Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter

Birth NameRosentreter, Emilie Ottilie
Gramps IDI7277
Age at Deathless than 109 years, 3 months, 2 days


The factory worker Emil Johann R (born on June 13th, 1880 in Gramsdorf) and the maid Dorothee Emma Maria Sterling (born on December 20th, 1880 in Gross-Germersleben) married on November 6th, 1904 in Gross-Germersleben. He was the illegitimate child of the maid Emilie Ottilie R, later married Bohndorf.


Birth30 Sep 1856Bukowiec, Chodzież County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland  
Deathbefore 1966   


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherChristoph Rosentreter [I7279]about 1836before 1946
MotherWilhelmine Brisske [I7280]about 1836before 1946
        Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter30 Sep 1856before 1966
    Sister    Ernestine Wilhelmine (Minna) Rosentreter [I7687]24 Jun 18581 Mar 1900


Family of Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter [F3043]

NameBirth DateDeath Date
Emil Johann Rosentreter [I7281]13 Jun 1880before 1990

Family of Andreas Heinrich Bohndorf and Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter [F3041]

MarriedHusbandAndreas Heinrich Bohndorf [I7278] ( * 5 Oct 1859 + 16 Feb 1909 )
Marriage22 Apr 1889Oschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany  

Family Map

Family Map