Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger - b 21 May 1852 - Birth Record

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger

Birth NameRosenträger, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm
Gramps IDI7845
Age at Death69 years, 2 months, 20 days


Birth21 May 1852Leddin, Neustadt, Brandenburg, Germany  
Death10 Aug 1921Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany  


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherChristian Friedrich Rosenträger [I2181]16 Mar 181713 Jun 1873
MotherMarie Luise Elisabeth Camiet [I2185]about 181514 May 1896
    Sister    Sophie Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I7228]28 May 18418 Jul 1908
    Brother    Friedrich Herrmann Rosenträger [I8403]17 Jul 184315 Aug 1843
    Sister    Maria Dorothee Rosenträger [I8582]14 Aug 184410 Sep 1844
    Brother    Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8583]7 Mar 1846before 1956
    Sister    Wilhelmine Dorothee Caroline Rosenträger [I8584]14 Jun 1848before 1958
        Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger21 May 185210 Aug 1921


Family of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Emilie Sophie Gerling [F3322]

MarriedWifeEmilie Sophie Gerling [I7846] ( * 11 Jun 1856 + 25 Mar 1910 )
Marriage16 Mar 1880Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany  
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7887]15 Apr 1880before 1990
Anna Emilie Rosenträger [I7989]30 Jul 188124 Aug 1881
Louise Wilhelmine Emilie Rosenträger [I7847]7 Sep 188217 Mar 1950
Anna Emilie Sophie Rosenträger [I7988]30 Jun 18844 Sep 1924
Marie Emma Hedwig Rosenträger [I7951]8 Nov 188612 Jan 1890
Bertha Sophie Marie Rosenträger [I7943]30 Oct 188824 Aug 1949
Arthur Max Paul Rosenträger [I7993]6 Aug 189017 Feb 1892
Paul Emil Otto Rosenträger [I7895]9 Oct 1894before 2004




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Family Map