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    Group asNameBirthDeathPartnerParents
    **Unknown****Unknown** **Unknown** [I0927]about 1737before 1847Peter Rosentreter [I0799] 
     **Unknown** **Unknown** [I3447]18481891**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3445] 
     **Unknown** **Unknown** [I7565]  Helmut Werner Rosentreter [I7564] 
     **Unknown** **Unknown** [I9690]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I9689] 
     Adelheid **Unknown** [I9900]6 May 193010 June 2017Günter Rosentreter [I9912] 
     Adeline **Unknown** [I8895]1 March 1874before 1984 
     Agnes **Unknown** [I0410]about 1653before 1763Georg Rosentreter [I0409] 
     Alice **Unknown** [I9794]19171991Robert Rosentreter [I9793] 
     Amalia **Unknown** [I3005]about 1856before 1966Frederick Rosentreter [I3004] 
     Andrea **Unknown** [I8606]  Jörg Rosentreter [I0306] 
     Angelina **Unknown** [I6290]about 16573 February 1731Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I6291] 
     Anna **Unknown** [I4661]after 1879before 1989Wilhelm Heinrich Rosentreter [I4656] 
     Anna **Unknown** [I7995]3 October 189528 November 1972  
     Anna **Unknown** [I7996]3 October 189528 November 1972Max Hermann Richard Rosenträger [I7994] 
     Anna Catharina **Unknown** [I7254]about 1733before 1843Adam Rosenträger [I7253] 
     Anna Luise **Unknown** [I6318]177524 March 1832Friedrich Rosentreter [I6319] 
     Anna Margretha **Unknown** [I6289]about 1693before 1803Philip Rosentreter [I6288] 
     Anna Marianna **Unknown** [I9458]about 1794before 1904Kristof Rosentreter [I9457] 
     Anneliese **Unknown** [I8613]  Gerhard Rosentreter [I8608] 
     Annemarie **Unknown** [I2354]about 1908before 2018William (Bill) John Rosentreter [I1910] 
     Antionette **Unknown** [I6132]  Otto John Rosentreter Jnr [I1765] 
     Aster **Unknown** [I9934]  Burkhard Rosentreter [I9933] 
     Auguste **Unknown** [I2975]28 August 18342 June 1875Eduard Rosentreter [I2936] 
     Barbara **Unknown** [I10161]  Peter Rosentreter [I8783] 
     Becke **Unknown** [I1279]about 16924 April 1725Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1278] 
     Benny **Unknown** [I9941]  Katrin Rosentreter [I9940] 
     Berta **Unknown** [I5242]  Alfred Albert Rosentreter [I0980] 
     Bertha **Unknown** [I1053]about 1845after 1900Rudolf Rosentreter [I1052] 
     Bertha **Unknown** [I3388]about 1834before 1944Jacob Rosentreter [I3387] 
     Bette **Unknown** [I1846]  Donald (Don) Rosentreter [I4542] 
     Betty **Unknown** [I6256]  Lester James Rosentrater [I5545] 
     Caitlin **Unknown** [I6122]  Jimmy Rosentreter [I6121] 
     Carol **Unknown** [I2465]  Gregory (Greg) Allen Rosentreter [I6107] 
     Catharina **Unknown** [I2806]about 168825 March 1743Paul Rosentreter [I2802] 
     Catharina **Unknown** [I7192]about 1631before 1741Hans Rosentreder [I7191] 
     Catharina **Unknown** [I8703]about 1650before 1760Gottfried Rosentreter [I8697] 
     Catharina Dorothee **Unknown** [I6428]about 1703before 1813Michael Rosentreter [I6427] 
     Catharina Margaret **Unknown** [I2026]about 1656before 1766Hans Jacob Rosentreter [I2025] 
     Catherine **Unknown** [I3674]1789January 1828Johann (John) Conrad Rosentreder [I1103] 
     Celestine **Unknown** [I9371]about 1854before 1964 
     Cheyenne **Unknown** [I8876]   
     Cäcilie **Unknown** [I4899]12 November 18608 April 1905 
     Dagmar **Unknown** [I8511]  Udo Rosentreter [I8510] 
     Debbie **Unknown** [I8944]  Walter (Wally) Henry Rosentreter [I3957] 
     Dee **Unknown** [I9171]  Wesley D Rosentreter [I8745] 
     Doris **Unknown** [I10110]    
     Dorota (Dorothea) **Unknown** [I9322]about 1804before 1914Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9321] 
     Dorothe **Unknown** [I0053]about 17312 January 1818Hinrich Rosentreter [I1202] 
     Dorothea **Unknown** [I1113]17302 January 1818Otto Rosentreder [I1112] 
     Dorothea **Unknown** [I9108]about 1784before 1894Paulus Rosentreter [I9107] 
     Dorothee **Unknown** [I9896]about 1806before 1916**Bricklayer** Rosentreter [I9895] 
     Eileen **Unknown** [I2667]  Glen Rosentrater [I5824] 
     Eileen J **Unknown** [I1891]  Alan D Rosentreter [I1861] 
     Elena Alexandrovna **Unknown** [I2858]about 1888before 1998Sergey Ottovich Rosentreter [I2827] 
     Elisabeth **Unknown** [I1200]161920 April 1701Görke Rosentreder [I1198] 
     Elisabeth **Unknown** [I6296]about 1652before 1762Christoph Rosentreter [I6285] 
     Elżbieta (Elisabeth) **Unknown** [I9216]about 1814before 1924Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I9215] 
     Emma **Unknown** [I4908]about 1874before 1984Gustav Rosentreter [I4907] 
     Erna **Unknown** [I3508]19132002 
     Erna **Unknown** [I3602]about 1905before 2015Vladimir (Waldemar) Karl Rosentreter [I0861] 
     Farrah **Unknown** [I8874]  Lee Rosentreader [I8869] 
     Gesa **Unknown** [I8471]  Thomas Rosentreter [I8470] 
     Hannah **Unknown** [I9917]  Uwe Rosentreter [I9916] 
     Henriette **Unknown** [I6773]about 1826before 1936Ludwig Rosentreter [I6761] 
     Hilda **Unknown** [I3859]  Gordon Rosentreter [I4589] 
     Holly **Unknown** [I2553]  Scott C Rosentrater [I6999] 
     Ilona **Unknown** [I8779]  Michael Rosentreter [I8762] 
     Jacobina (Josephine) **Unknown** [I1909]8 November 18755 December 1945Heinrich (Henry) Rosentreter [I1930] 
     Jacques **Unknown** [I10047]  Carole Rosentreter [I10046] 
     Janet **Unknown** [I4602]  Terrence Rosentreter [I4601] 
     Janice **Unknown** [I4598]  Wayne Rosentreter [I4597] 
     Janine **Unknown** [I9939]  Bastian Rosentreter [I9938] 
     Jean **Unknown** [I8547]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
     Johanna **Unknown** [I1882]11 July 1783before 1893Andreas Rosentreter [I1881] 
     Johanna **Unknown** [I3196]about 183916 January 1876Johann August Rosentreter [I3044] 
     Julianna **Unknown** [I2362]about 1861before 1971Christoph Rosentreter [I2361] 
     Karen **Unknown** [I4591]  David Rosentreter [I4590] 
     Karin S **Unknown** [I3804]  Michael Rosentreter [I3787] 
     Kaynika **Unknown** [I2911]  Uwe Rosentreter [I2910] 
     Kimberley **Unknown** [I9172]  Kurt Hans Rosentreter [I8743] 
     Klara **Unknown** [I9159]about 1774before 1884 
     Konrad **Unknown** [I2534]about 1894before 2004Caecilia Rosentreter [I0627] 
     Kordula **Unknown** [I8513]   
     Lilli **Unknown** [I4227]28 August 19395 November 2017  
     Linda **Unknown** [I5396]  Wayne Murrey Rosentreter [I2147] 
     Linda **Unknown** [I9734]  Terry J Rosentreader [I1423] 
     Louise M **Unknown** [I3446]about 1813before 1923Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I6172] 
     Lucille **Unknown** [I1231]  Norman Albert Rosentreter [I3155] 
     Lynne **Unknown** [I2554]  Michael J Rosentrater [I0464] 
     M Lucille **Unknown** [I2979]25 January 190917 February 1995Benjamin Gus Julius Rosentreter Snr [I3342] 
     Margie **Unknown** [I10120]  Gene Francis Rosentreter [I9774] 
     Maria **Unknown** [I8488]about 1636before 1746Paulus Rosentreter [I8487] 
     Maria Elisabeth **Unknown** [I7270]about 1719about 1829Johann George Rosenträger [I7269] 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I0412]about 1631before 1741Martin Rosentreter [I0411] 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I4998]about 1791before 1901Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I4997] 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I9072]  Kazimierz Rosentreter [I9071] 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I9162]about 1777before 1887 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I9406]about 1782before 1892Marcin (Martin) Rosentreter [I9405] 
     Marie **Unknown** [I7198]about 1621before 1731 
     Marilyn **Unknown** [I5636]  Wayne Philip Rosentrater [I5758] 
     Mary **Unknown** [I1410]about 1853before 1963Lewis (Louis) Rosentreter [I1409] 
     Mary **Unknown** [I1507]about 1855before 1965M Rosentreter [I1814] 
     Mette **Unknown** [I1077]1 February 173727 May 1765Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
     Michelle **Unknown** [I8901]  Robert T Rosentreter [I8900] 
     Mindy **Unknown** [I3944]  Scott Rosentrater [I8715] 
     Minna **Unknown** [I4897]about 1854before 1964Eduard Rosentreter [I4896] 
     Mona **Unknown** [I10037]  Larry Rosentreter [I6205] 
     Nancy **Unknown** [I2041]  Gary Rosentreter [I4536] 
     Natalia Ivanovna **Unknown** [I2876]18951972Alexander Ottovich Rosentreter [I2800] 
     Norma Isabel **Unknown** [I2298]  Donald Walter Rosentreter [I2213] 
     Olaf **Unknown** [I9927]  Sabine Rosentreter [I9926] 
     Olga **Unknown** [I8104]  Ewald Rosentreter [I8107] 
     Pam **Unknown** [I8952]  Paul K Rosentreter [I8951] 
     Pat **Unknown** [I6905]  Frederick George Rosentreter [I3282] 
     Peggy **Unknown** [I0683]   
     Petra **Unknown** [I9077]  Matthias Rosentreter [I8797] 
     Regina **Unknown** [I9422]about 1779before 1889Jacob Rosentreter [I9421] 
     Rene **Unknown** [I3068]  Jeff Rosentreter [I3058] 
     Robin **Unknown** [I9929]  Dina Rosentreter [I9928] 
     Rosalie **Unknown** [I4338]June 178427 July 1878Gottlieb Rosentreter [I4339] 
     Roswitha **Unknown** [I8607]  Jörg Detlef Rosentreter [I8604] 
     Salome **Unknown** [I1284]about 1722before 1832Hinrich Rosentreter [I1282] 
     Sandra **Unknown** [I9925]  Andreas Rosentreter [I9924] 
     Silke **Unknown** [I2227]   
     Sophia **Unknown** [I7275]about 1724before 1834Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I7276] 
     Sophia **Unknown** [I9951]  Benjamin Rosentreter [I9950] 
     Steffi **Unknown** [I8037]  Alfred Rosentreter [I8036] 
     Stephanie **Unknown** [I2649]  Kristian Jon Rosentrater [I1999] 
     Stephanie **Unknown** [I4190]  Matthew Rosentreter [I4189] 
     Susan **Unknown** [I2239]  Robert Rosentreter [I1002] 
     Susanna **Unknown** [I9323]about 1826before 1862Ludwig Rosentreter [I9319] 
     Suzanne **Unknown** [I2299]  Bill Rosentreter [I2278] 
     Sylvia **Unknown** [I4596]  Dennis Rosentreter [I4595] 
     Sylvie **Unknown** [I1952]  Ian Rosentreter [I1943] 
     Theodore **Unknown** [I6253]about 1902before 2006Freida Rosentrater [I5591] 
     Ursula **Unknown** [I3509]19381979Erhard Rosentreter [I3506] 
     Ute **Unknown** [I9937]  Uwe Rosentreter [I9936] 
     Wilhelmina **Unknown** [I0874]about 1849before 1959Peter Rosentreter [I0873] 
     Wilhelmine **Unknown** [I3384]4 September 182819 November 1908Johann (John) Jacob Rosentreter [I3383] 
    AaronsSarah (Sadie) Aarons [I0678]22 April 188312 February 1908Albert Rosentreter [I0677] 
    AbelDawn Marie Abel [I5072]  Andrew Alec Rosentreter [I5071] 
     Hazel Abel [I9078]  John Louis Rosentrader [I9047] 
     Johann Erdmann Abel [I9391]about 1778before 1888Gertrude Rosentreter [I9390] 
    AbendrothGustav Theodor Abendroth [I7638]20 August 187811 December 1911Sophie Auguste Rosentreter [I6649] 
    AbloehClara Abloeh [I4968]about 1880before 1990August Rosentreter [I4967] 
    AbrahamAlbert William Abraham [I4000]23 April 19264 June 1993Marjorie A Rosentreter [I0539] 
     Anna Justine Abraham [I9245]about 1826before 1936Johann Gottlob Rosentreter [I5138] 
     Gustianna (Gustina) Henriette Abraham [I3087]17 October 184318 September 1917Friedrich (Fredrick) August Rosentreter [I3086] 
    AbshireMary Beth Abshire [I2263]  Paul Gregory Rosentreter [I2251] 
    AckermanEdna Madelene Ackerman [I1452]23 September 190422 March 1978Philip August Rosentreter [I1445] 
    AckermannJulius Franz Otto Ackermann [I4612]15 July 1862before 1972Bertha Dorothea Rosentreter [I4564] 
    AckerschewskiFridrich Martin Ackerschewski [I7686]21 October 185527 April 1901Anna Rosentreter [I4986] 
    AdamErnestina Adam [I9292]about 1850before 1896Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9291] 
    AdamsBerta Wilma Adams [I6855]11 November 193915 January 2000Hans Rosentreter [I6854] 
     Hannah (Anna) Maria Adams [I0567]182726 October 1891Johann Adolph Rosentreter [I1122] 
     Richard Wayne Adams [I2710]  Linda Ann Rosentreter [I1929] 
    AdamseWanda Adamse [I9695]  Piotr Rosentreter [I9696] 
    AdamyzkiEsther Adamyzki [I7020]about 1848before 1958Julius Rosentreter [I7018] 
    AdkinsBrittany Adkins [I6086]  Josh Rosentreter [I6085] 
    AdlamAmelia Adlam [I6077]5 October 1851before 1961Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1131] 
    AdlerKaroline Ernstine Adler [I7393]18742 May 1924Reinhard Hermann Richard Rosentreter [I7394] 
    AhlingNettie Clara Ahling [I6133]18991969Otto Gustav Rosentreter [I0864] 
    AhnerAdalbert Robert Paul Ahner [I7400]26 January 188317 November 1934Margarethe Anna Bertha Rosentreter [I7399] 
    AlbaughJoseph Edgar Albaugh [I5585]5 April 192816 June 1985Florence Elberta Rosentrater [I0472] 
     Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Albaugh [I4082]  Richard Frank Rosentreter [I4081] 
    Albert**Unknown** Albert [I4104]   
    AlbertsonLloyd Gilmore Albertson [I2629]about 1905before 2015Frances Charline Rosentreter [I0507] 
    AlbetskiRobert Albetski [I2433]about 1895before 2005Anna A Rosentreter [I0884] 
    Albiez**Unknown** Albiez [I8509]  Alexandra Rosentreter [I8508] 
    AlbrechtFredericus Albrecht [I9150]about 1771before 1881Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I9149] 
     Heinrich Albrecht [I7354]7 February 18749 December 1940Anna Klara Rosentreter [I7353] 
     Johann Albrecht [I9392]about 1781before 1891Catharina Rosentreter [I0248] 
     Johann August Albrecht [I5119]20 August 1843before 1953Ernestine Rosentreter [I5118] 
    AlexanderDorothy Vivian Alexander [I0196]3 November 191711 March 2005William Joseph (Bill) Rosentreter [I1787] 
     Harry Eugene Alexander [I3255]21 December 18965 October 1949Clara Isabelle Rosentreter [I3254] 
     Ruth Christina Alexander [I3260]8 August 19137 June 1973Walter Louis Rosentreter [I2297] 
     Susan Jane Alexander [I3796]17 May 18892 July 1984August Emil Rosentreter [I3084] 
    AlffLouise (Lizzy) Alff [I1380]24 July 18555 March 1930Michael Henry Rosentreter [I1379] 
    AlherEngel Alher [I6885]about 1664before 1774Georg Rosentreter [I6884] 
    AllenAnn E Allen [I5748]  Gary Rosentrater [I8468] 
     Ethel M Allen [I3261]24 February 191815 March 2004Walter Louis Rosentreter [I2297] 
     Jo Ann Allen [I3853]  Alan Martin Rosentreter [I3852] 
    AllenburgHenrettta Allenburg [I2486]about 1838before 1948Johann (John) Rosentreter [I2487] 
    AllertBruno Walter Traugott Allert [I6728]3 December 1902before 2012Klara Martha Pauline Rosentreter [I6727] 
    AlmendingerDaniel Wayne Almendinger [I3545]  Marcia Jane Rosentreter [I3544] 
    AlmersMetta Maria Almers [I1191]19 August 178813 January 1854Hinrich Rosentreter [I1190] 
    AlteBernhard August Fritz Alte [I7484]16 July 1880before 1990Elise Anna Rosentreter [I7482] 
    AltenburgJohann Altenburg [I6630]about 1839before 1949Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6631] 
    AltmanAmelia (Emilie) Altman [I0669]1 July 18683 May 1935William Rosentreter [I0668] 
    AmatoRudolph Amato [I2770]1 February 192329 December 2014Pauline Geraldine Rosentreter [I1820] 
    AmdohrClara Helene Margarete Amdohr [I7213]4 June 187724 March 1935Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I0972] 
    Amestica-RodrigeuzBartola Amestica-Rodrigeuz [I0315]about 1852before 1962August Rosentreter-Dittman [I0234] 
    AmundsonNancy Jo Amundson [I5742]  Harold Elgart Rosentrater Jnr [I5741] 
    AnastasioEmma Louise Anastasio [I10040]24 February 195223 April 2008 
    AndersenRyan Paul Andersen [I0102]  Sandra (Sandy) Lee Rosentreter [I0084] 
    AndersonEmma A Anderson [I3089]6 August 18742 June 1928Friedrich (Fred) Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3088] 
     Harold Ward Anderson [I4857]18 December 19055 June 1968Anna (Annie) Louise Rosentreader [I1416] 
     Minnie M Anderson [I1374]20 April 18914 December 1957Michael Henry Rosentrater Jr [I1373] 
     Orville Elbert (Andy) Anderson [I2522]14 August 192323 January 1995Beverly Jane Rosentreter [I1896] 
     Richard Anderson [I3230]  Arline (Sissie) June Rosentreter [I3228] 
    AndrewsBrian Andrews [I2767]  Myra Pauline Rosentreter [I2152] 
    Andrews LoweWilliam Andrews Lowe [I5935]17 October 192310 September 1990Barbara A Rosentreter [I3559] 
    Anhalt**Unknown** Anhalt [I4030]  Elaine Rosentreter [I4586] 
    AnkenyIva Augusta Ankeny [I1915]4 December 187920 October 1957Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1914] 
    AnlezarkScott Anlezark [I8718]30 May 196422 October 2017Susan Anne Rosentreter [I0105] 
    ApelViolet Apel [I4594]  Leonard Albert Rosentreter [I4013] 
    ApeltEva Apelt [I4226]11 December 182121 May 1872Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0424] 
    ApplemanCornelius M Appleman [I2750]5 August 189027 February 1925Martha Rosentreter [I0290] 
    ArendChristian Arend [I8679]about 1801before 1911Dorothea Rosentreter [I8678] 
    ArfmannJürgen Arfmann [I2434]20 November 1805before 1915Anna Ahlheit Rosentreter [I1183] 
    ArmknechtDebra J Armknecht [I1460]  Gerald (Jerry) Kent Rosentrater [I1458] 
    ArmstrongBeverly June Armstrong [I2153]  Trevor Herbert Rosentreter [I2151] 
    ArndtMichael Arndt [I9450]about 1783before 1893Anna Dorota (Dorothea) Rosentreter [I9448] 
     Paulina Arndt [I3009]about 1865before 1975Jan Rosentreter [I3008] 
    ArnholdGeorg Franz Bruno Arnhold [I8233]1 November 187525 May 1946Wilhelmina (Minna) Anna Auguste Rosenträger [I8231] 
    ArraujoLouis (Sonny) Arraujo III [I2786]  Susan Regina Rosentreter [I0982] 
    AshbyStephanie Ashby [I8956]  Todd Michael Rosentreter [I4121] 
    AslinEdwin Charles Aslin [I0307]9 February 19111 May 1989Mary Grace Rosentreter [I2931] 
    AsmusHermann Adolf Richard Asmus [I8165]27 January 1883before 1993Hedwig Wilhelmine Louise Rosentreter [I8164] 
    AsmussenSophia Gottlieb Asmussen [I1959]about 1714before 1824Joachim Friedrich Michael Rosentreter [I1951] 
    AtchisonLillian Louise Atchison [I3721]June 1894before 2004Peter William Rosentreter [I0520] 
    AtkinsonJames Murray Atkinson [I4859]15 March 191126 October 1981Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [I1417] 
     Susan A Atkinson [I9054]1 December 194710 July 2009Larry Virgil Rosentrader [I9053] 
    AuerhannSolly (Saul or Sol) Auerhann [I7535]29 September 1885May 1963Rose Rosentreter [I4946] 
    AugustCaroline August [I4266]1875before 1975Benjamin Rosentreter [I4265] 
    AugustinOtto Christoph Augustin [I8994]10 May 190226 December 1986Elfriede (Frieda) Rosentreter [I8993] 
    AvannKathleen Joan Avann [I3730]7 April 192810 August 2004Edward Gordon Rosentreder [I3729] 
    AyresRobert Gene Ayres [I9022]  Elaine Rosentrater [I5825] 
    BabbLionel Welton Babb [I2191]  Linda June Rosentreter [I2164] 
    BabijMichael Babij [I4147]5 May 1923before 2020Stefanie Olga Rosentreter [I4138] 
    BachHenriette Friederike Hulda Bach [I2637]16 November 184619 February 1913Carl August Rosentreter [I2636] 
    BaggeJensine Sofie Mathilde Bagge [I1332]about 186624 July 1895Thorvald Ludolf Carl Vilhelm Rosentrætter [I1330] 
    BahnemannEmma Wilhelmine Amalie Bahnemann [I7368]6 June 187729 December 1940Robert Reinhard Rosentreter [I7369] 
    BahnickRosalia Amalia Concordia Bahnick [I5731]about 1794before 1904Christoph Benjamin Rosentreter [I5730] 
    BahnikLouise Bahnik [I4231]about 1857before 1967Emil Rosentreter [I4230] 
    BahrAlwine Bahr [I6747]about 1859before 1969Johann Rosentreter [I6746] 
    BaileyChelsea (Catherine) Bailey [I8760]  Jon Paul Rosentreter [I8759] 
     Geneva Alberta Bailey [I1056]17 February 19144 May 1938William Carl Rosentreter [I0868] 
     Justin Bailey [I2701]  Kathryn Shiree Rosentreter [I0831] 
    BailjeCatharina Bailje [I1934]about 1634before 1744Arentsz Rosentreder [I1933] 
    BakerFrank Joseph Baker [I2438]22 September 18771 October 1951Anna Elisabeth (Annie) Rosentreter [I1669] 
     Lena Louise Baker [I1023]1 September 18975 August 1974Leon (Leo) Jerome Rosentreter [I1018] 
     William D Baker [I5666]  Georgia Sue Rosentreter [I4072] 
    BalesPaul Bales [I2512]  Annette Robin Rosentreter [I2154] 
    Balitzki**Unknown** Balitzki [I7591]  Else Rosentreter [I7590] 
    BalkeHenriette Wilhelmine Balke [I6820]about 182116 July 1882Karl Heinrich Ferdinand Rosenträger [I7954] 
    BallardCharles Ballard [I8687]  Janet L Rosentreter [I8686] 
    BallasMichael (Mike) Ballas [I3195]  Holly Joy Rosentreter [I3194] 
    BallmersAdelheit Catharine Ballmers [I1118]25 August 179229 January 1861Johann Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1117] 
    Balvanz**Unknown** Balvanz [I4381]  Melissa Rosentreter [I4380] 
    BammerChristian Friederich Wilhelm Bammer [I8260]11 September 1855before 1965Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [I8245] 
    BammertChristian Friedrich Bammert [I8533]about 1783before 1893Anna Louise Rosenträger [I8532] 
     Christian Friedrich Erdmann Bammert [I9881]about 1819before 1929Anna Luise Friederike Dorothee Rosenträger [I9880] 
    BangertKarl Wilhelm Bangert Jnr [I7127]  Lydia L Rosentreter [I7126] 
    BanksMarie (Annie) Banks [I0452]2 January 187013 December 1964Julius A Rosentrater [I0456] 
     William Banks [I3749]  Joan Beatrice Rosentreder [I3748] 
    BanseMarie Banse [I7547]19 June 1891before 2001Emil Ernst Gustav Rosentreter [I7546] 
    BaranowskaMarie Emily Baranowska [I1518]22 December 188428 February 1985Edward Walton Rosentreter [I1519] 
    BardtsJohann Bardts [I9441]about 1811before 1921Anna Christina Rosentreter [I5174] 
    BaresDonald L Bares [I4068]  Cheryl Lynn Rosentreter [I3838] 
    Barkenhagelin**Unknown** Barkenhagelin [I7067]about 1740before 1850Eleonora Rosentreter [I7066] 
    BarkowskiSophie Elisabeth Barkowski [I7468]7 September 187125 December 1939Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter [I7467] 
    BärmannWalter Erich Bärmann [I7419]22 June 1899before 2019Luise Erna Walli Rosentreter [I7418] 
    BarnardDenise Lynn Barnard [I4458]  Roger Dean Rosentreter [I0223] 
    BarnesWilliam Barnes [I3685]about 1810before 1920Sarah Rosentreder [I3677] 
    BarrionuevoMildred Barrionuevo [I1989]  George James Rosentrater [I0687] 
    BartelFritz Bartel [I9957]about 1848before 1901Minna Rosentreter [I9956] 
    BartelsCaroline Wilhelmine Bartels [I6919]about 178514 December 1840Ludolph (Ludwig) Justus (Gustav) von Rosentreter [I5768] 
     Dorothea Elisabeth Bartels [I0757]173612 March 1800Andreas Rosentreter [I2168] 
     Wilhelmine Friederike Luise Bartels [I5646]30 July 1879before 1989Gustav Robert Emil Rosentreter [I5645] 
    BarteltFanny Bartelt [I2826]2 February 1871about 1905Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2825] 
    BartenKaroline Barten [I6743]about 1863before 1973Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6742] 
    BarthIda Emma Barth [I0218]18 May 190722 November 1978John Paul Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0216] 
     Nikolaus Barth [I6283]after 1728before 1838Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [I6282] 
    BartonGrace Adeline Barton [I3825]  James (Jimmy) Martin Rosentreter Snr [I1892] 
    BartuschCharlotte Anna Maria Bartusch [I1621]13 May 18881968August Joseph Rosentreter [I1620] 
    BartzEmma Luise Bartz [I5307]2 January 18922 May 1969Ernst Hermann Otto Rosenträger [I5303] 
    BashfordDouglas R Bashford [I8749]about 1963before 2019Gretchen A Rosentreter [I8748] 
    BastianGeorg Bastian [I10013]19 January 1907before 2017Lucie Charlotte Rosentreter [I10012] 
    BaudeFriedrich Richard Baude [I5735]10 November 1830before 1940Henriette Maria Louise Rosentreter [I5734] 
    BauerBarbara Bauer [I2952]about 1816before 1926Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2951] 
     Bertha Wilhelmine Louisa Bauer [I0266]9 April 188418 February 1923Carl Otto Rosentreter [I0112] 
     Gustav Bauer [I4445]about 1879before 1989Mathilde Rosentreter [I4290] 
     Herman August Bauer [I3311]28 February 188330 June 1950Hilda Pauline Rosentreter [I1428] 
    BauixLuise Emilie Bauix [I9091]184220 June 1921**Unknown** Rosentreter [I9092] 
    Baum**Unknown** Baum [I2930]about 1894before 2004Martha Rosentreter [I2929] 
    BaumanBeverly Ann Bauman [I2075]  Michael Robert Rosentreter [I0910] 
     James David Bauman [I3428]3 April 191923 September 2003Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [I3427] 
     Susanna Bauman [I1738]27 January 186216 September 1946Paul Peter Rosentreter [I1737] 
    BaumannArnold Baumann [I3624]9 January 190716 August 1981Pauline Julia Rosentreter [I3623] 
    BaunmillerKatherine M Baunmiller [I1825]6 July 187018 May 1933Anthony Paul Rosentreter [I1826] 
    BausdorfWilhelm Ernst Bausdorf [I7747]13 March 18233 March 1899Caroline Wilhelmine Pauline Rosentreter [I6383] 
    BayneCindy Bayne [I6411]  Devin Alexander Rosentreter [I4091] 
    BeamWalter M Beam [I5934]about 1869before 1979Flora Rosentreter [I3452] 
    BeamerGenevieve Virginia Beamer [I10042]23 May 19067 October 1990  
    BeasleyDebbie Beasley [I6264]  Ashley Rosentreter [I6263] 
     Lillian Margaret Beasley [I0613]30 May 18938 October 1987Albert John Rosentreter [I0395] 
     Victoria Ruth Beasley [I0614]4 August 18957 June 1987Alexander Paul Rosentreter [I0396] 
    BebendorfRaymond Arthur Bebendorf [I1013]  Kerry Ann Rosentreter [I0042] 
    BeckerAmalie Becker [I9246]about 1828before 1938Michael Rosentreter [I9247] 
     Christian Friedrich August Becker [I8244]16 April 184630 March 1912Emma Luise Anna Rosenträger [I8243] 
     Jerry F Becker [I9027]9 June 193824 August 2010Angela (Angie) Sue Rosentreter [I5867] 
     Johann Christian Gottfried Becker [I2594]25 December 1815before 1925Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2158] 
     Johann Christian Gottfried Becker [I2798]about 1813before 1923Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I2157] 
     Johann Friedrich Becker [I2476]about 1823before 1933Friederike Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I2096] 
    BeckhusenHinrich Beckhusen [I2541]about 1656before 1766Catharina Rosentreter [I1199] 
    BecknerJeanne Lois Beckner [I0192]26 August 192316 January 2007James Merle Rosentrater [I0130] 
    BederAuguste Beder [I2474]5 April 185327 October 1927Friedrich (Frederick) Ernst Rosentreter [I2428] 
    BeerbaumAnna Regina Dorothea Beerbaum [I2089]23 September 17955 April 1875Carl Friedrich Rosentreter [I2088] 
     Johann Christian Beerbaum [I2777]about 1764before 1874Regine Dorothee Rosentreter [I2264] 
     Regine Maria Beerbaum [I1960]about 176518 February 1838Johann Michael Friederich Rosentreter [I1950] 
    BeeseHeather Lynn Beese [I6935]  Eric Donald Rosentrater [I5658] 
    BegalkeAndreas Begalke [I4444]about 1851before 1961Anna Christine Rosentreter [I4443] 
    BehlauEmma Marie Behlau [I4663]22 April 18681945Gustav Adolph Rosentreter [I4655] 
    BehmWilhelmine Friederike Christine Louise Ernstine Behm [I6186]10 October 1850before 1960Eugen August Robert Rosentreter [I6185] 
    BehmeRobita Lydia Behme [I1017]22 September 18695 June 1961Gustave (Gus) Edward Rosentreter [I1016] 
    BehmerVivian E Behmer [I3523]28 July 190920 April 1995Otto Henry Rosentreter [I3522] 
    BehmerwohldTie Behmerwohld [I0962]  Heather Lynn Rosentreader [I8870] 
    BehnkeAugust Behnke [I2462]about 1889before 1999Anna Regina Rosentreter [I1639] 
     Catharina Behnke [I1606]about 182324 January 1859Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601] 
     Maria Anna Behnke [I1605]17 July 1866before 1976Johann Bernhard Rosentreter [I1604] 
     Michael Behnke [I6375]about 1811before 1866Eva Rosine Rosentreter [I5100] 
    BehrendtCaroline Ottilie Behrendt [I1614]3 May 18461917Johann Rosentreter [I1613] 
     Gustav Charles Behrendt [I5809]about 1906before 2006Agnes Magdalena (Lena) Rosentrater [I5554] 
     Joseph Behrendt [I2614]about 1879before 1989Elisabeth Agnes Rosentreter [I1574] 
     Leo Aloys Behrendt [I2590]18891972Catharina Hedwig Rosentreter [I1645] 
     Mathilde Rosalie Behrendt [I9383]11 October 186325 March 1923Josef Rosentreter [I0684] 
    BehrensCharlotte Louise Gesine Behrens [I6216]18581878Andreas (Alfred) Friedrich Rosentreter [I1130] 
    BehringAuguste Marie Anna Behring [I7361]25 September 1878before 1988Jakob Bernhard Rosentreter [I7360] 
    BehrndAuguste Behrnd [I0206]about 1807before 1917Jacob Rosentreter [I0205] 
    Beijkirch**Unknown** Beijkirch [I0356]  Julio Eduardo Rosentreter-San Martin [I0333] 
    BeimfohrSiegfried Beimfohr [I3279]17 June 19144 April 1996Edna Lillian Rosentreter [I3274] 
    BelSophie Luise Bel [I8059]181220 May 1886Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8058] 
    BellHenriette Auguste Caroline Bell [I5423]14 August 185010 November 1914Wilhelm Hermann Gustav Rosenträger [I8264] 
     Howard Delane Bell [I5630]  Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [I1990] 
     Leanne Margaret Bell [I2042]  Karl Leslie Rosentreter [I0184] 
    BellewConnie Frances Bellew [I5633]  William Rosentrater [I5631] 
    BellmFrances Ann Bellm [I4392]  Gerald Edwin Rosentreter [I4105] 
     Theresa Marie Bellm [I6097]  Donald DeWayne Rosentreter [I3950] 
    BelowLuise Auguste Helene Below [I5300]7 July 188721 December 1914Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger [I5299] 
    BeneckeAnna Marie Gertrud Benecke [I7820]28 April 1891before 2001Franz Willy Hermann Rosenträger [I7819] 
    BenjaminWoodrow E Benjamin [I5547]20 March 19166 March 1985Gretchen Dolly Elisabeth Rosentrater [I5543] 
    BenkeBeate Benke [I4409]about 1830before 1890Ludwig Rosentreter [I4408] 
     Lois Fay Benke [I3830]  Bennie August Rosentreter [I3652] 
    BennertJohanne Wilhelmine Bennert [I7767]about 1818before 1928Karl Philipp Rosentreter [I7766] 
    BennettGeorge Frederick Bennett [I3175]about 1893before 2003Edith Sophia Rosentreter [I3176] 
     Hazel Georgena Bennett [I6188]  Edward (Ed) John Rosentreter [I4540] 
     Renee Lorraine Bennett [I3337]  James Allen Rosentreader [I9987] 
    BensonKathie Maureen Benson [I4053]  Rodney Alvin Rosentreter [I3584] 
    BenthinMargaret Benthin [I0440]16 October 1904before 2014 Otto F Benthin Matilda Louise Emilie Rosentreter
     Otto F Benthin [I0493]about 1875before 1985Matilda Louise Emilie Rosentreter [I0003] 
    BentschneiderWilhelmine Sophie Friederike Bentschneider [I8381]about 1824before 1934Carl Rosenträger [I8380] 
    BenwayPatty Benway [I6512]  Richard (Rich) Rosentreter [I4075] 
    BerendtKaroline Wilhelmine Berendt [I9970]18463 November 1925  
    BergAnna Maria Louise Berg [I2236]about 178828 September 1862Johann Andreas Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2237] 
     Ida Auguste Berg [I6719]29 March 1898before 2008Erich Otto Rosentreter [I6718] 
     John William Berg [I8950]  Kelly Jo Rosentreter [I8949] 
     Julius Berg [I2753]22 December 1882before 1992Martha Rosentreter [I1236] 
    BergerKäthe Berger [I6759]20 May 1900before 2010Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6758] 
     Simon Berger [I2635]about 1850before 1960Henrietta Rosentreter [I2634] 
    BergmannJulius Bernhard Bergmann [I6063]16 May 187923 July 1942Marie Louise Rosentreter [I5981] 
     William James Bergmann [I5581]9 August 193811 May 1987Elaine Rosentreter [I3640] 
    BerkholzDorothea Berkholz [I7959]about 1834before 1944Christian Rosenträger [I7958] 
    BerkowskyErnst Walter Berkowsky [I7509]12 March 1902before 2012Anna Auguste Berta Rosentreter [I7508] 
    BerlinFriedrich Wilhelm Berlin [I8201]27 November 1867before 1977Auguste Wilhelmine Pauline Rosenträger [I8200] 
    BerndtAmalie Berndt [I4232]about 1865before 1975Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4225], Ludwig Braun [I4358] 
     Heinrich Berndt [I4357]1838before 1948Emilie Rosentreter [I4356] 
    BertettoLawrence (Larry) Gene Bertetto [I4170]  Linda Rosentreter [I4169] 
    BertramsAnna Bertrams [I4935]3 August 164621 December 1710Andreas Rosentreter [I4934] 
    BesselJohann Gottlieb Bessel [I6920]about 1794before 1904Louise Henriette Rosentreter [I2020] 
    BestAmy Rue Best [I6109]  Rick Rosentreter [I4393] 
    BethkeChristoph Bethke [I8493]19 December 182430 July 1904Beatte Rosentreter [I8492] 
     Emma Martha Ida Bethke [I5378]26 May 187316 January 1949Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich Martin Rosenträger [I5377] 
     Ferdinand (Fred) Bethke [I3481]18851916Theresa Rosentreter [I0439] 
     Karl Gustav Bethke [I7239]4 February 1847before 1957Dorothee Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I7237] 
    BettieHenrietta Bettie [I2562]about 1849before 1959John Rosentreter [I2561] 
    BeullBarbara Louise Beull [I5667]10 August 19229 October 2004Robert Edward Rosentreter [I3558] 
    BeutlerMichael Beutler [I2491]1820before 1930Anne Justine Rosentreter [I2490] 
     Samuel Beutler [I9472]about 1820before 1930Henriette Rosentreter [I9471] 
    BeutnerCharles William Beutner [I3372]28 September 1886February 1958Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [I3371] 
    BevinsNancy Lynn Bevins [I5820]  Jeffrey (Jeff) John Rosentrater [I5804] 
    BeyerJohann Friedrich Beyer [I4451]about 1771before 1881Dorothea Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I4160] 
     Rolf Artur Werner Beyer [I4333]3 July 19161 May 1945Elli Agnes Rosentreter [I4327] 
    BidwellSusanne Marie Bidwell [I0067]  Ariel Walter Rosentrater [I0052] 
    BiedermannAnton Biedermann [I4969]8 January 1872before 1982Auguste Rosentreter [I4766] 
    BiedlerJohann Gottlieb Biedler [I9474]about 1813before 1923Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9473] 
     Michael Biedler [I4952]21 September 1825before 1935Louise Rosentreter [I4951] 
    BierdemansJohanna Henriette Christine Bierdemans [I7144]about 1710before 1820Christian Gotthelf Rosentreter [I2015] 
    BiermanLevie Bierman [I2755]about 1887before 1997Martha Maria Rosentreter [I0094] 
    BiernackaAnna Marianna Biernacka [I6218]about 1798before 1908Johann Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6217], Johann Wilhelm Glaeser [I5330] 
    BierwagenGottlieb Bierwagen [I2793]about 1829before 1939Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I2989] 
    BigalkeElisabeth Bigalke [I0242]17675 January 1829Daniel Christoph Rosentreter [I0240] 
    BiglerWillis John Bigler [I3219]21 July 192114 October 2003Ellen Mae Rosentreter [I3218] 
    BiltgenRoy W Biltgen [I3620]20 September 191413 January 1997Eudora Mae Rosentreter [I3619] 
    BingeliusLudovicus Albertus Bingelius [I6867]about 1726before 1836Maria Anna Rosentreter [I6866] 
    BirkholzHermann Julius Birkholz [I9641]1861before 1971Ernestine Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9640] 
    BitneyNoah Mark Bitney [I0046]  Karlee Rosentreter [I0038] 
    BlackAdoline Alvena Black [I3197]23 December 187312 August 1927Andreas (Andrew) Rosentreter [I3198] 
     Naomi Verna Black [I0011]29 November 19183 April 1984George William Rosentreter [I0008] 
    BlackingtonDonna Marie Blackington [I5292]  Gary Lee Rosentrater [I3236] 
    BlackwellThomas Francis Blackwell [I3916]13 January 196116 January 2002Lisa Joan Rosentreter [I3596] 
    BlakeAnna Blake [I3163]23 April 186711 July 1945Emil R Rosentreter [I3051] 
     Kay Marie Blake [I9979]22 November 19509 May 2010Raymond (Ray) Rosentreader [I9978] 
    BlanchardGeorge Fredrick Blanchard [I3960]23 December 192514 September 1968Elizabeth Augusta Rosentreter [I3959] 
    BlanckCarl Friedrich Rudolph Blanck [I2518]13 December 185815 September 1903Auguste Sabine Henriette Rosentreter [I0211] 
    BlankenburgHellmuth Erich Herbert Blankenburg [I6577]8 December 1899before 2019Herta Rosentreter [I6576] 
     Minna Bertha Blankenburg [I7882]14 January 1907before 2017Arthur Bruno Hermann Rosenträger [I7881] 
    BlankenshipKyle Blankenship [I7204]  Dawn Rosentreter [I1845] 
    Blech**Unknown** Blech [I5582]about 1894before 2004Pauline Rosentreter [I4259] 
    BleckOttilie Auguste Bleck [I6753]2 October 187818 December 1954Hermann Eduard Johann Rosentreter [I6752] 
    BledeHarold Leland Blede Snr [I2381]11 October 19135 March 1998Goldie Ravenna Rosentrater [I1472] 
    BlizzardRicky Blizzard [I3520]  Linda Ann Rosentreter [I1929] 
    BlochGottlieb Bloch [I6376]about 1838before 1948Eva Rosine Rosentreter [I5100] 
     Martin Bloch [I9443]about 1807before 1917Susanne Rosentreter [I9442] 
    BloomeWilliam John Bloome [I2723]21 July 191429 January 1996Margaret Rose Rosentreter [I0413] 
    BlouckEmilie Karoline Blouck [I4574]25 March 188123 November 1954August Rosentreter [I1315] 
    BlumStanislaus Blum [I9469]about 1816before 1926Anna Susanna Rosentreter [I9468] 
    BlüwernickAuguste Emilie Blüwernick [I0854]28 January 185524 August 1912Carl Gustave Rosentreter [I0853] 
    Boatman**Unknown** Boatman [I4206]  Carol Rosentreter [I4205] 
    BobelFriedrich Wilhelm Bobel [I9629]about 1859before 1969Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I9628] 
    Bobo**Unknown** Bobo [I10070]  Joanne Marie Rosentreter [I10069] 
    BochowGertrud Therese Johanna Bochow [I7387]  Erwin August Moritz Rosentreter [I7386] 
    BockChaim Bock [I9606]1845before 1955Susanne Rosentreter [I9605] 
    BodeWilhelmine Albertine Louise (Minnie) Bode [I0100]30 December 186112 June 1907August Benjamin Rosentreter [I0097] 
    BoegeWilhelmine Boege [I9959]18571908Johann Rosentreter [I9958] 
    BoehmAlice Joanne Boehm [I1107]24 June 192211 December 2010Elmer Adam Rosentreter [I0417] 
     Anna Boehm [I6237]about 1764before 1874Johann Rosentreter [I6236] 
    BoekerBenjaman Boeker [I3399]29 December 18992 December 1954Alma Caroline Rosentreter [I3185] 
    BoelkeMaria Dorothea Gottliebe Boelke [I8396]about 17737 September 1835Joachim Rosenträger [I8395] 
    BoelterMartin Boelter [I9438]about 1804before 1914Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I5167] 
    BoenteDavid Boente [I2337]  Denise L Rosentreter [I2322] 
     Evelyn Bernadine Boente [I1809]27 September 19242 March 1995Harold Edwin (Rosie) Rosentreter [I0638] 
     Laura Boente [I9176]  Ryan Adam Rosentreter [I9174] 
    BoetzerBernice V Boetzer [I9025]29 April 191511 December 2010Clarence Arnold Rosentreter [I3118] 
    BogaczWlodzimierz Bogacz [I2731]19261999Maria Marta Rosentreter [I1801] 
    BogerEmma Anna Alma Boger [I8226]16 May 1888before 1998Max Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8223] 
    BohlkeAugust Bohlke [I9575]about 1845before 1955Emilie Rosentreter [I9574] 
    BöhlkeAugust Böhlke [I1511]about 1854before 1964Emilie Rosentreter [I1510] 
     Erenstena (Ernstine) Böhlke [I0348]20 June 184516 December 1911Ludwig (Lewis) Rosentreter [I0347] 
    BohmCarl Friedrich Wilhelm Bohm [I8848]about 1864before 1974Hermine Ernestine Auguste Ida Rosenträger [I8622] 
     Luise Charlotte Bohm [I7357]31 May 18774 November 1967Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I7356] 
    BohndorfAndreas Heinrich Bohndorf [I7278]5 October 185916 February 1909Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter [I7277] 
    BoitzenPeter Boitzen [I6869]about 1640before 1750Entgen Rosentret [I6868] 
    BölckeAnna Bölcke [I8390]about 1783before 1903Christian Rosenträger [I8389] 
    BöldickeAnna Caroline Helene Böldicke [I8198]26 April 186115 March 1927Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8197] 
    BoldtWilhelmine Dorothee Boldt [I5471]9 April 184527 January 1927  
    BollingerRobert Bollinger [I1286]21 December 1909before 2019Emma Cecilia Rosentreter [I1285] 
    BollmannJohann Bernhard Bollmann [I6305]about 1757before 1867Johanne Dorothee Sophie Rosentreter [I6304] 
    BölterAnna Rosine Bölter [I7657]about 1821before 1931Martin Rosentreter [I7658] 
     Gustav Otto Richard Bölter [I10026]25 December 191924 January 1972Irma Rosentreter [I10024] 
     Luise Bölter [I6525]185625 February 1907Julius Rosentreter [I6532] 
    BolzinEva Catharina Bolzin [I6861]about 1771before 1881Johann Peter Rosentreter [I6860] 
    BomberskiAndreas Bomberski [I6462]about 1799before 1910Dorothea Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6463] 
    BomkampChristina Marie Bomkamp [I0414]3 June 189121 April 1974Peter Joseph Rosentreter [I0394] 
    BonatzAnna Sophia Bonatz [I1938]1 May 178231 August 1844Martin Friedrich Johann Rosentreter [I1964] 
     Gottliebe Bonatz [I2103]about 178015 October 1807Martin Friedrich Johann Rosentreter [I1964] 
    BonauKarl Hermann Bonau [I6486]30 March 185930 July 1932Emilie Rosentreter [I6485] 
    Bond**Unknown** Bond [I3936]about 1892before 2002**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3937] 
    BongartzHartmut Bongartz [I9899]  Harriet Rosentreter [I9898] 
    BoothRyan Booth [I8980]  Ashley Sue Rosentreter [I4279] 
    BorawskiJulie Borawski [I7167]about 1840before 1950Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I4629] 
    BorchardtJane Rosella Nell Borchardt [I3588]  Harry Emil Rosentreter [I3407] 
    BörcheltCarl Heinrich Joseph Börchelt [I2466]4 November 1831before 1941Emilie Caroline Henriette Rosentreter [I2219] 
    BorchertGottfried Borchert [I2464]about 1765before 1875Anna Regina Elisabeth Rosentreter [I2205] 
    BorkowskiPeter Christoph Borkowski [I4286]about 1776before 1886Juliana Regina Rosentreter [I4284] 
    BorkowskyOtto Karl Franz Borkowsky [I7936]15 November 188027 June 1928Ida Anna Hedwig Rosenträger [I7935] 
    BorlakTheresa Rosalie Borlak [I0434]December 184625 April 1908August Rosentreter [I0433] 
    BornemannMaria R Bornemann [I9722]about 1880before 1990Henry Jake Rosentreter [I3569] 
    BornscheinFerdinand Otto Bornschein [I7494]27 March 186823 January 1940Bernhardine Auguste Rosentreter [I6807] 
    BorowskiHermann Borowski [I5988]1 January 1868before 1978Maria Catharina Rosentreter [I1682] 
    BorschkePaul Hugo Albert Borschke [I2444]about 1856before 1966Anna Magdalena Rosentreter [I1716] 
    BortoliNatasha Bortoli [I2057]  Peter Charles Rosentreter [I1249] 
    BöseClaus Böse [I4698]174910 June 1815Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [I4697] 
     Nicolaus Böse [I6171]about 1724before 1834Anne Margreta Rosentreter [I6170] 
    BotheLeopold August Bothe [I3054]23 December 183928 June 1929Catharina Rosentreter [I3055] 
    BottJim Bott [I6024]  Janet Lynne Rosentreter [I0013] 
    BöttcherAlbertine Böttcher [I7716]5 May 187411 April 1941Gustav Rosentreter [I7717] 
     Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Böttcher [I7753]13 June 18315 April 1907Marie Dorothea Friederike Rosentreter [I7752] 
     Eva Rosina Böttcher [I6393]17773 October 1840Stanislaus Christoph Rosentreter [I6392] 
     Maria Böttcher [I0743]171023 April 1795Johann Joachim Rosentreter [I1956] 
    BöttjerHinrich Böttjer [I3801]21 February 188418 March 1969Louise Rosentreter [I3800] 
    BowenWilliam Bowen [I5595]30 July 191028 May 1969Madeline Rosentrater [I0454] 
    BowtellTina Louise Bowtell [I8579]  Michael William Rosentreter [I8578] 
    BoydMelvin Leroy Boyd [I1499]30 May 191017 June 1979Pauline Lillian Rosentreter [I1483] 
    BoyerRobert Boyer [I8639]  Tamara Rosentreter [I4395] 
    BozaValentinus (William) Boza [I2696]about 1881before 1991Josephine M Rosentreter [I0286] 
    BradenThomas R Braden [I3713]about 1874before 1984Anna Pauline Rosentreter [I3714] 
    BranchDianne Branch [I4600]  Ken Rosentreter [I4599] 
    BrandTracy Brand [I1425]  Barry J Rosentreader [I1424] 
    BrandenburgLuise Rosalie Brandenburg [I7286]17 May 18606 April 1943Johann Rosentreter [I7287] 
    BrandtAlbertine Wanda Brandt [I9341]about 1868before 1978Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9340] 
     Carl Ludwig (Louis) Brandt [I6541]9 January 1850before 1960Ernstine Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I6540] 
     Emma Brandt [I4877]about 1874before 1984Gustav Rosentreter [I4876] 
     Louis Brandt [I2886]about 1865before 1975Emilie Rosentreter [I2882] 
     Matilda C Brandt [I5559]5 April 188111 January 1912Gustav (Gust) Rosentrater [I5533] 
    BraschKoppel Karl Brasch [I2857]14 June 183118 May 1905Henriette (Gittel) Rosentreter [I2856] 
    BratschFriedrich (Franz) Bratsch [I7150]about 1807before 1917Caroline Rosentreter [I7149] 
    BraunAnna Justina Braun [I3364]1819before 1929Christoph Rosentreter [I3363] 
     Erika Edith Irmgard Braun [I9839]1 December 190414 March 1951Gustav Reinhard Rosentreter [I7395] 
     Julianne Braun [I6027]about 1809before 1919Johann Rosentreter [I6026] 
     Linda Lee Braun [I5600]  Philip Leon Rosentrater [I1974] 
     Ludwig Braun [I4358]1864before 1974Amalie Berndt [I4232] 
    BraunsPeter Christian Friedrich Brauns [I4285]about 1776before 1886Juliana Regina Rosentreter [I4284] 
    BrawleyKenneth E Brawley [I2711]  Lisa D Rosentreter [I0907] 
    BredeChristine Brede [I5097]about 1802before 1912Jacob Rosentreter [I5098] 
    BredenburgJohann Bredenburg [I2409]about 1700before 1810Alke Rosentreter [I1163] 
    BreitkreuzAnna Krystyna Breitkreuz [I9106]about 1784before 1984Michael Rosentreter [I9105] 
    BremKreszenz Brem [I7406]8 April 1882before 1992Adolf Georg Johann Rosentreter [I7405] 
    BremerJulius Richard Bremer [I7016]about 1873before 1983Alwine Auguste Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I7015] 
    BrendickeMaria Brendicke [I2139]about 1768before 1878Ernst Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I2138] 
    BrenningstallGrace Annbelle Brenningstall [I5763]2 December 193126 July 1996Robert Edward Rosentreter [I3629] 
    BrettschneiderKarl Martin Brettschneider [I7829]30 July 1867before 1977Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [I6841] 
    Brier**Unknown** Brier [I9100]  Christa Maria Rosentreter [I9099] 
    BrieseFerdinand Briese [I9573]about 1838before 1948Augusta Rosentreter [I9572] 
    BrisskeWilhelmine Brisske [I7280]about 1836before 1946Christoph Rosentreter [I7279] 
    BritzweinEmilie Britzwein [I5643]1845before 1955Hermann Rosentreter [I5642] 
    BrockCaroline Louise Henriette Brock [I5737]about 1814before 1924Friedrich Rosentreter [I5736] 
     Henriette Johanne Brock [I7151]16 February 1774before 1884Carl Heinrich Rosentreter [I2214] 
    BrockmannTheodor Friedrich August Brockmann [I4966]14 August 1895before 2005Erna Rosentreter [I4965] 
    BrodersonBertha Broderson [I1901]8 September 187216 July 1963Charles Robert Rosentreter [I1900] 
    BronkallaBernhard Bronkalla [I2615]about 1892before 2002Elisabeth Helena Rosentreter [I0626] 
    BrophyKevin Brophy [I6567]  Wendy Denice Rosentreter [I6566] 
    BroseHedwig Natalie Brose [I5927]11 April 1886before 1996Herbert Bruno Rosentreter [I2505] 
     Otto Brose [I6652]about 1846before 1956Auguste Rosentreter [I6651] 
    BrotzkiHelene Franziska Brotzki [I6717]3 November 188528 April 1947Ernst Alfred Rosentreter [I6716] 
    BrownArthur Richard Brown [I2757]about 1906before 2016Mary Elizabeth Rosentreter [I0506] 
     Debra Louise Brown [I2526]  Leslie John Rosentreter [I2454] 
     John William Brown [I4581]25 June 191327 March 1976Sarah (Sadie) Rosentreter [I4576] 
     Johnny D Brown [I4065]  Donna June Rosentreter [I3816] 
     Sarah Ann Brown [I8675]  Ian Rosentreter [I4094] 
    Brownwell EnnisBrenda Brownwell Ennis [I0448]4 August 194010 December 2006Michael Donald Rosentrater [I0447] 
    BruckeWilhelmine Brucke [I2574]about 1850before 1960Christoph Rosentreter [I2573] 
    BruderJohannes Bruder [I2700]about 1832before 1942Katharina Rosentreter [I2294] 
    BrüggemannMax Hermann Julius Brüggemann [I7294]16 February 187315 August 1945Marie Gertrud Rosentreter [I7293] 
    BrügmannAndreas Thomas Brügmann [I2489]28 November 1826before 1936Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [I1630] 
     Eva Brügmann [I1595]about 178511 January 1853Johannes Rosentreter [I1594] 
    BrünjesBerta Johanna Brünjes [I1140]22 July 185117 January 1926Otto Christian Rosentreter [I1139] 
    BrunnemannAnna Louise Brunnemann [I8366]25 July 176910 October 1851Friedrich Rosenträger [I8360] 
     Frieda Luise Alwine Brunnemann [I5444]30 July 187723 January 1958August Adolf Friedrich Rosentreter [I5443] 
     Ida Brunnemann [I8204]about 1831before 1941Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8203] 
    BryzeFriedrich Bryze [I9542]about 1806before 1916Rosina Rosentreter [I9455] 
    BubansKonstantine Bubans [I9869]182729 September 1904  
    BuchCarolina Buch [I9360]about 1865before 1975Gottfried Rosentreter [I0201] 
    BuchholzLydia Buchholz [I0430]25 December 190023 February 1973Ludwig Rosentreter [I0429] 
     Stanislaus Buchholz [I2742]about 1887before 1997Maria Theodosia Rosentreter [I0622] 
    BucklerLeona (Non) Rosella Buckler [I0195]25 June 19118 October 1996Ralph Edward James Rosentreter [I1785] 
    BucoveMaurice (Morris) Bucove [I4622]15 July 190915 August 1959Henriette (Rietta) Mignon Rosentreter [I3199] 
    BuczynskiMichael Buczynski [I8998]  Jessica Rosentreter [I8997] 
    BuddArthur Elijah Budd [I3703]1888before 1998Edith Florence Rosentreder [I3702] 
    BudlerMichael Budler [I9518]about 1826before 1936Louise Rosentreter [I9517] 
    BudzynskiMatthias Budzynski [I9637]1861before 1971Eva Rosina Rosentreter [I9636] 
    BuehlerJoe Buehler [I2578]  Amy Dawn Rosentrater [I2003] 
    BufeRinehart C Bufe [I0741]28 March 190212 October 1985Minnie Louise Rosentreter [I3037] 
    BuhlertWilhelm Buhlert [I3327]about 1879before 1989Anna Rosentreter [I3326] 
    BukofskiStanislava (Stella) Bukofski [I3304]about 1878before 1988Paul Rosentreter [I3303] 
    BukovacJanice Bukovac [I6083]  Roger L Rosentreter [I6082] 
    BullardFloyd Alton Bullard [I3667]20 September 192418 January 2008Ruby Esther Rosentreter [I0120] 
    BullisNeil Bullis Jnr [I2277]  Mary Ann Rosentreter [I2271] 
    BullnerAugust Bertrand Bullner [I2373]about 1837before 1947Christine Marie Rosentrætter [I1339] 
    Bunger**Unknown** Bunger [I2780]about 1851before 1961Rosalia Ursula Rosentreter [I0580] 
    BüngerAndreas Bünger [I2455]about 183213 February 1864Anna Maria Rosentreter [I1662] 
     Josef Bünger [I2730]about 1838before 1948Maria Rosentreter [I1789] 
     Joseph Bünger [I6536]24 September 1849before 1961Maria Rosentreter [I6537] 
    BurckelFranciscus Burckel [I6843]about 1775before 1885Anna Barbara Rosentreter [I6842] 
    BurderGustav Nickolas Burder [I5587]7 December 188827 September 1954Hulda C Rosentreter [I5586] 
    BurdickJohn Burdick [I5871]  Nancy Ann Rosentreter [I0383] 
    BurgerEvelyn Marie Burger [I1808]5 July 19247 November 1958Harold Edwin (Rosie) Rosentreter [I0638] 
    BurgschweigerMarie Amalie Burgschweiger [I4584]10 August 1835before 1945Carl Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4566] 
    BurkeMarjorie Ellen Burke [I4126]31 March 193526 February 2013Albert William Rosentreter [I0374] 
    BurmeisterJoachim Heinrich Friedrich Burmeister [I2705]10 January 186916 December 1945Leokadie Rosentreter [I0204] 
    BürowFriedrich Wilhelm Bürow [I0150]5 May 182825 June 1880Albertine Rosentreter [I0106] 
    BusatIrmgard Busat [I4009]2 October 190729 January 1971Benjamin (Benno) Rosentreter [I3998] 
    BuschMary Camilia Busch [I3344]21 June 191720 May 1950Edward Marion Rosentreter [I1517] 
    BuschowAugust Wilhelm Buschow [I9999]183531 May 1904Berta Rosenträger [I10000] 
     Christian August Buschow [I9998]1834before 1945Albertine (Berta) Emma Juliane Rosentreter [I9997] 
    BussAnna Luise Buss [I0988]1823before 1933Michael Rosentreter [I0987] 
     Anna Marianne Buss [I0293]about 1765before 1875Gottlieb (Gottlob) Franz Rosentreter [I2072] 
     Johann Buss [I6490]about 1873before 1983Florentine Rosentreter [I6489] 
     Wilhelmina Buss [I3302]18661929Julius Rosentreter [I3301] 
    BusseHermann Friedrich Busse [I8263]20 December 1850before 1960Wilhelmine Friederike Karoline Rosenträger [I8262] 
     Richard Busse [I9820]about 1905before 2015Erna Rosentreter [I9819] 
     Waldemar Leberecht Busse [I9816]24 November 188514 June 1945Else Erna Anna Rosentreter [I9815] 
    BusselAnna Julianna Bussel [I9268]about 1836before 1905Fransiscus (Franz) Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9266] 
     Marianna Bussel [I3007]about 1796before 1906Bogumil Rosentreter [I3006] 
    BüsserJohann Friedrich Büsser [I9805]1 January 18674 December 1948Berta Rosentreter [I9806] 
    BussianEmma A Bussian [I0222]14 July 188425 May 1976Johann (John) Karl August Rosentreter [I0220] 
     Paul F Bussian [I3761]about 1888before 1998Elizabeth Ida Rosentreter [I3168] 
    BusslerAnna Marianna Bussler [I5687]about 1765before 1875Gottlieb Peter Michael Rosentreter [I3773] 
    Büthner-ZawadzkiJan Büthner-Zawadzki [I2429]about 1750before 1860Anna Rosentreter [I1692] 
     Jan Büthner-Zawadzki [I2626]about 1753before 1863Eva Catharina Rosentreter [I0477] 
    ButterworthValmae Nola Butterworth [I0151]  Mervin George (George) Rosentreter [I0270] 
    ButzerKatharina Butzer [I9084]184214 March 1919**Unknown** Rosentreter [I9085] 
    ByramMary Beth Byram [I4681]  Marcus James Rosentrater [I2006] 
    Byram-RosentraterAda Byram-Rosentrater [I9974]   Marcus James Rosentrater Mary Beth Byram
     Robert Byram-Rosentrater [I9973]   Marcus James Rosentrater Mary Beth Byram
    CaldwellRobin Caldwell [I2021]  Lucille Rosentreter [I1957] 
    CamietMarie Luise Elisabeth Camiet [I2185]about 181514 May 1896Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I2181] 
    CampbellThomas David Campbell [I3978]  Valerie Joy Rosentreter [I3977] 
    CampeMarie Campe [I3268]182920 April 1887Otto Fridrich Rosentreter [I1121] 
    CannonIrma Theresa Cannon [I1026]14 June 19027 November 1976George Washington Rosentreter [I1021] 
    CapshawPamela A Capshaw [I9768]  Gene Arthur Rosentrater [I7032] 
    CarkinDonna Carkin [I7199]  Vail Rosentreter [I1842] 
    CarmodyMichael Eugene Carmody [I2401]25 August 190115 August 1982Adrienne Lucille Rosentreter [I1694] 
    CarrascoEllie Carrasco [I0696]  Nathan John Rosentreter [I0035] 
    Carrasco RosentreterElijah Reign Carrasco Rosentreter [I0697]   Nathan John Rosentreter Ellie Carrasco
    CarrollDavid (Jethro) Carroll [I0894]  Julie Ann Rosentreter [I0746] 
    CarterGlester S Carter [I2602]  Dorothy Louise Rosentreter [I1897] 
     William Kenneth Carter [I0938]  Sherri Marie Rosentreter [I0932] 
    Casey**Unknown** Casey [I8516]  Ingrid D Rosentreter [I8515] 
    CaspariOlga Magdalena Caspari [I7331]15 February 187425 October 1943Rudolf August Rosentreter [I7328] 
    CassickJohn O Cassick [I5828]13 June 190421 April 1987Ottilie L (Tillie) Rosentrater [I0460] 
    Cea ToroLuis Armando Cea Toro [I3877]  Dominique Alexandra Rosentreter González [I0355] 
    ChallMichael Chall [I10112]about 178025 March 1844Eva Rosentreter [I10111] 
    ChamberlainBetty Jean Chamberlain [I0161]29 December 192721 October 2015Paul Jonathan Rosentrater [I0104] 
    ChapmanAgnes Naomi Chapman [I3598]3 October 19203 January 1989Jesse Lee Rosentreter [I3467] 
    CharlsonMelissa I Charlson [I4184]  Gregory James Rosentreter [I3846] 
    ChekalaGetrude C (Trudy) Chekala [I6249]about 19266 March 2021Frederick (Fred) William Rosentrater [I5546] 
    ChesterBeverly Ann Chester [I1937]  Gary Kenneth Rosentreter [I1932] 
    ChiassonKristy Chiasson [I8462]  Colin Rosentreter [I8461] 
    ChiracostaAnna Chiracosta [I0116]  Peter John Rosentreter [I0064] 
    ChristensenLinda Grace Christensen [I3247]  Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter [I0442] 
    ChristiansenHans Christiansen [I2378]8 August 190224 February 1950Lillian Louise Rosentrater [I1403] 
    ChristofferGeorge Christoffer [I6477]about 1716before 1826Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6476] 
    ChristophersenToby Alexander Christophersen [I4677]  Simone Carla Rosentreter [I4642] 
    ChrzenowskiJohn Chrzenowski [I3964]about 1870before 1980Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [I3371] 
    CiżmowskaAnastasia Ciżmowska [I0619]1 March 188315 April 1953Adalbert Jozef Rosentreter [I0618] 
    ClantonRussella Sue Clanton [I8932]  Paul Frederick Rosentreter [I8931] 
    ClarkErwin Nelson Clark [I5810]2 February 191912 July 1977Luella Grace Rosentreter [I1431] 
    ClausbruchJohann Heinrich Friedrich Cramer Von Clausbruch [I6073]3 June 1871before 1981Paula Valerie Marie Rosentreter [I6071] 
    ClavesStanley Warren Claves [I0540]21 August 191725 January 2009Teresa Margaret Rosentreter [I0500] 
    ClaycombRichard Stephen Claycomb [I4854]20 October 191920 March 1969Goldie Mabel Rosentrader [I4855] 
    ClemensPaulina Clemens [I9318]about 1842before 1881Walenty (Valentine) Rosentreter [I1520] 
    ClynesThomas Godfrey Clynes [I3766]17 May 1881before 1991Katharine Marie Rosentreter [I1443] 
    Cochran**Unknown** Cochran [I3189]  Cheryl Rosentreter [I3162] 
    CohnBenhard Cohn [I2365]30 September 1880before 1990Flora Rosentreter [I2364] 
    Cohn RosentreterRita Raquel Cohn Rosentreter de Silberman [I2366]   Benhard Cohn Flora Rosentreter
    ColeJudy R Cole [I1864]  Darwin Lavern Rosentrater [I1863] 
    ColegroveMildred Marie Colegrove [I0082]5 June 188823 November 1976Fred Charles Rosentrater [I1464] 
    ColemanBrett Coleman [I4167]  Kate Rosentreter [I4164] 
     Sandra Gayle Coleman [I5914]  Gary Ernest Rosentrater [I5913] 
    CollinsDeann Louise Collins [I8982]18 March 197016 July 2019Steven James Rosentreter [I8981] 
     Geoffrey William Collins [I0055]  Vicki May Rosentreter [I0155] 
     Ina S Collins [I1758]15 January 189413 October 1925Frank Albert Rosentreter [I1756] 
     Sheila Collins [I3743]  Kevin G Rosentreder [I3742] 
    ComptonRuth Odessa Compton [I3607]3 August 191728 December 1998Arnold Otto Rosentreter [I0513] 
    ConradDorothee Anna Regine Conrad [I5608]21 January 181621 January 1884Martin Friedrich Rosentreter [I1941] 
    ConradiErnst Richard Conradi [I7487]27 January 18849 December 1915Else Gertrud Frieda Rosentreter [I0268] 
    ConwayHelen (Nellie) K Conway [I3533]25 July 189123 September 1936Charles Herman Rosentreter [I3529] 
     John H Conway [I3177]  Lydia Rosentreter [I3178] 
    CookMichael Kenneth Cook [I5387]  Alice (Allie) Marie Rosentreter [I5159] 
    Copeland**Unknown** Copeland [I9052]  Mary Rosentrader [I9051] 
     Alyssa Copeland [I8768]  Bryan Rosentreter [I8769] 
    CordesMetta Adelheit Cordes [I0656]about 1836before 1946Wilhelm (William) Rosentreter [I1123] 
    CornellTina Cornell [I10059]  Sheldon Dale Rosentreter [I10054] 
    CornetCristy Cornet [I8635]  Douglas Rosentreter [I4394] 
    Correa MacchiabelloGilberto Correa Macchiabello [I6700]  Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares [I6636] 
    Correa RosentreterFrida Correa Rosentreter [I6702]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Gilberto Correa Rosentreter [I6706]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Leslie Correa Rosentreter [I6705]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Marisol Helga Correa Rosentreter [I6703]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Oscar Correa Rosentreter [I6701]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Solange Correa Rosentreter [I6704]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
    CorthymMargarethe Dorothea Elisabeth Corthym [I4933]4 December 168215 October 1717Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I4932] 
    CosgraveChristopher Joseph Cosgrave [I3746]17 April 192110 April 2013Olive Rosentreder [I3747] 
    CoweyNicholas Cowey [I2620]  Emily Louise Rosentreter [I0829] 
    CoxMary Catherine Cox [I3420]7 November 192625 June 2020Richard Dean Rosentreter [I3211] 
    CrainJulius Quenton Crain [I4519]22 July 190021 March 1978Marie Rosentreter [I3909] 
    CrandallMargaret Marie Crandall [I1484]15 August 190612 January 1996Bruno Oscar (Rosie) Rosentreter [I1482] 
    CraneCharles Stevens Crane [I3536]30 September 193915 March 1999Deanna Lou Rosentreter [I3535] 
    CrawfordWanda Mae Crawford [I1385]23 August 192714 April 2010Lavern Howard Rosentrater [I1377] 
    CrosbyEddie Duane Crosby [I4015]  Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [I0191] 
    CroskeyGerald Martin Croskey [I3869]19 January 19363 August 1990Doris Ann Rosentreter [I1823] 
    CrouchMary Jane Crouch [I0925]  John (Jack) Herman Rosentreter [I1747] 
    CrowMarsha L Crow [I4183]  Mark John Rosentreter [I3840] 
    CrutchfieldSarah Annette Crutchfield [I5911]  Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater [I2670] 
    CubberlyStephen Cubberly [I1844]  Christine Rosentreter [I4095] 
    Cuevas-RosentreterKeneth David Cuevas-Rosentreter [I8423]   Carlos Cuevas-Salas Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
    Cuevas-SalasCarlos Cuevas-Salas [I8444]  Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz [I8425] 
    CunninghamRyan Cunningham [I6472]  Shannon Rosentrater [I6471] 
    CunningtonIsabella Letitia Cunnington [I0017]5 February 190724 December 1964Edwin Eric (Ted) Rosentreter [I0057] 
     Pearly (Pearl) Cunnington [I0145]21 October 191519 April 1966Leslie Leonard Rosentreter [I0253] 
    CurtisMichael Curtis [I5669]  Leslie Rosentreter [I5668] 
    CushingRoy Cushing [I2746]about 1895before 2005Anne Marie Rosentreter [I1761] 
    CutlerFlorence Isabelle Cutler [I3225]7 January 190428 April 1979Russell L Rosentreter [I3223] 
    CzaikowskiMax Thomas Czaikowski [I6795]6 March 1886before 1996Martha Auguste Rosentreter [I1312] 
    CzerszynskiErnestina Dorothea Czerszynski [I5249]19 October 1865before 1975Johann Martin Rosentreter [I5701] 
    CzewynskaMarein Ernestine Czewynska [I4872]about 1883before 1993 
    DaebelBertha Anna Amanda Daebel [I7225]22 February 18733 May 1903Oskar Franz Rosenträger [I7224] 
    DaeumichenIda Emma Agnes Daeumichen [I7209]4 July 18692 March 1906Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I0972] 
    DahlkeRosina Dahlke [I9122]about 1782before 1892Michael Rosentreter [I9121] 
     Wilhelmine Dahlke [I9344]about 1851before 1961Ambrosius Samuel Rosentreter [I0849] 
    DahringAlice Jean Dahring [I8680]  Clifford Dale Rosentreter [I8546] 
    DalmerArnold Dalmer [I4580]20 August 190518 March 1962Nellie Martha Rosentreter [I1773] 
    DammHermann Karl Gustav Damm [I5985]9 August 185927 September 1940Frieda Marie Caroline Anna Rosentreter [I5984] 
    DammnitzHenriette Wilhelmine Dammnitz [I7917]about 1864before 1974Richard Hermann Adolf Rosenträger [I7916] 
    DamnitzCarl Wilhelm August Damnitz [I8242]7 March 184631 October 1916Henriette Friederike Rosenträger [I8241] 
    DamsWilhelm Dams [I9519]about 1825before 1935Julianne Henriette Rosentreter [I9520] 
    Daneliak?Stanislaw Daneliak? [I4447]about 1879before 1989Rosalie Rosentreter [I4446] 
    DangeBernard Heinrich Dange [I7705]21 November 1882before 1992Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [I5399] 
    DanielKlara Daniel [I0985]28 February 188313 February 1956Julius Friedrich Rosentreter Snr [I0984] 
    DannemannIsrael Hugo Dannemann [I6832]21 March 18748 January 1941Emma Dorothea Johanna Rosenträger [I6831] 
    DaudermannHans Adam Daudermann [I6883]about 1695before 1805Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I6882] 
    DäumlingGottlieb Däumling [I2552]about 1836before 1946Emma Auguste Rosentreter [I2242] 
    DavickEva Davick [I3911]  Gary Alan Rosentreter Jr [I1157] 
    DavidLiesbeth Hedwig Berta David [I7340]18 November 1904before 2014Erich Hans Rosentreter [I7339] 
    DavidsonArthur Joseph Bowman Davidson [I2714]23 January 187728 March 1951Louisa (Lizzie) Martha Rosentreter [I9714] 
    DaviesDorothy Greenleaf Davies [I3289]28 April 19154 October 1988Ernest William Rosentreter [I3288] 
    DavisEdward James Davis [I4858]25 May 190519 May 1976Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [I1417] 
     Jason Ray Davis [I7724]  Leslyann Rosentreter [I7723] 
     Leana Davis [I5968]  Richard (Rick) Lynn Rosentrater [I1459] 
    De Armond**Unknown** De Armond [I10149]  Mary Jane Rosentreter [I3997] 
    De BruinRoelof John (Ralph) De Bruin [I3349]23 August 19109 June 1986Evelyn Gladys (Evie) Rosentreter [I3348] 
    De LisenEmma Hermine De Lisen [I0124]7 July 191522 March 2003Walter (Wally) Joshua Rosentreter [I0194] 
    De ReeseAnna De Reese [I1210]about 171029 April 1741Hinrich Rosentreter [I1203] 
    De SombreGerhard De Sombre [I3396]about 1904before 2014Hildegard Rosentreter [I3390] 
    De WildeBryan Eugene De Wilde [I2392]  Beulah Jean Rosentrater [I1973] 
    Dean**Unknown** Dean [I4208]  Karen Rosentreter [I4207] 
     Winifred Bessie Dean [I3745]  Frank Rosentreder [I3744] 
    DeauncyBarbara June Deauncy [I0063]  Ivan Eric (Reg) Rosentreter [I0099] 
    DedoSteven Dedo [I3550]  Corryn Rosentreter [I0004] 
    DeglerJohann Degler [I9492]about 1822before 1932Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9493] 
    DehnickeChristian Friedrich Rudolph Dehnicke [I9879]1831before 1941Wilhelmine Friederike Rosenträger [I9878] 
    DehnkeAugust Carl Dehnke Snr [I2563]10 August 18587 June 1920Loiuse (Julie) Sophie Rosentreter [I1478] 
    Deimwiddie**Unknown** Deimwiddie [I3434]about 1856before 1920Johanna Rosentreter [I3433] 
    DekertAugusta Wilhelmina Dekert [I9231]about 1824before 1934Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9230] 
    DelanoyMarilyn Lou Delanoy [I9061]  Larry Virgil Rosentrader [I9053] 
    DelkusAnna Emma Delkus [I4173]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4172] 
    DemkeKarl Friedrich Hermann Demke [I4970]30 June 1855before 1965Auguste Marie Mathilde Rosentreter [I2323] 
    DemskiPaul Demski [I9081]29 March 19092 November 1945Frieda Rosentreter [I9080] 
    DennisDarrell Arlene Dennis [I1397]25 June 191916 December 2005Harold Michael Rosentrater [I1375] 
    DessinCarl Gustav Dessin [I6424]3 December 18519 August 1901Minna Amalie Antonie Rosentreter [I6423] 
    DeutschmannCaroline Wilhelmine Charlotte Deutschmann [I7231]about 18126 May 1886Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I7230] 
    DevleeschouwerMadeleine Devleeschouwer [I8999]about 1907before 2017Kurt Daniel (Israel) Rosentreter [I4495] 
    DexlerIrmgard Dexler [I5286]27 April 19342016Orville M Rosentreter Snr [I3413] 
    Díaz-MuñozElisa Inés Díaz-Muñoz [I8443]  Augusto Rosentreter-Olivares [I0312] 
    DickehageJeffrey Dean Dickehage [I5629]  Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [I1990] 
    DieballOtto Dieball [I3510]3 April 187316 November 1931Hulda Rosentreter [I3386] 
    DieckhoffMarie Elise Martha Dieckhoff [I8237]24 October 189811 February 1971Paul Carl Oscar Rosenträger [I8236] 
    DietzSusanna Dietz [I4797]  Georg Rosentreter [I4796] 
    DietzemöllerKarin Dietzemöller [I8601]about 1940after 1963Heinze Rosentreter [I6435] 
    DillinFrank Madison Dillin [I2377]22 March 189610 June 1979Mary Louise Rosentrater [I1468] 
    DillonAlma Jane Dillon [I8696]  Gary Ernest Rosentrater [I5913] 
    DimkeJohanne Friederike Eleonore Dimke [I0946]about 1816before 1926Johann Michael Rosentreter [I0945] 
    DittmanWilhelmine Dittman [I0111]18156 November 1886Johann Rosentreter [I0101] 
    DittmannCarl Wilhelm Adolph Dittmann [I8167]31 January 185525 June 1897Marie Wilhelmine Hermine Rosentreter [I8166] 
     Christian Dittmann [I9525]about 1825before 1890Julianna Rosentreter [I9524] 
    DittrichJulia Dittrich [I4711]6 October 1849before 1959Fedor Rosentreter [I2799] 
     Julia Dittrich [I5277]about 1856before 1966Theodore Alexander Rosentreter [I5274] 
    DixonLaurie Jo Dixon [I5288]  Orville Rosentreter Jnr [I4100] 
     Lawrence Nazzareno Dixon [I5057]  Virginia Julie Rosentreter [I5055] 
    DlugasFlorentine Marie Dlugas [I5367]  Walter Gustav Karl Rosenträger [I5366] 
    DlusakThekla Dlusak [I3238]29 August 188011 February 1969Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2564] 
    DmitirevaFeodosija Dmitireva [I4807]about 1876before 1986Julius Rosentreter [I4806] 
    Doane**Unknown** Doane [I2521]  Virginia L Rosentreter [I0509] 
    DobrasiakSofie Dobrasiak [I4137]8 April 190924 January 1989Stefan Rosentreter [I4136] 
    DodtGertrud Elisabeth Dodt [I1208]171313 October 1790Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I1207] 
    DohnAnna Ludwika (Loiusa) Dohn [I5199]1820before 1930August Rosentreter [I5200] 
     Ludwig Dohn [I9561]about 1839before 1949Emilia Rosentreter [I9560] 
    DöhringDorothea Regine Henriette Döhring [I8011]about 183319 August 1911Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8010] 
     Henriette Gottliebe Karoline Döhring [I5319]about 1837before 1947Christoph Friedrich Rosenträger [I5318] 
    DojahnPaul Dojahn [I2733]about 1875before 1985Maria Anna Rosentreter [I1617] 
    DomkeJohanna Domke [I0707]about 1779before 1889Michael Rosentreter [I0706] 
    DomnitzHenriette Wilhelmine Domnitz [I7870]28 June 185217 April 1937Julius Albert Hermann Rosenträger [I7869] 
    DonateeBre Donatee [I6208]  Chris Rosentreter [I6207] 
    DonnellyMolly Gladys Donnelly [I3902]10 February 19033 July 1953**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3901] 
    DonnerEmilie Albertine Pauline Donner [I1527]2 May 18479 January 1889Karl Ludwig Rosentreter Snr [I1223] 
     Emilie Auguste Otillia Donner [I0897]4 September 18669 October 1938Gustave Carl August Rosentreter [I0896] 
     Lillian Mabel Donner [I3530]1 October 18983 August 1976Charles Herman Rosentreter [I3529] 
    DöringEmilie Döring [I7222]about 1855before 1965Friedrich Rosenträger [I7221] 
     Hermann Döring [I8414]about 1880before 1990Emma Marie Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I5472] 
     Pauline Döring [I1542]25 June 188219 November 1976Herman Rosentreter [I1430] 
    DornJustina Barbara Dorn [I6986]about 17634 October 1863Ludwig Rosentreter [I6985] 
    DornsWilliam Dorns [I2904]about 1856before 1966Henriette Rosentreter [I2905] 
    DossmannMartha Helena Dossmann [I7165]6 January 1896before 2006Georg Karl Rosentreter [I7164] 
     Regine Caroline Dossmann [I7938]about 1854before 1964Friedrich Rosenträger [I7937] 
     Wilhelmine Auguste Helene Dossmann [I7826]11 May 18798 August 1928August Friedrich Karl Rosenträger [I7825] 
    Douglas**Unknown** Douglas [I9616]  Becky Rosentrater [I1995] 
    DoveFrederick A Dove [I3857]  Doreen Rosentreter [I6332] 
    DovelHerbert A Dovel [I2895]20 March 188122 July 1973Louise Clementine Rosentreter [I0349] 
    DowlenLance Kingsley Dowlen [I3482]  Meagan Elizabeth Rosentreter [I3448] 
    DowsettLydia Mary Dowsett [I6331]  Alfred Andrew Rosentreter [I0563] 
    DrägerErnestine Dräger [I9307]about 1855before 1965Carl Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5904] 
     Henriette Dräger [I7330]about 1847before 1941Michael Rosentreter [I7329] 
     Olga Helene Dräger [I9370]about 1874before 1984Carl Rudolf Rosentreter [I9369] 
    DrägertWilhelm Karl Heinrich Drägert [I7667]20 April 1856before 1966Mathilde Pauline Rosentreter [I7666] 
    DraheimErich Paul Draheim [I6749]12 March 1902before 2012Minna Else Rosentreter [I6748] 
    DraperJames Douglas Draper [I2600]29 June 19511 August 2005Donna Jean Rosentreter [I0009] 
    DravesWilliam F Draves [I5908]13 September 184423 January 1912Ernestine Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2314] 
    DregerOlga Dreger [I8647]about 1900before 2010Artur Rosentreter [I8646] 
    DreilichKlementyna (Clementine) Dreilich [I9365]about 1871before 1981Augustyn (August) Rosentreter [I9364] 
    DrewischOtto Wilhelm Drewisch [I5473]22 July 1883before 1993Emma Marie Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I5472] 
    DrewsLoretta Jule Drews [I0005]10 April 192923 July 2010James Clyde Rosentreter [I0001] 
    DreyerJohann Dreyer [I9467]about 1815before 1925Anna Christine Rosentreter [I9466] 
    Driehurst**Unknown** Driehurst [I2225]  Nancy Jean Rosentreter [I3975] 
    DroysenFranz Wilhelm Oskar Theodor Droysen [I5925]about 1885before 1995Brunhilde Grete Rosentreter [I2503] 
    Drummond-BrownHarold Drummond-Brown [I2619]10 January 188920 October 1954Elsie L Rosentreter [I1439] 
    DubinskyEdward A Dubinsky [I8972]27 May 19178 August 1972Phyllis Rae Rosentreter [I3635] 
    DuckwitzJürgen Duckwitz [I2399]1708before 1818Margareta Rosentreder [I1260] 
     Rebecka Duckwitz [I1099]about 1713before 1823Conrad Rosentreder [I1098] 
    DuesterhoeftRobert Duesterhoeft [I4354]1896before 2006Rosalie Rosentreter [I4242] 
     Wilhelmine Duesterhoeft [I4368]about 1848before 1958Gottfried Wilhelm Rosentreter [I4367] 
    DufferHelen Luiegene Duffer [I1977]  Ronald Roy Rosentrater Snr [I0688] 
    DufnerCheryl (Cissie) Lynn Dufner [I6594]  Victor Ray Rosentreter [I4166] 
    DuganEdward Dugan [I2776]about 1896before 2006Regina Jennie Rosentreter [I0397] 
    DulsJohann Hinrich Duls [I6078]about 1755before 1865Gesche Rosentreter [I1114] 
    DumarackiPaul Dumaracki [I2544]about 1835before 1945Maria Magdalena Rosentreter [I1653] 
    DumdeiRosina Dumdei [I1498]11 March 183528 June 1900Ernst Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1497] 
    DumkeChristof Dumke [I9394]about 1787before 1847Anna Eufrozyna (Rosina) Rosentreter [I9395] 
    DummerVeronica Elisabeth Dummer [I0092]3 December 1874before 1984Joseph Albert Rosentreter [I0924] 
    DunbarJune Lee Dunbar [I1030]  George Cannon Rosentreter [I1029] 
    DuncanRobert F Duncan [I3906]1 January 193927 January 2021Patricia Faye Rosentreter [I1743] 
    Dunkel**Unknown** Dunkel [I8092]about 1845before 1955Auguste Rosenträger [I8091] 
    DunlapMatilda (Tillie) J Dunlap [I3253]14 April 188819 January 1959Friedrich (Fred) Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3088] 
    DunnEllen Rose (Nellie) Dunn [I1783]October 18821953Joseph Charles Rosentreter [I1782] 
     Mae Dunn [I1450]about 189619 December 1956Fredrick (Fred) Schiff Rosentreter [I1442] 
     Marion Dunn [I10035]17 June 18925 May 1988George Edwin Rosentreter [I1440] 
    DuntekenCathrina Dunteken [I1065]16618 March 1721Lüer Rosentreter [I1063] 
    DüringEmma Marie Elise Düring [I6732]14 July 1904before 2014Otto Erich Rosentreter [I6731] 
    DussachMathilda Dussach [I2909]about 1828before 1938Jeade Rosentreter [I2908] 
    DüsterhöftFranz Düsterhöft [I4916]about 1757before 1829Anna Justine (Justina) Rosentreter [I4915] 
     Julius Düsterhöft [I2818]about 1874before 1984Ernestine Rosentreter [I2821] 
     Marie Hedwig Düsterhöft [I7711]about 1888before 1998Karl August Rosentreter [I7712] 
     Ottilie Friederike Düsterhöft [I4716]20 September 1855before 1965Rudolph Rosentreter [I4715] 
     Wilhelminia Düsterhöft [I3333]about 1852before 1962Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3332] 
    DüsterwegWilhelmine Düsterweg [I4686]26 March 1831before 1942August Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4685] 
    DuweRobert Karl Duwe [I5246]30 July 1867before 1977Louise Julianne Rosentreter [I2319] 
    DwerhagenGesche Dwerhagen [I1097]about 1684before 1794Johan Rosentreder [I1096] 
    DymmelMartha Dymmel [I2924]about 18741917Adolf Rosentreter [I2923] 
    DzikówAnna Dzików [I4983]1794before 1904Bogusław Rosentreter [I4981] 
    EastmanGary Gilbert Eastman [I8942]  Sharon Ladene Rosentreter [I3537] 
    Eaton**Unknown** Eaton [I4389]  Cheryl Rosentreter [I4379] 
    EberleinElise Eberlein [I8035]about 1896before 2006Alfred Rosentreter [I8034] 
    EbersonAlexander A Eberson [I3437]May 1854before 1964Fannie W Rosentreter [I3438] 
    EbertEdward John Ebert [I2422]30 July 1878May 1966Klara Hellena Rosentreter [I2414] 
     Rudolf Ferdinand Heinrich Ebert [I7593]30 January 18785 February 1946Maria Regine Rosentreter [I7592] 
    Eberz**Unknown** Eberz [I6785]  Lisa Rosentreter [I6784] 
    EckeLouis Karl Arthur Ecke [I6055]14 January 186626 March 1905Emma Edmunda Rosentreter [I6054] 
    EckertJohanne Luise Eckert [I5640]26 July 18371 May 1882Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3034] 
    EckmanDavid Todd Eckman [I4089]  Laura (Lori) Celeste Rosentreter [I4084] 
    EckstädtCharlotte Albertine Eckstädt [I0935]about 1785before 1895Joachim Friedrich Rosentreter [I0934] 
    EggersDaniel Eggers [I7789]  Tania Rosentreter [I7788] 
    EggertWilhelm Franz Ludwig Eggert [I5652]7 June 1862before 1972Emeline Ernestine Rosentreter [I5651] 
    EggestorffRegina Eggestorff [I1945]1741before 1851Joachim Friedrich Ludwig Rosentreter [I1944] 
    EglerLuise Anna Auguste Egler [I5122]28 June 185526 May 1922Carl Philipp Oskar Rosentreter [I7457] 
    EhingerBertha Louise Ehinger [I3291]2 March 18801968John Oscar Rosentreter [I2655] 
     Caroline (Carrie) Freiderica Ehinger [I5059]21 July 18775 June 1908Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter [I2652] 
    EhrendreichJohann Christian Friedrich Ehrendreich [I2641]about 1822before 1932Caroline Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I2640] 
    EhwaldAnna Ilse Ehwald [I6223]30 August 19228 January 2013Richard Rosentreter [I6222] 
    EichelHeinrich Ferdinand Eichel [I9436]about 1801before 1911Caroline Ottilie Rosentreter [I9435] 
    EichenPauline Virginia Eichen [I1751]25 June 192921 November 2010Alvin Lincoln Rosentreter [I1750] 
    EichhorstMartha Bertha Helene Eichhorst [I0272]24 May 18966 November 1973Oswald Reinhold Ernst Rosentreter [I0271] 
    EichlerEvelyn E Eichler [I6084]  Elmer Helmuth (Herbert) Rosentreter [I3275] 
    EichstaedtPaul Eichstaedt [I9643]1862before 1972Auguste Rosentreter [I9642] 
    EikenhorstCharlotte Eikenhorst [I3343]10 October 18566 October 1937Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I1055] 
    EinbeckJohann Gustav Karl Einbeck [I7848]6 September 188212 November 1940Louise Wilhelmine Emilie Rosenträger [I7847] 
    EisenVictoria Evangeline Eisen [I0177]  Eugene (Gene) Charles Rosentreter [I0174] 
    EisnerMarianna Eisner [I9541]about 1800before 1910Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9540] 
     Suzanne Carol Eisner [I2051]19 December 193913 February 2018Gary Paul Rosentrater [I2049] 
    ElftmannChristoph Elftmann [I3145]about 1800before 1910Anne Rosine Rosentreter [I3144] 
    EllisonCharles Ellison [I2768]about 1883before 1993Nellie Marcy Angela Rosentreter [I0288] 
    ElsnerClara Elsner [I7296]24 May 185915 April 1941Heinrich Rudolf Rosentreter [I7295] 
     Erna Ida Elsner [I7367]7 April 1903before 2013Werner Walter Bruno Rosentreter [I7366] 
     Ottilie Elsner [I5653]about 1887before 1997Julius Rosentreter [I5654] 
    EmsmannFriederike Auguste Emsmann [I2276]3 December 1818before 1928Carl Friedrich Christian Rosentreter [I2275] 
    EnderbyThomas Enderby [I8753]  Erika P Rosentreter [I8752] 
    EngelJoseph Engel [I9586]about 1852before 1962Marie Marinke Rosentreter [I0704] 
    ErbChristian Friedrich Erb [I8536]11 January 17856 February 1871Anna Regine Rosenträger [I8535] 
     Elisia Erb [I8291]about 1793before 1903Christian Rosentreter [I8290] 
     Johann Joachim Christian Friedrich Erb [I2631]about 181618 June 1897Friederike Henriette Rosentreter [I2156] 
    ErbeAuguste Louise Therese Erbe [I4826]about 1861before 1971Johann Gustav Rosentreter [I4825] 
    ErberAugust Erber [I9498]about 1825before 1935Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9497] 
    ErbgutEmma Louise Erbgut [I8992]7 March 187725 October 1972Friedrich (Fritz) K Rosentreter [I3561] 
    ErdgangAdolfine Erdgang [I5452]about 1889before 1946Albert Rosentreter [I5451] 
    ErdmannMichael Erdmann [I9410]about 1793before 1903Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9409] 
    ErgangEduard Ergang [I4355]1874before 1984Melitta Caroline Rosentreter [I4237] 
    ErpAnna Louise Dorothea Gottliebe Erp [I8338]about 1803before 1913Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8339] 
    ErstlingAnna Auguste Wilhelmine Erstling [I7824]18 September 187426 January 1951Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Rosenträger [I7823] 
    EschMartha Margaret Esch [I1421]9 May 192522 November 2007Orval Benton Rosentreader [I1419] 
    EschlerMargaret Eschler [I4153]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
    Espe**Unknown** Espe [I6688]about 1850before 1960Louise Rosentreter [I6667] 
    EspinozaAlejandro Espinoza [I0323]about 1885before 1995Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica [I0314] 
    Espinoza RosentreterJuana Guillermina Espinoza Rosentreter [I0325]10 December 1902before 2012 Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
     Lidia Griselda Espinoza Rosentreter [I0324]15 April 191114 December 2007Oscar Rojaz Wells [I0327]Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
     Oscar Alejandro Espinoza Rosentreter [I0322]1908 Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
    EspositoFranco Esposito [I2691]  Joan Beverley Rosentreter [I0068] 
    EuePeter Eue [I2784]17995 March 1863Dorothea Sophia Rosentreter [I2104] 
    EupoferOscar Eupofer [I3093]about 1878before 1988Ida Rosentreter [I1449] 
    EvansLeigh Evans [I1078]  Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter [I0087] 
    EverettMarjorie Catherine Everett [I9048]12 July 191626 March 1973John Louis Rosentrader [I9047] 
    EversJohann Friedrich Evers [I6330]about 1772before 1882Rebecka Rosentreter [I1167] 
    EversoleMike Eversole [I4122]  Jeanine Ann Rosentreter [I4120] 
    EwaldAmalie Ewald [I6544]18377 February 1924Eduard Rosentreter [I6543] 
    FagerLinda A Fager [I1834]  John R Rosentreter [I1833] 
    FahlJohann Fahl [I9876]about 1810before 1920Rixte Margarete Rosentreter [I9877] 
    FahyDelores Ann Fahy [I8934]3 November 19429 November 1995Richard Henry Rosentreter III [I3955] 
    FairRobert B Fair [I3672]25 March 1949February 1986Donna Jean Rosentreter [I0009] 
    FaissJohanna Faiss [I2283]about 1812before 1922Laurenz Rosentreter [I2282] 
    FalauxGaston Falaux [I9001]20 December 19195 May 1992Yvette Rosentreter [I9000] 
    FalkenbergBogumil Falkenberg [I9460]about 1815before 1925Justina Rosentreter [I9459] 
    FarhaJuan Farha [I9867]  Grit Rosentreter [I9866] 
    FarmerSteve Farmer II [I2394]  Debra Sue Rosentrater [I1395] 
    FastnowEmma Louise Fastnow [I3562]6 January 18843 September 1931Heinrich Gottlieb (Hank) Rosentreter [I0499] 
    FaustJohann Faust [I9413]about 1797before 1907Anna Dorothea Rosentreter [I9412] 
    FaustmannJohann Gottfried Faustmann [I5035]3 January 1848before 1958Louise Rosentreter [I9515] 
    FechterEmil Fechter [I4158]31 December 188622 March 1958Martha Rosentreter [I4152] 
     Franz Fechter [I3485]18 March 18902 March 1984Alwiene Rosentreter [I3066] 
    FeddenKate (Lucy) Fedden [I3455]about 1834before 1944Albert John Rosentreter [I3454] 
     Lücke Margrete Fedden [I1136]31 July 1819before 1929Johann Albrecht Rosentreter [I1127] 
    FedorMichael Fedor [I6137]7 November 19124 September 2004Lydian Matilda Rosentrater [I5540] 
    FedrigoAmello Fredrick Fedrigo [I5813]  Dora Lou Rosentreter [I1766] 
    FedtkeFranz Albert Fedtke [I2589]about 1858before 1968Catharina Elisabeth Rosentreter [I1609] 
    FehrHerbert Fehr [I10123]about 192226 September 1956Lillian Hanna Rosentreter [I4003] 
    FeigeLeon Feige [I2718]18 January 19071 December 1984Lydia Rosentreter [I0961] 
    FeilerEva Feiler [I7555]14 March 18744 February 1948Paul Franz Rosentreter [I7554] 
    FeinsteinLeon A Feinstein [I8974]about 1888before 1998Frida Rosentreter [I8973] 
    FeldmanHeinrich August Johann Feldman [I2785]31 August 18841 December 1966Sophie Louise Rosentreter [I0144] 
     Karl Hermann Paul Charles Feldman [I3231]26 July 18901 May 1971Elbertine Caroline Charlotte Rosentreter [I0149] 
    FelioGail Marie Felio [I5089]17 December 194916 June 2011Eugene Phillip Rosentreter [I1922] 
    FelsFriedrich August Fels [I7912]7 February 1885before 1995Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger [I7911] 
    FelsmannErnestine Wilhelmine Felsmann [I1268]181714 July 1897Johann Rosentreter [I1267] 
    FentonRegina Mary Fenton [I0911]26 October 19063 August 1967Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr [I1674] 
    Ferguson**Unknown** Ferguson [I2633]  Irene Ruth Rosentrater [I0455] 
     Elizabeth Ferguson [I5993]about 1825before 1935Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3790] 
    FernandezStefan J Fernandez [I4682]  Bethany Lee Rosentrater [I2007] 
    FerryLillian Ferry [I2045]  Paul Rosentrater [I2044] 
    FesslerGinger Rose Fessler [I5577]  August (Augie) Edward Rosentrater [I5576] 
    FettyRuth Margaret Fetty [I0605]5 February 191924 November 2009Robert Dean Rosentreter [I0346] 
    FickMaria Dorothea Fick [I8566]about 17562 October 1810Christian Ernst Rosenträger [I8567] 
    FickeMaria Gesine Ficke [I1142]23 January 18918 June 1984Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I3803] 
    FickenHinrich Ficken [I10107]about 1747before 1857Rebecca Rosentreter [I10108] 
     John Ficken [I2605]about 1834before 1944Anna Rosentreter [I2581] 
    FieberPaul Karl Georg Fieber [I7543]15 June 188916 May 1951Anna Marie Luise Rosentreter [I3575] 
    FiedlerBrett Fiedler [I2791]  Tracie Lee Rosentreter [I0747] 
     Hermann Fiedler [I9915]  Inge Rosentreter [I9914] 
    FiegeBertha Fiege [I3637]28 May 189611 March 1973Kristof Rosentreter [I3636] 
    Figer?Elisabeth Figer? [I8794]  Aloys Rosentreter [I8793] 
    FilegerIrene Lucille Fileger [I5548]15 December 19337 February 2012Floyd Edward Rosentrater [I0471] 
    FilesFloyd Alfred Files [I2380]19 May 19051 May 1971Elsie Rebecca Rosentrater [I1471] 
    FimmJohann Joseph Fimm [I8089]22 March 185515 May 1928Anna Theresia Rosentreter [I5108] 
    FinckErnst Julius Richard Finck [I2699]about 1847before 1957Karoline Hermine Pauline Auguste Rosentreter [I2355] 
    FineMark Jeffrey Fine [I5671]  Robin Dale Rosentreter [I5670] 
    FingMax Ernst Fing [I1227]about 1891before 2001Anna (Annie) Rosentreter [I0079] 
    FinkenGevert Finken [I2442]about 1816before 1926Anna Gesine Rosentreter [I1192] 
    FirlMaria Elisabeth Firl [I5721]about 1765before 1801Christoph Rosentreter [I5695] 
    FischerElsie Irene Fischer [I3907]26 July 190910 December 1969Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr [I1674] 
     Friederike Karoline Fischer [I7655]about 1840before 1950Christoph Rosentreter [I7654] 
     Ilene Alison Fischer [I5665]  Samantha Lynn Rosentrater [I5664] 
     John Fischer [I5827]22 November 189420 May 1972Martha Rosentrater [I0475] 
     Maria Elisabeth Fischer [I2128]23 August 1798before 1908Matthias Rosentreter [I2127] 
    FisherEmma Kathryn Fisher [I1894]6 November 19031 November 2001Norton Carl Rosentreter [I1893] 
     John Walter Fisher [I4050]  Julie Anne Rosentreter [I3832] 
     Julianna Fisher [I2120]about 1957before 2014Weldon Ray (Rosie) Rosentreter [I3827] 
    FittingLudwig Fitting [I2477]about 181611 October 1899Sophie Dorothea Albertine Rosentreter [I2081] 
    FitzhenryEdith Estelle Fitzhenry [I3600]8 August 19243 January 1954Benjamin (Ben) Gus Julius Rosentreter Jnr [I3465] 
    FixsenAnna Sophie Fixsen [I5894]23 March 18342 July 1908Peter Rosentreter [I5893] 
    FlahartyEarl F Flaharty [I8926]6 June 188930 August 1974Myrtle Augusta Rosentreter [I1916] 
    FleckensteinWalter (Wally) Andrew Valerius Fleckenstein [I2759]31 January 191130 May 1994Maybelle (Mabel) Marie Rosentreter [I0836] 
    FletcherMelinda Fletcher [I4277]  Mark Frederick Rosentreter [I4199] 
    FlickingerCherylee (Cheryl) Dawn Flickinger [I6405]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter Jnr [I3227] 
    FlugradLilli Flugrad [I5449]6 January 190915 March 1946Alexander Rosentreter [I5450] 
    FockGertrud Liesbeth Fock [I6439]  Helmut Rosentreter [I6434] 
    FoleyJanet Louise Foley [I4150]  Roy Emil Orville Rosentreter [I4725] 
    FolleherCatharina Folleher [I1660]17871 July 1854Michael Rosentreter [I1659] 
     Elisabeth Thecla Folleher [I1627]14 September 1801before 1911Adam Rosentreter [I1626] 
    FöllnerHeinrich Ottomar Föllner [I7805]8 October 1844before 1955Pauline Marie Auguste Rosentreter [I6148] 
    FolzAmalie Folz [I7639]18 August 185817 April 1925Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter [I7604] 
    ForbesDiana Kay Forbes [I4109]  James Douglas Rosentreter [I4108] 
    FordKevin Andrew Ford [I3915]  Cindy Lynne Rosentreter [I3597] 
    ForrestO Forrest [I2683]about 1875before 1985Henrietta Rosentreter [I1448] 
    FörsterlingDorothee Sophie Friederike Försterling [I5987]3 February 184020 July 1915August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5986] 
    ForstreuterAmalie Forstreuter [I8677]183715 January 1872Johann Emil Rosentreter [I6614] 
    FortikDoris Emma Fortik [I1418]16 August 190228 June 1992Loren Kenneth Rosentreader [I1414] 
    FoseJohn William Fose [I2627]10 November 188018 May 1946Flora Rosentreter [I1858] 
    FowlerFrances Jean Fowler [I4175]  Richard Roger Rosentreter [I4176] 
    FowlesElizabeth Fowles [I3444]about 1854before 1964Otto George Rosentreder [I3128] 
    FrameJill Frame [I6120]  Rodney James Rosentreter [I6119] 
    FranchonOttilie Bertha Emma Franchon [I6891]24 November 184917 September 1917Christoph Wilhelm Heinrich Rosenträger [I6890] 
    FrankBernice Elaine Frank [I4077]27 December 192322 March 2016Howard William Rosentreter [I3209] 
     Elise Emilie Auguste Frank [I7643]11 August 1888before 1998Paul Friedrich Rosentreter [I1309] 
    FrankeAlma Alwine Emilie Wilhelmine Franke [I5944]8 June 187628 October 1966Carl Paul Willy Rosentreter [I5943], August Heinrich Otter [I5930] 
     Georg Franke [I2630]about 1784before 1894Friedericke Rosentreter [I2074] 
     Johann Ludwig Franke [I9618]1852before 1962Albertine Auguste Rosentreter [I9617] 
     Ludwig Julius Franke [I7814]about 182011 October 1887Emilie Rosentreter [I7813] 
    FränkelLeonie Therese Fränkel [I7644]22 December 18971 January 1972Isaac Rosentreter [I4786] 
    FrantzSophie Marie Friederike Frantz [I6875]13 October 185612 March 1887August Wilhelm Otto Carl Rosenträger [I5381] 
    FranzKarl Friedrich Wilhelm Franz [I5354]10 September 1867before 1977Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [I5353] 
    FrauendorfErnst Karl Frauendorf [I8121]11 April 187612 November 1922Ida Anna Rosentreter [I8120] 
    FreemanWilliam Elmer Freeman [I8968]9 March 18795 April 1958Amanda Haidee Rosentreter [I2482] 
    FregerAntoni Freger [I9211]about 1787before 1897Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5723] 
    FreitesCharles W Freites [I2437]about 1876before 1986Anna Christine Rosentreter [I2340] 
    FrenchVera French [I3601]  David Arthur Rosentreter [I1890] 
    FreySabina Rae Frey [I1972]  David Mark Rosentrater [I1971] 
    FriedlaenderHedwig Friedlaender [I7537]18 February 18916 October 1966Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I7536] 
    FriedrichEmilie Wilhelmine Friedrich [I4234]about 1859before 1969Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr [I0380] 
     Karl Hermann Otto Friedrich [I7946]3 June 1896before 2006Elfriede Marie Gertrud Rosenträger [I7945] 
     Rosina Friedrich [I2124]about 1794before 1904Christoph Rosentreter [I2123] 
    FriedrichsAnna Friedrichs [I5976]about 1614before 1725Jacob Rosenträger [I5975] 
    FrieseAugust Friese [I1270]about 1850before 1960Emilie Rosentreter [I1232] 
     Joachim Friese [I8554]about 1729before 1839Regina Rosenträger [I8534] 
     Johanna Elise Friese [I5327]22 March 187522 January 1950Max Moritz Richard Rosenträger [I5326] 
     Maria Dorothea Katherine Friese [I7241]about 176118 December 1839Andreas Rosenträger [I7240] 
    FriesickeHermann Rudolf Wilhelm Friesicke [I8252]26 May 1851before 1961Ida Louise Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8251] 
    FrieskeMartha Hedwig Frieske [I6724]12 October 1899before 2009Paul Karl Albert Rosentreter [I6723] 
    FriskeBeata Friske [I3013]about 1837before 1947Christian Rosentreter [I3012] 
     Franz Friske [I6734]11 September 1900before 2010Gertrude Anna Rosentreter [I6733] 
    FritschPaul Fritsch [I8457]about 1899before 2009Helene Martha Frieda Rosenträger [I8455] 
    FritzAlbert Henry Fritz [I1880]15 April 1857October 1939Hulda Rosentreter [I3386] 
     Friedrich Fritz [I9663]13 May 185419 November 1938Emilie Rosentreter [I9662] 
     Julius Fritz [I9491]about 182518 January 1864Caroline Rosentreter [I9490] 
    FritzerAmalie Fritzer [I4295]about 1835before 1945Christoph Rosentreter [I4294] 
    FritzkeLydia Fritzke [I2942]15 March 18888 June 1980Adolf Rosentreter [I2923] 
    FrödeGerhard Paul Emil Fröde [I9872]  Else Anna Rosentreter [I9873] 
    FroegelJoseph Georg Froegel [I2613]about 1823before 1933Elisabeth Agate Rosentreter [I1600] 
    FrögelCatharina Frögel [I0803]about 178018 October 1828Peter Rosentreter [I0802] 
     Jacob Frögel [I2411]about 179520 November 1881Barbara Rosentreter [I0801] 
    FröhlichErnst Karl Erich Fröhlich [I7867]25 April 1907before 2017Irma Hedwig Erna Rosenträger [I7866] 
    FröhnerTheodor Alfred Richard Fröhner [I4668]7 March 189711 July 1980Margarethe Ruth Rosentreter [I4667] 
    FrostCarl August Frost [I9631]about 1860before 1970Johanna Pauline Rosentreter [I9630] 
    FrosynaMarianna (Mary) Frosyna [I0285]4 July 184911 May 1929Albert (Adalbert) Augustin Rosentreter [I0283] 
    FrühbiesHugo Artur Frühbies [I4971]29 January 187816 September 1916Minna Mathilde Johanna Rosentreter [I4928] 
    FrycaRenata Fryca [I1883]  Augustyn Bernard Rosentreter [I1800] 
    FuhlbrüggeHerta Helene Berta Fuhlbrügge [I5342]  Werner Kurt Hans Rosenträger [I8654] 
    FunckChristiane Funck [I7169]about 1807before 1917Hans Rosentreter [I7168] 
    FunkKatharina Funk [I5493]24 November 1874before 1984Franz Otto Willi Rosentreter [I5485] 
    FurthmillerMatthew E Furthmiller [I9058]  Sarah A Rosentrader [I9055] 
    Futtera**Unknown** Futtera [I9095]  Hildegard Rosentreter [I9093] 
    Gäbler**Unknown** Gäbler [I2688]  Irma Rosentreter [I1047] 
    GabrielAnna Louise Gabriel [I1493]2 October 180816 February 1876Martin Rosentreter [I1492] 
    GaddisTillie Marie Gaddis [I3848]11 March 190827 June 1966Laurence Ankeney Rosentreter [I1917] 
    GaedickeEmma Ottilie Gaedicke [I9375]about 1874before 1984Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9374] 
    GaedtFrederick William Gaedt [I2621]21 August 18833 February 1955Emma Elizabeth Rosentreter [I1277] 
    GaedtkeIda Gaedtke [I0019]4 September 191829 August 1992Charles Norman Rosentreter [I0139] 
    GaertkeAnna Pauline Ida Gaertke [I7906]14 November 1888before 1998Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger [I5299] 
    Gaffga**Unknown** Gaffga [I2815]about 1860before 1900Augusta Rosentreter [I2814] 
    GagnonDorothy Theresa Gagnon [I4724]25 March 192817 June 2012Emil Rosentreter [I1714] 
    GailAda M Gail [I1678]5 August 190312 February 1986Jacob Philip Rosentreter [I1677] 
    GajdaJuliane Gajda [I7425]1 June 18668 June 1940Alexander Victor Rosentreter [I7424] 
    GallAnton Gall [I2624]about 1838before 1948Eva Rosentreter [I0812] 
    GallagherHarold Fredrick Gallagher [I3965]22 July 190625 July 1978Bernice Marie Rosentreter [I3350] 
    GalleKarolina Galle [I9367]about 1831before 1941Andreas Rosentreter [I9366] 
    GallegosFlorence Gallegos [I9986]4 May 192027 December 2011Kenneth (Rosie) Raymond Rosentreader [I9985] 
    GalligherMary Ellen Galligher [I8694]  William (Bill) Otto Rosentreter Snr [I4186] 
    GamblinJill Susan Gamblin [I5294]27 February 194717 February 2013David Harold Rosentrater [I5293] 
    GardowAuguste Gardow [I5454]27 September 186411 March 1948August Rosentreter [I5453] 
    GarlemannHinrich Garlemann [I2772]about 1761before 1871Rebecca Rosentreter [I1079] 
    GärtnerDora Gärtner [I5383]about 1901before 2011Ernst August Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5382] 
    GarveyWilliam Garvey [I2580]about 1863before 1963Kate Isabelle (Bella) Rosentreter [I0652] 
    GasperHedwig Martha Johanna Gasper [I5510]20 March 19047 February 1986Otto Max Rosentreter [I5509] 
    GatzAnna Gatz [I0781]22 January 1879before 1989Johann Rosentreter [I0780] 
     Anna Gatz [I1602]about 1840before 1950Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601] 
     Anna Rosina Gatz [I6692]11 March 186510 March 1937August Rosentreter [I6691] 
     Catharina Gatz [I0681]11 September 183925 June 1910August Rosentreter [I1610] 
     Johann Gatz [I9684]1856before 1966Regina Rosentreter [I0689] 
     Johannes Gatz [I2745]about 1748before 1858Marianna Rosentreter [I0828] 
     Maria Gatz [I1558]about 18501909Adalbert Rosentreter [I0588] 
     Martin Gatz [I5105]about 1766before 1876Agnes Rosentreter [I1049] 
     Paul Johannes Gatz [I2676]about 1871before 1981Gertrud Rosentreter [I1564] 
    GaulkeIda G Gaulke [I2171]14 March 18817 April 1971Emil R Rosentreter [I3051] 
    Gause**Unknown** Gause [I2928]about 1896before 2006Olga Rosentreter [I2927] 
    GauterMarianna Gauter [I9550]about 1815before 1925Marcin (Martin) Rosentreter [I9549] 
    GavilletRenae Gavillet [I7786]  Michael Andrew (Andy) Rosentreter Jnr [I4163] 
    GeduhnMargarete Geduhn [I9930]30 December 19347 November 2012 
    GehrkeAugust Gehrke [I2575]about 1870before 1980Hulda Rosentreter [I2576] 
     Auguste Gehrke [I6736]about 1865before 1975Johann Rosentreter [I6735] 
     Gustav Waldemar Gehrke [I9683]1875before 1985Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9682] 
    GellertOlga Gellert [I4592]189620 May 1983Daniel Henry Rosentreter [I1541] 
    GellharAnna Rosina Gellhar [I7963]October 181616 April 1874Michael Rosentreter [I7962] 
    GemmelLisa M Gemmel [I4058]  Michael T Rosentreter [I4057] 
    GeneralskaMaria Rosa Generalska [I1794]16 June 1870after 1919August Rosentreter [I1793] 
    GenettiBrad Genetti [I9705]  Karen M Rosentreter [I9704] 
    GeorgAnna Georg [I9843]about 1880before 1990Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9842] 
    GeorgeMinnie George [I1466]8 May 187713 February 1916Gustav Herman Rosentrater [I1465] 
    GerberHermann Ferdinand Gerber [I0081]2 April 18585 January 1950Wilhelmine Ottilie Rosentreter [I0113] 
    GerckenDorothea Gercken [I1081]173412 November 1772Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
     Richard Gercken [I6254]  Bertha Elisabeth (Betty) Rosentrater [I5541] 
    GerickeArnold Gottlob August Gericke [I5851]31 May 1874before 1984Elisabeth Anna Rosentreter [I5850] 
    GerkAnna Elizabeth Gerk [I2996]about 1803before 1913Bogumil Rosentreter [I2995] 
    GerkeRose Dorothy Gerke [I5812]  Merton Robert Rosentreter [I3617] 
    GerlachJoseph Leo Arthur Gerlach [I2747]about 1859before 1969Marie (Mary) Rosentreter [I1770] 
    GerlingEmilie Sophie Gerling [I7846]11 June 185625 March 1910Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7845] 
    GermainJean Germain [I4588]21 September 19376 December 2002Carl (Chuck) Rosentreter [I4587] 
     Michelle Germain [I1853]  Timmy Rosentreter [I1852] 
    GernerthCatharina Gernerth [I2028]about 1760before 1870Joannes Georgius Rosentreter [I2027] 
    GerneyGarret Gerney [I6450]  Jennifer Rosentrater [I6449] 
    GerngrossAdolph Rudolph Oskar Alexander Gerngross [I7950]25 June 18531 February 1892Jenny Clara Helene Rosenträger [I7947] 
    GerrardVictoria Caroline Gerrard [I0869]  Bernard Alfred Rosentreter [I0833] 
    GerstendörferCindy Gerstendörfer [I1513]   
    GerthMathilde Friederike Gerth [I7710]14 April 186313 November 1946Carl August Rosentreter [I7709] 
    GerwinskiBruno Hermann Gerwinski [I7511]22 October 19111 June 1992Edith Luzia Rosentreter [I7510] 
     Walter Paul Hermann Gerwinski [I7624]6 September 190923 September 1970Herta Martha Helene Rosentreter [I7623] 
    GeschonkeHedwig Ida Minna Geschonke [I5370]about 1886before 1996Emil Rudolph Rosenträger [I5369] 
    GesseAugusta Minnie Gesse [I3359]17 August 18695 July 1936Herman Rosentreter [I3358] 
    GeyerRobert Max Geyer [I9043]2 January 192413 June 1985Genevieve Mae Rosentrader [I5562] 
    GibneyAnnie Rosa Gibney [I0517]26 October 18551899Otto Rosentreter [I0524] 
    GieldonWanda Gieldon [I0630]25 April 189730 October 1990Ignacy Romuald Rosentreter [I0629] 
    GierszewskaLeon Gierszewska [I2728]  Maria Rosentreter [I1516] 
    GieselLouise Giesel [I5301]about 1870before 1980August Rosenträger [I5302] 
    GiesseMichael Giesse [I4964]17831 March 1845Anna Justine Rosine Rosentreter [I4963] 
    GiffordWarren Thomas Gifford [I8971]14 July 192730 December 2010Phyllis Anne Rosentreter [I1453] 
    GijswijtChrista Gijswijt [I1532]  Hans-Jürgen (Juur) Rosentreter [I0089] 
    GilbertMatt Gilbert [I8670]  Lynette Ann Rosentreter [I8669] 
    GillamSammi Gillam [I0698]  Jason Leslie Rosentreter [I0021] 
    GillardRetta (Rita) Elda Gillard [I1512]6 September 190727 April 2002George Raymond Rosentrater [I1467] 
    GillerAnna Giller [I5844]about 1860before 1970Julius Rosentreter [I5843] 
    Gillette**Unknown** Gillette [I3538]  Sharon Ladene Rosentreter [I3537] 
     Lisa Jo Gillette [I6108]  Larry Eugene Rosentreter [I6104] 
    GillieronAlfred Gillieron [I3020]after 1910before 2020Nonna Borisovna Rosentreter [I2978] 
    GinterBernhard Eugene Ginter [I2932]19191956Mary Grace Rosentreter [I2931] 
    GladowFriederike Auguste Gladow [I7901]about 184514 September 1923Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Rosenträger [I7900] 
    GlaermannEmilie Glaermann [I5042]about 185012 June 1871Ludwig Rosentreter [I5037] 
    GlaesemannErnestine Emilie Ottilie Glaesemann [I9296]about 1844before 1954Ludwig Julius Rosentreter [I9295] 
    GlaeserJohann Wilhelm Glaeser [I5330]about 1807before 1917Anna Marianna Biernacka [I6218] 
    GlambeckGeorg Glambeck [I2397]before 1560before 1670Sophie Rosentreder [I1253] 
    Glapner**Unknown** Glapner [I7603]  Minna Dorothee Hildegard Elisabeth Rosentreter [I7602] 
    GlaweNorman Martin Glawe [I3592]15 June 192210 August 1988Gertrude Ann Rosentreter [I3410] 
     Raymond Arnold Glawe [I3839]31 May 192418 October 2001Betty Amanda Rosentreter [I3411] 
     Ruth Marie Glawe [I3581]3 October 19187 October 2016Alvin Louis Rosentreter [I3409] 
    GleesonMary Margaret Gleeson [I2453]8 July 193110 June 2008Douglas Owen Rosentreter [I0335] 
    GlienickeElise Anna Maria Glienicke [I7563]18 March 190611 November 1998Albert August Franz Rosentreter [I7562] 
    GlockziehnAnna Susanna Glockziehn [I1225]21 May 181325 October 1894Johann Rosentreter [I1224] 
    GłowczewskiJohannes Głowczewski [I3133]about 1860before 1970Juliana Rosentreter [I3134] 
    GlowienkeElisabeth Elfriede Glowienke [I1707]about 1891before 2001August Klemens Leopold Rosentreter [I1706] 
    GobSamuel Gob [I2558]about 1845before 1955Pauline Rosentreter [I2551] 
    GödkeJohann Gödke [I2468]about 1845before 1955Luise Rosentreter [I2467] 
    GoedeGottlieb Goede [I9514]about 1827before 1937Louise Rosentreter [I9515] 
    Goethe**Unknown** Goethe [I8540]about 1843before 1953Louise Rosenträger [I8539] 
    GolcaMichael Golca [I4480]about 1829before 1939Carolina Rosentreter [I4479] 
    GollnickOlga Marie Gollnick [I4404]26 March 189420 July 1978Gottfried (Fred) Rosentrater [I4403] 
    GoltzFranz Goltz [I4478]about 1818before 1928Marianna Rosentreter [I4477] 
    GoltzeAndreas Goltze [I2729]about 1691before 1801Maria Rosentreter [I2010] 
    GolzPaulina Golz [I9362]about 1878before 1988Adolf Rosentreter [I9361] 
    GombertHans Georg Wilhelm Gombert [I9863]7 January 18788 July 1945Elisabeth Rosalie Henriette Rosentreter [I9862] 
    GomszFriedrich Gomsz [I6384]about 1777before 1887Christine Rosentreter [I6385] 
    GonzalezPeggy A Gonzalez [I3851]  Larry W Rosentreter [I3849] 
    González FuentesChristina De las nieves González Fuentes [I0353]  Julio Eduardo Rosentreter-San Martin [I0333] 
    GoodenowKenny Goodenow [I10163]  Allison Nicole Rosentrater [I1875] 
    GoodmanAnnie (Anna) Goodman [I0661]8 March 185815 January 1894William Rosentreter [I0668] 
     Paul Alexander Goodman [I2680]24 May 190725 February 1975Helen Loretta Rosentreter [I1768] 
    GoodpasterGary Goodpaster [I3346]  Joyce Marie Rosentreter [I1824] 
    GoorskyGlenn Goorsky [I8936]  Suzanne Rosentreter [I8935] 
    GorelWilhelmine Gorel [I4249]about 1873before 1983Gustav Rosentreter [I4246] 
    GorsuchRuth Anna Gorsuch [I3213]7 February 190728 September 1990Carl Lewis Rosentreter Jnr [I3208] 
    Goss**Unknown** Goss [I2461]  Irene (Renie) Lucille Rosentreter [I0913] 
    GostGottfried Gost [I9544]about 1822before 1932Karolina Rosentreter [I9543] 
    GottliebMartin Gottlieb [I8477]  Yvonne Rosentreter [I8476] 
    GottschalkAnna Lucia Gottschalk [I0762]about 178827 December 1853**Unknown** Rosentreter [I2450] 
     Anne Caroline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [I2189]about 182120 March 1900Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2187] 
     Bernhard Arnhold Reinhold Gottschalk [I8157]2 November 18908 September 1956Margarethe Hedwig Rosentreter [I8156] 
     Caroline Gottschalk [I5607]about 1790before 1900Martin Rosentreter [I2188] 
     Eva Gottschalk [I3458]18692 August 1946Adolph A Rosentreter [I2853] 
     Martin Gottschalk [I2509]about 1757before 1867Anna Sophia Rosentreter [I0758] 
     Pauline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [I6493]16 May 186320 March 1943August Julius Rosentreter [I6492] 
    GoudgeReece Goudge [I5604]  Emma Nicole Rosentreter [I0291] 
    GourleyRoberta Mary Gourley [I3862]7 January 192418 December 1987Herman Edward Rosentreter [I3861] 
    GraberRueben B Graber [I4004]19272009Lillian Hanna Rosentreter [I4003] 
    GräberAnne Catherine Gräber [I6323]177616 October 1827Heinrich Johann Rosentreter [I6324] 
    GrabowitzMarianna Josephina Grabowitz [I0406]12 May 17628 April 1813Adam Simon Rosentreter [I0405] 
    GraebelDonald P Graebel [I2598]  Dianne Louise Rosentreter [I1923] 
    GrafBarbara Maria Graf [I4079]  Robert (Bob) Carlton Rosentreter [I4078] 
    GraffAmelia Louise Graff [I2572]24 April 18608 July 1935August Gustav Rosentreter [I2571] 
    GrahAmanda Grah [I3499]11 November 186414 October 1937John William Rosentreter [I3498] 
    Graham**Unknown** Graham [I2038]  Linda Rosentreter [I6310] 
     **Unknown** Graham [I6112]  Tammie Rosentreter [I6111] 
     Helen Graham [I1913]  Floyd August Rosentreter [I1912] 
     Jeffrey Scott Graham [I4060]  Tamara Lurene Rosentreter [I1159] 
    GrahlFriederike Wilhelmine Karoline Grahl [I7626]22 July 18747 January 1946Michael Martin Rosentreter [I1584] 
    GrajkowskiWladislaus Grajkowski [I7534]25 May 1905before 2015Hildegard Luise Rosentreter [I7533] 
    GramsAnna Christina Dorothea Grams [I5688]about 1757before 1867Christoph Rosentreter [I5689] 
     Anna Louisa Auguste Grams [I2353]1 November 186327 July 1944Julius Rudolph Rosentreter [I2891] 
     Friedrich Karl Heinrich Grams [I6049]20 November 1873before 1983Emmi Anna Rosentreter [I6048] 
    Grande?Justina Grande? [I9339]about 1843before 1953Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9338] 
    GrankeBert Milton Granke [I3278]9 February 193215 April 1989Betty Jane Rosentreter [I3277] 
    GrantJean Annie Grant [I5757]1 July 19195 July 2000Philip Rosentrater [I5756] 
    GranzienFritz Paul (Fred) Granzien [I2404]22 December 190311 July 1988Agnes Louisa Rosentreter [I0217] 
    Graskey**Unknown** Graskey [I5096]about 18411912Anna Rosentreter [I1295] 
    Graver**Unknown** Graver [I3961]  Evelyn Elaine Rosentreter [I3276] 
    GravesClifford Elmer Graves [I2604]  Dorothy Lucille Rosentreter [I1779] 
     William E Graves [I2658]30 October 1874before 1984Clara Luisa Rosentreter [I2656] 
    Grawener**Unknown** Grawener [I9449]about 1786before 1896Anna Dorota (Dorothea) Rosentreter [I9448] 
    GrawunderMaria Anna Grawunder [I5970]about 1863before 1973Johann Ludwig Rosentreter [I5948] 
    GrayRuth Marie Gray [I1832]14 September 19301 July 2000Kenneth Glen Rosentreter [I1822] 
    GreeneWayne Greene [I4388]  Mary Jo Rosentreter [I4387] 
    GreenwaldEstella Greenwald [I2862]13 February 187011 March 1927David Rosentreter [I2861] 
    Greer**Unknown** Greer [I4132]  Becky Rosentreter [I4131] 
    GregerLudovika (Louisa) Greger [I9283]about 1847before 1957August Rosentreter [I9282] 
    GreggersonCharles F Greggerson [I0568]9 September 19253 November 2017Olga Margaret Rosentreter [I3490] 
    GregorRudolf Johann Gregor [I7840]15 June 1900before 2010Erna Martha Hedwig Rosenträger [I7839] 
    Gregorie**Unknown** Gregorie [I5862]  Irene (Renie) Lucille Rosentreter [I0913] 
    GreinkeHeinrich Greinke [I0121]about 1907before 2017Marie Rosentreter [I0229] 
     Irene (Iris) Greinke [I0098]24 March 192226 July 1991William (Bill) Herbert Rosentreter [I0252] 
    GrevesAnna M Greves [I3450]26 June 185114 February 1935Carl Edward Rosentreter [I3449] 
    GriebentrogWilli Griebentrog [I9083]19292010Elly Rosentreter [I9082] 
    GriffeeJoseph Harry Griffee [I3986]19 December 191929 August 1979Paula Emilie Rosentreter [I0115] 
    GriffinIlene Griffin [I4545]  Fred August Rosentreter [I1843] 
    Grigg**Unknown** Grigg [I2389]  Sandra Lee Rosentrater [I1877] 
    GrillenbergWera Marie Bertha Grillenberg [I8154]11 November 189619 December 1977Alfred Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I8153] 
    GrimmKaroline Wilhelmine Grimm [I6822]182423 October 1890Ludwig Rosenträger [I6821] 
    GrindelGustav Grindel [I9627]1858before 1968Amalie Rosentreter [I9626] 
    GrobeckerAnna Maria Grobecker [I7255]about 1725before 1835Johann George Rosenträger [I7258] 
    GroschanWilliam Robert Groschan [I3422]19 June 19033 June 1976Marie Henrietta Rosentreter [I1911] 
    GrossJoseph Alvin Gross Snr [I2674]  Janet Lynne Rosentreter [I0013] 
    GrothChristian Groth [I8502]1787before 1897Anna Dorothea Rosentreter [I8503] 
    GrotheCarl Friedrich Grothe [I8530]about 1805before 1915Gottliebe Rosenträger [I8529] 
     Friedrich Wilhelm Grothe [I2946]about 1802before 1912Regina Dorothea Rosentreter [I2100] 
    GrubbStephen Grubb [I6251]  Dianne Rosentrater [I6250] 
    GrueningEva Gruening [I4349]about 1857before 1967Johann Rosentreter [I4348] 
    GrundnerWerner Rudolf Grundner [I7390]29 August 190122 April 1968Luise Friederike Ida Rosentreter [I7389] 
    GrünigOttilie Bertha Grünig [I7551]22 December 188917 September 1917Ernst Ludwig Rosentreter [I7550] 
    GrüningJohann Grüning [I5691]1778before 1834Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I5690] 
     Wilhelmine Grüning [I6484]about 1836before 1946Jacob Rosentreter [I6483] 
    GrunowKarl Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Grunow [I7542]18 March 1886before 1996Anna Luise Rosentreter [I7541] 
     Martha Marie Emilie Grunow [I7581]4 May 1886before 1996Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter [I7467] 
    GrünthalMarie Dorothea Louise Grünthal [I2178]31 March 181123 April 1875Johann Michael Christian Rosenträger [I5298] 
    GrünwaldAnne Marie Dorothee Grünwald [I2166]about 1806before 1916Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2165] 
    GrussdorfKarl Heinrich Hans Grussdorf [I8267]27 November 18458 February 1911Auguste Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [I8266] 
    GrützkeElla Anna Grützke [I7557]26 May 1891before 2001Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7556] 
    GrützmacherKarl Friedrich Wilhelm Grützmacher [I8193]18 September 187827 September 1918Caroline Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8192] 
     Marie Grützmacher [I9195]about 1806before 1916Gottfried Rosentreter [I9194] 
    GublerEowen Shel Gubler [I5861]  Eric Donald Rosentrater [I5658] 
    GumsJohann Friedrich Gottfried Gums [I4852]about 177013 April 1831Anna Christina Rosentreter [I4851] 
    GüntherAnna Elizabeth Günther [I2919]about 1835before 1945Christoph Rosentreter [I2918] 
     Wilhelmine Günther [I7244]about 1827before 1937Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7243] 
    GurschinskiPawel Gurschinski [I2435]about 1903before 2013Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I1573] 
    GurtenAnna Rosina Gurten [I5181]about 1793before 1903Martin Rosentreter [I5180] 
    GuseHeinrich Guse [I9647]1859before 1969Hermine Rosentreter [I9646] 
    GustWilhelmine Gust [I4410]about 1864before 1902August Rosentreter [I4407] 
    GustafsonAugusta Gustafson [I3532]about 1867before 1977Gustav Rosentreter [I3531] 
    GutmanMaria-Khudes Gutman [I4529]about 1843before 1953Tankhen Rosentreter [I4528] 
    GutzkiEva Gutzki [I6917]about 17867 October 1849 
    GuyDonald O Guy [I2685]5 September 191611 June 2001Hildagarde Rosentrater [I2054] 
    Guys de St HeleneEugenie Caroline Guys de St Helene [I8827]about 1790before 1900Rudolph Rosentreter [I8826] 
    HaakeWanda Haake [I8027]about 1878before 1988Albert Carl Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8007] 
    HaasPhilippina Haas [I6912]24 June 189711 August 1966Arthur Hugo Rosentreter [I6911] 
    HaaseAdolf Wilhelm Hermann Haase [I8144]27 March 189425 March 1983Herta Elise Rosentreter [I8143] 
     Henriette Dorothea Haase [I0050]183423 April 1922Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0047] 
     Joachim Haase [I2773]about 1718before 1828Regina Rosentreter [I2011] 
     Rosina Haase [I9273]about 1837before 1947Johann Christoph Rosentreter [I9272] 
    Haase GusewelleSusan Haase Gusewelle [I6127]  Jerry L Rosentreter [I6087] 
    HaasemannGrete Heidewig Haasemann [I1173]16 March 1823before 1933Lüder Rosentreter [I1172] 
    HackRobert Hack [I5873]  Jill Katherine Rosentreter [I0337] 
    HackbarthMinna Hackbarth [I6590]about 1870before 1980Eduard Rosentreter [I6554] 
    HackbeilWilhelmine Hackbeil [I6838]13 February 1859before 1969Max Paul Wilhelm Rosenträger [I6837] 
    HackeStanley Adolph Hacke [I2405]27 September 191216 February 1986Agnes Rose Rosentreter [I0635] 
    HaebichChristian Gotleib Haebich [I3334]15 July 186213 October 1936Sarah Antonie Rosentreter [I0438] 
    HaeslerChristian Friedrich Wilhelm Haesler [I5047]about 1847before 1957Henriette Rosentreter [I5046] 
    HaeuslerAnna Marie Haeusler [I9197]about 1810before 1920Georg Rosentreter [I9196] 
    HæuslerAnna Catharina Hæusler [I4887]about 1782before 1892Johann Michael Rosentreter [I4886] 
    HaferOtto Henry Hafer [I3190]23 October 18988 January 1988Matilda Rosentreter [I3183] 
    HaffnerAlison Shae Haffner [I5746]  Mark Richard Rosentreter [I5745] 
    HagelWilhelmine Hagel [I2329]about 1834before 1944Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I2328] 
    HagemanHelen Hageman [I6193]  Donald (Don) Rosentreter [I4542] 
    HagemannJohann Friedrich Hagemann [I8558]about 1797before 1907Anna Regine Dorothee Gottliebe Rosenträger [I8557] 
    HagenJenny Else Herta Hagen [I5376]about 1903before 2013Ludwig Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5375] 
     Cäcilie Emilie Amalie Wilhelmine Antonie Adelheid von Hagen [I7123]8 April 18173 July 1901Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7122] 
    HagensenRagnhild Hulda Alvilda Viktoria Hagensen [I1344]20 May 1910before 2020Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter [I1334] 
    HahnAlvina Hahn [I0022]2 October 189518 October 1977Gustav Christoph Rosentreter [I4258] 
     Pauline Marie Hahn [I5479]9 June 18498 May 1917Hermann Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosentreter [I5480] 
    HakerPauline Haker [I3181]15 July 187511 September 1959William John Rosentreter [I3061] 
    HaketEva Catharina Haket [I0595]28 May 180823 January 1874Franz Simon Rosentreter [I0486] 
    HalenKarl Otto von Halen [I5400]19 April 187824 December 1938Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [I5399] 
    HalexJohann Ludwig Halex [I9622]1861before 1971Caroline Marie Rosentreter [I9621] 
    Hall**Unknown** Hall [I8965]  Jennifer Rosentreter [I8964] 
     Claudine Hall [I9989]5 September 1918April 1986Kenneth (Rosie) Raymond Rosentreader [I9985] 
    Halling**Unknown** Halling * [I8912]  Becky Rosentreter [I8911] 
    HalsteadGary Lynn Halstead [I2390]  Merri Jo Rosentrater [I1386] 
    HamannWilhelm Friedrich Theodor Hamann [I2706]9 September 18765 March 1928Leokadie Rosentreter [I0204] 
    HamelAnna Rosina Hamel [I6952]about 1804before 1830Johann Samuel Rosentreter [I1218] 
    HammannChris Hammann [I0463]  Joan Marie Rosentreter [I0445] 
     Jim Hammann [I8905]  Mary Rosentreter [I8904] 
     John Henry Christian Hammann [I3079]27 November 188016 October 1927Emma M Rosentreter [I3078] 
    HammonsEverett (Rett) Calvin Hammons [I2788]about 1924before 2010Thelma Elaine Rosentreter [I1027] 
    HamptonJerry Hampton [I8943]  Mary Rosentreter [I8904] 
    HamrickGrace Hamrick [I2228]25 July 19133 May 1986Otto Johann (John) Rosentreter [I1763] 
    HamscherAnne Hamscher [I3224]4 April 191019 June 2010Russell L Rosentreter [I3223] 
    HandWilhelmine Hand [I6683]about 1828before 1938Johann Rosentreter [I6682] 
    HandelErnstine Handel [I5031]about 1830before 1940Christoph Rosentreter [I5030] 
     Laurie Handel [I2787]  Susan Anne Rosentreter [I0105] 
    HankeElse Hanke [I4761]12 December 1891before 2001Rudolph Oscar Rosentreter [I4747] 
    HanleyJohn L Hanley [I2903]about 1875before 1985Anna Bertha Rosentreter [I2902] 
    HannLuise Mathilde Gerda Hann [I1012]18 October 1905before 2015Hieronymus Paul Rosentreter [I1712] 
    HannemannGustav August Friedrich Hannemann [I7802]26 December 187124 August 1932Franziska Mathilde Rosentreter [I7323] 
     Johanna (Hannah) F Hannemann [I3045]11 May 185527 July 1934Johann August Rosentreter [I3044] 
    HanningJohn Norris Hanning [I2722]about 1892before 2002Mabel Julia Rosentreter [I1020] 
    HansdatterJohanna Hansdatter [I8125]about 1762before 1872Paul Rosentreter [I8124] 
    HansenChristopher Hansen [I8128]about 17808 March 1847Else Rosentreter [I8126] 
     Ida May Hansen [I1819]28 June 190725 November 1946John Paul Rosentreter [I1818] 
    Hansen?Kerstine Hansen? [I8138]about 1743before 1853Michael Friderich Rosentreter [I8137] 
    HardelMichael Hardel [I9445]about 1814before 1924Caroline Rosentreter [I9444] 
    HardtkeGertrud Emma Hardtke [I7704]22 August 1904before 2014Johann Alfred Erich Rosentreter [I7347] 
    HardyAlan Hardy [I5760]  Mila Jean Rosentrater [I5759] 
     Bob Hardy [I8484]  Gaye Rosentrater [I8481] 
    HarenburgHermann Harenburg [I5139]17999 January 1874Catharina Friederike Rosentreter [I1087] 
    HaringtonBarbara Milburne Harington [I3967]13 April 19246 August 2006Frederick Myles Rosentreter [I3966] 
    HarmelAnna Justine Harmel [I9317]about 1838before 1948Daniel Rosentreter [I9316] 
     Gottlieb Harmel [I5175]about 1795before 1837Anna Christina Rosentreter [I5174] 
    HarringtonCharles Harrington [I2679]about 188612 December 1943Hattie Rosentreter [I1250] 
     Kyle Catherine Harrington [I8101]  Jason Matthew Rosentreter [I6100] 
    Harris**Unknown** Harris [I6939]   
     Frank S Harris [I1480]22 January 191818 April 1984Margaret Irma Rosentreter [I1479] 
     Saurie James Harris [I2689]  Janette Phyllis Rosentreter [I0224] 
    HarshDonald Leslie Harsh [I3124]22 December 192315 February 2001Geraldine Lucille Rosentreter [I3123] 
     June Irene Harsh [I5616]  Harold (Hudda) Elgart Rosentrater Snr [I3885] 
    HarthanLeroy (Roy) Warren Harthan [I5835]14 October 18907 August 1952Alma Mae Rosentreter [I3048] 
    HartmannCharlotte Helene Auguste Louise Hartmann [I6814]1 July 184830 June 1911Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I6813] 
     Heinz Arthur Eduard Hartmann [I5512]14 November 19203 June 1978Charlotte Johanna Rosentreter [I5511] 
     Henriette Charlotte Marianne Hartmann [I7784]31 July 1886before 1996Wilhelm Adolf Fedor Rosentreter [I6275] 
     Johann Friedrich Hartmann [I2510]about 1806before 1916Anna Sophie Rosentreter [I2273] 
    HartsteinMargarethe Hartstein [I5590]26 February 189616 November 1964Isaac Rosentreter [I3794] 
    HartwigEthelyn Marie Hartwig [I0547]12 July 191112 December 1993Hilmer William Rosentreter [I0541] 
     Julius Hartwig [I4350]1847before 1957Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I0304] 
    HarwardtAloysius Johann Martin Harwardt [I2403]about 1889before 1999Agnes Cäcilie Rosentreter [I1705] 
    HäserIda Doris Luise Häser [I7714]about 1908before 2018Karl Friedrich Rosentreter [I7713] 
    HasseBertha Friederike Hasse [I6690]about 1854before 1941Christoph Rosentreter [I6689] 
    HasselAlice M Hassel [I3956]31 October 191023 September 1981Paul Karl Rosentreter Jnr [I3646] 
    HastingsJulius Clarence Hastings [I4856]4 June 18887 October 1978Nina May Rosentreader [I1411] 
    HaufePaulina E Haufe [I2660]6 April 18524 July 1912Johann (John) C Rosentreter [I2659] 
    HaugenPatrick J Haugen [I6260]  Debra June Rosentrater [I6259] 
    HauptAmalie Juliane Haupt [I6135]about 1734before 1844Carl Philipp Rosentreter [I6134] 
    HausseJohann Casper Hausse [I5697]about 1765before 1875Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5696] 
    HavemannAugust Karl Havemann [I8150]5 November 188014 March 1955Auguste Minna Rosentreter [I8149] 
    HawkVolena Frances Hawk [I1740]27 February 18893 November 1973John Frank Rosentreter [I1739] 
    HawkinAudrey May Hawkin [I0137]  Arthur Henry Rosentreter [I0226] 
    HaydenGeorge Henry Hayden III [I2063]  Irene (Renie) Lucille Rosentreter [I0913] 
    HaynesElizabeth A Haynes [I3697]about 1883before 1993William Percival Rosentreder [I3696] 
    HeadrickCurtis Alan Headrick [I8305]  Maggie Jayne Rosentreter [I6103] 
    HeathRita Heath [I1426]  Jerry Rosentreader [I1422] 
    HebbeHerta Hedwig Hebbe [I6712]18 September 1910before 2020Gustav Otto Rosentreter [I6711] 
    HedlundKaren Jean Hedlund [I4386]  Mark James Rosentreter [I4385] 
    HedrichWilliam Hedrich [I2743]7 September 18814 May 1946Maria Theresa Rosentreter [I0532] 
    HeeseCarl Franz Heese [I6772]12 September 1856before 1966Hulda Mathilde Emilie Rosentreter [I6771] 
     Franz Heese [I5888]12 September 18566 October 1927Mathilda Rosentreter [I5887] 
     Mathilda Heese [I6597]about 1878before 1988August Rosentreter [I7490] 
    HeesemannAnna Adelheit Heesemann [I1188]about 1766before 1876Hinrich Rosentreter [I1187] 
     Georg Heesemann [I3799]4 April 187624 October 1951Meta Rosentreter [I3798] 
     Lüder Heesemann [I2398]about 1679before 1789Adelheit Rosentreder [I1095] 
    HeidenGeorge Washinton Heiden [I10050]4 July 188830 November 1977Emma M Rosentreter [I3078] 
    HeidepriemGustav Wilhelm Albert Heidepriem [I8171]3 March 185127 December 1918Minna Rosentreter [I8170] 
    HeideprienWilhelmine Heideprien [I5435]about 1863before 1973Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosentreter [I2247] 
    HeiderFranz-Peter Heider [I5489]  Monika Edith Rosentreter [I4611] 
     Ursula Heider [I1364]  Karl-Joachim Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1363] 
    HeimannLouise Heimann [I6599]1846before 1956Johann August Rosentreter [I6598] 
    HeimbrookSteven Heimbrook [I5537]  Debra Kay Rosentrater [I5536] 
    HeinFerdinand Hein [I9665]about 1846before 1956Emilia Rosentreter [I9664] 
     Paul Albert Richard Hein [I7685]25 November 18547 May 1900Florentine Auguste Ottilie Rosentreter [I7684] 
     Raymond John Hein [I3591]24 June 19132 April 1996Melinda Gertrude Rosentreter [I3191] 
    HeinemannHeinrich Robert Heinemann [I4353]1849before 1959Albertine Rosentreter [I4352] 
    HeinerElwood Raymond Heiner [I3222]2 October 193017 May 1992Elecia Jeanne Rosentreter [I3221] 
    HeinkelJacob (Jack) Heinkel [I4002]6 February 19081988Helen Rosentreter [I1546] 
    HeinrichEmma Amalie Heinrich [I7495]26 December 1887before 1997Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5150] 
     Pauline Heinrich [I0958]1881before 1991Edward (Eduard) Rosentreter [I0957] 
    HeinzeRudolf Heinze [I5217]about 1846before 1956Emilie Alwine Rosentreter [I5216] 
    HeiseAnna Frieda Heise [I3317]10 November 187924 May 1940Karl (Carl) E Rosentreter Snr [I3316] 
     Christian Friedrich Karl Heise [I5684]16 May 1871before 1981Emma Anna Maria Rosentreter [I3566] 
     Wilhelmine Heise [I8207]about 184615 February 1919Christian Rosenträger [I8206] 
    HeiserMartin Heiser [I8747]  Lisa M Rosentreter [I8746] 
    HellwigAnna Maria Hellwig [I1666]11 February 183228 February 1859Peter Paul Rosentreter [I1665] 
     Auguste Wilhelmine Friederike Hellwig [I8213]12 March 188413 April 1963Paul Rosenträger [I8212] 
     Elisabeth Hellwig [I7625]3 September 184210 June 1879Jakob Rosentreter [I9822] 
    HelmerichMalwina Helmerich [I1359]about 1861before 1971Karl Hermann Rosentreter [I1358] 
    HempelAmalia Hempel [I4630]about 1812before 1922Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I4629] 
    HenckelWallÿ Emma Flora Henckel [I7907]19 August 188714 March 1937Oskar Franz Rosenträger [I7224] 
    HenesMarilyn M Henes [I10068]9 September 19278 November 2009Walter John Rosentreter [I10067] 
    HenkeBertha Henke [I5773]6 November 18573 February 1889August Johann Rosentreter [I2306] 
     Gottlieb Henke [I6523]1823before 1914Caroline Henriette Rosentreter [I6522] 
     Wilhelmine Henriette Henke [I4829]about 1841before 1951Martin Ludwig Rosentreter [I4828] 
    HenkelJohann Henkel [I9124]about 1764before 1874Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9123] 
     Rosine Henkel [I5210]about 1821before 1931Michael Rosentreter [I5209] 
    HennigAugust Bartholomäus Hennig [I2778]about 1856before 1966Rosa Rosentreter [I0978] 
     Minna Hennig [I7880]6 April 1888before 1998Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7879] 
    HenryEugenie Caroline Henry [I2134]about 178811 November 1813Rudolph Rosentreter [I2133] 
     Gwendolyn Marie Henry [I3237]18 January 194214 March 2009Gary Lee Rosentrater [I3236] 
    HenschelWilliam (Bill) Henschel [I7793]2 April 191916 June 1993Annie E Rosentreter [I7792] 
    HenschkeAnna Marie Elise Henschke [I8411]15 February 18716 July 1935Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I8410] 
    HerbergJohann Martin Herberg [I9483]about 1820before 1930Anna Caroline Rosentreter [I9484] 
    HerburgerAugust Herburger [I3234]8 June 18597 February 1949Martha Ernstine Rosentreter [I3233] 
    HerdeJosef Herde [I8611]8 June 189419 July 1972Gertrud Anna Rosentreter [I8412] 
    HermanAgnes Herman [I0437]4 January 192229 September 2010John Edwin Rosentrater [I0119] 
    HermannAnna Charlotte Margarete Hermann [I7549]23 March 18988 November 1944Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I7548] 
     Christian Friedrich Hermann [I2538]1826before 1936Caroline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2132] 
     Luise Hermann [I5960]about 1820before 1930Gottfried Rosentreter [I5959] 
    HerschelmanLyndal Leonard Herschelman [I5065]2 July 194219 January 2016Mary Rosentreter [I5064] 
    HerseyLeonard J J Hersey [I3604]  Victoria C Rosentreter [I3605] 
    HertelAmalie Friederike Wilhelmine (Minna) Hertel [I7216]1 December 185013 January 1933Friedrich Christian Joachim Rosenträger [I3475] 
    HertlingEduard August Gustav Hertling [I7507]18 December 18831 March 1945Auguste Karoline Rosentreter [I7506] 
    HerzogOtto Henry Rudolph Herzog [I0491]18 May 190527 March 1988Elenora (Nora) Rosentreter [I0258] 
    HessStacy L Hess [I4244]  Greg Rosentreter [I4243] 
    HesseAuguste Bertha Ida Hesse [I7398]8 December 185710 April 1934Friedrich Paul Ernst Rosentreter [I7397], Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7653] 
    HesseldenzTony Hesseldenz [I5841]  Amy Lynn Rosentreter [I5840] 
    HesterJ J Hester [I3357]  Lacy Lynn Rosentreter [I10065] 
    HeuckAnna Frida Charlotte Heuck [I7333]8 November 190625 April 1945Willi Otto Ernst Rosentreter [I7332] 
    HeuerAnna Auguste Heuer [I6836]about 185114 May 1879Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I6813] 
    HeussFerdinand Wilhelm von Heuss [I7162]3 December 184812 April 1924Hedwig Pauline Rosentreter [I7161] 
    HickeyJohn Hickey [I8001]  Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [I0126] 
    HickischMartha Hickisch [I4802]8 April 18684 October 1936Reinhold Hermann Eduardovich Rosentreter [I4801] 
    HicksSandra Hicks [I6156]  David (Dave) Rosentreter [I4541] 
    HiebertAlfred Hiebert [I5125]24 November 195426 December 2002Annette Bernice Rosentreter [I1849] 
    HiesenerFriedrich August Hiesener [I6988]about 1792before 1902Susannah Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6987] 
    HigginsWilliam Elvin Higgins [I5618]14 April 1895before 2005Julia (Weyona) Hedwig Rosentrater [I5617] 
    HilbenzGerlinde Hilbenz [I9908]  Günter Rosentreter [I9907] 
    HildebrandtKaroline Hildebrandt [I0198]about 1816before 1926Michael Rosentreter [I0197] 
    HildebrantRosalia Hildebrant [I9210]about 1808before 1918Michael Rosentreter [I9209] 
    HildrethCharles Clayton Hildreth [I3995]25 August 192228 March 2004Helen May Rosentreter [I3994] 
    HillbrandtAnna Susanna Hillbrandt [I5799]1796before 1906Michael Rosentreter [I5798] 
    HilleFriederike Wilhelmine Hille [I6151]about 182128 August 1890Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I6149] 
    HillerFritz Erwin August Hiller [I6722]11 August 1907before 2017Else Hildegard Rosentreter [I6721] 
     Marianna Hiller [I9208]about 1796before 1906Peter (Piotr) Rosentreter [I9207] 
     Pauline Hiller [I5195]about 1858before 1968Ludwig Rosentreter [I5194] 
    HillmannIda Emma Hillmann [I7758]about 18911 December 1916Arthur Hugo Rosentreter [I6911] 
    HiltscherJohanna Ilse Hiltscher [I9799]24 June 19204 August 1948Herbert Emil August Rosentreter [I9798] 
    HiltyMerlin (Mert) Frank Hilty Snr [I9993]10 September 192528 January 2016Opal Adeline Rosentreader [I1420] 
    HinkeSimon Hinke [I5969]about 1775before 1885Lucke Margreth Rosentreter [I1092] 
    HintzeIda Helene Ludovica Hintze [I6715]31 January 186218 May 1931Ernst Emil Rosentreter [I6604] 
     Johann Hintze [I9385]about 1778before 1888Marie Rosentreter [I9384] 
    HinzEduard Hinz [I9649]about 1850before 1960Pauline Rosentreter [I9648] 
    HircheAdolf Ernst Friedrich Hirche [I6147]about 1896before 2006Auguste Margarete Rosentreter [I6146] 
    HircherLina Hircher [I7499]about 1860before 1970Friedrich Karl Rosentreter [I7498] 
    HirschMichael George Hirsch [I3239]6 January 189513 October 1972Elsie A G Rosentreter [I3169] 
    HirtRosalie Hirt [I4832]about 18751920Gottfried Rosentreter [I4831] 
    HitznerRosalia Hitzner [I9241]about 1802before 1912Samuel Rosentreter [I9240] 
    HlochJosef Hloch [I7635]23 May 18911 July 1931Klara Ida Rosentreter [I7634] 
    HobbsCarol Ann Hobbs [I0745]  Rodney (Rod) Claude Rosentreter [I0744] 
    Hodge**Unknown** Hodge [I4179]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4178] 
     Benjamin (Bennie) Franklin Hodge [I2383]26 May 191731 October 2001Hazel Mae Rosentrater [I1376] 
    HoelHelga Fredricka Hoel [I3243]15 June 190613 December 2005Bruno Oscar (Rosie) Rosentreter [I1482] 
    HoeltingJohn Hoelting [I2748]about 1907before 2017Marie Harriet Rosentreter [I0633] 
    HoffmanAnna Krystyna Hoffman [I2968]about 1788before 1898Michał (Michael) Rosentreter [I2967] 
     Friedrich Hoffman [I4448]about 1885before 1902Eva Rosentreter [I4439] 
     Harold Herman Hoffman [I5826]6 December 19262 November 2007Violet Evelyn Rosentreter [I3653] 
     Terry Lee Hoffman [I4048]  Lori Lee Rosentreter [I3837] 
    HoffmannHerta Lina Anna Hoffmann [I8847]  Erwin Hellmut Rosentreter [I8846] 
     Maria Elizabeth Hoffmann [I4511]6 June 1817before 1927Carl August Rosentreter [I4510] 
     Therese Hermine Marie Hoffmann [I2326]about 1819before 1929Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2325] 
    HofmanAnna Catharina Hofman [I5188]about 1858before 1968Michael Rosentreter [I5187] 
    HogsettLinda Lee Hogsett [I1978]  Paul Daniel (Dan) Rosentrater [I1394] 
    HohenseeJulius Eduard Theodor Hohensee [I5248]21 July 1864before 1974Juliane Auguste Rosentreter [I2497] 
    HohlmeierMax Johann Hohlmeier [I3423]22 June 1896before 2006Pegolia Rosentreter [I3419] 
    HohnEmil Hohn [I5214]20 February 1852before 1962Constantia Alexandra Rosentreter [I5213] 
    HöhneCarl Höhne [I10105]about 1829before 1939Anna Rosentreter [I10106] 
    HöhnertMartha Bertha Elisabeth Höhnert [I7888]2 July 187911 May 1948Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7887] 
    HoligroskiRobert (Bob) Holigroski [I4520]  Cynthia Rosentreter [I1850] 
    HollenChristoph Von Hollen [I6176]about 1751before 1861Anne Alheit Rosentreter [I1201] 
    HollenderElisabeth Hollender [I7571]16 September 18956 May 1970Johann Bruno Rosentreter [I4749] 
    HollowayEliza Holloway [I0562]about 18611909John Alfred Rosentreter [I0561] 
    HollsteinAndreas Hollstein [I7069]about 1667before 1777Anna Barbara Rosentreter [I7070] 
    HolmJim Holm [I2374]  Margie May Rosentrater [I1456] 
    HooverDorothy A Hoover [I3864]  Richard (Dick) Burton Rosentreter [I3863] 
     Edith Ann Hoover [I1920]  Douglas Richard Rosentreter [I0548] 
     Terry H Hoover [I4032]  Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [I3817] 
    HoppeAnna Hoppe [I1580]about 1808before 1918Matthias Rosentreter [I1565] 
     Elisabeth Hoppe [I1736]29 December 183912 November 1922Andreas Franz Rosentreter [I1735] 
    HorlacherHenry Wilhelm Horlacher [I3120]12 December 188520 January 1950Ella Alvina Rosentreter [I3097] 
    HörmannMinna Auguste Karoline Hörmann [I7940]20 May 187021 October 1930Erdmann Friedrich Carl Rosenträger [I7939] 
    HornAnna Caroline Horn [I5169]about 1783before 1893Michael Rosentreter [I5168] 
     Ottilie Horn [I8853]5 December 191015 July 1982Rudolf Rosentreter [I8854] 
    HorneTracy Lynn Horne [I8017]  Todd Michael Rosentreter [I4121] 
    HorrexClyde Robert Horrex [I6570]  Pamela Joan Rosentreter [I6569] 
    HörsterMartha Emma Hörster [I7646]  Herbert Alfred Ernst Rosentreter [I7645] 
    HostetlerKara Lee Hostetler [I8215]  Mark Richard Rosentreter [I5745] 
    HostlerCharles Lincoln Hostler [I3432]12 February 188516 September 1973Lorraine E Rosentreter [I0007] 
    HoufDouglas Gerard Houf [I2713]  Lorie Denice Rosentreter [I1926] 
    HoughtonJoseph Houghton [I2765]about 1894before 2004Minnie A Rosentreter [I0878] 
    HouseholderMark Householder [I7029]  Linda Eileen Rosentrater [I7028] 
    HowaldtKurt Erwin Howaldt [I2593]5 November 187728 March 1943Cecilie Elisabeth Sophie Dorothea Rosentreter [I0771] 
    HowardFrances Annette Howard [I0640]11 September 191928 May 2000Clarence Paul (Rosie) Rosentreter [I0636] 
    HoyBrittany Hoy [I8302]  Clint Rosentrater [I8301] 
    HøyerEdith Camilla Harriet Høyer [I1351]about 1897before 2007Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter [I1334] 
    HubertJohann Hubert [I9592]1855before 1965Emilie Hulda Rosentreter [I0848] 
    HübnerWilhelmine Hübner [I5446]30 September 185621 June 1947August Rosentreter [I5445] 
    HüchendorfEmmanuel Jacob Hüchendorf [I9597]1818before 1928Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9595] 
    HückelFlorentine Hückel [I6687]about 1833before 1943August Rosentreter [I6686] 
    HuckewitzCarl Friedrich Wilhelm Huckewitz [I5715]about 1817before 1927Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [I5713] 
    HuddlestonWilliam H Huddleston [I3398]30 October 19126 March 1957Hilda Mildred Bertha Rosentreter [I2420] 
    HuebnerJohann Huebner [I2719]30 December 1859before 1969Lydia Rosentreter [I1010] 
     Julius Huebner [I2560]about 1869before 1979Emma Rosentreter [I2559] 
    HufFriedrich Samuel Huf [I5222]17 July 1849before 1959Anna Carolina Rosentreter [I5221] 
    HughesMark Hughes [I8685]  Susan Marie Rosentreter [I8684] 
    HükelOskar Wilhelm Friedrich Hükel [I7875]14 September 1878before 1988Anna Ida Hedwig Rosenträger [I7874] 
    HumpertGustav Humpert [I5239]10 May 1856before 1966Julie Auguste Rosentreter [I2303] 
    HunckesDerich Hunckes [I6874]about 1645before 1755Agnes Rosentret [I6873] 
    HunsickerHedwig (Hattie) W Hunsicker [I0537]22 October 188920 September 1978Carl Julias Rosentreter [I0536] 
    HuntAmanda Sue Hunt [I5672]  Kory James Rosentrater [I1996] 
    HunterClaude Orville Hunter [I3338]29 September 187216 March 1944Alma Rosentreter [I2661] 
     Edward Elmer Hunter [I4870]  Linda Lee Rosentreter [I4865] 
    HurstKim Lenard Hurst [I3555]  Lynn Rosentrater [I2052] 
    HusemeyerJohn Henry Husemeyer [I2921]about 1840before 1950Anna Maria Rosentreter [I2922] 
    HusterJohann Carl Christopher Huster [I2762]about 1833before 1943Meta Rosentreter [I1150] 
    HuthAugust Hermann Huth [I6313]about 1817before 1927Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [I5713] 
     Friedrich Ferdinand Hermann Huth [I8230]25 April 187214 May 1943Martha Helene Emmi Rosenträger [I8229] 
    HutzeJohann George Hutze [I6458]about 1732before 1842Anna Louisa Rosentreter [I6457] 
    IkertAugust Ikert [I4438]about 1855before 1965Julianne Rosentreter [I4437] 
    IndreboGinger Sue Indrebo [I3539]  Michael John Rosentreter [I4384] 
    InksMary Lee Inks [I0088]18 February 191916 August 2004Oscar Lewis Rosentreter [I1816] 
    IrvinMatt Irvin [I9766]  Beth Rosentreter [I9765] 
    IsbernerBertha Henriette Wilhelmine Isberner [I7515]16 March 18821960Albert Rudolf Rosentreter [I7514] 
    IsenbergerMargaret M Isenberger [I0521]about 1888about 1923Peter William Rosentreter [I0520] 
    IskeJosephine Iske [I3478]20 December 185024 May 1930Karl Ferdinand Rosenträger [I3477] 
    IwasyshynKathryn Iwasyshyn [I6142]  David George Rosentrater [I5814] 
    JablonskiKerstin Jablonski [I1368]  André Rosentreter [I1365] 
     Wlodzimierz (Vladimir?) Jablonski [I4789]13 May 1903before 2013Alexandra Rosentreter [I4788] 
    JackmussLeopold Jackmuss [I2752]2 December 187510 September 1917Martha Rosentreter [I1236] 
    JacksonDoug Jackson [I8948]  Kricket Rosentreter [I8947] 
    JacobMartha Alma Frieda Jacob [I7873]  Arthur Paul Hermann Rosenträger [I7872] 
     Willi Jacob [I9841]about 1900before 2010Gertrud Margarete Rosentreter [I9840] 
    JacobsonClara (Claire) Victoria Jacobson [I3954]24 May 19141 December 1961Leonard Rosentreter [I3633] 
    JacubovskiRoschel Jacubovski [I3896]about 1875before 1985Josef Rosentreter [I3897] 
    JaczykMarcell Jaczyk [I2517]1852before 1962Auguste Catharina Rosentreter [I1699] 
    JaegerCaroline Jaeger [I5589]about 1852before 1964August Rosentreter [I5588] 
     Lucy Powers Jaeger [I2920]25 September 187019 August 1967Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter [I2652] 
     Pauline Jaeger [I4268]about 1887before 1997Johann Rosentreter [I4267] 
    JaenschGustav Otto Jaensch [I2425]2 September 186618 August 1940Amanda Auguste Wanda Rosentreter [I1222] 
    JageEmma Friederike Charlotte Jage [I7307]26 November 187219 October 1946Karl Johannes Rosentreter [I7306] 
    JägerAnna Maria Luise Jäger [I4985]8 June 1879before 1989Andreas Rosentreter [I0723] 
     Emilie Bertha Jäger [I4714]28 January 1888before 1998Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I4713] 
     Martha Jäger [I6639]about 1901before 2011Erich Adolf Rosentreter [I6615] 
    JahnCatharina Marie Jahn [I8364]23 October 179520 March 1861Johann Christian Rosenträger [I8363] 
    JahnkeAnna Catharina Jahnke [I9136]about 1765before 1875Gottfried Rosentreter [I9135] 
     Caroline Friederike Auguste Jahnke [I8265]29 September 182314 September 1895Carl Rosenträger [I6876] 
     Emil Paul Jahnke [I2889]17 April 18744 May 1936Hilda Rosentreter [I2890], Bertha Louise Rosentreter [I3771] 
     Johanne Caroline Jahnke [I0929]about 1824before 1934Johann Matthias Martin Rosentreter [I0928] 
     Oskar Jahnke [I8187]24 December 1892before 2002Margarete Johanna Rosenträger [I8186] 
    JahnsAnna Catharina Jahns [I6017]about 1758before 1868Christoph Rosentreter [I6016] 
    JamesFranklin T James [I3540]  Diane Louise Rosentreter [I8941] 
    JandaSharon Louise Janda [I8917]  James Douglas Rosentreter [I4108] 
    Jander**Unknown** Jander [I8543]about 1787before 1897Marie Dorothea Rosenträger [I8542] 
    JanickeChristian Friedrich Gustav Janicke [I8269]20 October 18493 July 1887Wilhelmine Emilie Friederike Rosenträger [I8268] 
    JanikowskiCynthia Ann Janikowski [I8959]  Glenn Michael Rosentreter [I5087] 
    JaniszewskaMagdalena Janiszewska [I5083]181225 July 1848Vinzent Rosentreter [I4764] 
    JanowitzAngelika Rosalia Janowitz [I0606]30 March 186715 April 1924Franziskus (Franz) Johann Rosentreter [I0575] 
    JansongFranz Jansong [I8123]26 May 190627 February 1980Anna Marta Rosentreter [I8122] 
    JantzAugust Jantz [I4436]about 1885before 1995Mathilde Rosentreter [I4435] 
    Jara CereñoManuel Jara Cereño [I0364]about 1892before 2002Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica [I0318] 
    Jara RosentreterEduardo Jara Rosentreter [I0366]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Hector Adrian Jara Rosentreter [I8692]about 191129 September 1987 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Hugo Jara Rosentreter [I0367]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Laura Elcira Violete Jara Rosentreter [I0368]9 June 1911before 2021 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Manuel Andres Jara Rosentreter [I0378]about 19139 August 1999 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Osvaldo Jara Rosentreter [I0365]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Stella Jara Rosentreter [I8693]about 191112 February 2000 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Victoria Alicia Jara Rosentreter [I0377]about 191628 August 2001 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
    JaratskyFrummet Jaratsky [I2855]22 September 18262 March 1909Meyer Rosentreter [I2854] 
    Jasmer**Unknown** Jasmer [I9910]  Elfriede Rosentreter [I9909] 
    JaszczykJan Jaszczyk [I2402]about 1891before 2001Agnes Rosentreter [I0625] 
     Marcel Jaszczyk [I3135]about 1861before 1971Augusta Rosentreter [I3136] 
    JechoAugust Friedrich Wilhelm Jecho [I8742]7 February 18684 July 1946Emma Edmunda Rosentreter [I6054] 
    JefferyHarold Ralph Jeffery [I3942]  Violet Grace Mabel Rosentreter [I3351] 
    JelonnekAnna Rosina Jelonnek [I6008]about 1796before 1906Krzystof Rosentreter [I6007] 
    JenkinsGary Lee Jenkins [I10071]  Jo Ann Rosentreter [I10072] 
    Jensen**Unknown** Jensen [I8979]  Gloria A Rosentreter [I8978] 
     **Unknown** Jensen [I9102]  Renate Edith Rosentreter [I9101] 
     Axel Rosenlund Jensen [I1433]  Ruth Rosentrætter [I1318] 
     Kirstine Elisabeth Jensen [I3266]about 1803before 1913Hans Karl Rosentreter [I3265] 
     Russell Jensen [I2692]  Joanne Marie Rosentreter [I1240] 
    JerkeAnna Jerke [I9233]about 1805before 1915Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9232] 
    JeschkeHattie Bertha Jeschke [I0163]14 May 18993 February 1975Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Snr [I0133] 
    JessMichael Jess [I4442]about 1843before 1953Luise Rosentreter [I4441] 
    JesseFriedrich Samuel Jesse [I2443]about 1823before 1933Anna Juliane Rosentreter [I0426] 
     Gottlieb Jesse [I9551]about 1835before 1945Henriette Rosentreter [I9522] 
     Jan Jesse [I9563]about 1826before 1936Anna Kristina Rosentreter [I9562] 
     Johann Wilhelm Jesse [I4346]1846before 1883Caroline Rosentreter [I4345] 
     Pauline Jesse [I4344]about 1861before 1971Friedrich Rosentreter [I4343] 
    JobPauline Job [I3173]about 1845before 1955Michael Rosentreter [I3172] 
     Samuel Job [I2698]about 1820before 1930Karolina Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I0718] 
    JobstSophia Louisa Jobst [I9755]22 November 1735before 1845Carl Philipp Rosentreter [I6134] 
    JoehlRegan Ryan Joehl [I8105]  Christina Marie Rosentreter [I6102] 
    JohnAnna Caroline John [I1219]18297 October 1898Carl Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1217] 
    JohnsTim Johns [I10142]  Tracey Lee Rosentreter [I2532] 
    JohnsonAgnes Marie Johnson [I1389]20 May 190819 May 1989Albert Ernest Rosentrater [I1383] 
     Andrew Johnson [I5874]  Jill Katherine Rosentreter [I0337] 
     Dillon Johnson [I4690]  Claire Anne Rosentrater [I4689] 
     John (Jack) W Johnson [I3895]  Joanne Marie Rosentreter [I3887] 
     Paul Roger Johnson [I5673]  Karen E Rosentrater [I0461] 
     Samantha G Johnson [I9988]  Sheldon Ray Rosentreader [I9977] 
     Victor O Johnson [I4070]  Judy Marie Rosentreter [I3585] 
    JonasAnna Maria Charlotta Jonas [I6946]about 1763before 1873Johann Rosentreter [I2018] 
     Anne Dorothee Elisabeth Jonas [I5518]27 August 186222 October 1910August Adolf Friedrich Rosentreter [I5443] 
     Johann Christian Friedrich Jonas [I2475]16 April 182915 August 1887Rosine Wilhelmine Dorothea Rosentreter [I2090] 
    JonesDoreen W Jones [I3737]  Eric C Rosentreder [I3715] 
     Renee Jones [I8469]  Gary Rosentrater [I8468] 
     Winfield Jones [I6199]  Alice Rosentreter [I4543] 
    JonssonJohn F Jonsson [I8882]about 18981976Olga Ottilie Rosentreter [I8871] 
    JoostAgathe Amalie Joost [I7027]10 March 1872before 1982Otto Eduard Rosentreter [I7026] 
    JopkeFrieda Emma Jopke [I7421]14 July 1911before 2021Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter Jnr [I7420] 
    JoppeChristine Joppe [I9118]about 1778before 1888Matthias Rosentreter [I9117] 
    JorgensBertha Marie Jorgens [I8134]about 1738before 1848Johann Joachim Paul Rosentreter [I8133] 
    JorgensonBertha Jorgenson [I2013]about 1727before 1837Michael Rosentreter [I2012] 
     Samuel Jorgenson [I9007]about 18681950Alice Rosentreter [I0518] 
     Vern Jorgenson [I4546]  Annette Bernice Rosentreter [I1849] 
    JosephDennis Joseph [I2387]  Martha Marie Rosentrater [I1966] 
    JostJuliane Henriette Jost [I6336]2 October 18057 October 1872Samuel Franz Eduard Rosentreter [I6180] 
    JouannePauline Louise Jouanne [I6326]December 182915 May 1854Heinrich Rudolph Rosentreter [I2135] 
    JuarezRoland Rueben Juarez [I4038]30 December 196323 January 1999Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [I0191] 
    JückstockBertha Auguste Louise Jückstock [I6818]18 May 185629 October 1939Eduard Hermann Reinhold Rosenträger [I6817] 
    JuerkeAugust Juerke [I9570]about 1844before 1954Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9569] 
     Johann Ludwig Juerke [I9585]about 1852before 1962Eva Rosina Rosentreter [I9584] 
    JuhlEmil Hermann Otto Juhl [I7828]15 September 18697 June 1914Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [I6841] 
    JungermannSusanna Jungermann [I1495]about 1754before 1864Michael Rosentreter [I1494] 
    JungmannRosalie Emilie Anna Jungmann [I7321]12 March 1878before 1988Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter Snr [I7320] 
    JupeMarie Jupe [I7748]184521 May 1900Gustav Rosentreter [I7749] 
    JustAnna Auguste Luise Emma Just [I7885]11 September 18644 February 1944Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger [I5315] 
    JusticeBarbara Ann Justice [I5627]  Herman Wayne Rosentreter [I5626] 
    Justies**Unknown** Justies [I7098]about 1800before 1910Catherine Rosentreter [I7097] 
    KaatzDorothea Kaatz [I9112]about 1749before 1859Christoph Rosentreter [I9111] 
    KabelitzFriederike Wilhelmine Ulrika Kabelitz [I5771]about 183919 February 1886Carl Friedrich Rosentreter [I6346] 
    KacharStephanie Kachar [I5391]  Joseph Ryan Rosentreter [I5289] 
    KackerowTheophile Kackerow [I6380]about 1807before 1917Caroline Louise Friederike Rosentreter [I6379] 
    KaddatzDorothea Louisa Kaddatz [I0025]27 May 189925 February 1970Ernest Christian Rosentreter [I0186] 
     Elizabeth Anna (Elsie) Kaddatz [I0203]4 September 190213 December 1989Franz Joseph (Joe) Rosentreter [I0260] 
     Irvin Charles Kaddatz [I5580]29 February 192023 December 1997Frieda Pauline Rosentreter [I5579] 
    KadelKellie Kadel [I6269]  Paul Leslie Rosentreter [I6267] 
    KagelCharlotte Anna Amanda Kagel [I7850]15 December 186620 January 1933Friedrich August Rosenträger [I7849] 
    KaiserHerbert Horst Kaiser [I2934]28 March 19244 April 2001Helen Emma Rosentreter [I2933] 
    KalaherEdward Leo Kalaher [I4945]14 November 192225 April 2020Dorothy Marie Rosentreter [I0645] 
     Stella Mae Kalaher [I0773]24 October 191817 April 1998Victor Albert Rosentreter [I0416] 
    KalenbergJohann Friedrich August Kalenberg [I7765]14 May 1856before 1966Emilie Auguste Luise Rosentreter [I0210] 
    KaliesErich Friedrich Paul Kalies [I7433]11 September 1902before 2012Grete Frieda Anna Rosentreter [I7432] 
    KalikowMartin Kalikow [I2266]  Donna Rosentreter [I2257] 
    KalinskiJustine Kalinski [I9013]1830before 1940Johann Daniel Rosentreter [I9012] 
    KalkaLucia Kalka [I9288]about 1830before 1876Carolus (Carl) Rosentreter [I9287] 
    KallettHenriette Mathilde Kallett [I9224]about 1818before 1928August Rosentreter [I9225] 
     Mathilde Kallett [I4773]18 November 182616 October 1885August Rosentreter [I2321] 
    KalliesAdolf Reinhold Otto Kallies [I6674]8 October 1876before 1986Bertha Sophie Emma Rosentreter [I6672] 
    KallweitEmma Kallweit [I7738]about 190013 September 1974Julius Rosentreter [I3065] 
    KamHelen V Kam [I3549]4 August 191121 June 1994Floyd August Rosentreter [I1912] 
    KamkeJohn Carl Kamke Jnr [I6245]20 December 188520 May 1952Helen Irene Rosentreter [I2416] 
    KampenDaniel van Kampen [I5079]  Kathryn (Katie) Ann Rosentreter [I5077] 
    KampsMinnie Kamps [I0899]28 April 189723 July 1929Julius Carl Rosentreter [I0862] 
     Susie Kamps [I3720]3 August 18956 December 1948Julius Carl Rosentreter [I0862] 
    KannacherDorothea Charlotta Kannacher [I6950]24 November 1801before 1912Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6949] 
    KannenbergJohann Jacob Kannenberg [I5024]about 1805before 1915Eva Rosina Rosentreter [I5023] 
    KanowskiHermann Emil Adolf Kanowski [I7545]19 February 190020 August 1978Anna Marie Rosentreter [I7544] 
    KapellElsie E Kapell [I1435]June 18705 August 1937Albert John Rosentreter [I1434] 
    KaraschLonnie John Karasch [I5621]  Diane Joan Rosentrater [I3990] 
    KargDonovan Charles Conrad Karg Jnr [I4049]  Shelley Fay Rosentreter [I3831] 
    KarinRegine Luise Gottliebe Anna Maria Karin [I8297]3 December 179228 January 1883Johann Christian Rosenträger [I8296] 
    KarnesMolly Karnes [I7967]  Brent Rosentreter [I4396] 
    KarpinskaHelena Karpinska [I1812]about 1836before 1946Josef Rosentreter [I0596] 
    KarpinskiCasimir Johann Karpinski [I5082]4 May 1855before 1965Julianna Helene Rosentreter [I4768] 
    KasnerHerman Kasner [I9097]5 February 192524 May 1992Hannelore Lisbeth Rosentreter [I9096] 
    KastensGrete Kastens [I1288]about 1710before 1820Hinrich Rosentreter [I1287] 
    KatesKaren S Kates [I2492]26 June 19527 April 2015Edward (Ted) J Rosentreter [I0642] 
    KaulRaymond Kaul [I4142]  Joanna Rosentreter [I4141] 
    KausGottfried Kaus [I9489]about 1789before 1899Anna Eufrozyna (Rosina) Rosentreter [I9395] 
    KausinAnna Maria Kausin [I6845]about 1755before 1865Johann Peter Rosentreter [I6844] 
    KautowskyMichael Kautowsky [I6396]about 1776before 1886Anna Regina Rosentreter [I6395] 
    KazminskiJohn Kazminski [I8663]  Michelle Ann Rosentreter [I8662] 
    KelbelAlfred Kelbel [I4073]17 May 1909before 2019Elisabeth Maria Rosentreter [I4064] 
    KelchRegine Caroline Kelch [I2186]18 August 181322 December 1842Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2187] 
    KellerChester J Keller [I3611]27 May 190317 October 1958Evelyn M Rosentreter [I1523] 
    KelleyUlah Nell Kelley [I4014]5 October 192529 July 2011Richard (Dick) Burton Rosentreter [I3863] 
    KellnerPaul Kellner [I3417]  Martha Marie Rosentrater [I1966] 
    KellyJohn Kelly [I9728]  Nancy Jean Rosentreter [I3975] 
    KelmDorothea Kelm [I8490]about 1800before 1843Johann George Rosentreter [I9199] 
     Ida Emma Kelm [I0181]25 May 18989 January 1974Louis Joseph Rosentreter [I0125] 
    Kelso-SmithKaty Kelso-Smith [I0719]  Joshua Carl Rosentreter [I0487] 
    KemnitzRegine Luise Kemnitz [I5482]30 July 182415 November 1910Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosentreter [I5481] 
    KempDella Elizabeth Kemp [I0859]16 July 18952 May 1972Rudolph George Rosentreter [I0858] 
    KempfDorothy Marie Kempf [I8713]  John William Rosentreter [I0890] 
     Marie Elise Kempf [I6740]8 September 1896before 2006Otto Gustav Rosentreter [I6741] 
    KennedyAlice Margaret Kennedy [I4640]  Thomas (Tom) Michael Eugen Rosentreter [I4641] 
    KenneyJim Kenney [I6200]  Alice Rosentreter [I4543] 
    KepplerHenry Keppler [I2639]September 185131 December 1924Mary Augusta Rosentreter [I0650] 
    KerbyBetty Francis Kerby [I3815]  Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Jnr [I0166] 
    KernCarl Kern [I4521]7 September 189519 October 1989Martha Rosentreter [I1543] 
    KernchenJohanna Wilhelmine Ernstine Kernchen [I7922]about 1868before 1978Hermann Rosenträger [I7921] 
    KernkeCarol Ann Kernke [I1162]  Ronald Clive Rosentreter [I0213] 
    KerrBruce Kerr [I8002]  Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [I0126] 
    KerskeRuth Minnie Kerske [I5620]6 April 191410 October 1985George Louis Rosentrater [I5553] 
    KesslerValentin Kessler [I0212]about 176112 March 1830Louise Rosentreter [I0202] 
    KeyesConstance (Connie) K Keyes [I8807]  Gary Edward Rosentreter [I8806] 
    KienitzEmil Kienitz [I6398]about 1867before 1977Emma Emilie Rosentreter [I6397] 
     Emil Kienitz [I9653]1866before 1976Emma Emilie Rosentreter [I9652] 
     Gustav Kienitz [I7764]about 1837before 1947Henriette Rosentreter [I7763] 
    KiesserPaul Kiesser [I9465]about 1817before 1927Anna Rosentreter [I9464] 
    KietzmannWilhelmine Kietzmann [I8970]about 1824before 1934Christoph Rosentreter [I8969] 
    KilleyMaury Killey [I8919]  Cara Lynn Rosentreter [I3229] 
    KindermannAlbert Ernst Franz Kindermann [I5864]11 January 187019 July 1940Regina Maria Rosentreter [I1683] 
     Richard Theodore Kindermann [I3114]25 November 188022 February 1950Ida Louise Rosentreter [I3105] 
    KingChris King [I6090]  Tateum Rosentreter [I6089] 
     Mary J King [I4066]  Gary Allen Rosentreter [I3583] 
    KingeryJennifer Kingery [I9767]  Lucas N Rosentrater [I2002] 
    KinleyHeather Lois Kinley [I4736]  John (Jack) Edward Rosentreter [I4735] 
    KintoppRosina Justina Kintopp [I9480]about 1806before 1916Jan (Johann) Friedrich Rosentreter [I9479] 
    KirbachTheresa Kirbach [I9699]  Kris Rosentreter [I8817] 
    KirbsFriedrich Wilhelm Kirbs [I9548]about 1833before 1944Julianna Rosentreter [I9547] 
    KirschsteinFriedrich Wilhelm Kirschstein [I7700]23 January 185910 April 1912Johanna Emilie Bertha Rosentreter [I7699] 
    KittlerMarie Ernestine Kittler [I5316]13 August 186014 January 1896Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger [I5315] 
    KitzmannAnna Krystyna Kitzmann [I4995]about 1819before 1929Krzysztof (Christoph) Rosentreter [I4994] 
    KladziwaElsbeth Martha Anna Kladziwa [I7731]  Hans Rosentreter [I7730] 
    KlanderGustav Johann (Gus) Klander [I0080]19 August 188520 August 1960Mary Minnie Rosentreter [I0036] 
    KlannHenry Eric Klann [I3281]17 November 191226 October 2005Elsie Clara Rosentreter [I0029] 
    KlattOtto Julius Klatt [I6365]11 December 1904before 2014Gertrud Luise Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6366] 
    KlawiterRosalie Klawiter [I5972]about 1832before 1942Johann Rosentreter [I5971] 
    KlebbMartha Anna Erna Klebb [I5379]about 1853before 1963  
    KlechaFranziska Klecha [I8605]  Kevin Rosentreter [I0014] 
    Klein**Unknown** Klein [I3925]about 1786before 1896Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3924] 
     Ernest Julius August Klein [I0041]about 1904before 2014Melba Margarette Rosentreter [I0301] 
     Maria Anna Auguste Klein [I0142]27 January 190111 October 1925Heinrich Alexander Rosentreter [I0065] 
     Walter Conrad Klein [I2043]28 May 19041 March 1980Helene Rosentreter [I2085] 
    KleinwächterGrit Kleinwächter [I6848]  Mirko Rosentreter [I6849] 
    KlemkeElżbieta (Elisabeth) Klemke [I9261]about 1822before 1932Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9260] 
    KlemmeBirgit Klemme [I8776]  Paul Rosentreter [I8766] 
    KlenskAnne Justine Klensk [I2305]about 1823before 1933Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2304] 
    KlingbeilJohann Gottlieb Klingbeil [I9434]about 1811before 1921Caroline Rosentreter [I9433] 
    KlingerElisabeth Klinger [I2803]about 1685before 1795Paul Rosentreter [I2802] 
     Eva Catharina Klinger [I5266]about 1729before 1839Michael Rosentreter [I5265] 
    KloberErna Marie Klober [I7349]15 July 189911 October 1943Walter Otto Bruno Rosentreter [I7348] 
    KlockDonald L Klock [I2712]20 October 19274 August 2015Lois Irene Rosentreter [I1895] 
    KloppenburgLinda Kloppenburg [I8842]  Ken Rosentreter [I4599] 
    KlosFriedrich Emil Klos [I7483]13 September 1872before 1981Elise Anna Rosentreter [I7482] 
    KlossAnna-Katrin Kloss [I6781]  Sergej Rosentreter [I6780] 
    KlostermanJohann Klosterman [I5692]1791before 1901Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I5690] 
    KluckMinna Kluck [I4492]about 1884before 1994Emil Rosentreter [I4491] 
    KluczikowskiAlexander Kluczikowski [I2737]about 1834before 1944Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0598] 
    KlugMartin Klug [I5102]about 1801before 1911Rosina Rosentreter [I0254] 
    KlugeGustav Kluge [I4329]about 1864before 1974Juliane Rosentreter [I4328] 
    KlukasJulianne Klukas [I4304]about 1849before 1959Daniel Rosentreter [I2367] 
    KluthEmilie L Kluth [I9011]April 18709 September 1946Gustav Rosentreter [I9010] 
     Selma Kluth [I8295]about 1852before 1962Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5416] 
     Selma Karoline Elisabeth Kluth [I5417]8 January 187128 July 1951Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8148] 
    KnakeJeremy Knake [I9707]  Ann N Rosentreter [I9706] 
    KnappeAuguste Amalie Knappe [I4885]11 February 184928 June 1917Gustav Eduard (Edward) Rosentreter [I2245] 
    KneupAlice M Kneup [I8915]  Jesse Lee Rosentreter [I3467] 
    KnittlerFriedrich Knittler [I4984]9 October 190619 August 1943Alwine Rosentreter [I4261] 
    KnochJoseph Randolph Knoch [I9020]14 January 188613 December 1951Emmy Rosentreter [I9019] 
    KnopJoannes Knop [I9183]about 1744before 1854Eva Rosentreter [I9182] 
    KnöpkePaul Edward Knöpke [I5946]20 February 1905before 2015Else Sophie Rosentreter [I5251] 
    KnörckGottliebe Knörck [I6893]July 180128 January 1882Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I6892] 
    KnörkMarie Dorothee Luise Knörk [I8560]about 1818before 1928Johann Christoph Rosenträger [I8386] 
    KnoxOma Ethel Knox [I1404]about 1910before 2020Ervin Arnold Rosentrater [I1402] 
    KnüttelBruno Walter Richard Knüttel [I9804]  Edith Frieda Rosentreter [I9803] 
    KobbeSophie Margrete Kobbe [I1106]2 March 173824 February 1805Conrad Rosentreder [I1098] 
    KoberFriederike Wilhelmine Dorothee Elisabeth Kober [I8261]15 April 18185 June 1899Johann Karl Christian Rosenträger [I7235] 
    KobersteinAnna Koberstein [I4289]about 1859before 1969Adolph Rosentreter [I4288] 
    KöbkenDorothea Maria Köbken [I8541]about 17788 April 1837**Unknown** Rosenträger [I8555] 
    KobsMarie Elisabeth Kobs [I3025]25 April 185812 January 1910Johann (John) Friedrich Rosentreter [I3024] 
    KochAdolph August Koch [I8235]23 May 186421 October 1945Bertha Anna Helene Rosenträger [I8234] 
     Christine Marie Koch [I1342]before 1790before 1900Michael Frederich Rosentrætter [I1341] 
     Esther Pearl Koch [I1037]4 April 190814 November 1989William Carl Rosentreter [I0868] 
    KochankeKristian Kochanke [I2697]about 1829before 1939Carolina Rosentreter [I2990] 
    KodweisJake Kodweis [I3774]  Carlisle (Carly) Rosentreter [I3769] 
    KoehlerBernice Koehler [I1764]25 May 190712 June 1984Otto Johann (John) Rosentreter [I1763] 
    KoehliAdolph Koehli [I4359]1890before 2000Maria Rosentreter [I4239] 
    KoenekiMarie Koeneki [I3347]11 June 188324 May 1940Richard Henrich (Henry) Albert Rosentreter Snr [I1251] 
    KoetkeUlrica Dorothea Koetke [I2083]before 1793before 1903Christian Rosentreter [I2082] 
    KohleEric J Kohle [I3725]17 August 192119 September 2017Hilda A Rosentreter [I3723] 
    KohlerAugust Ferdinand Kohler [I5995]182417 November 1909Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I5994] 
     Michael Kohler [I5818]  Joan Mary Rosentrater [I5815] 
    KöhlerHermann Paul Walter Köhler [I6043]8 June 1895before 2005Emmi Martha Rosentreter [I6042] 
    KöhlernCaroline Rosina Köhlern [I5000]about 1765before 1875Samuel Friedrich Rosentritt [I4999] 
    KolaskiChester A Kolaski [I3610]19 July 19094 October 1989Irene Marie Rosentreter [I3609] 
    KolbeAlbert Kolbe [I7683]3 March 185915 March 1915Anna Julianna Rosentreter [I5225] 
    KollmorgenBertha Hermine Caroline Kollmorgen [I5650]28 February 186513 December 1933Johann Carl Gottlieb Rosentreter [I5649] 
    KoneskiEdward Koneski [I8907]  Virginia Rosentreter [I8906] 
    KönigAnna König [I6475]13 April 1902before 2012Gustav Rosentreter [I6474] 
    KönkeMartha Matilda Könke [I7402]18 December 1882before 1992Albert Martin Rosentreter [I7401] 
    KonyaFrank Allen Konya [I3280]17 August 192617 November 1994Evelyn Elaine Rosentreter [I3276] 
    KopinkeHedwig Elisabeth Kopinke [I6513]about 1868before 1978Johann Rosentreter [I0686] 
    KopinskyBluma-Fridla Kopinsky [I4527]1863before 1973Itsekh (Izaak) Rosentreter [I4526] 
    KopischkeClara Elisabeth Kopischke [I6391]about 1806before 1916Gottlieb Johann Rosentreter [I7046] 
    KoppSusan Marion Kopp [I0278]  Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter [I0087] 
     Wilhelm Killian (William) Kopp [I2797]12 September 186527 June 1943Wilhelmine Emma (Minnie) Rosentreter [I0136] 
    KöppenEmilie Köppen [I6600]about 1851before 1961August Rosentreter [I6601] 
    KorganovaSophiya Vasilievna Korganova [I2977]about 18908 September 1941Boris Ottovich Rosentreter [I2828] 
    KornJoachim Christoph Korn [I3138]about 1810before 1920Maria Dorothe Rosenträger [I3137] 
    KorpivuomaLeena Korpivuoma [I0386]  Eric D Rosentreter [I0385] 
    KörthWilhelmine (Minnie) Marie Sophie Körth [I3392]29 August 18964 September 1974Friedrich (Fritz or Fred) Rosentreter [I3040] 
    KoslowskiRegina Koslowski [I1668]1 October 185830 November 1927August Alois Rosentreter [I1667] 
    KosprzykStanley Kosprzyk [I8991]about 1903before 2013Lottie Rosentreter [I8990] 
    KotzPeter Kotz [I9388]about 1737before 1834Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9387] 
    KowallErich Walter Kowall [I8084]  Edith Marion Wally Rosentreter [I8083] 
    KowalskiAndreas Kowalski [I10081]about 17282 October 1808Anna Maria Rosentreter [I10080] 
    KozlowskaDorota Kozlowska [I9179]  Waldek Jan Rosentreter [I9064] 
    KraftErnestine Johanna Kraft [I4892]about 185022 October 1902Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2243] 
     Fritz Adolf Kraft [I6679]12 April 187728 September 1931Helene Alwine Emilie Rosentreter [I6678] 
     Mathilde Maria Auguste Kraft [I7363]about 1883before 1993Johann Martin Wilhelm Rosentreter [I7362] 
    KrahnWilhelmina Krahn [I6480]about 1822before 1932Carl Rosenträger [I6479] 
    KrakowskiJan Gottfried Krakowski [I9558]about 1841before 1951Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I9557] 
    KramerKarin Kramer [I8288]  Peter Rosentreter [I6441] 
     Susanna Kramer [I5719]1768before 1878Christoph Rosentreter [I5695] 
    KrämerBernhardt Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm Krämer [I8152]25 February 189122 January 1980Else Johanna Rosentreter [I8151] 
    KränselAnton Eduard Kränsel [I7818]13 June 18729 July 1930Bertha Luise Rosentreter [I9966], Minna Luise Anna Rosenträger [I7816] 
    KraseRichard F Krase [I0941]about 1886before 1996Emma Rosentreter [I3152] 
    KrassMarianna Krass [I5705]about 1763before 1873Michael Rosentreter [I5706] 
    KrauseAnna Maria Krause [I9826]19 December 181118 July 1835Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I9825] 
     August Friedrich Adolf Krause [I8205]22 August 1864before 1974Caroline Emilie Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8202] 
     Eduard Krause [I4361]1859before 1969Auguste Rosentreter [I0422] 
     Frieda Elly Krause [I5359]29 April 189828 December 1945Bernhard Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger [I5358] 
     Friedrich Wilhelm Krause [I7903]13 November 186916 January 1939Anna Helene Auguste Rosenträger [I7902] 
     Karoline Krause [I4423]about 1844before 1954Ludwig Rosentreter [I4408] 
     Maria Krause [I0977]1826before 1936Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I0976] 
     Rosina Krause [I6057]about 1841before 1942Julius Rosentreter [I6056] 
    KrautHermann August Kraut [I5488]22 February 18962 June 1958Ottilie Auguste Rosentreter [I0277] 
    KrawczackMarianne Krawczack [I6790]about 1853before 1963Carolus (Carl) Rosentreter [I9287] 
    KreisEmma Berta Auguste Kreis [I7247]26 January 1892before 2002Hermann Martin Theodor Rosenträger [I7246] 
    KreislerCarl Juius Kreisler [I4471]about 1823before 1933Mariane Dorothea Rosentreter [I4470] 
    KremperJoseph G Kremper Jr [I9023]28 May 194231 March 1990Janice Ann Rosentrater [I5822] 
    KremserIda Marie Bertha Kremser [I4882]about 1851before 1961Otto Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4881] 
    KrentzBogumil Krentz [I9456]about 1796before 1856Rosina Rosentreter [I9455] 
    KrenzAnna Susanna Krenz [I0998]about 1841before 1951Martin Rosentreter [I0997] 
     Johann Ludwig Krenz [I9512]about 1824before 1934Anna Julianne Rosentreter [I9511] 
     Ottilie Krenz [I4709]19 June 1856before 1966Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4708] 
    KrepelCharles P Krepel [I2436]19041966Anna Catherine Rosentreter [I1695] 
    KretzschmarEdith Elfriede Margarete Kretzschmar [I7942]23 June 19139 January 1984Ernst Werner Rosenträger [I7941] 
    KreuzJohn Peter Kreuz [I3564]21 July 187329 March 1944Catherine Agnes (Katherina) Rosentreter [I1555] 
    KrisatisGustav Krisatis [I7865]10 February 186818 March 1933Maria Auguste Helene Rosenträger [I7864] 
    KrismanHarry Eric Krisman [I2866]2 April 189920 April 1969Gladys M Rosentreter [I2865] 
    KröcherMaria Dorothea Kröcher [I8388]about 182110 April 1875Johann Rosenträger [I8387] 
    KroekelAlida Kroekel [I9792]19251983Otto Rosentreter [I9791] 
    KroeterHulda Kroeter [I9687]25 June 1911before 2021Benjamin Rosentreter [I4790] 
    Kroff-PizarroPatricio Eric Kroff-Pizarro [I8424]  Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz [I8425] 
    Kroff-RosentreterAstrid Kroff-Rosentreter [I8427]  Christopher Rodriguez Rivano [I8428]Patricio Eric Kroff-Pizarro Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
     Elder Patricio Kroff-Rosentreter [I8426]27 September 19785 August 2020 Patricio Eric Kroff-Pizarro Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
    KrohnAuguste Marie Louise Krohn [I7452]about 18388 May 1905Karl Friedrich Rosenträger [I7451] 
     Ottilie Renate Wilhelmine Krohn [I7289]about 184723 March 1925Carl August Rosentreter [I7290] 
    KrollAuguste Philippine Kroll [I9290]about 1844before 1954August Samuel Rosentreter [I9289] 
     Friedrich Julius Kroll [I9598]1852before 1962Therese Mathilde Rosentreter [I2331] 
     Hedwig Luise Auguste Kroll [I7410]19 February 188212 April 1940Wilhelm Hans Rosentreter [I7407] 
     Louise Wilhelmine Auguste Kroll [I7760]about 187712 March 1918Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5437] 
     Martin Kroll [I10021]1801before 1911Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I10020] 
    KröningOttilie Luise Emilie Kröning [I7302]10 December 1884before 1994Wilhelm Gustav Rosentreter [I7301] 
    KroppHerta Gertrud Kropp [I6903]23 February 192112 November 2011Erhard Rosentreter [I6902] 
    KruegerAlbertine Augusta Krueger [I2568]13 November 18561 September 1944John William Rosentreter [I2567] 
     Augusta Krueger [I3167]26 November 186718 May 1920Carl H Rosentreter [I2485] 
    KrugErnst Gottlieb Krug [I5014]about 1848before 1958Wilhelmine Albertine Bertha Rosentritt [I5013] 
    Krüger**Unknown** Krüger [I9596]about 1838before 1878Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9595] 
     Anna Krüger [I1632]11 December 183624 June 1882Joseph Augustin Rosentreter [I1631] 
     Anna Krüger [I3246]about 1884before 1994Hugo Rosentreter [I1488] 
     Auguste Amalie Julianne Krüger [I9377]about 1873before 1983Gustav Ewald Rosentreter [I9376] 
     Auguste Justine Krüger [I1302]22 December 18506 March 1932Carl Rosentreter [I1301] 
     Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger [I8246]24 November 1829before 1939Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [I8245] 
     Christina Krüger [I8465]about 1868before 1978Christian Rosentreter [I8464] 
     Emilia Ottilie Krüger [I6154]30 August 18874 November 1977Fritz Gus Rosentreter [I3062] 
     Florentine Krüger [I9270]about 1842before 1952Jacob Rosentreter [I9269] 
     Franz Paul Johannes August Krüger [I9711]7 May 1860before 1970Alma Hedwig Therese Rosentreter [I5923] 
     Heinrich Krüger [I9556]about 1835before 1945Pauline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I9555] 
     Justina Krüger [I5051]2 May 18341906Karl August Rosentreter [I5050] 
     Maria Dorothea Charlotte Krüger [I5711]19 August 179119 October 1844Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I5712] 
     Martin Krüger [I5792]1796before 1906Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5791] 
     Mateusz (Matthias) Krüger [I9201]about 1798before 1908Anna Justina Rosentreter [I9200] 
     Paul Andreas Krüger [I2751]6 March 188521 February 1970Martha Rosentreter [I0727] 
     Pauline Krüger [I9276]about 1835before 1945Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I9275] 
    KrumErich Erwin Krum [I3429]19 November 190828 May 1994Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [I3427] 
    KryczkaVioletta Kryczka [I9717]  Paweł Rosentreter [I9691] 
    KrystyniakRegina Krystyniak [I3003]about 1876before 1986Frederick Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3002] 
    KubatzWilhelmine Kubatz [I9253]about 1835before 1864Friedrich Rosentreter [I9252] 
    KubiakLeon Joseph Kubiak Snr [I0658]7 April 191824 August 1991Ilse Alice Rosentreter [I3488] 
    KuchAnna Kristina Kuch [I9337]about 1858before 1968Michael Rosentreter [I9336] 
    KuchenbeckerElisabeth Kuchenbecker [I9824]26 January 181119 July 1836Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I9825] 
     Georg Kuchenbecker [I2625]about 1714before 1824Eva Rosentreter [I1803] 
    KuesthardtEdgar Leslie Kuesthardt [I2708]28 January 18982 June 1988Lillian Emma Rosentreter [I0040] 
    KufahlDorothee Kufahl [I8383]about 1804before 1914Johann Rosenträger [I8382] 
    KugeltElisabeth Kugelt [I6232]about 1786before 1896Georg Rosentreter [I6231] 
    KuhfahlBertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kuhfahl [I8044]about 185127 February 1919Johann Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I8043] 
    KühlMartin Kühl [I9120]about 1764before 1874Christine Rosentreter [I9119] 
    KühnArno Hartwig Kühn [I7609]3 May 1899before 2009Ida Agnes Frieda Rosentreter [I7608], Minna Anna Meta Rosentreter [I7650] 
     Auguste Kühn [I7503]about 1854before 1964August Rosentreter [I7502] 
     Elise Johanna Kühn [I6646]19 January 185710 November 1885Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I6645] 
     Franz Walter Kühn [I6828]14 April 1888before 1998Elise Ida Martha Rosenträger [I6827] 
     Hedwig Henriette Christine Kühn [I6770]6 June 1853before 1963Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I6645] 
     Johann Christoph Kühn [I4362]about 1835before 1945Anna Louise Rosentreter [I3379] 
     Otto Berhard Kühn [I9748]6 May 1800before 1910Louise Molly Rosentreter [I9747] 
    KühneAnna Pauline Kühne [I7803]3 February 190313 May 1938Gottlieb Emil Rosentreter [I4241] 
     Emilie Martha Kühne [I7579]9 September 188514 May 1946Johann Rosentreter [I4236] 
    KühnelAnna Pauline Kühnel [I2023]19 December 19139 November 2004Herbert (Herbie) Manley Rosentreter [I0418] 
    KuhphalCatharina Maria Kuhphal [I2179]about 1789before 1899Johann Ehrenreich Rosenträger [I2175] 
    KujatAnna Rosina Kujat [I5114]about 1817before 1927Daniel Rosentreter [I5113] 
    KujotElisabeth Kujot [I9152]about 1787before 1897Georg Rosentreter [I9151] 
    KukekBeate Louise Kukek [I9357]about 18701942Julius Leo Rosentreter [I9356] 
    KukliesArthur August Kuklies [I3580]8 December 19128 March 1965Paula Emilie Rosentreter [I0115] 
    KukukPeter Kukuk [I9488]about 18186 April 1873Anna Elisabeth Rosine Rosentreter [I6401] 
    KulbarschEmilie Kulbarsch [I0425]20 September 185315 April 1917Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0424] 
    KulkaPauline Kulka [I7694]about 1847before 1957Carl Rosentreter [I7693] 
    KundeBertha Wilhelmine Auguste Kunde [I1587]16 October 187426 January 1947August Andreas Rosentreter [I1586] 
    KunkelErna Kunkel [I3910]about 1901before 2011Alfred Rosentreter [I3900] 
     Willard Lloyd Kunkel [I3814]31 July 19324 May 2004Norma Lee Rosentreter [I0167] 
    KunsseDorothea Kunsse [I4937]1581before 1691Baltzer Rosentreter [I4936] 
    KunstFriedrich Kunst [I2556]about 1810before 1920Dorothea Sophia Rosenträger [I2183] 
    KunzJohn Kunz [I2813]about 1851before 1961Rosa Rosentreter [I2812] 
    KupicCorrine Caroline Kupic [I5663]  David Philip Rosentrater [I5662] 
    KuprisownaAnortha Kuprisowna [I7043]about 1785before 1895Gottlieb Joseph Rosentreter [I7042] 
    KureCheryl Jeanne Kure [I4107]23 August 19477 February 1999James Louis Rosentreter [I4106] 
    KurowskiAnnette Marie Kurowski [I1154]  Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr [I1152] 
    KurthMartha Walli Kurth [I5854]9 February 1909before 2019Ernst Johann Albert Rosentreter [I5853] 
    KurtzWilhelm August Hermann Kurtz [I6835]23 August 1892before 2002 
    KurzhalsHermann Theodor Kurzhals [I9674]1870before 1980Martha Auguste Rosentreter [I5041] 
    KutaMałgorzata Kuta [I9718]  Paweł Rosentreter [I9691] 
    KutkaAdalbert Kutka [I2744]about 1767before 1877Marianna Rosentreter [I1690] 
    Kutyba**Unknown** Kutyba [I2987]  Joan Rosentreter [I2980] 
    KuwatschLeopold Friedrich August Kuwatsch [I2949]about 1811before 1921Anna Louise Rosentreter [I2947] 
    La MacchiaMichelle Ann La Macchia [I0187]  Roger James Rosentreter [I0173] 
    LaBuwiLorena H (Rene) LaBuwi [I3651]15 April 189310 September 1971Julius Emil Otto Rosentreter [I2418] 
    LadwigJohann? Ladwig [I9960]about 1857before 1928Maria Caecilia Rosentreter [I0921] 
    LambWilliam Lamb [I5830]  Esther Rosentrater [I5829] 
    LambrechtFern Elizabeth Lambrecht [I4383]9 June 193613 November 2016John Frederick Rosentreter [I3973] 
     Fritz Wilhelm Lambrecht [I7189]25 January 1895before 2005Elli Anna Rosa Rosentreter [I5956] 
     Maria Lambrecht [I7197]about 1694before 1804Ernst Rosentreter [I7196] 
    LampeAuguste Christine Wilhelmine Helene Lampe [I7373]25 March 188326 March 1950Karl Heinrich Paul Rosentreter [I4890] 
    LamprechtMartha Marie Emma Lamprecht [I5350]6 October 188624 December 1946Gustav Karl Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5349] 
    LancasterCarson Avery Lancaster [I3416]30 March 193527 March 2018Miriam Ruth Rosentrater [I1965] 
    LandigMarie Landig [I7981]8 October 185711 July 1893Rudolph Rosenträger [I7980] 
    LandmesserAnna Catharina Landmesser [I0806]about 17984 November 1879Johann Thomas Rosentreter [I0805] 
    LandwerWesley Robin Landwer [I3659]  Deirdre Verna Rosentreter [I3658] 
    LaneLaura Lea Lane [I5752]  William Justin Rosentrater [I5751] 
    Lange**Unknown** Lange [I0739]about 1631before 1741Jacob Rosentreter [I0738] 
     Anna Louise Lange [I9331]about 1840before 1950Ludwig Rosentreter [I9330] 
     Heinrich Rudolph Lange [I4331]1851before 1961Ernestine Rosentreter [I4330] 
     Hermann Paul Lange [I9808]28 December 18879 May 1945Martha Marie Rosentreter [I9809] 
     Jacob Lange [I9587]1852before 1962Magdalena (Margaret) Rosentreter [I1296] 
     Margarethe Lange [I3919]about 1786after 1830Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I4159] 
    Lange?**Unknown** Lange? [I10113]about 1797before 1907Andreas Rosentreter [I2162] 
    LangenAnna Margaretha Langen [I7181]about 171528 January 1774Johann Samuel Rosentreter [I7087] 
    LangerHedwig Marie Ida Langer [I7932]18 March 1894before 2004Hans Robert Rudolf Rosenträger [I7931] 
    LangleyDerek V Langley [I3741]  Gladys M Rosentreder [I3740] 
    LangnerAnna Elisabeth Langner [I5234]25 February 1875before 1985Johann Karl Rudolph Rosentreter [I1220] 
     Johann Ernst Philipp Wilhelm Langner [I7119]about 1776before 1886Henriette Amalie Rosentreter [I7118] 
    LaniganGerald Alfred Lanigan [I8921]22 July 192122 October 1999Betty Mae Rosentreter [I0538] 
    LappConrad Lee Lapp [I2703]  Kathryn (Katy) Stella Rosentreter [I1899] 
    LappeTheodore Lappe [I6521]about 1841before 1951Auguste Rosentreter [I6520] 
    LapschiesAlbert Franz August Lapschies [I6062]2 January 1902before 2012Agnes Martha Rosentreter [I6061] 
    LarsonAlfred Merle Larson [I2379]10 June 190520 September 1996Rosalie Minnie Rosentrater [I1470] 
    LaRueDavid Alan LaRue [I4031]  Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [I3817] 
    LatzkeCatharina Gertrud Latzke [I0485]1 February 173329 November 1807Peter Rosentreter [I0484] 
    LaubeAnna Caroline Laube [I9134]about 1797before 1907Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9133] 
     Caroline Laube [I3670]about 1788before 1898Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3669] 
    LauburgEmma Margarethe Lauburg [I7884]19 February 1899before 2009Erich Hermann Walter Rosenträger [I7883] 
    LauchstedtEmma Lauchstedt [I5258]about 1885before 1995Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5257] 
    LauderChristoph Lauder [I3783]about 1882before 1992Minna Rosentreter [I3782] 
    LauerCharles James Lauer [I2707]about 18844 December 1914Lillian (Lillie) Rosentreter [I2342] 
     Wilhelm Lauer [I6519]about 1886before 1996Hedwig Rosentreter [I6518] 
    LaurinAuguste Wilhelmine Laurin [I7698]13 January 1827before 1937Wilhelm Christian Eduard Rosentreter [I7697] 
    LaxLisa Everett Lax [I4056]  Jeffrey Alan Rosentreter [I4055] 
    LazarusRieke (Ricka) Lazarus [I1235]about 1865before 1975Moritz Rosentreter [I1234] 
    LeachJerry Leach [I2386]12 December 19418 March 1985Beverly Ann Rosentrater [I1870] 
     Kristy Leach [I8899]  Roger Edward Rosentreter [I8898] 
     Nola Genevieve Leach [I1393]19 March 193412 December 2012Marvin Paul Rosentrater [I1391] 
    LeberFrieda Amanda Helene Leber [I3245]6 August 1885before 1995Richard Max Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1487] 
    LechertJadwiga Hedwig (Hattie) Lechert [I3608]17 September 188816 April 1916Edward Walton Rosentreter [I1519] 
    LeeEun Joo Lee [I5628]  Karl Joseph Rosentrater [I0436] 
    LeedsPamela Jean Leeds [I4114]  Richard (Rick) Allen Rosentreter [I4076] 
    LehdeElsie Ida Lehde [I3463]20 June 190226 June 1955Benjamin Gus Julius Rosentreter Snr [I3342] 
    LehmanLarry Lehman [I4168]  Loretta Sue Rosentreter [I1847] 
     Nancy Lehman [I1970]  Eldon Paul Rosentrater [I1969] 
    Lehmann**Unknown** Lehmann [I4658]after 1879before 1989Olga Bertha Rosentreter [I4657] 
     Joanna Bertha Lehmann [I5218]6 May 1858before 1968Carl Ferdinand Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I5121] 
     Karl Erdmann Ferdinand Lehmann [I9856]20 October 18716 June 1940Berta Ida Rosentreter [I9857] 
     Martha Lehmann [I4769]6 May 1858before 1968August Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4685] 
    LehrkeEmilie Lehrke [I4296]about 1880before 1990Rudolph Rosentreter [I1931] 
    LehrmannKaroline Louise Henriette (Lina) Lehrmann [I0143]5 January 18935 June 1934Johann Gustav (Gus) Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3036] 
    LeickenCatharina Leicken [I1084]17654 June 1830Johann Friedrich Rosentreter [I1083] 
    LeifNicholas Leif [I3335]27 March 18569 May 1916Frances Rosentreter [I1556] 
    LeiteAnna Leite [I8782]  August Rosentreter [I8781] 
    LembalskiAnna Lembalski [I6510]about 1895before 2015Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6509] 
    LemkeWilhelmine Lemke [I6694]about 1854before 1964Johann Rosentreter [I6693] 
    LemkyBernard Wilfred Lemky [I3484]26 February 18967 June 1983Ottilia (Tilly) Rosentreter [I1540] 
    LemmAuguste Wilhelmine Lemm [I7905]about 1858before 1968Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8197] 
    LenebergJohn Leneberg [I3131]about 1857before 1967Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I3132] 
    LenerówAnna Rosina Lenerów [I9397]about 1772before 1882Christof Rosentreter [I9396] 
    LentzJoachim Michael Ferdinand Lentz [I8184]14 May 184514 October 1895Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Rosentreter [I8183] 
     Rosalie Lentz [I1314]20 February 18599 March 1949Johann (John) Rosentreter [I1313] 
    LenzAnna Lenz [I0233]about 1721before 1831Martin Rosentreter [I0232] 
     Elisabeth Lenz [I9110]about 1764before 1874Martin Rosentreter [I9109] 
     Frieda Martha Klara Lenz [I5447]1 March 19133 July 1948Paul Richard Gustav Rosentreter [I5448] 
    LeonardLillian M Leonard [I5560]  Robert Laverne Rosentrater [I0453] 
    LeopoldErnst Karl Friedrich Leopold [I6495]27 August 1878before 1998Ottilie Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6494] 
    LeritzRose C Leritz [I0611]15 September 18875 May 1944Paul Willam Rosentreter [I0610] 
    LesinskiMichael Lesinski [I2774]13 September 187610 December 1956Regina (Jenny) Rosentreter [I1671] 
    LesnikowskiKonstanty Lesnikowski [I1889]1 March 19377 January 2010Barbara Rosentreter [I1515] 
    LesterMarie Agnes Lester [I3353]29 November 191724 October 1976Richard Henry Rosentreter Jnr [I3352] 
    LetourneauBernice A Letourneau [I3983]24 August 192330 July 2005Benjamin Rosentreter [I3984] 
    LeuschnerAnna Susanna Leuschner [I5019]about 1855before 1965Johann Friedrich Rosentreter [I5018] 
    LewisJohn Lewis [I5872]  Nancy Ann Rosentreter [I0383] 
    LieberanzLouisa Lieberanz [I3331]about 1883before 1993John Rosentreter [I3330] 
    LiebkeHelmut Liebke [I6437]  Ruth Rosentreter [I6436] 
    LiedkeChristine Liedke [I5703]1809before 1919Christoph Rosentreter [I5702] 
    LieskeJustine Lieske [I2549]about 1843before 1953Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2548] 
    LilkendeyJohann Friedrich Lilkendey [I2407]about 1751before 1861Anne Alheit Rosentreter [I1201] 
    LilleyLouis V Lilley [I3987]  Floy Mae Rosentreter [I3466] 
    LimmerAmanda Rosa Limmer [I0168]8 December 190428 February 1990Karl (Charlie) Johannes Rosentreter [I0152] 
    LindeAlma von der Linde [I5520]about 1899before 2009Conrad Emil Rudolf Rosentreter [I0267] 
    LindstaedtEmma Martha Margot Lindstaedt [I6575]12 September 189716 November 1942Reinhold Robert Rosentreter [I6574] 
    LingnauChristian Lingnau [I7073]about 1693before 1803Catharina Rosenträger [I7072] 
    LinkFrank J Link [I2493]about 1867before 1977Elizabeth Rosentreter [I1771] 
     Louise Benigna Link [I3923]about 1780before 1890Friedrich Kasimir Rosentreter Snr [I3922] 
    LippmannBertha Lippmann [I0680]1 September 18579 September 1926Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I0679] 
    LipsTauba-Baili Lips [I4653]about 1860before 1970Donas Rosentreter [I4652] 
    LiskaMichael Allen Liska [I4059]  Luetta Kay Rosentreter [I3823] 
    LissackLillian (Hazel) M Lissack [I3122]10 April 190519 March 1996Elgard Hubert Rosentreter [I3102] 
    ListCarl List [I5832]5 August 1853before 1963Ottilie Rosentreter [I5831] 
     Ida List [I0264]20 September 186420 July 1935Emil Rosentreter [I0263] 
     Joachim List [I2693]about 1821before 1931Johanna Rosentreter [I0045] 
    ListerKris Lister [I8819]  Suzanne (Suzie) Marie Rosentreter [I8818] 
     Sandra Anne Lister [I3248]  Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter [I0442] 
    LittauElizabeth Florenty Littau [I9066]  Bogdan Kazimierz Rosentreter [I9065] 
    LoedkeCaecilie Loedke [I5941]about 1823before 1933Christoph Rosentreter [I5940] 
    LoewenthalMax (Marcus) Loewenthal [I2907]18481919Rosalie (Rosa) Rosentreter [I2906] 
    LohrHenry August Bernhard Lohr [I3127]about 1870before 1980Hannah Martha Rosentreter [I3126] 
    LohseJohanna Lohse [I2030]13 October 1882before 1987Bernhard Hermann Rosentreter [I1954] 
    LongCynthia (Cindy) Clarke Long [I4203]28 April 193731 December 2013Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
    LöperElisabeth Löper [I6339]about 1759before 1810Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I6338] 
    LörchJustina Lörch [I5269]about 1802before 1912Jan Gottlieb (Bogumil) Rosentreter [I0708] 
    LorenzVeronica Lorenz [I6047]about 1812before 1922Heinrich Rudolph Rosentreter [I2135] 
    LoschertEmil August Loschert [I7318]5 January 1895before 2005Helene Louise Rosentreter [I7317] 
    LossRobert Theman Loss [I2801]14 May 191714 July 2008Bernice Veronica Rosentreter [I2735] 
    LotsElisabeth Lots [I6235]about 1772before 1882Joseph Rosentreter [I6234] 
    Loveland**Unknown** Loveland [I3542]  Leah R Rosentreter [I1024] 
    LowMelanie Low [I10118]  Jarrod Rosentreter [I10117] 
    LowreyInez L Lowrey [I2514]19 August 188211 November 1912Karl Fredrick (Charles) Rosentrader [I0498] 
    LubigJohann Joseph Wilhelm Lubig [I6037]30 April 18465 January 1933Caroline Henriette Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2270] 
    LubitzJohn Alfred Otto Lubitz [I3962]28 October 190814 September 1986Frieda Rosentreter [I3322] 
    LucasBetty Jo Lucas [I2001]  G Craig Rosentrater [I1878] 
    LuceroSharon Elaine Lucero [I9984]29 January 194626 October 1977Raymond (Ray) Rosentreader [I9978] 
    LuckowElise Minna Auguste Luckow [I5344]5 September 18825 November 1950August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5343] 
    LudAnna Rosina Lud [I5727]about 1778before 1888Michael Rosentreter [I5726] 
    LudeckeHerbert Allen Ludecke [I2607]  Lillian Edith Rosentreter [I1244] 
    LudewigAnna Martha Ottilie Ludewig [I1623]4 November 188823 May 1945Leo Andreas Rosentreter [I1622] 
     Elfine Elfride Anna Ludewig [I7217]11 February 1890before 2000Willy Hermann Rosenträger [I7214] 
    LüdkeJohann B (John) Lüdke [I3052]22 February 185930 January 1924Julianna Rosentreter [I3053] 
    LüdtkeAnna Martha Lüdtke [I6730]5 March 1905before 2015Aloysuis Franz Rosentreter [I6503] 
     Johann August Gustav Lüdtke [I9965]27 October 184925 March 1909Bertha Luise Rosentreter [I9966] 
    LudwigJohann Gottlob Ludwig [I5003]about 1752before 1862Christiana Elisabeth Rosentritt [I5001] 
    LukacKatarina Lukac [I9452]about 1766before 1876Michael Rosentreter [I9451] 
    LukaszewskiFerdinand Lukaszewski [I9679]1876before 1986Klara Rosentreter [I9678] 
    LukerJohnnie Mae Luker [I4110]24 June 192513 April 1971Benjamin (Ben) Gus Julius Rosentreter Jnr [I3465] 
    LuntesMewis Luntes [I6871]about 1634before 1744Grietgen Rosentret [I6870] 
    LuttermanJanice Ruth Lutterman [I4456]6 December 19403 December 2020James Douglas Rosentreter [I4108] 
    LüttjohannFranz Carl Heinrich Lüttjohann [I5233]9 December 186128 September 1937Hulda Bertha Rosentreter [I5232] 
    LuxJoseph Peter Lux [I2550]5 February 185825 December 1923Anna Theresa Rosentreter [I0555] 
    LuyPhyllis Luy [I4731]20 August 192811 June 2011William (Bill) Rosentreter [I1781] 
    LyonsWilliam Lyons [I0675]  Edna Annie Rosentreter [I3489] 
    MaassJohann Maass [I6229]about 1795before 1905Anna Maria Rosentreter [I6230] 
    MaberryRobert Jefferson Maberry [I3828]26 August 191822 December 1979Floy Mae Rosentreter [I3466] 
    MacafferyMargaret (Maggie) Macaffery [I3504]about 1872before 1982Johann Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I3503] 
    MachelettHenriette Johanna Wilhelmine Machelett [I1360]27 June 189420 April 1969Wilhelm Georg Rosentreter [I1357] 
    MachlerEmilie Augusta Machler [I4499]7 December 1846before 1956Carl August Rosentreter [I4498] 
    MackAnna Maria Mack [I1693]5 May 18776 August 1951John Rosentreter [I0400] 
     Cheyenne Mack [I9737]  Adam Rosentreader [I9736] 
    MackowiakHelena Mackowiak [I8080]13 February 1905before 2015Adolph Rudolph Rosentreter [I8079] 
    MadalinskiHelena Madalinski [I3487]18971941Ferdinand Rosentreter [I3486] 
    MadsenBetina Mitzi Madsen [I1325]  Jens Rosenlund Rosentrætter [I1319] 
    MaehlerAuguste Maehler [I9681]about 1858before 1968Carl Louis Rosentreter [I9680] 
    MaekerCatharina Dorothea Maeker [I2121]about 173022 February 1802Joachim Rosentreter [I3262] 
    MagnusWilhelm August Albert Magnus [I7669]8 May 18524 April 1947Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6421] 
    MagoliJohann Julius Magoli [I9580]about 1851before 1961Johanna Concordia Rosentreter [I4512] 
    MaguireShannon Maguire [I5074]  Kurt Douglas Rosentreter [I4738] 
    MagwireNancy M Magwire [I5535]  Howard Russell Rosentrater [I5532] 
    MahlmannWilliam (Bill) Mahlmann [I6081]6 July 187524 December 1950Emma Rosentreter [I6079] 
    MahoyWillian Ansel (Bill) Mahoy [I5865]13 October 191119 December 1988Margaret Ernestine Rosentreter [I0388] 
    MahrJames Leroy Mahr Jnr [I4212]  Nicolette Marie Rosentreter [I1155] 
    MaidenFrank Alfred (Jim) Maiden [I2451]3 January 192028 May 2000Dorothea Maude (Maud) Rosentreter [I0419] 
    MaidornOswald Paul Maidorn [I7219]27 March 1890before 2000Hedwig Martha Rosenträger [I7218] 
    MajchrzakHelena Majchrzak [I9239]about 1823before 1933Michał (Michael) Rosentreter [I9238] 
    MajerAmanda Majer [I3019]about 1862before 1972Jan Ludwig Rosentreter [I3018] 
    MajerakStephen Majerak [I2536]  Carol L Rosentreter [I0909] 
    MajkutVincent Ildefons Majkut [I0612]about 192319 March 1982Edna Annie Rosentreter [I3489] 
    MäkerFriedrich Mäker [I8009]about 1825before 1935Dorothea Rosenträger [I8008] 
    MakofkaKammi Makofka [I6160]  Kelvin Rosentreter [I6157] 
    MakuschettEmma Marie Friederike Makuschett [I5311]25 October 18737 March 1946Gustav Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger [I5306] 
    MalenderWilhelm Louis Paul Malender [I8191]14 April 187423 February 1946Marie Hedwig Emmi Rosenträger [I8188] 
    MalinskiHelene Malinski [I7702]27 February 190117 January 1977Willy Gustav Rosentreter [I7701] 
    MalléeKarl Mallée [I5980]30 May 187321 September 1945Anna Luise Rosentreter [I5979] 
    MallekMarianne Pauline Agripina Mallek [I4723]29 June 1838before 1948Johann Joseph Rosentreter [I0284] 
    Malone**Unknown** Malone [I5797]  Colleen Marie Rosentreter [I1925] 
    MalzahnHeinrich Johann Christian Malzahn [I9890]about 1842before 1952Friederike Rosenträger [I9891] 
    MalzeGeorg Karl Malze [I7629]20 June 18872 December 1947Maria Barbara Rosentreter [I7628] 
    MandevilleRobert (Bob) Mandeville [I6246]  Sandra Lee Rosentrater [I1877] 
    ManickeWalter Bart Manicke [I8914]7 May 191131 December 1989Gladys Rosentreter [I0543] 
    MannHarold Mann [I5866]3 October 192017 August 2018Norma Jean Rosentreter [I0345] 
     Nicole Susan Mann [I4552]  Mark Joseph Rosentreter [I0338] 
    MantejMarcin (Martin) Mantej [I9539]about 1825before 1935Eva Rosina Rosentreter [I9538] 
    ManteufelAnna Christina Manteufel [I6074]about 1799before 1909Johann Gottlob Rosentreter [I6019] 
    MantheiCharlie Gus Manthei [I3935]12 March 19188 November 2003Estelle Frances Rosentreter [I0118] 
    MantheyHedwig Manthey [I5250]about 1872before 1982Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr [I1485] 
     Julius Samuel Manthey [I2795]about 1815before 1925Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I0423] 
     Susanne Manthey [I9249]about 1824before 1934Carl Rosentreter [I9248] 
    MantikBogumil Mantik [I9604]about 1849before 1959Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I9603] 
    MantowitzChristoph Mantowitz [I6551]about 1838before 1948Ulrike Adelheid Henriette Rosentreter [I6550] 
    MantykJacobus Mantyk [I9187]about 1779before 1889Elisabeth Rosentreter [I9186] 
    ManzoAdrienne D Manzo [I3854]30 June 195030 November 2020Robert Rosentreter [I1002] 
    MarachJosephus Marach [I4485]about 1887before 1997Anastasya Rosentreter [I4486] 
    MarandaTheodore Henry Maranda [I4582]15 November 190229 January 1998Pearl Rosentreter [I4577] 
    MarchJohann March [I9559]about 1839before 1949Susanne Rosentreter [I9475] 
    MarcusKirsten Marcus [I8130]about 1723before 1833Reinhold Rosentreter [I6426] 
     Sara Rosalie (Nora) Marcus [I1237]28 September 185913 February 1935Isidor Rosentreter [I0705] 
    MarczewskaWanda Pauline Marczewska [I1529]18 February 18831 August 1950Albert Julias Rosentreter [I1528] 
    MardensCaroline Wilhelmine Laender Mardens [I1336]18108 February 1859Christian Wilhelm Rosentrætter [I1335] 
    MarkiewiczCatharina Markiewicz [I9379]about 1875before 1985Franciscus (Franz) Rosentreter [I9378] 
    MarkoKristina Jo Marko [I6139]  Andrew (Andy) Harold Rosentrater [I6138] 
    MarksAnna Rosina Marks [I9116]about 1788before 1898Martin Rosentreter [I9115] 
     Johann Marks [I2427]about 1823before 1933Anna Rosentreter [I0720] 
    MarkwardtEdwin Emil (Jimmy) Markwardt [I3813]17 July 192718 July 2001Odella Gertrud Rosentreter [I0122] 
     Gottlieb Markwardt [I4847]1786before 1896Susanna Rosentreter [I4848] 
     Mathilde Markwardt [I2892]about 1856before 1966Julius Rosentreter [I7594] 
    MarkwartGottfried Markwart [I4449]about 1885before 1995Eva Rosentreter [I4439] 
    MarleyWilliam Bradley Marley [I3505]  Lauren Anne Rosentreter [I3483] 
    MarquardMichael Marquard [I10088]about 1825before 1935Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I10087] 
    MarsTony Mars [I0329]  Beth A Rosentreter [I0328] 
    MarschElisabeth Pauline Marsch [I7346]5 September 187520 November 1945Johann Theodor Rosentreter [I7345] 
    MarschkeEvelyn Joyce Marschke [I1179]21 April 192218 December 1998Arthur Robert Rosentreter [I0032] 
    MarshallAugust Marshall [I5593]about 1870before 1980Amanda Rosentreter [I5592] 
     Evelyn Marshall [I4129]  Joel William Rosentreter [I4128] 
    MartenAdalbert Gustav Marten [I9639]186319 November 1929Emilie Bertha Rosentreter [I9638] 
     Caroline Marten [I9333]about 1856before 1966Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9332] 
    MartinAnne Beatrice Martin [I3754]18911965Harry R Rosentreder [I3704] 
     Doug Martin [I6408]  Karen Kathleen Rosentreter [I6406] 
     Eva June Martin [I1928]27 December 193912 July 2011Adolf Marion Rosentreter Jnr [I1907] 
     Sherry Leann Martin [I10005]  Jeremy J Rosentreader [I8873] 
    MartiniAuguste Pauline Martini [I2502]18 September 185329 March 1891Gustav Hermann Rosentreter [I2495] 
    MarxAnna Elisabeth Marx [I0711]between 1813 and 1815before 1925Efraim Rosentreter [I0710] 
     Mathilde Louise Marx [I9373]about 1874before 1984Carl Emil Rosentreter [I9372] 
    MascheGeorge Masche [I10121]29 December 18839 June 1953Ella Emma Rosentreter [I9014] 
    MassJustine Mass [I5878]about 1838before 1948Martin Rosentreter [I5877] 
    MassowEmilia Massow [I5202]1864before 1974Adolf Rosentreter [I5201] 
    MathisenWilliam Mathisen [I3656]about 1904before 2014Eleanor Rosentreter [I3655] 
    MattJohn Benedikt Matt [I5902]29 September 18421924Emilie Pauline Rosentreter [I2312] 
    MatthäusAuguste Wilhelmine Matthäus [I5010]about 1820before 1930Carl Friedrich August Rosentritt [I5009] 
    MatthesWilhelmine Matthes [I9243]about 1827before 1937Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I9242] 
    MatthewsFiona Matthews [I4843]  Warren Vivian Rosentreter [I1246] 
     Friedrich Wilhelm Matthews [I9613]1854before 1964Henriette Emma Rosentreter [I9612] 
     Keith R Matthews [I3736]  Shelagh A Rosentreder [I3735] 
    MatthiasAnna Wilhelmine Emilie Matthias [I8275]3 May 185920 April 1943Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8274] 
    MattnerKathleen Ann Mattner [I4119]  Duane Richard Rosentreter [I3541] 
    MattsonTaylor Ryan Mattson [I9715]  Jessica Jo Rosentrater [I6303] 
    MauFriederike Henriette Mau [I5890]5 March 185310 September 1928Carl August Rosentreter [I5889] 
    MaurerJohanna Maurer [I2976]1814before 1924Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Rosentreter [I4373] 
    MausAnna Christine Maus [I9146]about 1778before 1888Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9145] 
    MayerAlfred Elmer Mayer [I9026]28 July 190819 March 1988Amanda Adelia Rosentreter [I3116] 
    MazurekFranziska Mazurek [I8859]about 1898before 2008Eduard Rosentreter [I8858] 
     Juliana Mazurek [I4793]27 July 1904before 2014Gustav Rosentreter [I4800] 
    MazzoniRaymond Mazzoni [I2618]  Ellen R Rosentreter [I0983] 
    McCannPaula Sue McCann [I0292]  Edward (Eddie) Kelvin Rosentreter [I8922] 
    McCartyLavina Martha McCarty [I3154]September 1896before 2006Albert Julius Rosentreter [I1135] 
    McClead**Unknown** McClead [I4194]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4193] 
    McClintockMelanie McClintock [I8821]  Peter J (P.J.) Rosentreter [I8823] 
    McCormickCasey McCormick [I8549]  Cheryl Rosentreter [I8548] 
     Mary McCormick [I1855]about 1870before 1980Frank Rosentreter [I1447] 
    McCrackenAllan Craig McCracken [I3976]  Nancy Jean Rosentreter [I3975] 
    McCuaig**Unknown** McCuaig [I9324]  Rieva Rosentreter [I4734] 
    McCullochClyce Preston McCulloch [I8940]19 August 19356 July 2010Myrtle Marie Rosentreter [I3850] 
    McCuneWilliam Mac McCune [I8920]20 March 190021 April 1981Frieda Louise Rosentreter [I1481] 
    McDanielPatsy Ruth McDaniel [I0915]  Floyd Henry Rosentreter Jr [I0914] 
    McDonaldElizabeth Julia McDonald [I0552]26 May 187831 May 1963Joseph Paul Rosentreter [I0392] 
     Joanne (Jo) Marie McDonald [I4617]  Olaf Rosentreter [I4616] 
    McGillBertha May McGill [I3252]17 September 187524 October 1946Carl Lewis Rosentreter Snr [I3090] 
    McGinnisElizabeth Julia McGinnis [I3187]4 June 188217 July 1960Charles Theodore Rosentreter [I3047] 
    McGivern**Unknown** McGivern [I5765]  Tina Marie Rosentreter [I1924] 
    McGlauflinMargaret McGlauflin [I4074]  David Arthur Rosentreter [I1890] 
    McGreadyIda Mae McGready [I0504]12 July 187925 September 1947August (Gus) Francis Rosentreter [I0503] 
    McGregorMichael Anthony McGregor [I10045]  Danine Louise Rosentreter [I10044] 
    McGuireJerry McGuire [I2177]  Linda June Rosentreter [I2164] 
    McHenryJeffrey Douglas McHenry [I4135]  Kristen Maria Rosentreter [I4080] 
    McHughWilliam Charles McHugh [I2421]  Nancy Rosentreter [I2375] 
    McKenzieVerlin Robert McKenzie [I3587]4 April 192331 October 2003Adeline Mathilda Rosentreter [I3408] 
    McKinleyEleanor Leona McKinley [I8933]about 1909before 2019Donald (Rosie) Raymond Rosentreter [I3188] 
    McKinnonTeddy Rosevelt McKinnon [I9006]7 November 19044 April 1984Rosanna Jane Rosentreter [I3557] 
    McLeanTerry R McLean [I2370]  Valerie Joy Rosentreter [I3977] 
    McLeeryBessie May McLeery [I0468]14 June 1891August 1985Julius A Rosentrater [I0456] 
    McManus**Unknown** McManus [I2207]  Betty Bell Rosentreter [I3876] 
     Josephine McManus [I3457]about 1870before 1980Louis Rosentreter [I3456] 
    McMurtreyVera M McMurtrey [I5859]  Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater [I2670] 
    McPhailJerolyn Gwen McPhail [I2004]  John Marshall Rosentrater [I1879] 
    McVeyAlan E McVey [I5623]about 1884before 1994Anna Pauline Rosentreter [I3714] 
    MeagherWilliam T Meagher [I2915]11 November 18625 December 1930Emma B Rosentreter [I2914] 
    MealsCarolyn A Meals [I2351]5 August 191326 November 1957William (Bill) John Rosentreter [I1910] 
    MecinekGottlieb Franz Mecinek [I2611]about 1841before 1951Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0599] 
    MeerWendy van der Meer [I0444]  Wayne Bryce Rosentreter [I0432] 
    MegaardGunhild Megaard [I3763]about 1900before 2010Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I2417] 
    MehrmannClara Amalie Luise Wilhelmine Mehrmann [I7854]about 184817 July 1911Friedrich Wilhelm August Rosenträger [I7853] 
    MeierHeinrich Ludwig Meier [I8369]about 182211 December 1894Luise Friederike Anna Elisabeth Rosenträger [I8368] 
     Pauline Meier [I4432]about 1867before 1977Gottlieb Rosentreter [I4431] 
    MeifertEdward (Eddie) Meifert [I3806]  Monica Rosentreter [I3805] 
    MeinkowskySophie Hester Meinkowsky [I0189]29 April 192630 August 2019Raymond Karl Rosentreter [I0183] 
    Meisinger**Unknown** Meisinger [I3972]  Patricia Rosentreter [I3971] 
    MeissnerJohann Rudolf Meissner [I5260]18 November 186420 June 1908Anna Rosina Wanda Rosentreter [I4774] 
    MeisterMarianne L Meister [I4071]  Perry Dean Rosentreter [I3834] 
    MelianEd Melian [I2653]  Janice Ann Rosentrater [I5822] 
    MelowDavid Melow [I6309]  Diane Rosentreter [I6308] 
    MenkeHinrich Menke [I2763]about 1774before 1884Mette Rosentreter [I1091] 
    MenkenAnna Menken [I1090]30 September 174223 March 1809Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
    MentzenDorothea Mentzen [I4958]  Alfons Franz Rosentreter [I0694] 
    MenzelAgnes Luise Emma Menzel [I4880]10 May 1852before 1962Carl August Otto Rosentreter [I2324] 
    MergentalerMarie Mergentaler [I7519]about 1874before 1984Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2963] 
    MertensCatharina Mertens [I5331]10 June 160114 June 1664Andreas Rosentreter [I4934] 
     Ilsabe Mertens [I1062]about 1632before 1742Lür Rosentreter [I1060] 
    MessallPaul Julius Messall [I9812]about 1876before 1986Louise Rosina Rosentreter [I2498] 
    MessowMichael Messow [I8545]about 1741before 1851Louise Rosenträger [I8544] 
    MetzelthinMarie Emilie Auguste Metzelthin [I7859]17 August 18742 September 1950Albert Ludwig Fritz Rosenträger [I7858] 
    MeyCarl Mey [I6991]about 1777before 1887Louise Henriette Rosentreter [I2020] 
    Meyer**Unknown** Meyer [I10076]about 1839before 1949Rosa Rosentreter [I10075] 
     Amanda Meyer [I6497]about 1867before 1977Hermann Rosentreter [I6496] 
     August Meyer [I6547]11 September 183124 December 1902Amalie Amanda Rosentreter [I6546] 
     Else Martha Hedwig Meyer [I6726]24 January 1909before 2019Ernst Willi Christof August Rosentreter [I6725] 
     Erdmund Meyer [I6963]about 1824before 1934Christoph Rosentreter [I6962] 
     Fanny Meyer [I0512]11 May 18874 January 1972Otto Rosentreter [I0511] 
     Joan Mary Meyer [I3842]  John (Bert) Frederick Rosentreter [I3841] 
     Luise Maria Bertha Meyer [I7605]11 August 186618 June 1939Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter [I7604] 
     Mette Meyer [I1094]1656before 1766Lüder Rosentreder [I1093] 
     Nathan Meyer [I2870]5 June 18554 August 1936Rose Rosentreter [I2869] 
     Velma Anna Maria Meyer [I3953]16 August 19159 November 1998Harold Emil Rosentreter [I0387] 
     Wilhelmina Meyer [I9206]about 1819before 1929Christoph Rosentreter [I9205] 
     Wilhelmine Johanna Meyer [I6169]about 1786before 1896Georg Friedrich Rosentreter [I1189] 
    MeÿerottenGeske Meÿerotten [I6364]about 1701before 1811Johann Rosentreter [I6363] 
    MeyersElmo Laxton Meyers [I2681]  Helen Susana Rosentreter [I1755] 
     Gertrude E Meyers [I0898]13 February 189912 February 1968Herman Charles Rosentreter [I0863] 
     Gladys Velma Meyers [I1742]25 March 192018 October 2016John Adrian (Bus) Rosentreter [I1741] 
     James William Meyers [I2523]31 January 193215 May 1994