Rosentreter [I1598]6 Mar 1819before 1929
    Brother    Peter Paul Rosentreter [I1599]25 Jun 182126 Aug 1869
    Sister    Elisabeth Agate Rosentreter [I1600]3 Nov 182323 Jul 1865
    Brother    Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601]17 Jul 1826before 1936
        August Rosentreter8 Dec 182823 Nov 1904
    Sister    Eva Rosentreter [I1611]about 183114 Jul 1832
    Sister    Rosalie Rosentreter [I1612]10 Apr 183425 May 1915
    Brother    Johann Rosentreter [I1613]16 Dec 183715 Nov 1917


Family of August Rosentreter and Catharina Gatz [F0280]

MarriedWifeCatharina Gatz [I0681] ( * 11 Sep 1839 + 25 Jun 1910 )
Marriage9 Jul 1861Jeleńcz, Tuchola County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland  
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Marianna Rosentreter [I0682]16 Jul 1862before 1972
Andreas Rosentreter [I6501]2 Nov 186316 Jun 1923
Josef Rosentreter [I0684]16 Mar 18651 Feb 1927
August Rosentreter [I0685]1866before 1976
Johann Rosentreter [I0686]27 Nov 18682 Nov 1940
Regina Rosentreter [I0689]30 Jan 1871before 1981
Caecilia Rosalia Rosentreter [I0690]10 Apr 187413 Dec 1932
Aloysius Rosentreter [I0691]24 Mar 187618 Apr 1952
Martha Rosentreter [I0695]18 Oct 1878before 1988


Family Map

Family Map