Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger - b 18 Aug 1893 - Birth Record

Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger

Birth NameRosenträger, Anna Pauline Marie
Gramps IDI7911
Age at Deathless than 109 years, 4 months, 14 days



Birth18 Aug 1893Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany  
Deathbefore 2003   


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherMax Richard Rosenträger [I7671]8 Sep 1870before 1980
MotherPauline Wilhelmine Ernestine Rosentreter [I7670]8 Aug 186830 Mar 1916
    Brother    Max Hermann Richard Rosenträger [I7994]17 Mar 189219 Nov 1947
        Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger18 Aug 1893before 2003
    Sister    Hedwig Pauline Else Rosenträger [I8060]17 Sep 189528 Jul 1896
    Brother    Erich Walter Karl Rosenträger [I7987]13 Oct 189625 Sep 1897
    Sister    Frida Pauline Gertrud Rosenträger [I7986]24 Sep 18988 Apr 1901
    Sister    Erna Pauline Else Rosenträger [I5408]6 Dec 189913 Oct 1941
    Brother    **Not Named** Rosenträger [I7979]27 Aug 190127 Aug 1901
    Sister    Auguste Rosenträger [I8053]27 Aug 190124 Sep 1901
    Sister    Frida Pauline Luise Rosenträger [I7976]1 Aug 190327 Mar 1923
    Brother    Paul Emil Rosenträger [I7672]3 Jul 190510 Sep 1906
    Brother    Walter Erich Rosenträger [I7673]3 Jul 19056 Oct 1906
    Brother    Bruno Alfred Rosenträger [I7984]27 Nov 19065 Dec 1907


Family of Friedrich August Fels and Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger [F3358]

MarriedHusbandFriedrich August Fels [I7912] ( * 7 Feb 1885 + before 1995 )
Marriage15 Jul 1929Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany  

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Family Map