Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater - b 15 Nov 1911 - Birth Record

Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater

Birth NameRosentrater, Benjamin Ernest
Gramps IDI2670
Age at Death54 years, 27 days



Birth15 Nov 1911Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, USA  
Death12 Dec 1965Cook County, Illinois, USA  
Burial1965Cook County, Illinois, USAForest Home Cemetery 


Relation to main personNameBirth dateDeath dateRelation within this family (if not by birth)
FatherAugust Rosentrater [I0473]14 Sep 188624 Oct 1946
MotherHulda Schram [I0474]25 Aug 18881955
    Brother    Paul Rosentrater [I2044]24 Sep 190712 Apr 1954
    Brother    Benjamin Rosentrater [I2669]4 Jan 190919 Mar 1909
        Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater15 Nov 191112 Dec 1965
    Sister    Hildagarde Rosentrater [I2054]4 Jul 191523 Mar 1982
    Sister    Ostegard (Asta) Rosentrater [I2671]4 Jul 19157 Jan 1992
    Brother    Edward Rosentrater [I5557]20 Jan 191925 Sep 1978
    Brother    Philip Rosentrater [I5756]25 Dec 192130 Sep 1998


Family of Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater and Vera M McMurtrey [F2439]

MarriedWifeVera M McMurtrey [I5859] ( * + ... )
Marriage3 Jul 1936Cook County, Illinois, USA  
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Douglas Benjamin Rosentrater [I5912]16 Apr 194722 Dec 2016

Family of Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater and Sarah Annette Crutchfield [F2464]

MarriedWifeSarah Annette Crutchfield [I5911] ( * + ... )
NameBirth DateDeath Date
Gary Ernest Rosentrater [I5913]23 Mar 195414 Jan 2000

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