Flora Rosentreter

Birth NameRosentreter, Flora
Gramps IDI2364
Age at Deathless than 109 years, 3 months, 13 days


Birth19 Sep 1889Gołańcz, Wągrowiec County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland  
Immigration1961Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilTo Brazil (Nationality listed as Uruguay) 
Deathbefore 1999   


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherIsidor Rosentreter [I0705]12 Mar 1858before 1968
MotherSara Rosalie (Nora) Marcus [I1237]28 Sep 185913 Feb 1935
    Sister    Hedwig Rosentreter [I7576]19 May 1886before 1996
        Flora Rosentreter19 Sep 1889before 1999
    Brother    Samuel Rosentreter [I3795]4 Jun 189215 Feb 1943
    Brother    Isaac Rosentreter [I3794]15 Oct 189530 May 1954
    Sister    Rosa Rosentreter [I4946]26 Jan 189718 Dec 1960


Family of Benhard Cohn and Flora Rosentreter [F0688]

MarriedHusbandBenhard Cohn [I2365] ( * 30 Sep 1880 + before 1990 )
Marriage22 Oct 1913Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany  
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Rita Raquel Cohn Rosentreter de Silberman [I2366]

Family Map

Family Map