Johann Hinrich Rosentreter - b 25 Nov 1882

Johann Hinrich Rosentreter

Birth NameRosentreter, Johann Hinrich
Gramps IDI3803
Age at Death42 years, 1 month, 14 days


Birth25 Nov 1882Bramstedt, Lower Saxony, Germany  
Death9 Jan 1925Driftsethe, Lower Saxony, Germany  


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherOtto Christian Rosentreter [I1139]6 Jun 185124 Oct 1896
MotherBerta Johanna Brünjes [I1140]22 Jul 185117 Jan 1926
        Johann Hinrich Rosentreter25 Nov 18829 Jan 1925
    Sister    Meta Rosentreter [I3798]23 Dec 188519 Feb 1975
    Sister    Louise Rosentreter [I3800]10 May 188718 May 1961


Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Maria Gesine Ficke [F0387]

MarriedWifeMaria Gesine Ficke [I1142] ( * 23 Jan 1891 + 8 Jun 1984 )
Marriage27 Oct 1921Bramstedt, Lower Saxony, Germany  
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Otto Arend Burchard Rosentreter [I1143]12 Sep 192221 Aug 1943
Arend Hinrich Rosentreter [I1144]5 Feb 192412 Nov 1965

Family Map

Family Map