This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

    SurnameGiven NameBirthDeathPartnerParents
    **Unknown****Unknown** [I7565]  Helmut Werner Rosentreter [I7564] 
     Adeline [I8895]1 Mar 1874before 1984 
     Agnes [I0410]about 1653before 1763Georg Rosentreter [I0409] 
     Agnes [I0437]  John Edwin Rosentrater [I0119] 
     Amalia [I3005]about 1856before 1966Frederick Rosentreter [I3004] 
     Andrea [I8606]  Jörg Rosentreter [I0306] 
     Andrea [I8838]   
     Angelina [I6290]about 16573 Feb 1731Johann Jacob Rosentreter [I6291] 
     Anita [I7132]  Kenneth Rosentreter [I7131] 
     Anna [I4661]after 1879before 1989Wilhelm Heinrich Rosentreter [I4656] 
     Anna [I7995]3 Oct 189528 Nov 1972  
     Anna [I7996]3 Oct 189528 Nov 1972Max Hermann Richard Rosenträger [I7994] 
     Anna Catharina [I7254]about 1733before 1843Adam Rosenträger [I7253] 
     Anna Christina [I6074]about 1799before 1909Johann Gottlob Rosentreter [I6019] 
     Anna Luise [I6318]177524 Mar 1832Carl Friedrich Rosentreter [I6319] 
     Anna Margretha [I6289]about 1693before 1803Philip Rosentreter [I6288] 
     Anneliese [I8613]  Gerhard Rosentreter [I8608] 
     Antionette [I6132]  Otto John Rosentreter Jnr [I1765] 
     Becke [I1279]about 16924 Apr 1725Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1278] 
     Berta [I5242]  Alfred Albert Rosentreter [I0980] 
     Bertha [I1053]about 1845after 1900Rudolf Rosentreter [I1052] 
     Bertha [I3388]about 1834before 1944Jacob Rosentreter [I3387] 
     Betty [I6256]  Lester James Rosentrater [I5545] 
     Brittany [I6086]  Josh Rosentreter [I6085] 
     Caitlin [I6122]  Jimmy Rosentreter [I6121] 
     Caroline [I3506]about 1827before 1937**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3505] 
     Catharina [I2806]about 168825 Mar 1743Paul Rosentreter [I2802] 
     Catharina [I7192]about 1631before 1741Hans Rosentreder [I7191] 
     Catharina [I8703]about 1650before 1760Gottfried Rosentreter [I8697] 
     Catharina Dorothee [I6428]about 1703before 1813Michael Rosentreter [I6427] 
     Catharina Margaret [I2026]about 1656before 1766Hans Jacob Rosentreter [I2025] 
     Catherine [I3674]1789Jan 1828Johann (John) Conrad Rosentreder [I1103] 
     Celestine [I9371]about 1854before 1964 
     Cheyenne [I8876]   
     Cäcilie [I4899]12 Nov 18608 Apr 1905 
     Dagmar [I8511]  Udo Rosentreter [I8510] 
     Debbie [I8944]  Walter (Wally) Henry Rosentreter [I3957] 
     Dee [I9171]  Wesley D Rosentreter [I8745] 
     Dorota (Dorothea) [I9322]about 1804before 1914Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9321] 
     Dorothea [I1113]17302 Jan 1818Otto Rosentreder [I1112] 
     Dorothea [I9108]about 1784before 1894Paulus Rosentreter [I9107] 
     Dorothy [I0196]  William Joseph Rosentreter [I1787] 
     Elena Alexandrovna [I2858]about 1888before 1998Sergey Ottovich Rosentreter [I2827] 
     Elisabeth [I1200]161920 Apr 1701Görke Rosentreder [I1198] 
     Elisabeth [I6296]about 1652before 1762Christoph Rosentreter [I6285] 
     Elżbieta (Elisabeth) [I9216]about 1814before 1924Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I9215] 
     Emma [I4908]about 1874before 1984Gustav Rosentreter [I4907] 
     Erin [I8988]  Steven James Rosentreter [I8981] 
     Erna [I3602]about 1905before 2015Vladimir (Waldemar) Karl Rosentreter [I0861] 
     Euphrosina [I7176]about 1755before 1777Michael Rosentreter [I7147] 
     Eva [I3911]  Gary Alan Rosentreter Jr [I1157] 
     Evelyn [I6084]  Elmer Helmuth Rosentreter [I3275] 
     Farrah [I8874]  Lee Rosentreader [I8869] 
     Frida [I4615]about 1905about 1879Max Wilhelm Rosentreter [I4614] 
     Gesa [I8471]  Thomas Rosentreter [I8470] 
     Gloria E [I1839]4 Nov 193515 Jan 2010Alvin Lincoln Rosentreter [I1750] 
     Henriette [I6773]about 1826before 1936Ludwig Rosentreter [I6761] 
     Hilda [I3859]  Gordon Rosentreter [I4589] 
     Hilde [I6516]   
     Ilona [I8779]  Michael Rosentreter [I8762] 
     Jacabina (Josephine) [I1909]8 Nov 18755 Dec 1945Heinrich (Henry) Rosentreter [I1930] 
     Janet [I4127]  Randy Albert Rosentreter [I4125] 
     Janet [I4602]  Terry Rosentreter [I4601] 
     Janice [I4598]  Wayne Rosentreter [I4597] 
     Jean [I8547]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
     Johanna [I1882]11 Jul 1783before 1893Andreas Rosentreter [I1881] 
     Johanna [I3196]about 1839Jan 1876Johann August Rosentreter [I3044] 
     Juanita June [I0281]  John (Jack) Herman Rosentreter [I1747] 
     Julianna [I2362]about 1861before 1971Christoph Rosentreter [I2361] 
     Kai Mei Tao [I6468]  Douglas Benjamin Rosentrater [I5912] 
     Karen [I4386]  Mark Rosentreter [I4385] 
     Karen [I4591]  David Rosentreter [I4590] 
     Kaynika [I2911]  Uwe Rosentreter [I2910] 
     Kimberley [I9172]  Kurt Hans Rosentreter [I8743] 
     Klara [I9159]about 1774before 1884 
     Konrad [I2534]about 1894before 2004Caecilia Rosentreter [I0627] 
     Kordula [I8513]   
     Lesley [I0000]about 1919Charles A Rosentreter [I0508] 
     Linda [I5396]  Wayne Murrey Rosentreter [I2147] 
     Louise M [I3446]about 1813before 1923Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I6172] 
     Lucille [I0979]about 1908before 2018George Raymond Rosentreter [I0553] 
     Lydia [I8896]about 1890before 2000Johann Rosentreter [I2363] 
     Mari [I7198]about 1621before 1731 
     Maria [I8488]about 1636before 1746Paulus Rosentreter [I8487] 
     Maria Elisabeth [I7270]about 1719about 1829Johann George Rosenträger [I7269] 
     Marianna [I0412]about 1631before 1741Martin Rosentreter [I0411] 
     Marianna [I4998]about 1791before 1901Johann (Jan) Rosentreter [I4997] 
     Marianna [I9072]  Kazimierz Rosentreter [I9071] 
     Marianna [I9162]about 1777before 1887 
     Marilyn [I5636]  Wayne Philip Rosentrater [I5758] 
     Mary [I1410]about 1853before 1963Lewis Rosentreader [I1409] 
     Mary [I1507]about 1855before 1965 
     Merly [I4722]  Wayne Curtis Rosentreter [I3586] 
     Mette [I1077]1 Feb 173727 May 1765Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
     Michelle [I8901]  Robert T Rosentreter [I8900] 
     Minna [I4897]about 1854before 1964Eduard Rosentreter [I4896] 
     Natalia Ivanovna [I2876]18951972Alexander Ottovich Rosentreter [I2800] 
     Norma [I2298]  Donald Walter Rosentreter [I2213] 
     Norma [I8928]  Ron Rosentreter [I7130] 
     Olga [I8104]  Ewald Rosentreter [I8107] 
     Pam [I8952]  Paul K Rosentreter [I8951] 
     Pat [I6905]  Frederick George Rosentreter [I3282] 
     Petra [I9077]  Matthias Rosentreter [I8797] 
     Robin [I8910]  Larry Rosentreter [I8909] 
     Rosalie [I4338]Jun 178427 Jul 1878Gottlieb Rosentreter [I4339] 
     Rosana [I6469]  Scott C Rosentrater [I0465] 
     Roswitha [I8607]  Jörg Detlef Rosentreter [I8604] 
     Salome [I1284]about 1722before 1832Hinrich Rosentreter [I1282] 
     Sophia [I7275]about 1724before 1834Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I7276] 
     Steffi [I8037]  Alfred Rosentreter [I8036] 
     Sue [I8932]  Paul Rosentreter [I8931] 
     Susanna [I9323]about 1826before 1862Ludwig Rosentreter [I9319] 
     Susanne Dorothea [I2106]about 177628 Nov 1856Lebrecht Christian Rosentreter [I2105] 
     Sylvia [I4596]  Dennis Rosentreter [I4595] 
     Theodore [I6253]about 1902before 2006Freida Rosentrater [I5591] 
     Theresa [I8683]  Edwin (Eddie) Martin Rosentreter [I1927] 
     Wilhelmina [I0874]about 1849before 1959Peter Rosentreter [I0873] 
    AaronsSarah (Sadie) [I0678]22 Apr 188312 Feb 1908Albert Rosentreter [I0677] 
    AbelDawn Marie [I5072]  Andrew Alec Rosentreter [I5071] 
     Hazel [I9078]  John Louis Rosentrader [I9047] 
     Johann Erdmann [I9391]about 1778before 1888Gertrude Rosentreter [I9390] 
    AbendrothGustav Theodor [I7638]20 Aug 187811 Dec 1911Sophie Auguste Rosentreter [I6649] 
    AbloehClara [I4968]about 1880before 1990August Rosentreter [I4967] 
    AbrahamAlbert William [I4000]23 Apr 19264 Jun 1993Marjorie Rosentreter [I0539] 
     Anna Justine [I9245]about 1826before 1936Johann Gottlob Rosentreter [I5138] 
     Gustina Henriette [I3087]17 Oct 184318 Sep 1917Friedrich (Fredrick) August Rosentreter [I3086] 
    AbshireMary Beth [I2263]  Paul Gregory Rosentreter [I2251] 
    AckermanEdna Madelene [I1452]23 Sep 190422 Mar 1978Philip August Rosentreter [I1445] 
    AckermannJulius Franz Otto [I4612]15 Jul 1862before 1972Bertha Dorothea Rosentreter [I4564] 
    AckerschewskiFridrich Martin [I7686]21 Oct 185527 Apr 1901Anna Rosentreter [I4986] 
    AdamErnestina [I9292]about 1850before 1896Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9291] 
    AdamsBerta Wilma [I6855]11 Nov 193915 Jan 2000Hans Rosentreter [I6854] 
     Hannah (Anna) Maria [I0567]1828before 1938Johann Adolph Rosentreter [I1122] 
     Richard Wayne [I2710]  Linda Ann Rosentreter [I1929] 
    AdamyzkiEsther [I7020]about 1848before 1958Julius Rosentreter [I7018] 
    AdlamAmelia [I6077]5 Oct 1851before 1961Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1131] 
    AdlerKaroline Ernstine [I7393]18742 May 1924Reinhard Hermann Rosentreter [I7394] 
    AhlingNettie Clara [I6133]18991969Otto Gustav Rosentreter [I0864] 
    AhnerAdalbert Robert Paul [I7400]26 Jan 188317 Nov 1934Margarethe Anna Bertha Rosentreter [I7399] 
    AlbaughJoseph Edgar [I5585]5 Apr 192816 Jun 1985Florence Elberta Rosentrater [I0472] 
     Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth [I4082]  Richard Frank Rosentreter [I4081] 
    Albert**Unknown** [I4104]  Grace Rosentreter [I4103] 
    AlbertsonLloyd Gilmore [I2629]about 1905before 2015Frances Charline Rosentreter [I0507] 
    AlbetskiRobert [I2433]about 1895before 2005Anna A Rosentreter [I0884] 
    Albiez**Unknown** [I8509]  Alexandra Rosentreter [I8508] 
    AlbrechtFredericus [I9150]about 1771before 1881Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I9149] 
     Heinrich [I7354]7 Feb 18749 Dec 1940Anna Klara Rosentreter [I7353] 
     Johann [I9392]about 1781before 1891Catharina Rosentreter [I0248] 
     Johann August [I5119]20 Aug 1843before 1953Ernestine Rosentreter [I5118] 
    Alexander**Unknown** [I8955]  Isabelle Rosentreter [I8954] 
     Harry Eugene [I3255]21 Dec 18965 Oct 1949Clara Isabelle Rosentreter [I3254] 
     Ruth Christina [I3260]8 Aug 19137 Jun 1973Walter Louis Rosentreter [I2297] 
     Susan Jane [I3796]17 May 18892 Jul 1984August Emil Rosentreter [I3084] 
    AlffLouise (Lizzy) [I1380]24 Jul 18555 Mar 1930Michael Henry Rosentreter [I1379] 
    AlherEngel [I6885]about 1664before 1774Georg Rosentreter [I6884] 
    AllenAnn E [I5748]  Gary Rosentrater [I8468] 
     Ethel M [I3261]24 Feb 191815 Mar 2004Walter Louis Rosentreter [I2297] 
     Jo Ann [I3853]  Alan Martin Rosentreter [I3852] 
    AllenburgHenrettta [I2486]about 1838before 1948Johann (John) Rosentreter [I2487] 
    AllertBruno Walter Traugott [I6728]3 Dec 1902before 2012Klara Martha Pauline Rosentreter [I6727] 
    AlmendingerDaniel Wayne [I3545]  Marcia Jane Rosentreter [I3544] 
    AlmersMetta Maria [I1191]19 Aug 178813 Jan 1854Hinrich Rosentreter [I1190] 
    AlteBernhard August Fritz [I7484]16 Jul 1880before 1990Elise Anna Rosentreter [I7482] 
    AltenburgJohann [I6630]about 1839before 1949Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6631] 
    AltmanAmelia (Emilie) [I0669]1 Jul 18683 May 1935William Rosentreter [I0668] 
    AmatoRudolph [I2770]  Pauline G Rosentreter [I1820] 
    AmdohrClara Helene Margarete [I7213]4 Jun 187724 Mar 1935Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I0972] 
    Amestica-RodrigeuzBartola [I0315]August Rosentreter-Dittman [I0234] 
    AmundsonNancy Jo [I5742]  Harold Elgart Rosentrater Jnr [I5741] 
    AndersenRyan Paul [I0102]  Sandra (Sandy) Lee Rosentreter [I0084] 
    AndersonEmma [I3089]6 Aug 18742 Jun 1928Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3088] 
     Harold Ward [I4857]18 Dec 19055 Jun 1968Anna (Annie) Louise Rosentreader [I1416] 
     Minnie M [I1374]20 Apr 18914 Dec 1957Michael Henry Rosentrater Jr [I1373] 
     Orville Elbert (Andy) [I2522]14 Aug 192323 Jan 1995Beverly Jane Rosentreter [I1896] 
     Richard [I3230]  Arline (Sissie) June Rosentreter [I3228] 
    AndrewsBrian [I2767]  Myra Pauline Rosentreter [I2152] 
    AnkenyIva Augusta [I1915]4 Dec 187920 Oct 1957Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1914] 
    AnlezarkScott [I8718]30 May 196422 Oct 2017Susan Anne Rosentreter [I0105] 
    ApelViolet [I4594]  Leonard Albert Rosentreter [I4013] 
    ApeltEva [I4226]11 Dec 182121 May 1872Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0424] 
    ApplemanCornelius M [I2750]5 Aug 189027 Feb 1925Martha Rosentreter [I0290] 
    ArendChristian [I8679]about 1801before 1911Dorothea Rosentreter [I8678] 
    ArfmannJürgen [I2434]about 1817before 1927Anna Ahlheit Rosentreter [I1183] 
    ArmknechtDebra J [I1460]  Gerald (Jerry) Kent Rosentrater [I1458] 
    ArmstrongBeverly June [I2153]  Trevor Herbert Rosentreter [I2151] 
    ArndtPaulina [I3009]about 1865before 1975Jan Rosentreter [I3008] 
    ArnholdGeorg Franz Bruno [I8233]1 Nov 187525 May 1946Wilhelmina (Minna) Anna Auguste Rosenträger [I8231] 
    ArraujoLouis (Sonny) [I2786]  Susan Regina Rosentreter [I0982] 
    AshbyStephanie [I8956]  Todd Michael Rosentreter [I4121] 
    AsmusHermann Adolf Richard [I8165]27 Jan 1883before 1993Hedwig Wilhelmine Louise Rosentreter [I8164] 
    AsmussenSophia Gottlieb [I1959]about 1723before 1833Joachim Friederich Michael Rosentreter [I1951] 
    AtchisonLillian Louise [I3721]Jun 1894before 2004Peter William Rosentreter [I0520] 
    AtkinsonMurray [I4859]  Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [I1417] 
     Susan A [I9054]1 Dec 194710 Jul 2009Larry Virgil Rosentrader [I9053] 
    AuerhannSolly (Sol) [I7535]29 Sep 1885May 1963Rosa Rosentreter [I4946] 
    AugustCaroline [I4266]1875before 1985Benjamin Rosentreter [I4265] 
    AugustinOtto Christoph [I8994]10 May 190226 Dec 1986Elfriede (Frieda) Rosentreter [I8993] 
    AvannKathleen Joan [I3730]7 Apr 192810 Aug 2004Edward Gordon Rosentreder [I3729] 
    AylwardPatricia Ann [I6973]  Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr [I1152] 
    AyresRobert Gene [I9022]  Elaine Rosentrater [I5825] 
    BabijMichael [I4147]after 1910before 2020Stefanie Olga Rosentreter [I4138] 
    BachHenriette Friederike Hulda [I2637]16 Nov 184619 Feb 1913Karl August Rosentreter [I2636] 
    BaggeJensine Sofie Mathilde [I1332]about 186624 Jul 1895Thorvald Ludolf Carl Vilhelm Rosentrætter [I1330] 
    BahnemannEmma Wilhelmine Amalie [I7368]6 Jun 187729 Dec 1940Robert Reinhard Rosentreter [I7369] 
    BahnickRosalia Amalia Concordia [I5731]about 1794before 1904Christoph Benjamin Rosentreter [I5730] 
    BahnikLouise [I4231]about 1857before 1967Emil Rosentreter [I4230] 
    BahrAlwine [I6747]about 1868before 1978Johann Rosentreter [I6746] 
    BaileyChelsea (Catherine) [I8760]  Jon Paul Rosentreter [I8759] 
     Justin [I2701]  Kathryn Shiree Rosentreter [I0831] 
    BailjeCatharina [I1934]about 1634before 1744Arentsz Rosentreder [I1933] 
    BakerFrank Joseph [I2438]22 Sep 18771 Oct 1951Anna Elisabeth (Annie) Rosentreter [I1669] 
     Lena Louise [I1023]1 Sep 18975 Aug 1974Leon (Leo) Jerome Rosentreter [I1018] 
     William D [I5666]  Georgia Sue Rosentreter [I4072] 
    BalesPaul [I2512]  Annette Robin Rosentreter [I2154] 
    Balitzki**Unknown** [I7591]  Else Rosentreter [I7590] 
    BalkeHenriette Wilhelmine [I6820]about 182116 Jul 1882Karl Heinrich Ferdinand Rosenträger [I7954] 
    BallardCharles [I8687]  Janet L Rosentreter [I8686] 
    BallasMichael (Mike) [I3195]  Holly Joy Rosentreter [I3194] 
    BallmersAdelheit Catharine [I1118]25 Aug 179229 Jan 1861Johann Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1117] 
    Balvanz**Unknown** [I4381]  Melissa Rosentreter [I4380] 
    BammerChristian Friederich Wilhelm [I8260]11 Sep 1855before 1965Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [I8245] 
    BammertChristian Friedrich [I8533]about 1783before 1893Alma Louise Rosenträger [I8532] 
    BangertKarl [I7127]  Lydia Rosentreter [I7126] 
    BanksMarie (Annie) [I0452]2 Jan 187013 Dec 1964Julius A Rosentrater [I0456] 
     William [I3749]  Joan Beatrice Rosentreder [I3748] 
    BanseMarie [I7547]19 Jun 1891before 2001Emil Ernst Gustav Rosentreter [I7546] 
    BaranowskaMarie [I1518]22 Dec 1884Feb 1985Edward Walton Rosentreter [I1519] 
    BaresDonald L [I4068]  Cheryl Lynn Rosentreter [I3838] 
    Barkenhagelin**Unknown** [I7067]about 1740before 1850Eleonora Rosentreter [I7066] 
    BarkowskiSophie Elisabeth [I7468]7 Sep 187125 Dec 1939Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter [I7467] 
    BärmannWalter Erich [I7419]22 Jun 1899before 2019Luise Erna Walli Rosentreter [I7418] 
    BarnardDenise Lynn [I4458]  Roger Dean Rosentreter [I0223] 
    BarnesWilliam [I3685]about 1810before 1920Sarah Rosentreder [I3677] 
    BarrionuevoMildred [I1989]  George James Rosentrater [I0687] 
    BartelsCaroline Wilhelmine [I6919]about 187514 Dec 1840Ludolph Justus von Rosentreter [I5768] 
     Dorothea Elisabeth [I0757]173612 Mar 1800Andreas Rosentreter [I2168] 
     Wilhelmine [I7810]about 1800before 1910Ludwig von Rosentreter [I7809] 
     Wilhelmine Friederike Luise [I5646]30 Jul 1879before 1989Gustav Emil Robert Rosentreter [I5645] 
    BarteltFanny [I2826]2 Feb 1871about 1905Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2825] 
    BartenKaroline [I6743]about 1863before 1973Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6742] 
    BarthIda Emma [I0218]18 May 190722 Nov 1978John Paul Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0216] 
     Nikolaus [I6283]after 1728before 1838Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [I6282] 
    BartonGrace Adeline [I3825]  James (Jimmy) Martin Rosentreter Snr [I1892] 
    BartuschCharlotte Anna Maria [I1621]13 May 1888before 1998August Joseph Rosentreter [I1620] 
    BartzEmma Luise [I5307]2 Jan 18922 May 1969Ernst Hermann Otto Rosenträger [I5303] 
    BashfordDouglas [I8749]  Gretchen A Rosentreter [I8748] 
    BaudeFriedrich Richard [I5735]10 Nov 1830before 1940Henriette Maria Louise Rosentreter [I5734] 
    BauerBarbara [I2952]about 1816before 1926Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2951] 
     Bertha Wilhelmine Louisa [I0266]9 Apr 188418 Feb 1923Carl Otto Rosentreter [I0112] 
     Gustav [I4445]about 1879before 1989Mathilde Rosentreter [I4290] 
     Herman August [I3311]28 Feb 188330 Jun 1950Hilda Pauline Rosentreter [I1428] 
    BauixLuise Emilie [I9091]184220 Jun 1921**Unknown** Rosentreter [I9092] 
    Baum**Unknown** [I2930]about 1894before 2004Martha Rosentreter [I2929] 
    BaumanJames David [I3428]3 Apr 191923 Sep 2003Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [I3427] 
     Susanna [I1738]27 Jan 186216 Sep 1946Paul Peter Rosentreter [I1737] 
    BaumannArnold [I3624]9 Jan 190716 Aug 1981Pauline Julia Rosentreter [I3623] 
    BaunmillerKatherine M [I1825]6 Jul 187118 May 1933Anthony Paul (Paul) Rosentreter [I1826] 
    BausdorfWilhelm [I7747]about 1830before 1940Caroline Wilhelmine Pauline Rosentreter [I6383] 
    BayneCindy [I6411]  Devin Alexander Rosentreter [I4091] 
    BeamWalter M [I5934]about 1869before 1979Flora Rosentreter [I3452] 
    BeasleyDebbie [I6264]  Ashley Rosentreter [I6263] 
     Lillian Margaret [I0613]30 May 18938 Oct 1987Albert John Rosentreter [I0395] 
     Victoria Ruth [I0614]4 Aug 18957 Jun 1987Alexander Paul Rosentreter [I0396] 
    BebendorfRaymond Arthur [I1013]  Kerry Ann Rosentreter [I0042] 
    BeckerAmalie [I9246]about 1828before 1938Michael Rosentreter [I9247] 
     Christian Friedrich August [I8244]16 Apr 184630 Mar 1912Emma Luise Anna Rosenträger [I8243] 
     Christian Gottfried [I2594]about 1821before 1931Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2158] 
     Jerry F [I9027]9 Jun 193824 Aug 2010Angela (Angie) Sue Rosentreter [I5867] 
     Johann Christian Gottfried [I2798]about 1813before 1923Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I2157] 
     Johann Friedrich [I2476]about 1823before 1933Friederike Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I2096] 
    BeckhusenHinrich [I2541]about 1656before 1766Catharina Rosentreter [I1199] 
    BecknerJeanne Lois [I0192]26 Aug 192316 Jan 2007James Merle Rosentrater [I0130] 
    BederAuguste [I2474]5 Apr 185327 Oct 1927Friedrich (Frederick) Ernst Rosentreter [I2428] 
    BeerbaumAnna Regina Dorothea [I2089]11 Sep 17955 Apr 1875Carl Friedrich Rosentreter [I2088] 
     Johann Christian [I2777]about 1764before 1874Regine Dorothee Rosentreter [I2264] 
     Regina Maria [I1960]about 1772before 1882Johann Michael Friederich Rosentreter [I1950] 
    BeesieHeather Lynn [I6935]  Eric Donald Rosentrater [I5658] 
    BegalkeAndreas [I4444]about 1851before 1961Anna Christine Rosentreter [I4443] 
    BehlauEmma Marie [I4663]22 Apr 18681945Gustav Adolph Rosentreter [I4655] 
    BehmWilhelmine Friederike Christine Louise Ernstine [I6186]10 Oct 1850before 1960Eugen August Robert Rosentreter [I6185] 
    BehmeRobita Lydia [I1017]22 Sep 18695 Jun 1961Gustave (Gus) Edward Rosentreter [I1016] 
    BehmerVivian E [I3523]28 Jul 190920 Apr 1995Otto Henry Rosentreter [I3522] 
    Behnke**Unknown** [I6375]about 1823before 1933Eva Rosine Rosentreter [I5100] 
     August [I2462]about 1889before 1999Anna Regina Rosentreter [I1639] 
     Catharina [I1606]about 182324 Jan 1859Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601] 
     Maria Anna [I1605]17 Jul 1866before 1976Johann Bernhard Rosentreter [I1604] 
    BehrendtCaroline Ottilie [I1614]3 May 18461917Johann Rosentreter [I1613] 
     Gustav Charles [I5809]about 1906before 2006Agnes Magdalena (Lena) Rosentrater [I5554] 
     Joseph [I2614]about 1879before 1989Elisabeth Agnes Rosentreter [I1574] 
     Leo Aloys [I2590]18891972Catharina Hedwig Rosentreter [I1645] 
     Mathilde Rosalie [I9383]about 186325 Mar 1923Joseph Rosentreter [I0684] 
    BehrensCharlotte Louise Gesine [I6216]18581878Andreas Friedrich Rosentreter [I1130] 
    BehringAuguste Marie Anna [I7361]25 Sep 1878before 1988Jakob Bernhard Rosentreter [I7360] 
    BehrndAuguste [I0206]about 1809before 1919Jacob Rosentreter [I0205] 
    Beijkirch**Unknown** [I0356]  Julio Eduardo Rosentreter-San Martin [I0333] 
    BeimfohrSiegfried [I3279]17 Jun 19144 Apr 1996Edna Lillian Rosentreter [I3274] 
    BelSophie Luise [I8059]181220 May 1886Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8058] 
    BellHenriette Auguste Caroline [I5423]14 Aug 185010 Nov 1914Wilhelm Hermann Gustav Rosenträger [I8264] 
     Howard Delane [I5630]  Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [I1990] 
     Leanne Margaret [I2042]  Karl Leslie Rosentreter [I0184] 
    BellewConnie Frances [I5633]  William Rosentrater [I5631] 
    BellmFrances Ann [I4392]  Gerald Edwin Rosentreter [I4105] 
     Theresa Marie [I6097]  Donald Dewayne Rosentreter [I3950] 
    BelowLuise Auguste Helene [I5300]7 Jul 188721 Dec 1914Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger [I5299] 
    BeneckeAnna Marie Gertrud [I7820]28 Apr 1891before 2001Franz Willy Hermann Rosenträger [I7819] 
    BenjaminWoodrow E [I5547]20 Mar 19166 Mar 1985Gretchen Dolly Elisabeth Rosentrater [I5543] 
    BenkeBeate [I4409]about 1830before 1890Ludwig Rosentreter [I4408] 
     Lois Fay [I3830]  Bennie August Rosentreter [I3652] 
    BennertJohanne Wilhelmine [I7767]about 1818before 1928Karl Philipp Rosentreter [I7766] 
    BennettGeorge Frederick [I3175]about 1893before 2003Edith Sophia Rosentreter [I3176] 
     Hazel [I6188]  Edward (Ed) Rosentreter [I4540] 
    BensonKathie Maureen [I4053]  Rodney Alvin Rosentreter [I3584] 
    BenthinMargaret [I0440]16 Oct 1904before 2014 Otto F Benthin Matilda Louise Emilie Rosentreter
     Otto F [I0493]about 1875before 1985Matilda Louise Emilie Rosentreter [I0003] 
    BentschneiderWilhelmine Sophie Friederike [I8381]about 1824before 1934Carl Rosenträger [I8380] 
    BenwayPatty [I6512]  Richard (Rich) Rosentreter [I4075] 
    BergAnna Maria Louise [I2236]about 178828 Sep 1862Johann Andreas Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2237] 
     Ida Auguste [I6719]29 Mar 1898before 2008Erich Otto Rosentreter [I6718] 
     John William [I8950]  Kelly Jo Rosentreter [I8949] 
     Julius [I2753]22 Dec 1882before 1992Martha Rosentreter [I1236] 
    BergerKäthe [I6759]20 May 1900before 2010Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6758] 
     Simon [I2635]about 1850before 1960Henrietta Rosentreter [I2634] 
    BergmannJulius Bernhard [I6063]16 May 187923 Jul 1942Marie Louise Rosentreter [I5981] 
     William James [I5581]9 Aug 193811 May 1987Elaine Rosentreter [I3640] 
    BerkholzDorothea [I7959]about 1834before 1944Christian Rosenträger [I7958] 
    BerkowskyErnst Walter [I7509]12 Mar 1902before 2012Anna Auguste Berta Rosentreter [I7508] 
    BerlinFriedrich Wilhelm [I8201]27 Nov 1867before 1977Auguste Wilhelmine Pauline Rosenträger [I8200] 
    BerndtAmalie [I4232]about 1865before 1975Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4225], Ludwig Braun [I4358] 
     Heinrich [I4357]1838before 1948Emilie Rosentreter [I4356] 
    Bertetto**Unknown** [I4170]  Linda Rosentreter [I4169] 
    BertramsAnna [I4935]3 Aug 164621 Dec 1710Andreas Rosentreter [I4934] 
    BesselJohann Gottlieb [I6920]about 1794before 1904Louise Henriette Rosentreter [I2020] 
    BestAmy Rue [I6109]  Rick Rosentreter [I4393] 
    BethgeKarl Gustav [I7239]4 Feb 1847before 1957Dorothee Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I7237] 
    BethkeChristoph [I8493]19 Dec 182430 Jul 1904Beatte Rosentreter [I8492] 
     Emma Martha Ida [I5378]26 May 187316 Jan 1949Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich Martin Rosenträger [I5377] 
     Ferdinand (Fred) [I3481]18851916Theresa Rosentreter [I0439] 
     Paul [I8728]about 1809before 1919  
    BettieHenrietta [I2562]about 1849before 1959John Rosentreter [I2561] 
    BeullBarbara Louise [I5667]10 Aug 19229 Oct 2004Robert Edward Rosentreter [I3558] 
    BeutlerMichael [I2491]1820before 1930Anne Justine Rosentreter [I2490] 
    BeutnerCharles William [I3372]28 Sep 1886Feb 1958Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [I3371] 
    BevinsNancy Lynn [I5820]  Jeffrey (Jeff) John Rosentrater [I5804] 
    BeyerJohann Friedrich [I4451]about 1771before 1881Dorothea Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I4160] 
    BidwellSusanne Marie [I0067]  Ariel Walter Rosentrater [I0052] 
    BiedermannAnton [I4969]8 Jan 1872before 1982Auguste Rosentreter [I4766] 
    BiedlerMichael [I4952]21 Sep 1825before 1935Louise Rosentreter [I4951] 
    BierdemansJohanna Henriette Christine [I7144]about 1710before 1820Christian Gotthelf Rosentreter [I2015] 
    BiermanLevie [I2755]about 1887before 1997Martha Maria Rosentreter [I0094] 
    BiernackaAnna Marianna [I6218]about 1798before 1908Johann Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6217], Johann Wilhelm Glaeser [I5330] 
    BierwagenGottlieb [I2793]about 1829before 1939Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I2989] 
    BigalkeElisabeth [I0242]17675 Jan 1829Daniel Rosentreter [I0240] 
    BiglerWillis John [I3219]21 Jul 192114 Oct 2003Ellen Mae Rosentreter [I3218] 
    BiltgenRoy W [I3620]20 Sep 191413 Jan 1997Eudora Mae Rosentreter [I3619] 
    BingeliusLudovicus Albertus [I6867]about 1726before 1836Maria Anna Rosentreter [I6866] 
    BlackAdeline Alvena [I3197]23 Dec 187312 Aug 1927Andreas (Andrew) Rosentreter [I3198] 
     Naomi Verna [I0011]29 Nov 19183 Apr 1984George William Rosentreter [I0008] 
    BlackingtonDonna Marie [I5292]  Gary Lee Rosentrater [I3236] 
    BlackwellThomas Francis [I3916]13 Jan 196116 Jan 2002Lisa Joan Rosentreter [I3596] 
    BlakeAnna [I3163]23 Apr 186711 Jul 1945Emil R Rosentreter [I3051] 
    BlanchardGeorge Fredrick [I3960]23 Dec 192514 Sep 1968Elizabeth Augusta Rosentreter [I3959] 
    BlankCarl Friedrich Rudolph [I2518]about 1859before 1969Auguste Sabine Henriette Rosentreter [I0211] 
    BlankenburgHelmut Erich Herbert [I6577]8 Dec 1899before 2019Herta Rosentreter [I6576] 
     Minna Bertha [I7882]14 Jan 1907before 2017Arthur Bruno Hermann Rosenträger [I7881] 
    BlankenshipKyle [I7204]  Dawn Rosentreter [I1845] 
    Blech**Unknown** [I5582]  Pauline Rosentreter [I4259] 
    BleckOttilie Auguste [I6753]2 Oct 187818 Dec 1954Hermann Eduard Johann Rosentreter [I6752] 
    BledeHarold Leland, Snr [I2381]11 Oct 19135 Mar 1998Goldie Ravenna Rosentrater [I1472] 
    BlochGottlieb [I6376]about 1841before 1951Eva Rosine Rosentreter [I5100] 
    BloomeWilliam John [I2723]  Margaret Rose Rosentreter [I0413] 
    BlouckEmilie Karoline [I4574]25 Mar 188123 Nov 1954August Rosentreter [I1315] 
    BlüwernickAuguste Emilie [I0854]28 Jan 185524 Aug 1912Carl Gustave Rosentreter [I0853] 
    Boatman**Unknown** [I4206]  Carol Rosentreter [I4205] 
    BochowGertrud Therese Johanna [I7387]  Erwin August Moritz Rosentreter [I7386] 
    BodeWilhelmine Albertine Louise (Minnie) [I0100]30 Dec 186112 Jun 1907August Benjamin Rosentreter [I0097] 
    BoehmAlice Joanne [I1107]24 Jun 192211 Dec 2010Elmer Adam Rosentreter [I0417] 
     Anna [I6237]about 1764before 1874Johann Rosentreter [I6236] 
    BoekerBenjaman [I3399]29 Dec 18992 Dec 1954Alma Caroline Rosentreter [I3185] 
    BoelkeMaria Dorothea Gottliebe [I8396]about 17737 Sep 1835Joachim Rosenträger [I8395] 
    BoenteEvelyn Bernadine [I1809]27 Sep 19242 Mar 1995Harold Edwin Rosentreter [I0638] 
     Laura [I9176]  Ryan Rosentreter [I9174] 
    BoetzerBernice V [I9025]29 Apr 191511 Dec 2010Clarence Arnold Rosentreter [I3118] 
    BogaczWlodzimierz [I2731]19261999Maria Marta Rosentreter [I1801] 
    BogerEmma Anna Alma [I8226]16 May 1888before 1998Max Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8223] 
    BöhlkeErenstena (Ernstine) [I0348]20 Jun 184516 Dec 1911Ludwig (Lewis) Rosentreter [I0347] 
    BohmCarl Friedrich Wilhelm [I8848]about 1864before 1974Hermine Ernestine Auguste Ida Rosenträger [I8622] 
     Luise Charlotte [I7357]31 May 1877before 1987Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I7356] 
    BohndorfAndreas Heinrich [I7278]5 Oct 185916 Feb 1909Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter [I7277] 
    BoitzenPeter [I6869]about 1640before 1750Entgen Rosentret [I6868] 
    BölckeAnna [I8390]about 1783before 1903Christian Rosenträger [I8389] 
    BöldickeAnna Caroline Helene [I8198]26 Apr 186115 Mar 1927Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8197] 
    BoldtWilhelmine Dorothee [I5471]9 Apr 184527 Jan 1927  
    BollingerRobert [I1286]21 Dec 1909before 2019Emma Cecilia Rosentreter [I1285] 
    BollmannJohann Bernhard [I6305]about 1757before 1867Johanne Dorothee Sophie Rosentreter [I6304] 
    BölterAnna Rosine [I7657]about 1821before 1931Martin Rosentreter [I7658] 
     Luise [I6525]185625 Feb 1907Julius Rosentreter [I6532] 
    BolzinEva Catharina [I6861]about 1771before 1881Johann Peter Rosentreter [I6860] 
    BomberskiAndreas [I6462]about 1799before 1910Dorothea Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6463] 
    BomkampChristina Marie [I0414]3 Jun 189121 Apr 1974Peter Joseph Rosentreter [I0394] 
    BonatzAnna Sophia [I1938]1 May 178231 Aug 1844Martin Friedrich Johann Rosentreter [I1964] 
     Gottliebe [I2103]about 178015 Oct 1807Martin Rosentreter [I2102] 
    BonauKarl [I6486]about 1855before 1965Emilie Rosentreter [I6485] 
    Bond**Unknown** [I3936]about 1892before 2002**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3937] 
    BoothRyan [I8980]  Ashley Rosentreter [I4279] 
    BorawskiJulie [I7167]about 1840before 1950Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I4629] 
    BorchardtJane Rosella Nell [I3588]  Harry Emil Rosentreter [I3407] 
    BörcheltCarl Heinrich Joseph [I2466]4 Nov 1831before 1941Emilie Caroline Henriette Rosentreter [I2219] 
    BorchertGottfried [I2464]about 1765before 1875Anna Regina Elisabeth Rosentreter [I2205] 
    BorkowskiPeter Christoph [I4286]about 1776before 1886Juliana Regina Rosentreter [I4284] 
    BorkowskyOtto Karl Franz [I7936]15 Nov 188027 Jun 1928Ida Anna Hedwig Rosenträger [I7935] 
    BorlakTheresa Rosalie [I0434]Dec 184625 Apr 1908August Rosentreter [I0433] 
    BornscheinFerdinand Otto [I7494]27 Mar 1868before 1978Bernhardine Auguste Rosentreter [I6807] 
    BorowskiHermann [I5988]1 Jan 1868before 1978Maria Catharina Rosentreter [I1682] 
    BorschkeAdalbert [I2444]about 1863before 1973Anna Magdalena Rosentreter [I1716] 
    BortoliNatasha [I2057]  Peter Charles Rosentreter [I1249] 
    BöseClaus [I4698]174910 Jun 1815Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [I4697] 
     Nicolaus [I6171]about 1724before 1834Anne Margreta Rosentreter [I6170] 
    BotheLeopold August [I3054]23 Dec 183928 Jun 1929Catharina Rosentreter [I3055] 
    BottJim [I6024]  Janet Lynne Rosentreter [I0013] 
    BöttcherAlbertine [I7716]5 May 187411 Apr 1941Gustav Rosentreter [I7717] 
     Eva Rosina [I6393]17853 Oct 1840Stanislaus Christoph Rosentreter [I6392] 
     Maria [I0743]1710before 1820Johann Joachim Rosentreter [I1956] 
     Wilhelm [I7753]about 1835before 1945Marie Dorothea Friederike Rosentreter [I7752] 
    BöttjerHinrich [I3801]21 Feb 188418 Mar 1969Louise Rosentreter [I3800] 
    BowenWilliam [I5595]30 Jul 191028 May 1969Madeline Rosentrater [I0454] 
    BowtellTina Louise [I8579]  Michael William Rosentreter [I8578] 
    BoydMelvin Leroy [I1499]30 May 191017 Jun 1979Pauline Lillian Rosentreter [I1483] 
    BoyerRobert [I8639]  Tamara Rosentreter [I4395] 
    BozaValentinus (William) [I2696]about 1881before 1991Josephine M Rosentreter [I0286] 
    BradenThomas R [I3713]about 1874before 1984Anna Pauline Rosentreter [I3714] 
    BranchDianne [I4600]  Ken Rosentreter [I4599] 
    BrandTracy [I1425]  Barry J Rosentreader [I1424] 
    BrandenburgLuise Rosalie [I7286]17 May 18606 Apr 1943Johann Rosentreter [I7287] 
    BrandtAlbertine Wanda [I9341]about 1868before 1978Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9340] 
     Carl Louis [I6541]9 Jan 1850before 1960Ernstine Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [I6540] 
     Emma [I4877]about 1874before 1984Gustav Rosentreter [I4876] 
     Matilda C [I5559]5 Apr 188111 Jan 1912Gustav (Gust) Rosentrater [I5533] 
    BraschKoppel Karl [I2857]14 Jun 18315 May 1905Henriette (Gittel) Rosentreter [I2856] 
    BratschFriedrich (Franz) [I7150]about 1807before 1917Caroline Rosentreter [I7149] 
    BraunAnna Justina [I3364]1819before 1929Christoph Rosentreter [I3363] 
     Julianne [I6027]about 1809before 1919Johann Rosentreter [I6026] 
     Linda Lee [I5600]  Philip Leon Rosentrater [I1974] 
     Ludwig [I4358]1864before 1974Amalie Berndt [I4232] 
    BraunsPeter Christian Friedrich [I4285]about 1776before 1886Juliana Regina Rosentreter [I4284] 
    BrawleyKenneth E [I2711]  Lisa D Rosentreter [I0907] 
    BredeChristine [I5097]about 1802before 1912Jacob Rosentreter [I5098] 
    BredenburgJohann [I2409]about 1700before 1810Alke Rosentreter [I1163] 
    BreitkreuzAnna Krystyna [I9106]about 1784before 1984Michael Rosentreter [I9105] 
    BremKreszenz [I7406]8 Apr 1882before 1992Adolf Georg Johann Rosentreter [I7405] 
    BremerJulius Richard [I7016]about 1873before 1983Alwine Auguste Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I7015] 
    Brendicke**Unknown** [I2139]about 1768before 1878Ernst Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I2138] 
    BrenningstallGrace [I5763]2 Dec 193126 Jul 1996Robert E Rosentreter [I3629] 
    BrettschneiderKarl Martin [I7829]30 Jul 1867before 1977Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [I6841] 
    Brier**Unknown** [I9100]  Christa Maria Rosentreter [I9099] 
    BrisskeWilhelmine [I7280]about 1836before 1946Christoph Rosentreter [I7279] 
    BritzweinEmilie [I5643]about 1850before 1960Hermann Rosentreter [I5642] 
    BrockCaroline Louise Henriette [I5737]about 1814before 1924Friedrich Rosentreter [I5736] 
     Johanne Henriette [I7151]16 Feb 1774before 1884Carl Heinrich Rosentreter [I2214] 
    BrockmannTheodor Friedrich August [I4966]14 Aug 1895before 2005Erna Rosentreter [I4965] 
    BrodersonBertha [I1901]8 Sep 187216 Jul 1963Charles Robert Rosentreter [I1900] 
    BronkallaBernhard [I2615]about 1892before 2002Elisabeth Helena Rosentreter [I0626] 
    BrophyKevin [I6567]  Wendy Denice Rosentreter [I6566] 
    BroseHedwig Natalie [I5927]11 Apr 1886before 1996Herbert Bruno Rosentreter [I2505] 
     Otto [I6652]about 1846before 1956Auguste Rosentreter [I6651] 
    BrotzkiHelene Franziska [I6717]3 Nov 188528 Apr 1947Ernst Alfred Rosentreter [I6716] 
    BrownArthur Richard [I2757]about 1906before 2016Mary Elizabeth Rosentreter [I0506] 
     Debra Louise [I2526]  Leslie John Rosentreter [I2454] 
     John William [I4581]25 Jun 191327 Mar 1976Sarah (Sadie) Rosentreter [I4576] 
     Johnny D [I4065]  Donna June Rosentreter [I3816] 
     Sarah Ann [I8675]  Ian Rosentreter [I4094] 
    BruckeWilhelmine [I2574]about 1850before 1960Christoph Rosentreter [I2573] 
    BruderJohannes [I2700]about 1832before 1942Katharina Rosentreter [I2294] 
    BrüggemannMax Hermann Julius [I7294]16 Feb 187315 Aug 1945Marie Gertrud Rosentreter [I7293] 
    BrügmannAndreas Thomas [I2489]28 Nov 1826before 1936Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [I1630] 
     Eva [I1595]about 178511 Jan 1853Johannes Rosentreter [I1594] 
    BrügnerMaria Charlotta [I6306]about 1756before 1866Christian Gotthelf Rosentreter [I2014] 
    BrünjesBerta Johanna [I1140]22 Jul 185117 Jan 1926Otto Christian Rosentreter [I1139] 
    BrunnemannAnna Louise [I8366]25 Jul 176910 Oct 1851Friedrich Rosenträger [I8360] 
     Frieda Luise Alwine [I5444]30 Jul 187723 Jan 1958August Adolf Friedrich Rosentreter [I5443] 
     Ida [I8204]about 1831before 1941Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8203] 
    BuchCarolina [I9360]about 1865before 1975Gottfried Rosentreter [I0201] 
    BuchholzLydia [I0430]25 Dec 190023 Feb 1973Ludwig Rosentreter [I0429] 
     Stanislaus [I2742]about 1887before 1997Maria Theodosia Rosentreter [I0622] 
    BucklerLeona Rosella [I0195]25 Jun 19118 Oct 1996Edward James Rosentreter [I1785] 
    BucoveMaurice (Morris) [I4622]15 Jul 190915 Aug 1959Henriette (Rietta) Mignon Rosentreter [I3199] 
    BuczynskiMichael [I8998]  Jessica Rosentreter [I8997] 
    BuddArthur Elijah [I3703]1888before 1998Edith Florence Rosentreder [I3702] 
    BufeRinehart C [I0741]28 Mar 190212 Oct 1985Minnie Louise Rosentreter [I3037] 
    BuhlertWilhelm [I3327]about 1879before 1989Anna Rosentreter [I3326] 
    BukofskiStanislava (Stella) [I3304]about 1878before 1988Paul Rosentreter [I3303] 
    BukovacJanice [I6083]  Roger L Rosentreter [I6082] 
    BullardFloyd Alton [I3667]20 Sep 192418 Jan 2008Ruby Esther Rosentreter [I0120] 
    BullnerAugust Bertrand [I2373]about 1837before 1947Christine Marie Rosentrætter [I1339] 
    Bunger**Unknown** [I2780]about 1851before 1961Rosalia Ursula Rosentreter [I0580] 
    BüngerAndreas [I2455]about 183213 Feb 1864Anna Maria Rosentreter [I1662] 
     Josef [I2730]about 1838before 1948Maria Rosentreter [I1789] 
     Joseph [I6536]24 Sep 1849before 1961Maria Rosentreter [I6537] 
    BurckelFranciscus [I6843]about 1775before 1885Anna Barbara Rosentreter [I6842] 
    BurderGustav Nickolas [I5587]7 Dec 188827 Sep 1954Hulda C Rosentreter [I5586] 
    BurdickJohn [I5871]  Nancy Ann Rosentreter [I0383] 
    BurgerEvelyn Marie [I1808]5 Jul 19247 Nov 1958Harold Edwin Rosentreter [I0638] 
    BurgschweigerMarie Amalie [I4584]10 Aug 1835before 1945Carl Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4566] 
    BurkeMarjorie Ellen [I4126]31 Mar 193526 Feb 2013Albert William Rosentreter [I0374] 
    BurmeisterJoachim Heinrich Friedrich [I2705]10 Jan 186916 Dec 1945Leokadie Rosentreter [I0204] 
    BussAnna Luise [I0988]1823before 1933Michael Rosentreter [I0987] 
     Anna Marianne [I0293]about 1765before 1875Gottlieb (Gottlob) Franz Rosentreter [I2072] 
     Johann [I6490]about 1873before 1983Florentine Rosentreter [I6489] 
    BusseAnna Julianna [I9268]about 1836before 1946Fransiscus (Franz) Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9266] 
     Hermann Friedrich [I8263]20 Dec 1850before 1960Wilhelmine Friederike Karoline Rosenträger [I8262] 
    BusselMarianna [I3007]about 1796before 1906Bogumil Rosentreter [I3006] 
    BussianEmma [I0222]14 Jul 188425 May 1976Johann (John) Karl August Rosentreter [I0220] 
     Paul F [I3761]about 1888before 1998Elizabeth Ida Rosentreter [I3168] 
    BusslerAnna Marianna [I5687]about 1765before 1875Gottlieb Peter Michael Rosentreter [I3773] 
    Büthner-ZawadzkiJan [I2429]about 1750before 1860Anna Rosentreter [I1692] 
     Jan [I2626]about 1753before 1863Eva Catharina Rosentreter [I0477] 
    ButterworthValmae Nola [I0151]  Mervin George (George) Rosentreter [I0270] 
    ButzerKatharina [I9084]184214 Mar 1919**Unknown** Rosentreter [I9085] 
    ByramMary Beth [I4681]  Marcus J Rosentrater [I2006] 
    CamietMarie Luise Elisabeth [I2185]about 181514 May 1896Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I2181] 
    Campbell**Unknown** [I3978]  Valerie J Rosentreter [I3977] 
    CampeMarie [I3268]about 182920 Apr 1887Otto Fridrich Rosentreter [I1121] 
    CannonIrma Theresa [I1026]14 Jun 19027 Nov 1976George Washington Rosentreter [I1021] 
    CarkinDonna [I7199]  Vail Rosentreter [I1842] 
    CarmodyMichael Eugene [I2401]about 1907before 2017Adrienne Lucille Rosentreter [I1694] 
    CarrascoEllie [I0696]  Nathan John Rosentreter [I0035] 
    Carrasco RosentreterElijah Reign [I0697]   Nathan John Rosentreter Ellie Carrasco
    CarrollDavid (Jethro) [I0894]  Julie Ann Rosentreter [I0746] 
    CarterGlester S [I2602]  Dorothy Louise Rosentreter [I1897] 
    Casey**Unknown** [I8516]  Ingrid D Rosentreter [I8515] 
    CaspariOlga Magdalene [I7331]15 Feb 187425 Oct 1943Rudolf August Rosentreter [I7328] 
    CassickJohn O [I5828]13 Jun 190421 Apr 1987Ottile L (Tillie) Rosentrater [I0460] 
    Cea ToroLuis Armando [I3877]  Dominique Alexandra Rosentreter González [I0355] 
    ChallMichael [I6918]about 1786before 1896Eva Rosentreter [I6917] 
    ChamberlainBetty Jean [I0161]29 Dec 192721 Oct 2015Paul Jonathan Rosentrater [I0104] 
    ChapmanAgnes Naomi [I3598]3 Oct 19203 Jan 1989Jessie Lee Rosentreter [I3467] 
    CharlsonMelissa I [I4184]  Gregory James Rosentreter [I3846] 
    ChekalaGetrude C (Trudy) [I6249]  Frederick (Fred) William Rosentrater [I5546] 
    ChiassonKristy [I8462]  Colin Rosentreter [I8461] 
    ChiracostaAnna [I0116]  Peter John Rosentreter [I0064] 
    ChristensenLinda Grace [I3247]  Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter [I0442] 
    ChristiansenHans [I2378]8 Aug 190224 Feb 1950Lillian Louise Rosentrater [I1403] 
    ChristofferGeorge [I6477]about 1716before 1826Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6476] 
    ChristophersenToby Alexander [I4677]  Simone Carla Rosentreter [I4642] 
    ChrzenowskiJohn [I3964]about 1870before 1980Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [I3371] 
    CiżmowskaAnastasia [I0619]1 Mar 188315 Apr 1953Adalbert Jozef Rosentreter [I0618] 
    ClarkeErwin Nelson [I5810]2 Feb 191912 Jul 1977Luella Grace Rosentreter [I1431] 
    ClausbruchJohann Heinrich Friedrich Cramer [I6073]3 Jun 1871before 1981Paula Valerie Marie Rosentreter [I6071] 
    ClaycombRichard Stephen [I4854]20 Oct 191920 Mar 1969Goldie Mabel Rosentrader [I4855] 
    ClemensPaulina [I9318]about 1842before 1881Walenty (Valentine) Rosentreter [I1520] 
    ClynesThomas Godfrey [I3766]17 May 1881before 1991Katharine Marie Rosentreter [I1443] 
    CohnBenhard [I2365]30 Sep 1880before 1990Flora Rosentreter [I2364] 
    Cohn RosentreterRita Raquel, de Silberman [I2366]   Benhard Cohn Flora Rosentreter
    ColeJudy R [I1864]  Darwin Lavern Rosentrater [I1863] 
    ColegroveMildred Marie [I0082]5 Jun 188823 Nov 1976Fred Charles Rosentrater [I1464] 
    ColemanSandra Gayle [I5914]   
    CollinsDeann Louise [I8982]  Steven James Rosentreter [I8981] 
     Geoffrey William [I0055]  Vicki May Rosentreter [I0155] 
     Ina S [I1758]15 Jan 189413 Oct 1925Frank Albert Rosentreter [I1756] 
     Sheila [I3743]  Kevin G Rosentreder [I3742] 
    ComptonRuth Odessa [I3607]3 Aug 191728 Dec 1998Arnold Otto Rosentreter [I0513] 
    ConradDorothee Anna Regine [I5608]21 Jan 181621 Jan 1884Martin Friedrich Rosentreter [I1941] 
    ConradiErnst Richard [I7487]27 Jan 18849 Dec 1915Else Gertrud Frieda Rosentreter [I0268] 
    ConwayHelen [I3533]Jun 189123 Sep 1936Charles Herman Rosentreter [I3529] 
     John H [I3177]  Lydia Rosentreter [I3178] 
    CookMichael Kenneth [I5387]  Alice (Allie) Marie Rosentreter [I5159] 
    Copeland**Unknown** [I9052]  Mary Rosentrader [I9051] 
     Alyssa [I8768]  Bryan Rosentreter [I8769] 
    CordesMetta Adelheit [I0656]about 1836before 1946Wilhelm (William) Rosentreter [I1123] 
    CornetCristy [I8635]  Douglas Rosentreter [I4394] 
    Correa MacchiabelloGilberto [I6700]  Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares [I6636] 
    Correa RosentreterFrida [I6702]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Gilberto [I6706]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Leslie [I6705]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Marisol Helga [I6703]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Oscar [I6701]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
     Solange [I6704]   Gilberto Correa Macchiabello Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares
    CorthymMargarethe Dorothea Elisabeth [I4933]4 Dec 168215 Oct 1717Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I4932] 
    CosgraveChristopher Joseph [I3746]17 Apr 192110 Apr 2013Olive Rosentreder [I3747] 
    CoweyNicholas [I2620]  Emily Louise Rosentreter [I0829] 
    CoxMary Catherine [I3420]7 Nov 192625 Jun 2020Richard Dean Rosentreter [I3211] 
    CrainJulius [I3606]about 1910before 2020Marie Rosentreter [I3242] 
     Julius Quenton [I4519]22 Jul 190021 Mar 1978Marie Rosentreter [I3909] 
    CrandallMargaret Marie [I1484]15 Aug 190612 Jan 1996Bruno Oscar Rosentreter [I1482] 
    CraneCharles Stevens [I3536]30 Sep 193915 Mar 1999Deanna Lou Rosentreter [I3535] 
    CrawfordWanda Mae [I1385]23 Aug 192714 Apr 2010Lavern Howard Rosentrater [I1377] 
    CrosbyEddie Duane [I4015]  Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [I0191] 
    CroskeyGerald [I3869]  Doris Ann Rosentreter [I1823] 
    CrowMarsha L [I4183]  Mark John Rosentreter [I3840] 
    CrutchfieldSarah Annette [I5911]  Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater [I2670] 
    Cuevas-RosentreterKeneth David [I8423]   Carlos Cuevas-Salas Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
    Cuevas-SalasCarlos [I8444]  Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz [I8425] 
    CunninghamRyan [I6472]  Shannon Rosentrater [I6471] 
    CunningtonIsabella Letitia [I0017]5 Feb 190724 Dec 1964Edwin Eric (Ted) Rosentreter [I0057] 
     Pearl [I0145]191519 Apr 1966Leslie Leonard Rosentreter [I0253] 
    CurtisMichael [I5669]  Leslie Rosentreter [I5668] 
    CushingRoy [I2746]about 1895before 2005Anne Marie Rosentreter [I1761] 
    CutlerFlorence Isabelle [I3225]7 Jan 190428 Apr 1979Russell L Rosentreter [I3223] 
    CzaikowskiMax Thomas [I6795]6 Mar 1886before 1996Martha Auguste Rosentreter [I1312] 
    CzerszynskiErnestina Dorothea [I5249]19 Oct 1865before 1975Johann Martin Rosentreter [I5701] 
    CzewynskaMarein Ernestine [I4872]about 1883before 1993 
    DaebelBertha Anna Amanda [I7225]22 Feb 18733 May 1903Oskar Franz Rosenträger [I7224] 
    DaeumichenIda Emma Agnes [I7209]4 Jul 18692 Mar 1906Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I0972] 
    DahlkeWilhelmine [I9344]about 1851before 1961Ambrosius Samuel Rosentreter [I0849] 
    DahringAlice Jean [I8680]  Clifford Dale Rosentreter [I8546] 
    DalkeRosina [I9122]about 1782before 1892Michael Rosentreter [I9121] 
    DalmerArnold [I4580]20 Aug 190518 Mar 1962Nellie Martha Rosentreter [I1773] 
    DammHermann Karl Gustav [I5985]9 Aug 185927 Sep 1940Frieda Marie Caroline Anna Rosentreter [I5984] 
    DammnitzHenriette Wilhelmine [I7917]about 1864before 1974Richard Hermann Adolf Rosenträger [I7916] 
    DamnitzCarl Wilhelm August [I8242]7 Mar 184631 Oct 1916Henriette Friederike Rosenträger [I8241] 
    Daneliak?Stanislaw [I4447]about 1879before 1989Rosalie Rosentreter [I4446] 
    DangeBernard Heinrich [I7705]21 Nov 1882before 1992Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [I5399] 
    DanielKlara [I0985]28 Feb 188313 Feb 1956Julius Friedrich Rosentreter Snr [I0984] 
    DannemannIsrael Hugo [I6832]21 Mar 18748 Jan 1941Emma Dorothea Johanna Rosenträger [I6831] 
    DaudermannHans Adam [I6883]about 1695before 1805Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I6882] 
    DäumlingGottlieb [I2552]about 1836before 1946Emma Auguste Rosentreter [I2242] 
    DavidLisbeth Hedwig Berta [I7340]18 Nov 1904before 2014Erich Hans Rosentreter [I7339] 
    DavidsonArthur Joseph Bowman [I2714]23 Jan 187728 Mar 1951Louisa Martha (Minnie) Rosentreter [I0856] 
    DaviesDorothy Greenleaf [I3289]28 Apr 19154 Oct 1988Ernest William Rosentreter [I3288] 
    DavisEdward James [I4858]about 19111976Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [I1417] 
     Jason Ray [I7724]  Leslyann Rosentreter [I7723] 
     Leana [I5968]  Richard (Rick) Lynn Rosentrater [I1459] 
    De BruinRoelof John (Ralph) [I3349]23 Aug 19109 Jun 1986Evelyn Gladys (Evie) Rosentreter [I3348] 
    De LisenEmma Hermine [I0124]7 Jul 191522 Mar 2003Walter (Wally) Joshua Rosentreter [I0194] 
    De ReeseAnna [I1210]about 171029 Apr 1741Hinrich Rosentreter [I1203] 
    De WildeBryan Eugene [I2392]  Beulah Jean Rosentrater [I1973] 
    Dean**Unknown** [I4208]  Karen Rosentreter [I4207] 
     Winifred Bessie [I3745]  Frank Rosentreder [I3744] 
    DeauncyBarbara June [I0063]  Ivan Eric (Reg) Rosentreter [I0099] 
    DedoSteven [I3550]  Corryn Rosentreter [I0004] 
    DehnkeAugust Carl, Snr [I2563]10 Aug 18587 Jun 1920Loiuse (Julie) Sophie Rosentreter [I1478] 
    Deimwiddie**Unknown** [I3434]about 1856before 1920Johanna Rosentreter [I3433] 
    DekertAugusta Wilhelmina [I9231]about 1824before 1934Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9230] 
    DelkusAnna Emma [I4173]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4172] 
    DemkeKarl Friedrich Hermann [I4970]30 Jun 1855before 1965Auguste Marie Mathilde Rosentreter [I2323] 
    DemskiPaul [I9081]Mar 1909Sep 1945Frieda Rosentreter [I9080] 
    DennisDarrell Arlene [I1397]25 Jun 191916 Dec 2005Harold Michael Rosentrater [I1375] 
    DessinKarl Gustav [I6424]3 Dec 18519 Aug 1901Minna Amalie Antonie Rosentreter [I6423] 
    DeutschmannCaroline Wilhelmine Charlotte [I7231]about 18126 May 1886Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I7230] 
    DevleeschouwerMadeleine [I8999]about 1907before 2017Kurt Israel Rosentreter [I4495] 
    DexlerIrmgard [I5286]27 Apr 19342016Orville Rosentreter Snr [I3413] 
    Díaz-MuñozElisa Inés [I8443]  Augusto Rosentreter-Olivares [I0312] 
    DickehageJeffrey Dean [I5629]  Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [I1990] 
    DieballOtto [I3510]3 Apr 187316 Nov 1931Hulda Rosentreter [I3386] 
    DieckhoffMarie Elise Martha [I8237]24 Oct 189811 Feb 1971Paul Carl Oscar Rosenträger [I8236] 
    DierkeAnna Maria [I6230]about 18042 Jan 1868Johann Maass [I6229] 
    DietzSusanna [I4797]  Georg Rosentreter [I4796] 
    DietzemöllerKarin [I8601]about 1940after 1963Heinze Rosentreter [I6435] 
    DillinFrank Madison [I2377]22 Mar 189610 Jun 1979Mary Louise Rosentrater [I1468] 
    DillonAlma Jane [I8696]  Gary Ernest Rosentrater [I5913] 
    DimkeJohanne Friederike Eleonore [I0946]about 1816before 1926Johann Michael Rosentreter [I0945] 
    DittmanWilhelmine [I0111]18156 Nov 1886Johann Rosentreter [I0101] 
    DittmannCarl Wilhelm Adolph [I8167]31 Jan 185525 Jun 1897Marie Wilhelmine Hermine Rosentreter [I8166] 
    DittrichJulia [I4711]6 Oct 1849before 1959Fedor Rosentreter [I2799] 
     Julia [I5277]about 1856before 1966Theodore Alexander Rosentreter [I5274] 
    DixonLaurie Jo [I5288]  Orville Rosentreter Jnr [I4100] 
     Lawrence Nazzareno [I5057]  Virginia Julie Rosentreter [I5055] 
    DlugasFlorentine Marie [I5367]  Walter Gustav Karl Rosenträger [I5366] 
    DlusakThekla [I3238]29 Aug 188011 Feb 1969Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2564] 
    DmitirevaFeodosija [I4807]about 1876before 1986Julius Rosentreter [I4806] 
    DobrasiakSofie [I4137]8 Apr 190924 Jan 1989Stefan Rosentreter [I4136] 
    DodtGertrud Elisabeth [I1208]171313 Oct 1790Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I1207] 
    DöhringDorothea Regine Henriette [I8011]about 183319 Aug 1911Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8010] 
     Henriette Gottliebe Karoline [I5319]about 1837before 1947Christoph Friedrich Rosenträger [I5318] 
    DojahnPaul [I2733]about 1875before 1985Maria Anna Rosentreter [I1617] 
    DomkeJohanna [I0707]about 1779before 1889Michael Rosentreter [I0706] 
    DomnitzHenriette Wilhelmine [I7870]28 Jun 185217 Apr 1937Julius Albert Hermann Rosenträger [I7869] 
    DonLoiusa [I5199]about 1834before 1944August Rosentreter [I5200] 
    DonateeBre [I6208]  Chris Rosentreter [I6207] 
    DonnellyMolly Gladys [I3902]10 Feb 19033 Jul 1953**Unknown** Rosentreter [I3901] 
    DonnerEmilie Albertine Pauline [I1527]2 May 18479 Jan 1889Karl Ludwig Rosentreter Snr [I1223] 
     Emilie Auguste Otillia [I0897]4 Sep 18669 Oct 1938Gustave Carl August Rosentreter [I0896] 
    DöringEmilie [I7222]about 1855before 1965Friedrich Rosenträger [I7221] 
     Hermann [I8414]about 1880before 1990Emma Marie Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I5472] 
     Pauline [I1542]25 Jun 188219 Nov 1976Herman Rosentreter [I1430] 
    DornJustine Barbara [I6986]about 17634 Oct 1863Ludwig Rosentreter [I6985] 
    DornsWilliam [I2904]about 1856before 1966Henriette Rosentreter [I2905] 
    DossmannMartha Helena [I7165]6 Jan 1896before 2006Georg Karl Rosentreter [I7164] 
     Regine Caroline [I7938]about 1854before 1964Friedrich Rosenträger [I7937] 
     Wilhelmine Auguste Helene [I7826]11 May 18798 Aug 1928August Friedrich Karl Rosenträger [I7825] 
    DoveFrederick A [I3857]  Doreen Rosentreter [I6332] 
    DovelHerbert A [I2895]20 Mar 188122 Jul 1973Louise Clementine Rosentreter [I0349] 
    DowsettLydia Mary [I6331]  Alfred Andrew Rosentreter [I0563] 
    DraegerErnestine [I9307]about 1855before 1965Carl Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5904] 
    DrägerHenriette [I7330]about 1847before 1957Michael Rosentreter [I7329] 
     Olga Helene [I9370]about 1874before 1984Carl Rudolf Rosentreter [I9369] 
    DrägertWilhelm Karl Heinrich [I7667]20 Apr 1856before 1966Mathilde Pauline Rosentreter [I7666] 
    DraheimErich Paul [I6749]12 Mar 1902before 2012Minna Else Rosentreter [I6748] 
    DrakeEverett Elmer [I4861]6 Jun 18948 Apr 1968Leona Almeda Rosentreader [I1415] 
    DraperJames D [I2600]29 Jun 19511 Aug 2005Donna Jean Rosentreter [I0009] 
    DravesWilliam F [I5908]13 Sep 184423 Jan 1912Ernestine Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2314] 
    DregerOlga [I8647]about 1900before 2010Artur Rosentreter [I8646] 
    DreilichKlementyna (Clementine) [I9365]about 1871before 1981Augustyn (August) Rosentreter [I9364] 
    DrewischOtto Wilhelm [I5473]22 Jul 1883before 1993Emma Marie Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I5472] 
    DrewsLoretta Jule [I0005]10 Apr 192923 Jul 2010James Clyde Rosentreter [I0001] 
    DroysenFranz Wilhelm Oskar Theodor [I5925]about 1885before 1995Brunhilde Grete Rosentreter [I2503] 
    Drummond-BrownHarold [I2619]10 Jan 188920 Oct 1954Elsie L Rosentreter [I1439] 
    DubinskyEdward A [I8972]27 May 19178 Aug 1972Phyllis Rae Rosentreter [I3635] 
    DuckwitzJürgen [I2399]1708before 1818Margareta Rosentreder [I1260] 
     Rebecka [I1099]about 1713before 1823Conrad Rosentreder [I1098] 
    DuengerMinna [I7139]30 Apr 18448 Dec 1913Julius Rosentreter [I3059] 
    DuesterhoeftRobert [I4354]1896before 2006Rosalie Rosentreter [I4242] 
     Wilhelmine [I4368]about 1848before 1958Gottfried Wilhelm Rosentreter [I4367] 
    DufferHelen Luiegene [I1977]  Ronald Roy Rosentrater Snr [I0688] 
    DufnerCheryl Lynn [I6594]  Victor Ray Rosentreter [I4166] 
    DuganEdward [I2776]about 1896before 2006Regina Jennie Rosentreter [I0397] 
    DulsJohann Hinrich [I6078]about 1755before 1865Gesche Rosentreter [I1114] 
    DumarackiPaul [I2544]about 1835before 1945Maria Magdalena Rosentreter [I1653] 
    DumdeiRosina [I1498]11 Mar 183528 Jun 1900Ernst Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1497] 
    DummerVeronica Elisabeth [I0092]3 Dec 1874before 1984Joseph Albert Rosentreter [I0924] 
    DunbarJune Lee [I1030]  George Cannon Rosentreter [I1029] 
    Duncan**Unknown** [I3906]  Patricia Faye Rosentreter [I1743] 
    Dunkel**Unknown** [I8092]about 1845before 1955Auguste Rosenträger [I8091] 
    DunlapMatilda (Tillie) J [I3253]14 Apr 188819 Jan 1959Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3088] 
    DunnEllen Rose Nellie [I1783]Oct 18821953Joseph Charles Rosentreter [I1782] 
     Mae [I1450]about 189619 Dec 1956Fredrick (Fred) Schiff Rosentreter [I1442] 
    DuntekenCathrina [I1065]16618 Mar 1721Lüer Rosentreter [I1063] 
    DüringEmma Marie Elise [I6732]14 Jul 1904before 2014Otto Erich Rosentreter [I6731] 
    DüserhoftMarie Hedwig [I7711]about 1888before 1998Karl August Rosentreter [I7712] 
    DussachMathilda [I2909]about 1828before 1938Jeade Rosentreter [I2908] 
    DüsterhoeftFranz [I4916]about 1757before 1829Anna Justine (Justina) Rosentreter [I4915] 
    DusterhoftWilhelminia [I3333]about 1852before 1962Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3332] 
    DüsterhöftOttilie Friederike [I4716]20 Sep 1855before 1965Rudolph Rosentreter [I4715] 
    DüsterwegWilhelmine [I4686]26 Mar 1831before 1942Ferdinand August Rosentreter [I4685] 
    DuweRobert Karl [I5246]30 Jul 1867before 1977Louise Julia Rosentreter [I2319] 
    DwerhagenGesche [I1097]about 1684before 1794Johan Rosentreder [I1096] 
    DymmelMartha [I2924]about 18741917Adolf Rosentreter [I2923] 
    DzikówAnna [I4983]1794before 1904Bogusław Rosentreter [I4981] 
    EastmanGary Gilbert [I8942]  Sharon Ladene Rosentreter [I3537] 
    EberleinElise [I8035]about 1896before 2006Alfred Rosentreter [I8034] 
    EbersonAlexander A [I3437]May 1854before 1964Fannie W Rosentreter [I3438] 
    EbertEdward J [I2422]Jul 1878May 1966Klara Hellena Rosentreter [I2414] 
     Rudolf Ferdinand Heinrich [I7593]30 Jan 18785 Feb 1946Maria Regine Rosentreter [I7592] 
    Eberz**Unknown** [I6785]  Lisa Rosentreter [I6784] 
    EckeLouis Karl Arthur [I6055]14 Jan 186626 Mar 1905Emma Erdmunda Rosentreter [I6054] 
    EckertJohanne Luise [I5640]26 Jul 18371 May 1882Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3034] 
    EckmanDavid Todd [I4089]  Laura (Lori) Celeste Rosentreter [I4084] 
    EckstädtCharlotte Albertine [I0935]about 1785before 1895Joachim Friedrich Rosentreter [I0934] 
    EggersDaniel [I7789]  Tania Rosentreter [I7788] 
    EggertWilhelm Franz Ludwig [I5652]about 1866before 1976Emeline Ernestine Rosentreter [I5651] 
    EggestorffRegina [I1945]1741before 1851Joachim Friedrich Ludwig Rosentreter [I1944] 
    EglerLuise [I7458]about 1855before 1965Carl Philipp Oskar Rosentreter [I7457] 
     Luise Anna Auguste [I5122]28 Jun 185526 May 1922Carl Ferdinand Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I5121] 
    EhingerBertha Louise [I3291]2 Mar 18801968John Oscar Rosentreter [I2655] 
     Caroline (Carrie) Freiderica [I5059]21 Jul 18775 Jun 1908Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter [I2652] 
    EhrendreichJohann Christian Friedrich [I2641]about 1822before 1932Caroline Marie Elisabeth Rosentreter [I2640] 
    EhwaldAnna Ilse [I6223]  Richard Rosentreter [I6222] 
    EichenPauline Virginia [I1751]25 Jun 192921 Nov 2010Alvin Lincoln Rosentreter [I1750] 
    EichhorstMartha Bertha Helene [I0272]24 May 1896before 2006Oswald Reinhold Ernst Rosentreter [I0271] 
    EikenhorstCharlotte [I3343]10 Oct 18576 Oct 1937Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I1055] 
    EinbeckJohann Gustav Karl [I7848]6 Sep 188212 Nov 1940Louise Wilhelmine Emilie Rosenträger [I7847] 
    EisenVictoria Evangeline [I0177]  Eugene Charles Rosentreter [I0174] 
    EisnerSuzanne Carol [I2051]19 Dec 193913 Feb 2018Gary Paul Rosentrater [I2049] 
    ElftmannChristoph [I3145]about 1800before 1910Anne Rosine Rosentreter [I3144] 
    EllisonCharles [I2768]about 1883before 1993Nellie Marcy Angela Rosentreter [I0288] 
    ElsnerClara [I7296]24 May 185915 Apr 1941Heinrich Rudolf Rosentreter [I7295] 
     Erna Ida [I7367]7 Apr 1903before 2013Werner Walter Bruno Rosentreter [I7366] 
     Ottilie [I5653]about 1887before 1997Julius Rosentreter [I5654] 
    EmsmannFriederike Auguste [I2276]about 1818before 1928Carl Friedrich Christian Rosentreter [I2275] 
    EnderbyThomas [I8753]  Erika P Rosentreter [I8752] 
    EnnisBrenda Bronwell [I0448]4 Aug 194010 Dec 2006Michael Donald Rosentrater [I0447] 
    ErbChristian Friedrich [I8536]11 Jan 17856 Feb 1871Anna Regine Rosenträger [I8535] 
     Elisia [I8291]about 1793before 1903Christian Rosentreter [I8290] 
     Johann [I2465]about 1825before 1935Henriette Rosentreter [I2449] 
     Johann Joachim Christian Friedrich [I2631]about 1815before 1925Friederike Henriette Rosentreter [I2156] 
    ErbeAuguste Louise Therese [I4826]about 1861before 1971Johann Gustav Rosentreter [I4825] 
    ErbgutEmma Louise [I8992]7 Mar 187725 Oct 1972Freidrich (Fritz) K Rosentreter [I3561] 
    ErdgangAdolfine [I5452]about 1889before 1999Albert Rosentreter [I5451] 
    ErgangEduard [I4355]1874before 1984Melitta Caroline Rosentreter [I4237] 
    ErpAnna Louise Dorothea Gottliebe [I8338]about 1803before 1913Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I8339] 
    ErstlingAnna Auguste Wilhelmine [I7824]18 Sep 187426 Jan 1951Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Rosenträger [I7823] 
    EschMartha Margaret [I1421]9 May 192522 Nov 2007Orval Benton Rosentreader [I1419] 
    EschlerMargaret [I4153]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
    Espe**Unknown** [I6688]about 1850before 1960Louise Rosentreter [I6667] 
    EspinozaAlejandro [I0323]about 1885before 1995Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica [I0314] 
    Espinoza RosentreterJuana Guillermina [I0325]10 Dec 1902before 2012 Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
     Lidia [I0324]  Oscar Rojaz Wells [I0327]Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
     Oscar [I0322] Alejandro Espinoza Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica
    EspositoFranco [I2691]  Joan Beverley Rosentreter [I0068] 
    EuePeter [I2784]1799before 1909Dorothea Sophia Rosentreter [I2104] 
    EupoferOscar [I3093]about 1878before 1988Ida Rosentreter [I1449] 
    EvansLeigh [I1078]  Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter [I0087] 
    EverettMarjorie Catherine [I9048]12 Jul 191626 Mar 1973John Louis Rosentrader [I9047] 
    EversJohann Friedrich [I6330]about 1772before 1882Rebecka Rosentreter [I1167] 
    EversoleMike [I4122]  Jeanine Ann Rosentreter [I4120] 
    EwaldAmalie [I6544]18377 Feb 1924Eduard Rosentreter [I6543] 
    FagerLinda A [I1834]  John R Rosentreter [I1833] 
    FahyDelores Ann [I8934]3 Nov 19429 Nov 1995Richard Henry Rosentreter III [I3955] 
    FairRobert B [I5661]  Donna J Rosentrater [I5660] 
    FaissJohanna [I2283]about 1812before 1922Laurenz Rosentreter [I2282] 
    FalauxGaston [I9001]20 Dec 19195 May 1992Yvette Rosentreter [I9000] 
    FarmerSteve, II [I2394]  Debra Sue Rosentrater [I1395] 
    FastnowEmma Louise [I3562]6 Jan 18843 Sep 1931Heinrich Gottlieb (Hank) Rosentreter [I0499] 
    FaustmannJohann Gottlieb [I5035]3 Jan 1848before 1958Louise Rosentreter [I5033] 
    FechterFranz [I3485]18951971Alwine Rosentreter [I3066] 
    FeddenKate (Lucy) [I3455]about 1834before 1944Albert John Rosentreter [I3454] 
     Lücke Margrete [I1136]31 Jul 1819before 1929Johann Albrecht Rosentreter [I1127] 
    FedorMichael [I6137]7 Nov 19124 Sep 2004Lydian Matilda Rosentrater [I5540] 
    FedrigoAmello Fredrick [I5813]  Dora Lou Rosentreter [I1766] 
    FedtkeFranz Albert [I2589]about 1858before 1968Catharina Elisabeth Rosentreter [I1609] 
    FeigeLeon [I2718]18 Jan 19071 Dec 1984Lydia Rosentreter [I0961] 
    FeilerEva [I7555]14 Mar 18744 Feb 1948Paul Franz Rosentreter [I7554] 
    FeinsteinLeon A [I8974]about 1888before 1998Frida Rosentreter [I8973] 
    FeldmanHeinrich August Johann [I2785]31 Aug 18841 Dec 1966Sophie Louise Rosentreter [I0144] 
     Karl Hermann Paul Charles [I3231]26 Jul 18901 May 1971Elbertine Caroline Charlotte Rosentreter [I0149] 
    FelioGail Marie [I5089]17 Dec 194916 Jun 2011Eugene Phillip Rosentreter [I1922] 
    FelsFriedrich August [I7912]7 Feb 1885before 1995Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger [I7911] 
    FelsmannErnestine Wilhelmine [I6533]181714 Jul 1897Johann Rosentreter [I6534] 
    FentonRegina Mary [I0911]26 Oct 19063 Aug 1967Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr [I1674] 
    FergusonElizabeth [I5993]about 1825before 1935Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3790] 
    FernandezStefan [I4682]  Bethany L Rosentrater [I2007] 
    FerryLillian [I2045]  Paul Rosentrater [I2044] 
    FesslerGinger Rose [I5577]  August (Augie) Edward Rosentrater [I5576] 
    FettyRuth Margaret [I0605]5 Feb 191924 Nov 2009Robert Dean Rosentreter [I0346] 
    FickMaria Dorothea [I8566]about 17562 Oct 1810Christian Ernst Rosenträger [I8567] 
    FickeMaria Gesine [I1142]23 Jan 18918 Jun 1984Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I3803] 
    FickenJohn [I2605]about 1834before 1944Anna Rosentreter [I2581] 
    FieberPaul Karl Georg [I7543]15 Jun 188916 May 1957Anna Marie Luise Rosentreter [I3575] 
    FiedlerBrett [I2791]  Tracie Lee Rosentreter [I0747] 
    FiegeBertha [I3637]28 May 189611 Mar 1973Kristof Rosentreter [I3636] 
    Figer?Elisabeth [I8794]  Aloys Rosentreter [I8793] 
    FilegerIrene Lucille [I5548]15 Dec 19337 Feb 2012Floyd Edward Rosentrater [I0471] 
    FilesFloyd Alfred [I2380]19 May 19051 May 1971Elsie Rebecca Rosentrater [I1471] 
    FinckErnst Julius Richard [I2699]about 1847before 1957Karoline Hermine Pauline Auguste Rosentreter [I2355] 
    FineMark Jeffrey [I5671]  Robin Dale Rosentreter [I5670] 
    FingMax Ernst [I1227]about 1891before 2001Anna (Annie) Rosentreter [I0079] 
    FinkenGevert [I2442]about 1816before 1926Anna Gesine Rosentreter [I1192] 
    FirlMaria Elisabeth [I5721]about 1765before 1801Christoph Rosentreter [I5695] 
    FischerElsie Irene [I3907]26 Jul 190910 Dec 1969Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr [I1674] 
     Ilene Alison [I5665]  Samantha Lynn Rosentrater [I5664] 
     John [I5827]22 Nov 189420 May 1972Martha Rosentrater [I0475] 
     Karoline [I7655]about 1840before 1950Christoph Rosentreter [I7654] 
     Maria Elisabeth [I2128]23 Aug 1798before 1908Matthias Rosentreter [I2127] 
    FisherEmma Kathryn [I1894]6 Nov 19031 Nov 2001Morton (Norman) Carl Rosentreter [I1893] 
     John Walter [I4050]  Julie Anne Rosentreter [I3832] 
     Julianna [I4064]  Weldon Ray Rosentreter [I3827] 
    FittingLudwig [I2477]about 1816before 1926Sophie Dorothea Albertine Rosentreter [I2081] 
    FitzhenryEdith Estelle [I3600]8 Aug 19243 Jan 1954Ben Gus Julius Rosentreter Jnr [I3465] 
    FitzmannErnestine Wilhelmine [I1268]1809before 1919Johann Rosentreter [I1267] 
    FixenAnna Sophie [I5894]18342 Jul 1908Peter Rosentreter [I5893] 
    FlahartyEarl F [I8926]6 Jun 188930 Aug 1974Myrtle Augusta Rosentreter [I1916] 
    FleckensteinWalter (Wally) Andrew Valerius [I2759]31 Jan 191130 May 1994Maybelle (Mabel) Marie Rosentreter [I0836] 
    FletcherMelinda [I4277]  Mark Frederick Rosentreter [I4199] 
    FlickingerCherylee (Cheryl) Dawn [I6405]  Donald Raymond Rosentreter Jnr [I3227] 
    FlugradLilli [I5449]6 Jan 190915 Mar 1946Alexander Rosentreter [I5450] 
    FockGertrud Liesbeth [I6439]  Helmut Rosentreter [I6434] 
    Foellner**Unknown** [I7805]about 1850before 1960Pauline Marie Auguste Rosentreter [I6148] 
    FolleherCatharina [I1660]17871 Jul 1854Michael Rosentreter [I1659] 
     Elisabeth Thecla [I1627]14 Sep 1801before 1911Adam Rosentreter [I1626] 
    FooteMarilyn L [I9061]  Larry Virgil Rosentrader [I9053] 
    ForbesDiana K [I4109]  James Donald Rosentreter [I4108] 
    FordKevin Andrew [I3915]  Cindy Lynne Rosentreter [I3597] 
    ForrestO [I2683]about 1875before 1985Henrietta Rosentreter [I1448] 
    FörsterlingFriederike [I5987]3 Feb 184020 Jul 1915August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5986] 
    ForstreuterAmalie [I8677]183715 Jan 1872Johann Emil Rosentreter [I6614] 
    FortikDoris E [I1418]16 Aug 190228 Jun 1992Loren Kenneth Rosentreader [I1414] 
    FoseJohn William [I2627]10 Nov 188018 May 1946Flora Rosentreter [I1858] 
    Fowler**Unknown** [I4175]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4176] 
    FowlesElizabeth [I3444]about 1854before 1964Otto George Rosentreder [I3128] 
    FrameJill [I6120]  Rodney James Rosentreter [I6119] 
    FranchonOttilie Bertha Emma [I6891]24 Nov 184917 Sep 1917Christoph Wilhelm Heinrich Rosenträger [I6890] 
    FrankBernice Elaine [I4077]27 Dec 192322 Mar 2016Howard William Rosentreter [I3209] 
     Elise Emilie Auguste [I7643]11 Aug 1888before 1998Paul Friedrich Rosentreter [I1309] 
    Franke**Unknown** [I7814]about 1826before 1936Emilie Rosentreter [I7813] 
     Alma Alwine Emilie Wilhelmine [I5944]8 Jun 18762 Sep 1921Carl Paul Willy Rosentreter [I5943] 
     Georg [I2630]about 1794before 1904Friedericke Rosentreter [I2074] 
    FränkelLeonie Therese [I7644]22 Dec 18971 Jan 1972Isaac Rosentreter [I4786] 
    FrantzSophie Marie Friederike [I6875]13 Oct 185612 Mar 1887August Wilhelm Otto Carl Rosenträger [I5381] 
    FranzKarl Friedrich Wilhelm [I5354]10 Sep 1867before 1977Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [I5353] 
    FrauendorfErnst Karl [I8121]11 Apr 187612 Nov 1922Ida Anna Rosentreter [I8120] 
    FreemanWilliam E [I8968]9 Mar 18795 Apr 1958Amanda H Rosentreter [I2482] 
    FregerAntoni [I9211]about 1787before 1897Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5723] 
    FreitesCharles W [I2437]about 1876before 1986Anna Christine Rosentreter [I2340] 
    FrenchVera [I3601]  David Arthur Rosentreter [I1890] 
    FreySabina Rae [I1972]  David Mark Rosentrater [I1971] 
    FriedlaenderHedwig [I7537]18 Feb 1891before 2001Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I7536] 
    FriedrichEmilie Wilhelmine [I4234]about 1859before 1969Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr [I0380] 
     Karl Hermann Otto [I7946]3 Jun 1896before 2006Elfriede Marie Gertrud Rosenträger [I7945] 
     Rosina [I2124]about 1794before 1904Christoph Rosentreter [I2123] 
    FriedrichsAnna [I5976]about 1614before 1725Jacob Rosenträger [I5975] 
    FrieseJoachim [I8554]about 1729before 1839Regina Rosenträger [I8534] 
     Johanna Elise [I5327]22 Mar 187522 Jan 1950Max Moritz Richard Rosenträger [I5326] 
     Maria Dorothea Katherine [I7241]about 176118 Dec 1839Andreas Rosenträger [I7240] 
    FriesickeHermann Rudolf Wilhelm [I8252]26 May 1851before 1961Ida Louise Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8251] 
    FrieskeMartha Hedwig [I6724]12 Oct 1899before 2009Paul Karl Albert Rosentreter [I6723] 
    FriskeBeata [I3013]about 1837before 1947Christian Rosentreter [I3012] 
     Franz [I6734]11 Sep 1900before 2010Gertrude Anna Rosentreter [I6733] 
    FritschPaul [I8457]about 1899before 2009Helene Martha Frieda Rosenträger [I8455] 
    FritzAlbert Henry [I1880]15 Apr 1857Oct 1939Hulda Rosentreter [I3386] 
    FritzerAmalie [I4295]about 1835before 1945Christoph Rosentreter [I4294] 
    FritzkeLydia [I2942]18881980Adolf Rosentreter [I2923] 
    FroegelJoseph Georg [I2613]about 1823before 1933Elisabeth Agate Rosentreter [I1600] 
    FrögelCatharina [I0803]about 178018 Oct 1828Peter Rosentreter [I0802] 
     Jacob [I2411]about 179520 Nov 1881Barbara Rosentreter [I0801] 
    FröhlichErnst Karl Erich [I7867]25 Apr 1907before 2017Irma Hedwig Erna Rosenträger [I7866] 
    FröhnerTheodor Alfred Richard [I4668]7 Mar 189711 Jul 1980Margarethe Ruth Rosentreter [I4667] 
    FrosynaMary Marianna [I0285]4 Jul 184911 May 1929Albert (Adalbert) Augustin Rosentreter [I0283] 
    FrühbiesHugo Artur [I4971]29 Jan 187816 Sep 1916Minna Mathilde Johanna Rosentreter [I4928] 
    FrycaRenata [I1883]  Augustyn Bernard Rosentreter [I1800] 
    FuhlbrüggeHerta Helene Berta [I5342]  Werner Kurt Hans Rosenträger [I8654] 
    FunckChristiane [I7169]about 1807before 1917Hans Rosentreter [I7168] 
    FunkKatharina [I5493]24 Nov 1874before 1984Franz Otto Willi Rosentreter [I5485] 
    FurthmillerMatthew E [I9058]  Sarah A Rosentrader [I9055] 
    Futtera**Unknown** [I9095]  Hildegard Rosentreter [I9093] 
    Gäbler**Unknown** [I2688]  Irma Rosentreter [I1047] 
    GabrielAnna Louise [I1493]2 Oct 180816 Feb 1876Martin Rosentreter [I1492] 
    GaddisTillie Marie [I3848]11 Mar 190827 Jun 1966Laurence Rosentreter [I1917] 
    GaedickeEmma Ottilie [I9375]about 1874before 1984Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9374] 
    GaedtFrederick William [I2621]21 Aug 18833 Feb 1955Emma Elizabeth Rosentreter [I1277] 
    GaedtkeIda [I0019]4 Sep 191829 Aug 1992Charles Norman Rosentreter [I0139] 
    GaertkeAnna Pauline Ida [I7906]14 Nov 1888before 1998Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger [I5299] 
    Gaffga**Unknown** [I2815]about 1860before 1900Augusta Rosentreter [I2814] 
    GagnonDorothy Theresa [I4724]25 Mar 192817 Jun 2012Emil Rosentreter [I1714] 
    GailAda M [I1678]5 Aug 190312 Feb 1986Jacob Philip Rosentreter [I1677] 
    GajdaJulianna [I7425]1 Jun 1864before 1974Alexander Victor Rosentreter [I7424] 
    GallAnton [I2624]about 1838before 1948Eva Rosentreter [I0812] 
    GallagherHarold Fredrick [I3965]22 Jul 190625 Jul 1978Bernice Marie Rosentreter [I3350] 
    GalleKarolina [I9367]about 1831before 1941Andreas Rosentreter [I9366] 
    GalligherMary Ellen [I8694]  William (Bill) Otto Rosentreter Snr [I4186] 
    GamblinJill Susan [I5294]27 Feb 194717 Feb 2013David Harold Rosentrater [I5293] 
    GardowAuguste [I5454]27 Sep 186411 Mar 1948August Rosentreter [I5453] 
    GarlemannHinrich [I2772]about 1761before 1871Rebecca Rosentreter [I1079] 
    GärtnerDora [I5383]about 1901before 2011Ernst August Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5382] 
    GarveyWilliam [I2580]about 1863before 1963Kate Isabelle (Bella) Rosentreter [I0652] 
    GasperHedwig Martha Johanna [I5510]20 Mar 19047 Feb 1986Otto Max Rosentreter [I5509] 
    GatzAnna [I0781]22 Jan 1879before 1989Johann Rosentreter [I0780] 
     Anna [I1602]about 1840before 1950Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601] 
     Anna [I6638]about 1876before 1986August Rosentreter [I6637] 
     Anna Rosina [I6692]11 Mar 186510 Mar 1937August Rosentreter [I6691] 
     Catharina [I0681]11 Sep 183925 Jun 1910August Rosentreter [I1610] 
     Johannes [I2745]about 1748before 1858Marianna Rosentreter [I0828] 
     Maria [I1558]about 18501909Adalbert Rosentreter [I0588] 
     Martin [I5105]about 1766before 1876Agnes Rosentreter [I1049] 
     Paul Johannes [I2676]about 1871before 1981Gertrud Rosentreter [I1564] 
    GaulkeIda G [I2171]14 Mar 18817 Apr 1971Emil R Rosentreter [I3051] 
    Gause**Unknown** [I2928]about 1896before 2006Olga Rosentreter [I2927] 
    GavilletRenae [I7786]  Michael Andrew (Andy) Rosentreter Jnr [I4163] 
    GehrkeAugust [I2575]about 1870before 1980Hulda Rosentreter [I2576] 
     Auguste [I6736]about 1865before 1975Johann Rosentreter [I6735] 
    GellertOlga [I4592]189620 May 1983Daniel Henry Rosentreter [I1541] 
    GellharAnna Rosina [I7963]Oct 181616 Apr 1874Michael Rosentreter [I7962] 
    GemmelLisa [I4759]  Michael Rosentreter [I4144] 
     Lisa M [I4058]  Michael T Rosentreter [I4057] 
    GeneralskaMaria Rosa [I1794]16 Jun 1870after 1919August Rosentreter [I1793] 
    GeorgeMinnie [I1466]8 May 187713 Feb 1916Gustav Herman Rosentrater [I1465] 
    GerberHermann Ferdinand [I0081]2 Apr 18585 Jan 1950Wilhelmine Otilie Rosentreter [I0113] 
    GerckenDorothea [I1081]173412 Nov 1772Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
     Richard [I6254]  Bertha Elisabeth (Betty) Rosentrater [I5541] 
    GerickeArnold Gottlob August [I5851]31 May 1874before 1984Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5850] 
    GerkAnna Elizabeth [I2996]about 1803before 1913Bogumil Rosentreter [I2995] 
    GerkeRose Dorothy [I5812]  Merton Robert Rosentreter [I3617] 
    GerlachLeo Arthur [I2747]about 1859before 1969Marie (Mary) Rosentreter [I1770] 
    GerlingEmilie Sophie [I7846]11 Jun 185625 Mar 1910Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7845] 
    GermainJean [I4588]21 Sep 19376 Dec 2002Carl (Chuck) Rosentreter [I4587] 
     Michelle [I1853]  Timmy Rosentreter [I1852] 
    GernerthCatharina [I2028]about 1760before 1870Joannes Georgius Rosentreter [I2027] 
    GerngrossAdolph Rudolph Oskar Alexander [I7950]25 Jun 18531 Feb 1892Jenny Clara Helene Rosenträger [I7947] 
    GerrardVictoria Caroline [I0869]  Bernard Alfred Rosentreter [I0833] 
    GerthMathilde Friederike [I7710]14 Apr 186313 Nov 1946Carl August Rosentreter [I7709] 
    GerwinskiBruno Hermann [I7511]22 Oct 19111 Jun 1992Edith Luzia Rosentreter [I7510] 
     Walter Paul Hermann [I7624]6 Sep 190923 Sep 1970Herta Martha Helene Rosentreter [I7623] 
    GeschonkeHedwig Ida Minna [I5370]about 1886before 1996Emil Rudolph Rosenträger [I5369] 
    GesseAugusta L [I3359]about 1871before 1981Herman Rosentreter [I3358] 
    GeyerRobert Max [I9043]2 Jan 192413 Jun 1985Genevieve Mae Rosentrader [I5562] 
    GibneyAnnie Rosa [I0517]26 Oct 18551899Otto Rosentreter [I0524] 
    GieldonWanda [I0630]25 Apr 189730 Oct 1990Ignacy Romuald Rosentreter [I0629] 
    GierszewskaLeon [I2728]  Maria Rosentreter [I1516] 
    GieselLouise [I5301]about 1870before 1980August Rosenträger [I5302] 
    GiesseMichael [I4964]17831 Mar 1845Anna Justine Rosine Rosentreter [I4963] 
    GiffordWarren Thomas [I8971]14 Jul 192730 Dec 2010Phyllis Anne Rosentreter [I1453] 
    GijswijtChrista [I1532]  Hans-Jürgen (Juur) Rosentreter [I0089] 
    Gilbert**Unknown** [I8670]  Lynette Ann Rosentreter [I8669] 
    GillamSammi [I0698]  Jason Leslie Rosentreter [I0021] 
    GillardRetta (Rita) Elda [I1512]6 Sep 190727 Apr 2002George Raymond Rosentrater [I1467] 
    GillerAnna [I5844]about 1860before 1970Julius Rosentreter [I5843] 
    Gillette**Unknown** [I3538]  Sharon Ladene Rosentreter [I3537] 
     Lisa Jo [I6108]  Larry Eugene Rosentreter [I6104] 
    GillieronAlfred [I3020]after 1910before 2020Nonna Borisovna Rosentreter [I2978] 
    Ginter**Unknown** [I2932]about 1894before 2004Mary Rosentreter [I2931] 
    GladowFriederike Auguste [I7901]about 184514 Sep 1923Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Rosenträger [I7900] 
    GlaermannEmilie [I5042]about 185012 Jun 1871Ludwig Rosentreter [I5037] 
    GlaesemannErnestine Emilie Ottilie [I9296]about 1844before 1954Ludwig Julius Rosentreter [I9295] 
    GlaeserJohann Wilhelm [I5330]about 1803before 1913Anna Marianna Biernacka [I6218] 
    GlambeckGeorg [I2397]before 1560before 1670Sophie Rosentreder [I1253] 
    Glapner**Unknown** [I7603]  Minna Dorothee Hildegard Elisabeth Rosentreter [I7602] 
    GlaweNorman Martin [I3592]15 Jun 192210 Aug 1988Gertrude Ann Rosentreter [I3410] 
     Raymond Arnold [I3839]31 May 192418 Oct 2001Betty Amanda Rosentreter [I3411] 
     Ruth Marie [I3581]3 Oct 19187 Oct 2016Alvin Louis Rosentreter [I3409] 
    GleesonMary Margaret [I2453]8 Jul 193110 Jun 2008Douglas Owen Rosentreter [I0335] 
    GlienickeElise Anna Maria [I7563]18 Mar 1906before 2016Albert August Franz Rosentreter [I7562] 
    GlockziehnAnna Susanna [I1225]21 May 181325 Oct 1894Johann Rosentreter [I1224] 
    GłowczewskiJohannes [I3133]about 1860before 1970Juliana Rosentreter [I3134] 
    GlowienkeElisabeth Elfriede [I1707]about 1891before 2001August Klemens Leopold Rosentreter [I1706] 
    GobSamuel [I2558]about 1845before 1955Pauline Rosentreter [I2551] 
    GödkeJohann [I2468]about 1845before 1955Luise Rosentreter [I2467] 
    Goede**Unknown** [I5034]about 1833before 1878Louise Rosentreter [I5033] 
    Goethe**Unknown** [I8540]about 1843before 1953Louise Rosenträger [I8539] 
    GolcaMichael [I4480]about 1829before 1939Carolina Rosentreter [I4479] 
    GollnickOlga Marie [I4404]26 Mar 189420 Jul 1978Gottfried (Fred) Rosentrater [I4403] 
    GoltzFranz [I4478]about 1818before 1928Marianna Rosentreter [I4477] 
    GoltzeAndreas [I2729]about 1691before 1801Maria Rosentreter [I2010] 
    GolzPaulina [I9362]about 1878before 1988Adolf Rosentreter [I9361] 
    GomszFriedrich [I6384]about 1777before 1887Christine Rosentreter [I6385] 
    GonzalezPeggy A [I3851]  Larry W Rosentreter [I3849] 
    González FuentesChristina [I0353]  Julio Eduardo Rosentreter-San Martin [I0333] 
    GoodmanAnnie (Anna) [I0661]8 Mar 185815 Jan 1894William Rosentreter [I0668] 
     Paul Alexander [I2680]24 May 190725 Feb 1975Helen Loretta Rosentreter [I1768] 
    Goodpaster**Unknown** [I3346]  Joyce Marie Rosentreter [I1824] 
    GoorskyGlenn [I8936]  Suzanne Rosentreter [I8935] 
    GorelWilhelmine [I4249]about 1873before 1983Gustav Rosentreter [I4246] 
    GorsuchRuth Anna [I3213]7 Feb 190728 Sep 1990Carl Lewis Rosentreter Jnr [I3208] 
    GottliebMartin [I8477]  Yvonne Rosentreter [I8476] 
    GottschalkAnna Lucia [I0762]about 178827 Dec 1853**Unknown** Rosentreter [I2450] 
     Anne Caroline Wilhelmine [I2189]about 182120 Mar 1900Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2187] 
     Bernhard Arnhold Reinhold [I8157]2 Nov 18908 Sep 1956Margarethe Hedwig Rosentreter [I8156] 
     Caroline [I5607]about 1790before 1900Martin Rosentreter [I2188] 
     Martin [I2509]about 1757before 1867Anna Sophia Rosentreter [I0758] 
     Pauline Wilhelmine [I6493]16 May 186320 Mar 1943August Julius Rosentreter [I6492] 
    GottshalkEva [I3458]about 18702 Aug 1946Adolph A Rosentreter [I2853] 
    GoudgeReece [I5604]  Emma Nicole Rosentreter [I0291] 
    GourleyRoberta Mary [I3862]7 Jan 1924Dec 1987Herman Edward Rosentreter [I3861] 
    Graber**Unknown** [I4004]  Lillian Hanna Rosentreter [I4003] 
    GräberAnne Catherine [I6323]177616 Oct 1827Heinrich Johann Rosentreter [I6324] 
    GrabowitzMarianna Josephina [I0406]12 May 17628 Apr 1813Adam Simon Rosentreter [I0405] 
    GraebelDonald [I2598]  Dianne Louise Rosentreter [I1923] 
    GrafBarbara Maria [I4079]  Robert (Bob) Carlton Rosentreter [I4078] 
    GraffEmilie Louise [I2572]24 Apr 18608 Jul 1935August Gustav Rosentreter [I2571] 
    GrahAmanda [I3499]11 Nov 186414 Oct 1937John William Rosentreter [I3498] 
    Graham**Unknown** [I6112]  Tammie L Rosentreter [I6111] 
     Helen [I1913]  Floyd August Rosentreter [I1912] 
     Jeffrey Scott [I4060]  Tamara Lurene Rosentreter [I1159] 
    GrahlFriederike Wilhelmine Karoline [I7626]22 Jul 1874before 1984Michael Martin Rosentreter [I1584] 
    GrajkowskiWladislaus [I7534]25 May 1905before 2015Hildegard Luise Rosentreter [I7533] 
    GramsAnna Christina Dorothea [I5688]about 1757before 1867Christoph Rosentreter [I5689] 
     Anna Louisa Auguste [I2353]1 Nov 186327 Jul 1944Julius Rudolph Rosentreter [I2891] 
     Friedrich Karl Heinrich [I6049]20 Nov 1873before 1983Emmi Anna Rosentreter [I6048] 
    Grande?Justina [I9339]about 1843before 1953Jan (Johann) Rosentreter [I9338] 
    GrankeBert Milton [I3278]9 Feb 193215 Apr 1989Betty Jane Rosentreter [I3277] 
    GrantJean Annie [I5757]1 Jul 19195 Jul 2000Philip Rosentrater [I5756] 
    GranzienFritz Vaul [I2404]about 1904before 2014Agnes Louisa Rosentreter [I0217] 
    Graskey**Unknown** [I5096]about 18411912Anna Rosentreter [I1295] 
    Graver**Unknown** [I3961]  Evelyn Rosentreter [I3276] 
    GravesClifford Elmer [I2604]  Dorothy Lucille Rosentreter [I1779] 
     William E [I2658]30 Oct 1874before 1984Clara Luisa Rosentreter [I2656] 
    GrawunderMaria Anna [I5970]about 1863before 1973Johann Ludwig Rosentreter [I5948] 
    GrayMary or Ruth [I1832]  Kenneth Glen Rosentreter [I1822] 
    GreeneWayne [I4388]  Mary Rosentreter [I4387] 
    GreenwaldEstella [I2862]13 Feb 187011 Mar 1927David Rosentreter [I2861] 
    Greer**Unknown** [I4132]  Becky Rosentreter [I4131] 
    GregerLudovika [I9283]about 1847before 1957August Rosentreter [I9282] 
    GregorRudolf Johann [I7840]15 Jun 1900before 2010Erna Martha Hedwig Rosenträger [I7839] 
    Gregorie**Unknown** [I5862]  Irene Lucille Rosentreter [I0913] 
    GreinkeHeinrich [I0121]about 1907before 2017Marie Rosentreter [I0229] 
     Irene [I0098]24 Mar 192226 Jul 1991William Herbert Rosentreter [I0252] 
    GrevesAnna M [I3450]26 Jun 185114 Feb 1935Carl Edward Rosentreter [I3449] 
    GriebentrogWilli [I9083]19292010Elly Rosentreter [I9082] 
    GriffeeJoseph H [I3986]  Paula Emilie Rosentreter [I0115] 
    GriffinIlene [I4545]  Fred August Rosentreter [I1843] 
    Grigg**Unknown** [I2389]  Sandra Lee Rosentrater [I1877] 
    GrillenbergWera Marie Bertha [I8154]11 Nov 1896before 2006Alfred Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I8153] 
    GrimmKaroline Wilhelmine [I6822]182423 Oct 1890Ludwig Rosenträger [I6821] 
    GrobeckerAnna Maria [I7255]about 1725before 1835Johann George Rosenträger [I7258] 
    GroschanWilliam Robert [I3422]about 1904before 2014Marie Henrietta Rosentreter [I1911] 
    GrossJoseph Alvin, Snr [I2674]  Janet Lynne Rosentreter [I0013] 
    GrothChristian [I8502]1787before 1897Anna Dorothea Rosentreter [I8503] 
    GrotheCarl Friedrich [I8530]about 1805before 1915Gottliebe Rosenträger [I8529] 
     Friedrich Wilhelm [I2946]about 1802before 1912Regina Dorothea Rosentreter [I2100] 
    GrubbStephen [I6251]  Dianne Rosentrater [I6250] 
    GrueningEva [I4349]about 1857before 1967Johann Rosentreter [I4348] 
    GrundnerWerner Rudolf [I7390]29 Aug 190122 Apr 1968Luise Friederike Ida Rosentreter [I7389] 
    GrünigOttilie Bertha [I7551]22 Dec 188917 Sep 1917Ernst Ludwig Rosentreter [I7550] 
    GrüningJohann [I5691]1778before 1834Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I5690] 
     Wilhelmine [I6484]about 1836before 1946Jacob Rosentreter [I6483] 
    GrunowKarl Friedrich Robert [I7542]11 Mar 1886before 1996Anna Luise Rosentreter [I7541] 
     Martha Marie Emilie [I7581]4 May 1886before 1996Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter [I7467] 
    GrünthalMarie Dorothea Louise [I2178]31 Mar 181123 Apr 1875Johann Michael Christian Rosenträger [I5298] 
    GrünwaldAnne Marie Dorothee [I2166]about 1806before 1916Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2165] 
    GrussdorfKarl Heinrich Hans [I8267]27 Nov 18458 Feb 1911Auguste Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [I8266] 
    GrützkeElla Anna [I7557]26 May 1891before 2001Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7556] 
    GrützmacherKarl Friedrich Wilhelm [I8193]18 Sep 187827 Sep 1918Caroline Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8192] 
     Marie [I9195]about 1806before 1916Gottfried Rosentreter [I9194] 
    GublerEowen Shel [I5861]  Eric Donald Rosentrater [I5658] 
    GumsJohann Friedrich [I4852]about 1782before 1892Anna Christina Rosentreter [I4851] 
    GüntherAnna Elizabeth [I2919]about 1835before 1945Christoph Rosentreter [I2918] 
     Wilhelmine [I7244]about 1827before 1937Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7243] 
    GurneyGarret [I6450]  Jennifer Rosentrater [I6449] 
    GurschinskiPawel [I2435]about 1903before 2013Anna Catharina Rosentreter [I1573] 
    GurtenAnna Rosina [I5181]about 1793before 1903Martin Rosentreter [I5180] 
    GustWilhelmine [I4410]about 1864before 1902August Rosentreter [I4407] 
    GustafsonAugusta [I3532]about 1867before 1977Gustav Rosentreter [I3531] 
    GutmanMaria-Khudes [I4529]about 1843before 1953Tankhen Rosentreter [I4528] 
    GuyDonald O [I2685]5 Sep 191611 Jun 2001Hildagarde Rosentrater [I2054] 
    Guys de St HeleneEugenie Caroline [I8827]about 1790before 1900Rudolph Rosentreter [I8826] 
    HaakeWanda [I8027]about 1878before 1988Albert Carl Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8007] 
    HaasPhilippine [I6912]24 Jun 1897before 2007Arthur Hugo Rosentreter [I6911] 
    HaaseAdolf Wilhelm Hermann [I8144]27 Mar 1894before 2004Herta Elise Rosentreter [I8143] 
     Henriette Dorothea [I0050]183423 Apr 1922Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0047] 
     Joachim [I2773]  Regina Rosentreter [I2011] 
     Rosina [I9273]about 1837before 1947Johann Christoph Rosentreter [I9272] 
    Haase GusewelleSusan [I6127]  Jerry Rosentreter [I6087] 
    HaasemannGrete Heidewig [I1173]16 Mar 1823before 1933Lüder Rosentreter [I1172] 
    HackRobert [I5873]  Jill Katherine Rosentreter [I0337] 
    HackbarthMinna [I6590]about 1870before 1980Eduard Rosentreter [I6554] 
    HackbeilWilhelmine [I6838]13 Feb 1859before 1969Max Paul Wilhelm Rosenträger [I6837] 
    HackeStanley Adolph [I2405]27 Sep 191216 Feb 1986Agnes Rose Rosentreter [I0635] 
    HackerPauline [I3181]15 Jul 187511 Sep 1959William John Rosentreter [I3061] 
    HaebichChristian Gotleib [I3334]15 Jul 186213 Oct 1936Sarah Antonie Rosentreter [I0438] 
    HaeslerChristian Friedrich Wilhelm [I5047]about 1830before 1940Henriette Rosentreter [I5046] 
    HaeuslerAnna Marie [I9197]about 1810before 1920Georg Rosentreter [I9196] 
    HæuslerAnna Catharina [I4887]about 1782before 1892Johann Michael Rosentreter [I4886] 
    HaferOtto Henry [I3190]23 Oct 18988 Jan 1988Matilda Rosentreter [I3183] 
    HaffnerAlison Shae [I5746]  Mark Richard Rosentreter [I5745] 
    HagelWilhelmine [I2329]about 1834before 1944Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I2328] 
    HagemanHelen [I6193]  Donald (Don) Rosentreter [I4542] 
    HagemannJohann Friedrich [I8558]about 1797before 1907Anna Regine Dorothee Gottliebe Rosenträger [I8557] 
    HagenJenny Else Herta [I5376]about 1903before 2013Ludwig Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5375] 
     Cäcilie Emilie Amalie Wilhelmine Antonie Adelheid [I7123]8 Apr 18173 Jul 1901Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7122] 
    HagensenRagnhild Hulda Alvilda Viktoria [I1344]20 May 1910before 2020Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter [I1334] 
    HahnAlvina [I0022]2 Oct 189518 Oct 1977Gustav Christoph Rosentreter [I4258] 
     Pauline Marie [I5479]9 Jun 18498 May 1917Hermann Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosentreter [I5480] 
    HaketEva Catharina [I0595]28 May 180823 Jan 1874Franz Simon Rosentreter [I0486] 
    HalenKarl Otto [I5400]19 Apr 187824 Dec 1938Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [I5399] 
    Hall**Unknown** [I8965]  Jennifer Rosentreter [I8964] 
    Halling**Unknown**, * [I8912]  Becky Rosentreter [I8911] 
    HalsteadGary Lynn [I2390]  Merri Jo Rosentrater [I1386] 
    HamannTheodor [I2706]about 1877before 1987Leokadie Rosentreter [I0204] 
    HamelAnna Rosina [I6952]about 1804before 1830Johann Samuel Rosentreter [I1218] 
    HammannJim [I8905]  Mary Rosentreter [I8904] 
     John Henry [I3079]about 1881before 1991Emma M Rosentreter [I3078] 
    HammonsEverett Calvin [I2788]  Thelma Elaine Rosentreter [I1027] 
    HamptonJerry [I8943]  Mary Rosentreter [I8904] 
    HamscherAnne [I3224]4 Apr 191019 Jun 2010Russell L Rosentreter [I3223] 
    HandWilhelmine [I6683]about 1829before 1939Johann Rosentreter [I6682] 
    HandelErnstine [I5031]about 1830before 1940Christoph Rosentreter [I5030] 
     Laurie [I2787]  Susan Anne Rosentreter [I0105] 
    HankeElse [I4761]12 Dec 1891before 2001Rudolph Oscar Rosentreter [I4747] 
    HanleyJohn L [I2903]about 1875before 1985Anna Bertha Rosentreter [I2902] 
    HannLuise Mathilde Gerda [I1012]18 Oct 1905before 2015Hieronymus Paul Rosentreter [I1712] 
    HannamonJohanna D [I3045]11 May 185527 Jul 1934Johann August Rosentreter [I3044] 
    HannemannGustav August Friedrich [I7802]26 Dec 1871before 1981Franziska Mathilde Rosentreter [I7323] 
    HanningJohn Norris [I2722]about 1892before 2002Mabel Julia Rosentreter [I1020] 
    HansdatterJohanna [I8125]about 1762before 1872Paul Rosentreter [I8124] 
    HansenChristopher [I8128]about 17808 Mar 1847Else Rosentreter [I8126] 
     Ida May [I1819]28 Jun 190725 Nov 1946John Paul Rosentreter [I1818] 
    Hansen?Kerstine [I8138]about 1743before 1853Michael Friderich Rosentreter [I8137] 
    HardelErnestine [I6648]about 1832before 1942Christoph Rosentreter [I6647] 
    HardtkeGertrud Emma [I7704]22 Aug 1904before 2014Johann Alfred Erich Rosentreter [I7347] 
    HardyAlan [I5760]  Mila Jean Rosentrater [I5759] 
     Bob [I8484]  Gaye Rosentrater [I8481] 
    HarenburgHermann [I5139]17999 Jan 1874Catharina Friederike Rosentreter [I1087] 
    HaringtonBarbara Milburne [I3967]13 Apr 19246 Aug 2006Frederick Myles Rosentreter [I3966] 
    HarmelAnna Justine [I9317]about 1838before 1948Daniel Rosentreter [I9316] 
     Gottlieb [I5175]about 1795before 1905Anna Christina Rosentreter [I5174] 
    HarringtonCharles [I2679]about 188612 Dec 1943Hattie Rosentreter [I1250] 
     Kyle Catherine [I8101]  Jason Matthew Rosentreter [I6100] 
    Harris**Unknown** [I6939]   
     Frank S [I1480]22 Jan 191818 Apr 1984Margaret E Rosentreter [I1479] 
     Saurie James [I2689]  Janette Phyllis Rosentreter [I0224] 
    HarshDonald Leslie [I3124]22 Dec 192315 Feb 2001Geraldine Lucille Rosentreter [I3123] 
     June Irene [I5616]  Harold (Hudda) Elgart Rosentrater Snr [I3885] 
    HarthanLeroy Warren [I5835]14 Oct 18907 Aug 1952Alma Mae Rosentreter [I3048] 
    HartmannCharlotte Helene Auguste Louise [I6814]1 Jul 184830 Jun 1911Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I6813] 
     Heinz Arthur Eduard [I5512]14 Nov 19203 Jun 1978Charlotte Johanna Rosentreter [I5511] 
     Henriette Charlotte Marianne [I7784]31 Jul 1886before 1996Wilhelm Adolf Fedor Rosentreter [I6275] 
     Johann Friedrich [I2510]about 1806before 1916Anna Sophie Rosentreter [I2273] 
    HartsteinMargarethe [I5590]26 Feb 189616 Nov 1964Isaac Rosentreter [I3794] 
    HartwigEthelyn Marie [I0547]12 Jul 191112 Dec 1993Hilmar William Rosentreter [I0541] 
     Julius [I4350]1847before 1957Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I0304] 
    HarwardtAloysius Johann Martin [I2403]about 1889before 1999Agnes Cäcilie Rosentreter [I1705] 
    HäserIda Doris Luise [I7714]about 1908before 2018Karl Friedrich Rosentreter [I7713] 
    HasseBertha Friederike [I6690]about 1854before 1964Christoph Rosentreter [I6689] 
    HasselAlice M [I3956]31 Oct 191023 Sep 1981Paul Karl Rosentreter Jnr [I3646] 
    HastingsJulius Clarence [I4856]4 Jun 18887 Oct 1978Nina May Rosentreader [I1411] 
    HaufePaulina E [I2660]6 Apr 18524 Jul 1912Johann (John) C Rosentreter [I2659] 
    HaugenPatrick J [I6260]  Debra June Rosentrater [I6259] 
    HauptAmalie Juliane [I6135]about 1734before 1844Carl Philipp Rosentreter [I6134] 
    HausseJohann Casper [I5697]about 1765before 1875Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5696] 
    HavemannAugust Karl [I8150]5 Nov 188014 Mar 1955Auguste Minna Rosentreter [I8149] 
    HawkVolena Frances [I1740]27 Feb 18893 Nov 1973John Frank Rosentreter [I1739] 
    HawkinAudrey May [I0137]  Arthur Henry Rosentreter [I0226] 
    HaynesElizabeth A [I3697]about 1883before 1993William Percival Rosentreder [I3696] 
    HeadrickCurtis Alan [I8305]  Maggie Jayne Rosentreter [I6103] 
    HeathRita [I1426]  Jerry Rosentreader [I1422] 
    HebbeHerta Hedwig [I6712]18 Sep 1910before 2020Gustav Otto Rosentreter [I6711] 
    HedrichWilliam [I2743]7 Sep 1881before 1991Maria Theresa Rosentreter [I0532] 
    HeeseCarl Franz [I6772]12 Sep 1856before 1966Hulda Mathilde Emilie Rosentreter [I6771] 
     Franz [I5888]about 1857before 1967Mathilda Rosentreter [I5887] 
     Mathilda [I6597]about 1878before 1988August Rosentreter [I7490] 
    HeesemannAnna Adelheit [I1188]about 1766before 1876Hinrich Rosentreter [I1187] 
     Georg [I3799]4 Apr 187624 Oct 1951Meta Rosentreter [I3798] 
     Lüder [I2398]about 1679before 1789Adelheit Rosentreder [I1095] 
    HeidepriemGustav Wilhelm Albert [I8171]3 Mar 185127 Dec 1918Minna Rosentreter [I8170] 
    HeideprienWilhelmine [I5435]about 1863before 1973Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosentreter [I2247] 
    HeiderFranz-Peter [I5489]  Monika Edith Rosentreter [I4611] 
     Ursula [I1364]  Karl-Joachim Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1363] 
    HeimbrookSteven [I5537]  Debra Kay Rosentrater [I5536] 
    HeinAlbert Paul Richard [I7685]25 Nov 1854before 1964Florentine Auguste Ottilie Rosentreter [I7684] 
     Raymond John [I3591]  Melinda Gertrude Rosentreter [I3191] 
    HeinemannHeinrich Robert [I4353]1849before 1959Albertine Rosentreter [I4352] 
    HeinerElwood Raymond [I3222]2 Oct 193017 May 1992Elecia Jeanne Rosentreter [I3221] 
    HeinkelJacob [I4002]  Helen Rosentreter [I1546] 
    HeinrichEmma Amalie [I7495]26 Dec 1887before 1997Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5150] 
     Pauline [I0958]1881before 1991Edward (Eduard) Rosentreter [I0957] 
    Heinze**Unknown** [I5217]about 1846before 1956Emilie Rosentreter [I5216] 
    HeiseAnna Frieda [I3317]10 Nov 187924 May 1940Karl Rosentreter [I3316] 
     Carl Friedrich Christian [I5684]16 May 1871before 1981Emma Anna Maria Rosentreter [I3566] 
     Wilhelmine [I8207]about 184615 Feb 1919Christian Rosenträger [I8206] 
    HeiserMartin [I8747]  Lisa M Rosentreter [I8746] 
    HellwigAnna Maria [I1666]11 Feb 183228 Feb 1859Peter Paul Rosentreter [I1665] 
     Auguste Wilhelmine Friederike [I8213]12 Mar 188413 Apr 1963Paul Rosenträger [I8212] 
    HelmerichMalwine [I1359]about 1861before 1971Karl Hermann Rosentreter [I1358] 
    HelwigElisabeth [I7625]about 1855before 1965Jakob Albert Rosentreter [I1601] 
    HempelAmalia [I4630]about 1812before 1922Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter [I4629] 
    HenckelWallÿ Emma Flora [I7907]19 Aug 188714 Mar 1937Oskar Franz Rosenträger [I7224] 
    Henke**Unknown** [I6523]about 1841before 1951Henriette Rosentreter [I6522] 
     Bertha [I5773]6 Nov 18573 Feb 1889August Johann Rosentreter [I2306] 
     Wilhelmina [I4829]about 1849before 1959Martin Ludwig Rosentreter [I4828] 
    HenkelJohann [I9124]about 1764before 1874Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9123] 
     Rosine [I5210]about 1834before 1944Michael Rosentreter [I5209] 
    HennigAugust Bartholomäus [I2778]about 1856before 1966Rosa Rosentreter [I0978] 
     Minna [I7880]6 Apr 1888before 1998Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7879] 
    HenryEugenie Caroline [I2134]about 178811 Nov 1813Rudolph Rosentreter [I2133] 
     Gwendolyn Marie [I3237]18 Jan 194214 Mar 2009Gary Lee Rosentrater [I3236] 
    HenschelWilliam (Bill) [I7793]2 Apr 19191993Annie Rosentreter [I7792] 
    HenschkeAnna Marie Elise [I8411]15 Feb 18716 Jul 1935Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter [I8410] 
    HerburgerAugust [I3234]8 Jun 18597 Feb 1949Martha Ernstine Rosentreter [I3233] 
    HercherLina [I7499]about 1860before 1970Friedrich Karl Rosentreter [I7498] 
    HerdeJosef [I8611]8 Jun 189419 Jul 1972Gertrud Anna Rosentreter [I8412] 
    HermannAnna Charlotte Margarete [I7549]23 Mar 18988 Nov 1944Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I7548] 
     Christian Friedrich [I2538]1826before 1936Caroline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2132] 
     Luise [I5960]about 1820before 1930Gottfried Rosentreter [I5959] 
    HerschelmanLyndal [I5065]  Mary Rosentreter [I5064] 
    HerseyLeonard J J [I3604]  Victoria C Rosentreter [I3605] 
    HertelAmalie Friederike Wilhelmine (Minna) [I7216]1 Dec 185013 Jan 1933Friedrich Christian Joachim Rosenträger [I3475] 
    HertlingEduard August Gustav [I7507]18 Dec 18831 Mar 1945Auguste Karoline Rosentreter [I7506] 
    HerzogOtto H Rudolph [I0491]18 May 190527 Mar 1988Elenora (Nora) Rosentreter [I0258] 
    HesseAuguste Bertha Ida [I7398]8 Dec 185710 Apr 1934Ernst Friedrich Paul Rosentreter [I7397], Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I7653] 
    HesseldenzTony [I5841]  Amy Lynn Rosentreter [I5840] 
    HeuckAnna Frida Charlotte [I7333]8 Nov 190625 Apr 1945Willi Otto Ernst Rosentreter [I7332] 
    HeuerAnna Auguste [I6836]about 185114 May 1879Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I6813] 
    HeussFerdinand Wilhelm [I7162]3 Dec 184812 Apr 1924Hedwig Pauline Rosentreter [I7161] 
    HeymannLouise [I6599]1846before 1956Johann August Rosentreter [I6598] 
    HickeyJohn [I8001]  Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [I0126] 
    HickischMartha [I4802]8 Apr 18684 Oct 1936Reinhold Hermann Eduardovich Rosentreter [I4801] 
    HicksSandra [I6156]  David (Dave) Rosentreter [I4541] 
    HiebertAlfred [I5125]24 Nov 195426 Dec 2002Annette Bernice Rosentreter [I1849] 
    HiesenerFriedrich August [I6988]about 1792before 1902Susannah Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6987] 
    HigginsWilliam Elvin [I5618]14 Apr 1895before 2005Julia (Weyona) Hedwig Rosentrater [I5617] 
    HildebrantRosalia [I9210]about 1808before 1918Michael Rosentreter [I9209] 
    HilderbrandKaroline [I0198]about 1816before 1926Michael Rosentreter [I0197] 
    HilderbrandtSusanna [I6006]about 1800before 1910Michael Rosentreter [I6005] 
    HildrethCharles Clayton [I3995]25 Aug 192228 Mar 2004Helen May Rosentreter [I3994] 
    HillbrandtAnna Susanna [I5799]1796before 1906Michael Rosentreter [I5798] 
    HilleFriederike Wilhelmine [I6151]about 182128 Aug 1890Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I6149] 
    HillerFritz Erwin August [I6722]11 Aug 1907before 2017Else Hildegard Rosentreter [I6721] 
     Marianna [I9208]about 1796before 1906Peter (Piotr) Rosentreter [I9207] 
     Pauline [I5195]about 1858before 1968Ludwig Rosentreter [I5194] 
    HillmannIda Emma [I7758]about 18911 Dec 1916Artur Hugo Rosentreter [I7759] 
    HinkeSimon [I5969]about 1775before 1885Lucke Margreth Rosentreter [I1092] 
    HintzeIda Helene Ludovica [I6715]31 Jan 186218 May 1931Ernst Emil Rosentreter [I6604] 
     Johann [I9385]about 1778before 1888Marie Rosentreter [I9384] 
    HircheAdolf Ernst Friedrich [I6147]about 1896before 2006Auguste Margarete Rosentreter [I6146] 
    HirschMichael George [I3239]6 Jan 189513 Oct 1972Elsie A G Rosentreter [I3169] 
    HirtRosalie [I4832]about 18751920Gottfried Rosentreter [I4831] 
    HitznerRosalia [I9241]about 1802before 1912Samuel Rosentreter [I9240] 
    HlochJosef [I7635]23 May 18911 Jul 1931Klara Ida Rosentreter [I7634] 
    HobbsCarol Ann [I0745]  Rodney (Rod) Claude Rosentreter [I0744] 
    Hodge**Unknown** [I4179]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4178] 
     Benjamin (Bennie) Franklin [I2383]26 May 191731 Oct 2001Hazel Mae Rosentrater [I1376] 
    HoelHelga Fredricka [I3243]15 Jun 190613 Dec 2005Bruno Oscar Rosentreter [I1482] 
    HoeltingJohn [I2748]about 1907before 2017Marie Harriet Rosentreter [I0633] 
    HoffmanAnna Krystyna [I2968]about 1791before 1901Michał (Michael) Rosentreter [I2967] 
     Friedrich [I4448]about 1885before 1902Eva Rosentreter [I4439] 
     Harold Herman [I3593]  Violet Evelyn Rosentreter [I3594] 
     Harold Herman [I5826]6 Dec 19262 Nov 2007Violet Evelyn Rosentreter [I3653] 
     Terry Lee [I4048]  Lori Lee Rosentreter [I3837] 
    HoffmannHerta Lina Anna [I8847]  Erwin Hellmut Rosentreter [I8846] 
     Maria Elizabeth [I4511]6 Jun 1817before 1927Carl August Rosentreter [I4510] 
     Therese Hermine Marie [I2326]about 1839before 1949Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2325] 
    HofmanAnna Catharina [I5188]about 1858before 1968Michael Rosentreter [I5187] 
    HogsettLinda L [I1978]  Paul Daniel (Dan) Rosentrater [I1394] 
    HohenseeJulius Eduard Theodor [I5248]21 Jul 1864before 1974Juliane Auguste Rosentreter [I2497] 
    HohnEmil [I5214]20 Feb 1852before 1962Constantia Alexandra Rosentreter [I5213] 
    HöhnertMartha Bertha Elisabeth [I7888]2 Jul 187911 May 1948Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I7887] 
    HoligroskiRobert (Bob) [I4520]  Cynthia Rosentreter [I1850] 
    HollenChristoph [I6176]about 1751before 1861Anne Alheit Rosentreter [I1201] 
    HollenderElisabeth [I7571]16 Sep 18956 May 1970Johann Bruno Rosentreter [I4749] 
    HollowayEliza [I0562]about 18611909John Alfred Rosentreter [I0561] 
    HollsteinAndreas [I7069]about 1667before 1777Anna Barbara Rosentreter [I7070] 
    HolmJim [I2374]  Margie May Rosentrater [I1456] 
    HonneckHenriette [I6685]about 1812before 1922Reinard Rosentreter [I6684] 
    HooverDorothy A [I3864]  Richard (Dick) Burton Rosentreter [I3863] 
     Edith Ann [I1920]  Douglas Richard Rosentreter [I0548] 
     Terry H [I4032]  Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [I3817] 
    HoppeAnna [I1580]about 1808before 1918Matthias Rosentreter [I1565] 
     Elisabeth [I1736]29 Dec 183912 Nov 1922Andreas Franz Rosentreter [I1735] 
    HorlacherWilhelm Henry [I3120]12 Dec 188520 Jan 1950Ella Alvina Rosentreter [I3097] 
    HörmannMinna Auguste Karoline [I7940]20 May 187021 Oct 1930Erdmann Friedrich Carl Rosenträger [I7939] 
    HornAnna Caroline [I5169]about 1783before 1893Michael Rosentreter [I5168] 
     Christina [I9128]about 1791before 1901Michael Rosentreter [I9127] 
     Ottilie [I8853]5 Dec 191015 Jul 1982Rudolf Rosentreter [I8854] 
    HorneTracy Lynn [I8017]  Todd Michael Rosentreter [I4121] 
    HorrexClyde Robert [I6570]  Pamela Joan Rosentreter [I6569] 
    HörsterMartha Emma [I7646]  Herbert Alfred Ernst Rosentreter [I7645] 
    HostetlerKara Lee [I8215]  Mark Richard Rosentreter [I5745] 
    HostlerCharles Lincoln [I3432]12 Feb 188516 Sep 1973Lorraine E Rosentreter [I0007] 
    HoufDouglas Gerard [I2713]  Lorie Denice Rosentreter [I1926] 
    HoughtonJoseph [I2765]about 1894before 2004Minnie A Rosentreter [I0878] 
    Householder**Unknown** [I7029]  Linda L Rosentrater [I7028] 
    HowaldtKurt Erwin [I2593]5 Nov 187728 Mar 1943Cecilie Elisabeth Sophie Dorothea Rosentreter [I0771] 
    HowardFrances Annette [I0640]11 Sep 191928 Nov 2000Clarence Paul Rosentreter [I0636] 
    HoyBrittany [I8302]  Clint Rosentrater [I8301] 
    HøyerEdith Camilla Harriet [I1351]about 1897before 2007Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter [I1334] 
    HübnerWilhelmine [I5446]30 Sep 185621 Jun 1947August Rosentreter [I5445] 
    HückelFlorentine [I6687]about 1848before 1948August Rosentreter [I6686] 
    HuckewitzCarl Friedrich Wilhelm [I5715]about 1817before 1927Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [I5713] 
    HuddlestonWilliam H [I3398]30 Oct 19126 Mar 1957Hilda Mildred Bertha Rosentreter [I2420] 
    HuebnerJohann [I2719]  Lydia Rosentreter [I1010] 
     Julius [I2560]about 1869before 1979Emma Rosentreter [I2559] 
    HufFriedrich Samuel [I5222]17 Jul 1849before 1959Anna Carolina Rosentreter [I5221] 
    HughesMark [I8685]  Susan Rosentreter [I8684] 
    HükelOskar Wilhelm Friedrich [I7875]14 Sep 1878before 1988Anna Ida Hedwig Rosenträger [I7874] 
    HumpertGustav [I5239]10 May 1856before 1966Julie Auguste Rosentreter [I2303] 
    HunckesDerich [I6874]about 1645before 1755Agnes Rosentret [I6873] 
    HunsickerHedwig (Hattie) [I0537]22 Oct 188920 Sep 1978Carl Julias Rosentreter [I0536] 
    HuntAmanda Sue [I5672]  Kory James Rosentrater [I1996] 
    HunterClaude Orville [I3338]29 Sep 187216 Mar 1944Alma Rosentreter [I2661] 
     Edward Elmer [I4870]  Linda Lee Rosentreter [I4865] 
    HurstKim Lenard [I3555]  Lynn Rosentrater [I2052] 
    HusemeyerJohn Henry [I2921]about 1840before 1950Anna Maria Rosentreter [I2922] 
    HusterJohann Carl Christopher [I2762]about 1833before 1943Meta Rosentreter [I1150] 
    HuthFriedrich Ferdinand Hermann [I8230]25 Apr 187214 May 1943Martha Helene Emmi Rosenträger [I8229] 
     Hermann [I6313]about 1817before 1927Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [I5713] 
    HutzeJohann George [I6458]about 1732before 1842Anna Louisa Rosentreter [I6457] 
    IkertAugust [I4438]about 1855before 1965Julianne Rosentreter [I4437] 
    InksMary Lee [I0088]18 Feb 191916 Aug 2004Oscar Lewis Rosentreter [I1816] 
    IsbernerBertha Henriette Wilhelmine [I7515]16 Mar 18821960Albert Rudolf Rosentreter [I7514] 
    IsenbergerMargaret M [I0521]about 1888about 1923Peter William Rosentreter [I0520] 
    IskeJosephine [I3478]20 Dec 185024 May 1930Karl Ferdinand Rosenträger [I3477] 
    IwasyshynKathryn [I6142]  David George Rosentrater [I5814] 
    JablonskiKerstin [I1368]  André Rosentreter [I1365] 
     Wlodzimierz (Vladimir?) [I4789]13 May 1903before 2013Alexandra Rosentreter [I4788] 
    JacksonDoug [I8948]  Kricket Rosentreter [I8947] 
    JacobMartha Alma Frieda [I7873]  Arthur Paul Hermann Rosenträger [I7872] 
    JacobsonClaire [I3954]24 May 19141 Dec 1961Leonard Rosentreter [I3633] 
    JacubovskiRoschel [I3896]about 1875before 1985Josef Rosentreter [I3897] 
    JaczykMarcell [I2517]about 1855before 1965Auguste Catharina Rosentreter [I1699] 
    JaegerCaroline [I5589]about 1852before 1964August Rosentreter [I5588] 
     Lucy Powers [I2920]25 Sep 187019 Aug 1967Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter [I2652] 
     Pauline [I4268]about 1887before 1997Johann Rosentreter [I4267] 
    JaenschGustav Otto [I2425]about 1871before 1981Amanda Auguste Wanda Rosentreter [I1222] 
    JageEmma Friederike Charlotte [I7307]about 1865before 1975Karl Johannes Rosentreter [I7306] 
    JägerAnna Maria Luise [I4985]8 Jun 1879before 1989Andreas Rosentreter [I0723] 
     Emilie Bertha [I4714]28 Jan 1888before 1998Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I4713] 
     Martha [I6639]about 1901before 2011Erich Adolf Rosentreter [I6615] 
    JahnCatharina Marie [I8364]23 Oct 179520 Mar 1861Johann Christian Rosenträger [I8363] 
    JahnkeAnna Catharina [I9136]about 1773before 1883Gottfried Rosentreter [I9135] 
     Caroline Friederike Auguste [I8265]29 Sep 182314 Sep 1895Carl Rosenträger [I6876] 
     Johanne Caroline [I0929]about 1824before 1934Johann Matthias Martin Rosentreter [I0928] 
     Oskar [I8187]24 Dec 1892before 2002Margarete Johanna Rosenträger [I8186] 
    JahnsAnna Catharina [I6017]about 1758before 1868Christoph Rosentreter [I6016] 
    JakmussLeopold [I2752]2 Dec 187510 Sep 1917Martha Rosentreter [I1236] 
    JamesFranklin T [I3540]  Diane Louise Rosentreter [I8941] 
    JandaSharon [I8917]  James Donald Rosentreter [I4108] 
    Jander**Unknown** [I8543]about 1787before 1897Marie Dorothea Rosenträger [I8542] 
    JanickeChristian Friedrich Gustav [I8269]20 Oct 18493 Jul 1887Wilhelmine Emilie Friederike Rosenträger [I8268] 
    JanikowskiCynthia Ann [I8959]  Glenn Michael Rosentreter [I5087] 
    JaniszewskaMagdalena [I5083]181225 Jul 1848Vinzent Rosentreter [I4764] 
    JankeEmil Paul [I2889]17 Apr 18744 May 1936Bertha Louise Rosentreter [I3771], Hilda Rosentreter [I2890] 
    JanowitzAngelika Rosalia [I0606]30 Mar 186715 Apr 1924Franziskus (Franz) Johann Rosentreter [I0575] 
    JansongFranz [I8123]26 May 190627 Feb 1980Anna Marta Rosentreter [I8122] 
    JantzAugust [I4436]about 1885before 1995Mathilde Rosentreter [I4435] 
    Jara CereñoManuel [I0364]about 1892before 2002Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica [I0318] 
    Jara RosentreterEduardo [I0366]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Hector Adrian [I8692] 29 Sep 1987 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Hugo [I0367]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Laura Elcira Violete [I0368]   Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Manuel Andres [I0378]about 19139 Aug 1999 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Osvaldo [I0365] 13 Mar 1997 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Stella [I8693] 12 Feb 2000 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
     Victoria Alicia [I0377]about 191628 Aug 2001 Manuel Jara Cereño Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica
    JaratskyFrummet [I2855]22 Sep 18262 Mar 1909Meyer Rosentreter [I2854] 
    JaszczykJan [I2402]about 1891before 2001Agnes Rosentreter [I0625] 
     Marcel [I3135]about 1861before 1971Augusta Rosentreter [I3136] 
    JefferyHarold Ralph [I3942]  Violet Grace Mabel Rosentreter [I3351] 
    JelonnekAnna Rosina [I6008]about 1796before 1906Krzystof Rosentreter [I6007] 
    Jensen**Unknown** [I8979]  Gloria A Rosentreter [I8978] 
     **Unknown** [I9102]  Renate Edith Rosentreter [I9101] 
     Axel Rosenlund [I1433]  Ruth Rosentrætter [I1318] 
     Kirstine Elisabeth [I3266]about 1803before 1913Hans Karl Rosentreter [I3265] 
     Russell [I2692]  Joanne Marie Rosentreter [I1240] 
    JerkeAnna [I9233]about 1805before 1915Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9232] 
    JeschkeHattie Bertha [I0163]14 May 18993 Feb 1975Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Snr [I0133] 
    JessMichael [I4442]about 1843before 1953Luise Rosentreter [I4441] 
    JesseFriedrich Samuel [I2443]about 1823before 1933Anna Juliane Rosentreter [I0426] 
     Johann Wilhelm [I4346]1846before 1883Caroline Rosentreter [I4345] 
     Pauline [I4344]about 1861before 1971Friedrich Rosentreter [I4343] 
    JobPauline [I3173]about 1845before 1955Michael Rosentreter [I3172] 
     Samuel [I2698]about 1820before 1930Karolina Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I0718] 
    JoehlRegan Ryan [I8105]  Christina Marie Rosentreter [I6102] 
    JohnAnna Caroline [I1219]18297 Oct 1898Carl Wilhelm Rosentreter [I1217] 
    JohnsonAgnes Marie [I1389]20 May 190819 May 1989Albert Ernest Rosentrater [I1383] 
     Andrew [I5874]  Jill Katherine Rosentreter [I0337] 
     Dillon [I4690]  Claire Anne Rosentrater [I4689] 
     Jack [I3895]  Joanne M Rosentreter [I3887] 
     Paul [I5673]  Karen E Rosentrater [I0461] 
     Victor O [I4070]  Judy Marie Rosentreter [I3585] 
    JonasDorothea [I5518]27 Aug 186222 Oct 1910August Rosentreter [I5517] 
     Johann Christian Friedrich [I2475]16 Apr 182915 Aug 1887Rosine Wilhelmine Dorothea Rosentreter [I2090] 
    JonassinAnna Charlotte [I6946]about 1763before 1873Johann Rosentreter [I2018] 
    JonesDoreen W [I3737]  Eric C Rosentreder [I3715] 
     Renee [I8469]  Gary Rosentrater [I8468] 
     Winfield [I6199]  Alice Rosentreter [I4543] 
    JonssonJohn F [I8882]about 18981976Olga Ottilie Rosentreter [I8871] 
    JoostAgathe Amalie [I7027]10 Mar 1872before 1982Otto Eduard Rosentreter [I7026] 
    JopkeFrieda Emma [I7421]14 Jul 1911before 2021Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter [I7420] 
    JoppeChristine [I9118]about 1778before 1888Matthias Rosentreter [I9117] 
    JorgensBertha Marie [I8134]about 1738before 1848Johann Joachim Paul Rosentreter [I8133] 
    JorgensonBertha [I2013]about 1727before 1837Michael Rosentreter [I2012] 
     Samuel [I9007]about 18681950Alice Rosentreter [I0518] 
     Vern [I4546]  Annette Bernice Rosentreter [I1849] 
    JosephDennis [I2387]  Martha Marie Rosentrater [I1966] 
    JostJuliane Henriette [I6336]2 Oct 18057 Oct 1872Samuel Franz Eduard Rosentreter [I6180] 
    JouannePauline Louise [I6326]18281852Heinrich Rudolph Rosentreter [I6327] 
    JuarezRoland R [I4038]  Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [I0191] 
    JückstockBertha Auguste Louise [I6818]18 May 185629 Oct 1939Eduard Hermann Reinhold Rosenträger [I6817] 
    JuhlEmil Hermann Otto [I7828]15 Sep 18697 Jun 1914Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [I6841] 
    JungermannSusanna [I1495]about 1754before 1864Michael Rosentreter [I1494] 
    JungmannRosalie Emilie Anna [I7321]12 Mar 1878before 1988Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter [I7320] 
    JupeMarie [I7748]184521 May 1900Gustav Rosentreter [I7749] 
    JustAnna Auguste Luise Emma [I7885]11 Sep 18644 Feb 1944Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger [I5315] 
    JusticeBarbara Ann [I5627]  Herman Wayne Rosentreter [I5626] 
    Justies**Unknown** [I7098]about 1800before 1910Catherine Rosentreter [I7097] 
    KaatzDorothea [I9112]about 1749before 1859Christoph Rosentreter [I9111] 
    KabelitzFriederike Wilhelmine Ulrika [I5771]about 183919 Feb 1886Carl Friedrich Rosentreter [I6346] 
    KacharStephanie [I5391]  Joseph Ryan Rosentreter [I5289] 
    KackerowTheophile [I6380]about 1807before 1917Caroline Louise Friederike Rosentreter [I6379] 
    KaddatzElizabeth Anna (Elsie) [I0203]4 Sep 190213 Dec 1989Franz Joseph (Joe) Rosentreter [I0260] 
     Irvin Charles [I5580]29 Feb 192023 Dec 1997Frieda Pauline Rosentreter [I5579] 
     Louise Dorothea [I0025]27 May 189925 Feb 1970Ernest Christian Rosentreter [I0186] 
    KadelKellie [I6269]  Paul Leslie Rosentreter [I6267] 
    KagelCharlotte Anna Amanda [I7850]15 Dec 186620 Jan 1933Friedrich August Rosenträger [I7849] 
    KahlenbergAugust [I7765]14 May 1856before 1966Emilie Rosentreter [I0210] 
    Kaiser**Unknown** [I2934]about 1894before 2004Helen Rosentreter [I2933] 
    KalaherEdward Leo [I4945]about 19262020Dorothy Marie Rosentreter [I0645] 
     Stella Mae [I0773]24 Oct 191817 Apr 1998Victor Albert Rosentreter [I0416] 
    KaliesErich Friedrich Paul [I7433]11 Sep 1902before 2012Grete Frieda Anna Rosentreter [I7432] 
    KalinskiJustine [I9013]1830before 1940Johann Daniel Rosentreter [I9012] 
    KalkaLucia [I9288]about 1830before 1876Carolus (Carl) Rosentreter [I9287] 
    KallettHenriette Mathilde [I9224]about 1818before 1928August Rosentreter [I9225] 
     Mathilde [I4773]18 Nov 182616 Oct 1885August Rosentreter [I2321] 
    KalliesAdolf Reinhold Otto [I6674]8 Oct 1876before 1986Bertha Sophie Emma Rosentreter [I6672] 
    KallweitEmma [I7738]about 1900before 2010Julius Rosentreter [I7737] 
    KamHelen V [I3549]4 Aug 191121 Jun 1994Floyd Rosentreter [I3548] 
    KamkeJohn C [I6245]18851952Helen Rosentreter [I2416] 
    KampenDaniel [I5079]  Kathryn (Katie) Ann Rosentreter [I5077] 
    KampsSusie [I3720]3 Aug 18956 Dec 1948Julius Carl Rosentreter [I0862] 
    KannacherDorothea Charlotta [I6950]about 1802before 1912Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6949] 
    KannenbergJohann Jacob [I5024]about 1805before 1915Eva Rosina Rosentreter [I5023] 
    KanowskiHermann Emil Adolf [I7545]19 Feb 190020 Aug 1978Anna Marie Rosentreter [I7544] 
    KapellElsie E [I1435]Jun 18701937Albert John Rosentreter [I1434] 
    KaraschLonnie John [I5621]  Diane Joan Rosentreter [I3990] 
    KargDonovan Charles Conrad, Jnr [I4049]  Shelley Fay Rosentreter [I3831] 
    KarinRegine Luise Gottliebe Anna [I8297]3 Dec 179228 Jan 1883Johann Christian Rosenträger [I8296] 
    KarnesMolly [I7967]  Brent Rosentreter [I4396] 
    KarpinskaHelena [I1812]about 1836before 1946Josef Rosentreter [I0596] 
    KarpinskiCasimir Johann [I5082]4 May 1855before 1965Julianna Helene Rosentreter [I4768] 
    Kasner**Unknown** [I9097]  Hannelore Liesbeth Rosentreter [I9096] 
    KastensGrete [I1288]about 1710before 1820Hinrich Rosentreter [I1287] 
    KaulRaymond [I4142]  Joanna Rosentreter [I4141] 
    KausinAnna Maria [I6845]about 1755before 1865Johann Peter Rosentreter [I6844] 
    KautowskyMichael [I6396]about 1776before 1886Anna Regina Rosentreter [I6395] 
    KazminskiJohn [I8663]  Michelle Ann Rosentreter [I8662] 
    KeipertJohn [I2570]about 1866before 1976Auguste Rosentreter [I2569] 
    KelchCaroline Regine [I2186]18 Aug 181322 Dec 1842Friedrich Martin Rosentreter [I2187] 
    KellerChester J [I3611]27 May 190317 Oct 1958Evelyn M Rosentreter [I1523] 
    KellnerPaul [I3417]  Martha Marie Rosentrater [I1966] 
    KellyMarsha [I4162]  Michael Andrew Rosentreter Snr [I1752] 
    KelmDorothea [I8490]about 1800before 1843Johann George Rosentreter [I9199] 
     Ida Emma [I0181]25 May 18989 Jan 1974Louis Joseph Rosentreter [I0125] 
    Kelso-SmithKaty [I0719]  Joshua Carl Rosentreter [I0487] 
    KemnitzRegine Luise [I5482]30 Jul 182415 Nov 1910Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger [I5481] 
    KempDella Elizabeth [I0859]16 Jul 18952 May 1972Rudolph George Rosentreter [I0858] 
    KempfDorothy Marie [I8713]  John William Rosentreter [I0890] 
     Marie Elise [I6740]8 Sep 1896before 2006Otto Gustav Rosentreter [I6741] 
     Minnie [I0899]28 Apr 189723 Jul 1929Julius Carl Rosentreter [I0862] 
    KennedyAlice Margaret [I4640]  Thomas (Tom) Michael Eugen Rosentreter [I4641] 
    KenneyJim [I6200]  Alice Rosentreter [I4543] 
    KepplerHenry [I2639]Sep 185131 Dec 1924Mary Augusta Rosentreter [I0650] 
    KerbyBetty Francis [I3815]  Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Jnr [I0166] 
    KernCarl [I4521]about 1904before 2014Martha Rosentreter [I1543] 
    KernchenJohanna Wilhelmine Ernstine [I7922]about 1868before 1978Hermann Rosenträger [I7921] 
    KernkeCarol Ann [I1162]  Ronald Clive Rosentreter [I0213] 
    KerrBruce [I8002]  Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [I0126] 
    KerskeRuth Minnie [I5620]6 Apr 191410 Oct 1985George Louis Rosentrater [I5553] 
    KeyesCarol Sue [I8913]  Steven Richard Rosentreter [I5868] 
     Constance (Connie) K [I8807]  Gary Edward Rosentreter [I8806] 
    Kienitz**Unknown** [I7764]about 1837before 1947Henriette Rosentreter [I7763] 
     Emil [I6398]about 1867before 1977Emma Emilie Rosentreter [I6397] 
    KietzmannWilhelmine [I8970]about 1824before 1934Christoph Rosentreter [I8969] 
    KilleyMaury [I8919]  Cara Lynn Rosentreter [I3229] 
    KindermannAlbert Ernst Franz [I5864]11 Jan 187019 Jul 1940Regina Maria Rosentreter [I1683] 
     Theodore Richard [I3114]25 Nov 188022 Feb 1950Ida Louise Rosentreter [I3105] 
    KingChris [I6090]  Tateum Rosentreter [I6089] 
     Mary J [I4066]  Gary Allen Rosentreter [I3583] 
    KinleyHeather Lois [I4736]  John (Jack) Edward Rosentreter [I4735] 
    KinnearLillian Mabel [I3530]Oct 18983 Aug 1976Charles Herman Rosentreter [I3529] 
    KirschsteinFriedrich Wilhelm [I7700]23 Jan 185910 Apr 1912Johanna Emilie Bertha Rosentreter [I7699] 
    KittlerMarie Ernestine [I5316]13 Aug 186014 Jan 1896Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger [I5315] 
    KitzmannAnna Krystyna [I4995]about 1819before 1929Krzysztof (Christoph) Rosentreter [I4994] 
    KladziwaElsbeth Martha Anna [I7731]  Hans Rosentreter [I7730] 
    KlanderGustav John [I0080]19 Aug 188520 Aug 1960Mary Minnie Rosentreter [I0036] 
    KlannHenry Eric [I3281]17 Nov 191226 Oct 2005Elsie Clara Rosentreter [I0029] 
    KlattEmilia [I9009]about 1869before 1979August Rosentreter [I9008] 
     Otto Julius [I6365]11 Dec 1904before 2014Gertrud Luise Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6366] 
    KlawiterRosalie [I5972]about 1832before 1942Johann Rosentreter [I5971] 
    KlebbMartha Anna Erna [I5379]about 1853before 1963  
    KlechaFranziska [I8605]  Kevin Rosentreter [I0014] 
    Klein**Unknown** [I3925]about 1786before 1896Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3924] 
     Ernst Julias August [I0041]about 1904before 2014Melba Margarette Rosentreter [I0301] 
     Maria Anna Auguste [I0142]190111 Oct 1925Heinrich Alexander Rosentreter [I0065] 
     Walter [I2043]about 1905before 2015Helene Rosentreter [I2085] 
    KleinwächterGrit [I6848]  Mirko Rosentreter [I6849] 
    KlemkeElżbieta (Elisabeth) [I9261]about 1822before 1932Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9260] 
    KlemmeBirgit [I8776]  Paul Rosentreter [I8766] 
    KlenskAnne Justine [I2305]about 1823before 1933Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2304] 
    KlingerElisabeth [I2803]about 1685before 1795Paul Rosentreter [I2802] 
     Eva Catharina [I5266]about 1729before 1839Michael Rosentreter [I5265] 
    KloberErna Marie [I7349]15 Jul 189911 Oct 1943Walter Otto Bruno Rosentreter [I7348] 
    KlockDonald L [I2712]20 Oct 19274 Aug 2015Lois Irene Rosentreter [I1895] 
    KloppenburgLinda [I8842]  Ken Rosentreter [I4599] 
    KlosFriedrich Emil [I7483]13 Sep 1872before 1981Elise Anna Rosentreter [I7482] 
    KlossAnna-Katrin [I6781]  Sergej Rosentreter [I6780] 
    KlostermanJohann [I5692]1791before 1901Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I5690] 
    KluckMinna [I4492]about 1884before 1994Emil Rosentreter [I4491] 
    KluczikowskiAlexander [I2737]about 1834before 1944Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0598] 
    KlugMartin [I5102]about 1801before 1911Rosina Rosentreter [I0254] 
    KlugeGustav [I4329]about 1864before 1974Juliane Rosentreter [I4328] 
    KlukasJulianne [I4304]about 1849before 1959Daniel Rosentreter [I2367] 
    KluthEmilie L [I9011]about 1869before 1979Gustav Rosentreter [I9010] 
     Selma [I8295]about 1852before 1962Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5416] 
     Selma Karoline Elisabeth [I5417]8 Jan 187128 Jul 1951Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8148] 
    KnappeAuguste Amalie [I4885]11 Feb 1849before 1959Gustav Eduard (Edward) Rosentreter [I2245] 
    KneupAlice M [I8915]  Jessie Lee Rosentreter [I3467] 
    KnittlerFriedrich [I4984]9 Oct 190619 Aug 1943Alwine Rosentreter [I4261] 
    KnochJoseph Randolph [I9020]14 Jan 188613 Dec 1951Emmy Rosentreter [I9019] 
    KnopJoannes [I9183]about 1744before 1854Eva Rosentreter [I9182] 
    KnöpkePaul Edward [I5946]20 Feb 1905before 2015Else Sophie Rosentreter [I5251] 
    KnörckGottliebe [I6893]Jul 180128 Jan 1882Christian Friedrich Rosenträger [I6892] 
    KnörkMarie Dorothee Luise [I8560]about 1818before 1928Johann Christoph Rosenträger [I8386] 
    KnoxOma Ethel [I1404]about 1910before 2020Ervin Arnold Rosentrater [I1402] 
    KobbeSophie Margrete [I1106]2 Mar 173824 Feb 1805Conrad Rosentreder [I1098] 
    KoberFriederike Wilhelmine Dorothee Elisabeth [I8261]15 Apr 18185 Jun 1899Johann Karl Christian Rosenträger [I7235] 
    KobersteinAnna [I4289]about 1859before 1969Adolph Rosentreter [I4288] 
    KöbkenDorothea Maria [I8541]about 17788 Apr 1837**Unknown** Rosenträger [I8555] 
    KobsMarie Elisabeth [I3025]25 Apr 185812 Jan 1910Johann (John) Fredrich Rosentreter [I3024] 
    KochAdolph August [I8235]23 May 186421 Oct 1945Bertha Anna Helene Rosenträger [I8234] 
     Christine Marie [I1342]before 1790before 1900Michael Frederich Rosentrætter [I1341] 
    KochankeKristian [I2697]about 1829before 1939Carolina Rosentreter [I2990] 
    KoehlerBernice [I1764]190712 Jun 1984Otto John Rosentreter [I1763] 
    KoehliAdolph [I4359]1890before 2000Maria Rosentreter [I4239] 
    KoenekiMarie [I3347]11 Jun 188324 May 1940Richard Henrich (Henry) Albert Rosentreter Snr [I1251] 
    KoetkeUlrica Dorothea [I2083]before 1793before 1903Christian Rosentreter [I2082] 
    KohleEric J [I3725]17 Aug 192119 Sep 2017Hilda A Rosentreter [I3723] 
    KohlerAugust Ferdinand [I5995]182417 Nov 1909Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I5994] 
     Michael [I5818]  Joan Mary Rosentrater [I5815] 
    KöhlerHermann Paul Walter [I6043]8 Jun 1895before 2005Emmi Martha Rosentreter [I6042] 
    KöhlernCaroline Rosina [I5000]about 1765before 1875Samuel Friedrich Rosentritt [I4999] 
    KolaskiChester A [I3610]19 Jul 19094 Oct 1989Irene Marie Rosentreter [I3609] 
    KolbeAlbert [I7683]3 Mar 1859before 1969Anna Julianna Rosentreter [I5225] 
    KollmorgenBertha Hermine Caroline [I5650]28 Feb 186513 Dec 1933Johann Carl Gottlieb Rosentreter [I5649] 
    KoneskiEdward [I8907]  Virginia Rosentreter [I8906] 
    KönigAnna [I6475]13 Apr 1902before 2012Gustav Rosentreter [I6474] 
    KönkeMartha Matilda [I7402]18 Dec 1882before 1994Albert Martin Rosentreter [I7401] 
    Konya**Unknown** [I3280]  Evelyn Rosentreter [I3276] 
    KopinkeHedwig Elisabeth [I6513]about 1868before 1978Johann Rosentreter [I0686] 
    KopinskyBluma-Fridla [I4527]1863before 1973Itsekh (Izaak) Rosentreter [I4526] 
    KopischkeClara Elisabeth [I6391]about 1806before 1916Gottlieb Johann Rosentreter [I7046] 
    KoppSusan Marion [I0278]  Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter [I0087] 
     Wilhelm (William) [I2797]12 Sep 186527 Jun 1943Wilhelmine (Minnie) Emma Rosentreter [I0136] 
    KöppenEmilie [I6600]about 1851before 1961August Rosentreter [I6601] 
    KorganovaSophiya Vasilievna [I2977]about 18908 Sep 1941Boris Ottovich Rosentreter [I2828] 
    KornJoachim Christoph [I3138]about 1810before 1920Maria Dorothe Rosenträger [I3137] 
    KorpivuomaLeena [I0386]  Eric Rosentreter [I0385] 
    KörthMinnie [I3392]29 Aug 18964 Sep 1974Friedrich (Fritz or Fred) Rosentreter [I3040] 
    KoslowskiRegina [I1668]Oct 185830 Nov 1927August Alois Rosentreter [I1667] 
    KosprzykStanley [I8991]about 1903before 2013Lottie Rosentreter [I8990] 
    KotzPeter [I9388]about 1737before 1847Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I9387] 
    KowallErich Walter [I8084]  Edith Marion Wally Rosentreter [I8083] 
    KowalskiAnnette Marie [I1154]  Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr [I1152] 
    KozlowskaDorota [I9179]  Waldek Jan Rosentreter [I9064] 
    KraftErnestine Johanna [I4892]about 185022 Oct 1902Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2243] 
     Fritz Adolf [I6679]12 Apr 1877before 1987Helene Alwine Emilie Rosentreter [I6678] 
     Mathilde Maria Auguste [I7363]about 1883before 1993Johann Martin Wilhelm Rosentreter [I7362] 
    KrahnWilhelmina [I6480]about 1822before 1932Carl Rosenträger [I6479] 
    KramerKarin [I8288]  Peter Rosentreter [I6441] 
     Susanna [I5719]1768before 1878Christoph Rosentreter [I5695] 
    KrämerBernhardt Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm [I8152]25 Feb 189122 Jan 1980Else Johanna Rosentreter [I8151] 
    KränselAnton Eduard [I7818]13 Jun 18729 Jul 1930Minna Luise Anna Rosenträger [I7816] 
    KraseRichard F [I0941]about 1886before 1996Emma Rosentreter [I3152] 
    KrassMarianna [I5705]about 1763before 1873Michael Rosentreter [I5706] 
    KrauseAugust Friedrich Adolf [I8205]22 Aug 1864before 1974Caroline Emilie Wilhelmine Rosenträger [I8202] 
     Eduard [I4361]1859before 1969Auguste Rosentreter [I0422] 
     Frieda Elly [I5359]29 Apr 189828 Dec 1945Bernhard Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger [I5358] 
     Friedrich Wilhelm [I7903]13 Nov 186916 Jan 1939Anna Helene Auguste Rosenträger [I7902] 
     Karoline [I4423]about 1844before 1954Ludwig Rosentreter [I4408] 
     Maria [I0977]1826before 1936Johann Andreas Rosentreter [I0976] 
     Rosina [I6057]about 1847before 1957Julius Rosentreter [I6056] 
    KrautHermann August [I5488]22 Feb 18962 Jun 1958Ottilie Auguste Rosentreter [I0277] 
    KrawczakMarianne [I6790]about 1853before 1963Carolus (Carl) Rosentreter [I9287] 
    KreisEmma Berta Auguste [I7247]26 Jan 1892before 2002Hermann Martin Theodor Rosenträger [I7246] 
    KreislerCarl Juius [I4471]about 1823before 1933Mariane Dorothea Rosentreter [I4470] 
    KremperJoseph G, Jr [I9023]28 May 194231 Mar 1990Janice Ann Rosentrater [I5822] 
    KremserIda Marie Bertha [I4882]about 1851before 1961Otto Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4881] 
    KrenzAnna Susanna [I0998]about 1841before 1951Martin Rosentreter [I0997] 
     Ottilie [I4709]19 Jun 1856before 1966Ferdinand Rosentreter [I4708] 
    KrepelCharles P [I2436]19041966Anna Catherine Rosentreter [I1695] 
    KretzschmarEdith Elfriede Margarete [I7942]23 Jun 19139 Jan 1984Ernst Werner Rosenträger [I7941] 
    KreuzJohn Peter [I3564]21 Jul 187329 Mar 1944Catherine Agnes (Katherina) Rosentreter [I1555] 
    KrisatisGustav [I7865]10 Feb 186818 Mar 1933Maria Auguste Helene Rosenträger [I7864] 
    KrismanHarry E [I2866]2 Apr 189920 Apr 1969Gladys M Rosentreter [I2865] 
    KröcherMaria Dorothea [I8388]about 182110 Apr 1875Johann Rosenträger [I8387] 
    Kroff-PizarroPatricio Eric [I8424]  Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz [I8425] 
    Kroff-RosentreterAstrid [I8427]  Christopher Rodriguez Rivano [I8428]Patricio Eric Kroff-Pizarro Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
     Elder [I8426]   Patricio Eric Kroff-Pizarro Matilde Rosentreter-Díaz
    KrohnAuguste Marie Louise [I7452]about 18388 May 1905Karl Friedrich Rosenträger [I7451] 
     Ottilie Renate Wilhelmine [I7289]about 184723 Mar 1925Carl August Rosentreter [I7290] 
    KrollAuguste Philippine [I9290]about 1844before 1954August Samuel Rosentreter [I9289] 
     Hedwig Luise Auguste [I7410]19 Feb 188212 Apr 1940Wilhelm Hans Rosentreter [I7407] 
     Louise Wilhelmine Auguste [I7760]about 187712 Mar 1918Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5437] 
    KröningOttilie Luise Emilie [I7302]10 Dec 1884before 1994Wilhelm Gustav Rosentreter [I7301] 
    KroppHerta [I6903]  Erhard Rosentreter [I6902] 
    KruegerAlbertine Augusta [I2568]13 Nov 18561 Sep 1944John William Rosentreter [I2567] 
     Augusta [I3167]26 Nov 186718 May 1920Carl H Rosentreter [I2485] 
     Emilie Marta [I4254]1890before 2000Johann Rosentreter [I4236] 
     Justina [I5051]2 May 18341906Karl August Rosentreter [I5050] 
    KrugErnst Gottlieb [I5014]about 1848before 1958Wilhelmine Albertine Bertha Rosentritt [I5013] 
    KrügerAnna [I1632]11 Dec 183624 Jun 1882Joseph Augustin Rosentreter [I1631] 
     Anna [I3246]about 1884before 1994Hugo Rosentreter [I1488] 
     Auguste Amalie Julianne [I9377]about 1873before 1983Gustav Ewald Rosentreter [I9376] 
     Auguste Justine [I1302]22 Dec 18506 Mar 1932Carl Rosentreter [I1301] 
     Carl Friedrich Wilhelm [I8246]24 Nov 1829before 1939Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [I8245] 
     Christina [I8465]about 1868before 1978Christian Rosentreter [I8464] 
     Emilia [I6154]30 Aug 18874 Nov 1977Fritz Gus Rosentreter [I3062] 
     Florentine [I9270]about 1842before 1952Jacob Rosentreter [I9269] 
     Justine [I9278]about 1834before 1944Carl August Rosentreter [I9277] 
     Maria Dorothea Charlotte [I5711]19 Aug 179119 Oct 1844Christian Friedrich Rosentreter [I5712] 
     Martin [I5792]1796before 1906Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I5791] 
     Mateusz (Matthias) [I9201]about 1798before 1908Anna Justina Rosentreter [I9200] 
     Michael [I2461]  Anna Marianna Rosentreter [I1228] 
     Paul Herrmann [I2751]about 1886before 1996Martha Rosentreter [I0727] 
     Pauline [I9276]about 1835before 1945Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I9275] 
    KrumErich Erwin [I3429]19 Nov 190828 May 1994Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [I3427] 
    KrystyniakRegina [I3003]about 1876before 1986Frederick Wilhelm Rosentreter [I3002] 
    KubatzWilhelmine [I9253]about 1835before 1864Friedrich Rosentreter [I9252] 
    KuchAnna Kristina [I9337]about 1858before 1968Michael Rosentreter [I9336] 
    KuchenbeckerGeorg [I2625]about 1714before 1824Eva Rosentreter [I1803] 
    KuehnJohann Christoph [I4362]about 1835before 1945Anna Louise Rosentreter [I3379] 
    KuesthardtEdgar Leslie [I2708]about 1899before 2009Lillian Emma Rosentreter [I0040] 
    KufahlDorothee [I8383]about 1804before 1914Johann Rosenträger [I8382] 
    KugeltElisabeth [I6232]about 1786before 1896Georg Rosentreter [I6231] 
    KuhfahlBertha Auguste Wilhelmine [I8044]about 185127 Feb 1919Johann Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I8043] 
    KühlMartin [I9120]about 1764before 1874Christine Rosentreter [I9119] 
    KühnArno Hartwig [I7609]3 May 1899before 2009Ida Agnes Frieda Rosentreter [I7608], Minna Anna Meta Rosentreter [I7650] 
     Auguste [I7503]about 1854before 1964August Rosentreter [I7502] 
     Elise Johanna [I6646]19 Jan 185710 Nov 1885Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I6645] 
     Franz Walter [I6828]14 Apr 1888before 1998Elise Ida Martha Rosenträger [I6827] 
     Hedwig Henriette Christine [I6770]6 Jun 1853before 1963Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I6645] 
    KühneAnna Pauline [I7803]3 Feb 190313 May 1938Gottlieb Emil Rosentreter [I4241] 
     Emilie Martha [I7579]9 Sep 188514 May 1946Johann Rosentreter [I4236] 
    KuhnelAnna Pauline [I2023]19 Dec 19139 Nov 2004Herbert (Herbie) Manley Rosentreter [I0418] 
    KuhphalCatharina Maria [I2179]about 1789before 1899Johann Ehrenreich Rosenträger [I2175] 
    KujatAnna Rosina [I5114]about 1817before 1927Daniel Rosentreter [I5113] 
    KujothElisabeth [I9152]about 1787before 1897Georgius Rosentreter [I9151] 
    KukekBeate Louise [I9357]about 1870before 1980Julius Leo Rosentreter [I9356] 
    KukliesArthur August [I3580]8 Dec 19128 Mar 1965Paula Emilie Rosentreter [I0115] 
    KulbarschEmilie [I0425]20 Sep 185315 Apr 1917Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I0424] 
    KulkaPauline [I7694]about 1847before 1957Carl Rosentreter [I7693] 
    KundeBertha Wilhelmine Auguste [I1587]16 Oct 187426 Jan 1947August Andreas Rosentreter [I1586] 
    KunkelWillard Lloyd [I3814]31 Jul 19324 May 2004Norma Lee Rosentreter [I0167] 
    KunsseDorothea [I4937]1581before 1691Baltzer Rosentreter [I4936] 
    KunstFriedrich [I2556]about 1810before 1920Dorothea Sophia Rosenträger [I2183] 
    KunzJohn [I2813]about 1851before 1961Rosa Rosentreter [I2812] 
    KupicCorrine Caroline [I5663]  David Philip Rosentrater [I5662] 
    KuprisownaAnortha [I7043]about 1785before 1895Gottlieb Joseph Rosentreter [I7042] 
    KureCheryl Jeanne [I4107]23 Aug 19477 Feb 1999James Louis Rosentreter [I4106] 
    KurthMartha Walli [I5854]9 Feb 1909before 2019Ernst Johann Albert Rosentreter [I5853] 
    KurtzWilhelm August Hermann [I6835]23 Aug 1892before 2002 
    KutkaAdalbert [I2744]about 1767before 1877Marianna Rosentreter [I1690] 
    KuwatschLeopold Friedrich August [I2949]about 1811before 1921Anne Louise Rosentreter [I2947] 
    KyriakidisChristine [I0701]  Leon Eric Rosentreter [I0170] 
    La MacchiaMichelle Ann [I0187]  Roger James Rosentreter [I0173] 
    LaBuwiRene [I3651]15 Apr 189310 Sep 1971Julius Emil Otto Rosentreter [I2418] 
    LambWilliam [I5830]  Esther Rosentrater [I5829] 
    LambrechFern [I4383]  John Frederick Rosentreter [I3973] 
    LambrechtFritz Wilhelm [I7189]25 Jan 1895before 2005Elli Anna Rosa Rosentreter [I5956] 
     Maria [I7197]about 1694before 1804Ernst Rosentreter [I7196] 
    LampeAuguste Christine Wilhelmine Helene [I7373]25 Mar 1883before 1993Karl Heinrich Paul Rosentreter [I4890] 
    LamprechtMartha Marie Emma [I5350]6 Oct 188624 Dec 1946Gustav Karl Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5349] 
    LancasterCarson Avery [I3416]30 Mar 193527 Mar 2018Miriam Ruth Rosentrater [I1965] 
    LandigMarie [I7981]8 Oct 185711 Jul 1893Rudolph Rosenträger [I7980] 
    LandmesserAnna Catharina [I0806]about 17984 Nov 1879Johann Thomas Rosentreter [I0805] 
    LandwerWesley Robin [I3659]  Deirdre Verna Rosentreter [I3658] 
    LaneLaura Lea [I5752]  William Justin Rosentrater [I5751] 
    Lange**Unknown** [I0739]about 1631before 1741Jacob Rosentreter [I0738] 
     Anna Louise [I9331]about 1840before 1950Ludwig Rosentreter [I9330] 
     Heinrich Rudolph [I4331]1851before 1961Ernestine Rosentreter [I4330] 
     Margarethe [I3919]about 1786after 1830Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter [I4159] 
    LangenAnna Margaretha [I7181]about 171528 Jan 1774Johann Samuel Rosentreter [I7087] 
    LangerHedwig Marie Ida [I7932]18 Mar 1894before 2004Hans Robert Rudolf Rosenträger [I7931] 
    LangleyDerek V [I3741]  Gladys M Rosentreder [I3740] 
    LangnerAnna Elisabeth [I5234]25 Feb 1875before 1985Johann Karl Rudolph Rosentreter [I1220] 
     Johann Ernst Philipp Wilhelm [I7119]about 1776before 1886Henriette Amalie Rosentreter [I7118] 
    LaniganGerald Alfred [I8921]22 Jul 192122 Oct 1999Betty Mae Rosentreter [I0538] 
    LappConrad Lee [I2703]  Kathryn (Katy) Stella Rosentreter [I1899] 
    LappeTheodore [I6521]about 1841before 1951Auguste Rosentreter [I6520] 
    LapschiesAlbert Franz August [I6062]2 Jan 1902before 2012Agnes Martha Rosentreter [I6061] 
    LarsonAlfred Merle [I2379]10 Jun 190520 Sep 1996Rosalie Minnie Rosentrater [I1470] 
    LaRueDavid Alan [I4031]  Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [I3817] 
    LatzkeGertrud [I0485]about 173529 Nov 1807Peter Rosentreter [I0484] 
    LaubeAnna Caroline [I9134]about 1797before 1907Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9133] 
     Caroline [I3670]about 1788before 1898Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter [I3669] 
    LauburgEmma Margarethe [I7884]19 Feb 1899before 2009Erich Hermann Walter Rosenträger [I7883] 
    LauchstedtEmma [I5258]about 1885before 1995Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5257] 
    LauderChristoph [I3783]about 1882before 1992Minna Rosentreter [I3782] 
    LauerCharles James [I2707]about 18844 Dec 1914Lillian (Lillie) Rosentreter [I2342] 
     Wilhelm [I6519]about 1886before 1996Hedwig Rosentreter [I6518] 
    LaurinAuguste Wilhelmine [I7698]about 1830before 1940Wilhelm Christian Eduard Rosentreter [I7697] 
    LazarusRieke (Ricka) [I1235]about 1865before 1975Moritz Rosentreter [I1234] 
    LeachJerry [I2386]12 Dec 19418 Mar 1985Beverly Ann Rosentrater [I1870] 
     Kristy [I8899]  Roger Edward Rosentreter [I8898] 
     Nola Genevieve [I1393]19 Mar 193412 Dec 2012Marvin Paul Rosentrater [I1391] 
    LeberFrieda Amanda [I3245]6 Aug 1885before 1995Richard Max Rosentreter [I1487] 
    LechertJadwiga Hedwig (Hattie) [I3608]17 Sep 188816 Apr 1916Edward Walton Rosentreter [I1519] 
    LeeEun Joo [I5628]  Karl Joseph Rosentrater [I0436] 
    LeedsPamela Jean [I4114]  Richard (Rick) Allen Rosentreter [I4076] 
     Ulah Nell [I4014]6 Oct 192529 Jul 2011Richard (Dick) Burton Rosentreter [I3863] 
    LehdeElsie Ida [I3463]20 Jun 190226 Jun 1955Benjamin Gus Julius Rosentreter [I3342] 
    Lehman**Unknown** [I4168]  Loretta Rosentreter [I4167] 
     Nancy [I1970]  Eldon Paul Rosentrater [I1969] 
    Lehmann**Unknown** [I4658]after 1879before 1989Olga Bertha Rosentreter [I4657] 
     Joanna Bertha [I5218]6 May 1858before 1968Carl Ferdinand Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I5121] 
     Martha [I4769]6 May 1858before 1968Ferdinand August Rosentreter [I4685] 
    LehrkeEmilie [I4296]about 1880before 1990Rudolph Rosentreter [I1931] 
    LehrmannCaroline (Lena) [I0143]5 Jan 18935 Jun 1934Gustav John Rosentreter [I3036] 
    LeickenCatharina [I1084]17654 Jun 1830Johann Friedrich Rosentreter [I1083] 
    LeifNicholas [I3335]27 Mar 18569 May 1916Frances Rosentreter [I1556] 
    Leite?Anna [I8782]  August Rosentreter [I8781] 
    LembalskiAnna [I6510]about 1895before 2015Ferdinand Rosentreter [I6509] 
    LemkeWilhelmine [I6694]about 1854before 1964Johann Rosentreter [I6693] 
    LemkyBernard Wilfred [I3484]26 Feb 18967 Jun 1983Ottilia (Tilly) Rosentreter [I1540] 
    LemmAuguste Wilhelmine [I7905]about 1858before 1968Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8197] 
    LenebergJohn [I3131]about 1857before 1967Wilhelmina Rosentreter [I3132] 
    LentzJoachim Michael Ferdinand [I8184]14 May 184514 Oct 1895Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Rosentreter [I8183] 
     Rosalie [I1314]20 Feb 18599 Mar 1949Johann (John) Rosentreter [I1313] 
    LenzAnna [I0233]about 1721before 1831Martin Rosentreter [I0232] 
     Elisabeth [I9110]about 1764before 1874Martin Rosentreter [I9109] 
     Frieda Martha Klara [I5447]1 Mar 19133 Jul 1948Paul Richard Gustav Rosentreter [I5448] 
    LeonardLillian M [I5560]  Robert Laverne Rosentrater [I0453] 
    LeopoldErnst Karl Friedrich [I6495]27 Aug 1878before 1998Ottilie Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6494] 
    LeritzRose C [I0611]15 Sep 18875 May 1944Paul Willam Rosentreter [I0610] 
    LesinskiMichael [I2774]13 Sep 187610 Dec 1956Regina (Jenny) Rosentreter [I1671] 
    LesnikowskiKonstanty [I1889]1 Mar 19377 Jan 2010Barbara Rosentreter [I1515] 
    LesterMarie Agnes [I3353]29 Nov 191724 Oct 1976Richard Henry Rosentreter Jnr [I3352] 
    LetourneauBernice A [I3983]24 Aug 192330 Jul 2005Benjamin Rosentreter [I3984] 
    LeuschnerAnna Susanna [I5019]about 1855before 1965Johann Friedrich Rosentreter [I5018] 
    LewisJohn [I5872]  Nancy Ann Rosentreter [I0383] 
    LieberanzLouisa [I3331]about 1883before 1993John Rosentreter [I3330] 
    LiebkeHelmut [I6437]  Ruth Rosentreter [I6436] 
    LiedkeChristine [I5703]1809before 1919Christoph Rosentreter [I5702] 
    LieskeJustine [I2549]about 1843before 1953Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2548] 
    LilkendeyJohann Friedrich [I2407]about 1751before 1861Anne Alheit Rosentreter [I1201] 
    LilleyLouis V [I3987]  Floy Mae Rosentreter [I3466] 
    LimmerAmanda Rosa [I0168]8 Dec 190428 Feb 1990Karl (Charlie) Johannes Rosentreter [I0152] 
    LindeAlma [I5520]about 1899before 2009Conrad Emil Rudolf Rosentreter [I0267] 
    LindstaedtEmma Martha Margot [I6575]12 Sep 189716 Nov 1942Reinhold Robert Rosentreter [I6574] 
    LingnauChristian [I7073]about 1693before 1803Catharina Rosenträger [I7072] 
    LinkFrank J [I2493]about 1867before 1977Elizabeth Rosentreter [I1771] 
     Louise Benigna [I3923]about 1780before 1890Friedrich Kasimir Rosentreter Snr [I3922] 
    LippmannBertha [I0680]1 Sep 18579 Sep 1926Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I0679] 
    LipsTauba-Baili [I4653]about 1860before 1970Donas Rosentreter [I4652] 
    LiskaMichael Allen [I4059]  Luetta Kay Rosentreter [I3823] 
    LissackLillian (Hazel) M [I3122]10 Apr 190519 Mar 1996Elgard Hubert Rosentreter [I3102] 
    ListCarl [I5832]5 Aug 1853before 1963Ottilie Rosentreter [I5831] 
     Ida [I0264]20 Sep 186420 Jul 1935Emil Rosentreter [I0263] 
     Joachim [I2693]about 1821before 1931Johanna Rosentreter [I0045] 
    Lister**Unknown** [I8819]  Suzie Rosentreter [I8818] 
     Sandra [I3248]  Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter [I0442] 
    LittauElizabeth Florenty [I9066]  Bogdan Kazimierz Rosentreter [I9065] 
    LoedkeCaecilie [I5941]about 1823before 1933Christoph Rosentreter [I5940] 
    LoewenthalMax (Marcus) [I2907]18481919Rosalie (Rosa) Rosentreter [I2906] 
    LohrHenry August Bernhard [I3127]about 1870before 1980Hannah Martha Rosentreder [I3126] 
    LohseJohanna [I2030]13 Oct 1882before 1992Bernhard Hermann Rosentreter [I1954] 
    LongCynthia (Cindy) Clarke [I4203]28 Apr 193731 Dec 2013Donald Raymond Rosentreter [I4202] 
    LöperElisabeth [I6339]about 1759before 1810Christian Rosentreter [I6338] 
    LörchJustina [I5269]about 1802before 1912Jan Gottlieb (Bogumil) Rosentreter [I0708] 
    LorenzVeronica [I6047]about 1812before 1922Heinrich (Henry) Rudolph Rosentreter [I2135] 
    LoschertEmil August [I7318]5 Jan 1895before 2005Helene Louise Rosentreter [I7317] 
    LossRobert Theman [I2801]14 May 191714 Jul 2008Bernice Veronica Rosentreter [I2735] 
    LotsElisabeth [I6235]about 1772before 1882Joseph Rosentreter [I6234] 
    Loveland**Unknown** [I3542]  Leah R Rosentreter [I1024] 
    LoweWilliam [I5935]  Barbara H Rosentreter [I3559] 
    LowreyInez L [I2514]19 Aug 188211 Dec 1912Karl Fredrick (Charles) Rosentrader [I0498] 
    LoyLisa Everett [I4056]  Jeffrey Alan Rosentreter [I4055] 
    LubigWilhelm [I6037]about 1846before 1956Caroline Henriette Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I2270] 
    LubitzJohn Alfred Otto [I3962]28 Oct 190814 Sep 1986Frieda Rosentreter [I3322] 
    LucasBetty Jo [I2001]  G Craig Rosentrater [I1878] 
    LuckowElise Minna Auguste [I5344]5 Sep 18825 Nov 1950August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5343] 
    LudAnna Rosina [I5727]about 1778before 1888Michael Rosentreter [I5726] 
    LudeckeHerbert [I2607]  Lillian Edith Rosentreter [I1244] 
    LudewigAnna Martha Ottilie [I1623]4 Nov 188823 May 1945Leo Andreas Rosentreter [I1622] 
     Elfine Elfride Anna [I7217]11 Feb 1890before 2000Willy Hermann Rosenträger [I7214] 
    LüdkeJohann [I3052]22 Feb 185930 Jan 1924Julianna Rosentreter [I3053] 
    LüdtkeAnna Martha [I6730]5 Mar 1905before 2015Aloysuis Franz Rosentreter [I6503] 
    LudwigJohann Gottlob [I5003]about 1752before 1862Christiana Elisabeth Rosentritt [I5001] 
    LuntesMewis [I6871]about 1634before 1744Grietgen Rosentret [I6870] 
    LuttermanJanice Ruth [I4456]6 Dec 19403 Dec 2020James Donald Rosentreter [I4108] 
    LüttjohanFranz Carl Heinrich [I5233]9 Dec 1861before 1971Hulda Bertha Rosentreter [I5232] 
    LuxJoseph Peter [I2550]5 Feb 185825 Dec 1923Anna Theresa Rosentreter [I0555] 
    LuyPhyllis [I4731]20 Aug 192811 Jun 2011William (Bill) Rosentreter [I1781] 
    MaassJohann [I6229]about 1795before 1905Anna Maria Dierke [I6230] 
    MaberryRobert Jefferson [I3828]26 Aug 191822 Dec 1979Floy Mae Rosentreter [I3466] 
    MacafferyMargaret (Maggie) [I3504]about 1872before 1982Johann Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter [I3503] 
    MachelettHenriette Johanna Wilhelmine [I1360]27 Jun 189420 Apr 1969Wilhelm Georg Rosentreter [I1357] 
    MachlerEmilie Augusta [I4499]7 Dec 1846before 1956Carl August Rosentreter [I4498] 
    MachugaTammy [I6088]  Jerry Rosentreter [I6087] 
    MackAnna M [I1693]May 1880before 1990John Rosentreter [I0400] 
    MackowiakHelena [I8080]13 Feb 1905before 2015Adolph Rudolph Rosentreter [I8079] 
    MadelinskiHelen [I3487]about 1898before 2008Ferdinand Rosentreter [I3486] 
    MadsenBetina Mitzi [I1325]  Jens Rosenlund Rosentrætter [I1319] 
    MaekerCatharina Dorothea [I2121]about 173022 Feb 1802Joachim Rosentreter [I3262] 
    MaginnisElizabeth Julia [I3187]4 Jun 188217 Jul 1960Charles Theodore Rosentreter [I3047] 
    MagnusWilhelm August Albert [I7669]8 May 18524 Apr 1947Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6421] 
    MaguireShannon [I5074]  Kurt Douglas Rosentreter [I4738] 
    MagwireNancy M [I5535]  Howard Russell Rosentrater [I5532] 
    MahlmannWilliam (Bill) [I6081]6 Jul 187524 Dec 1950Emma Rosentreter [I6079] 
    MahoyBill [I5865]7 Jan 19138 Feb 2000Margaret Ernestine Rosentreter [I0388] 
    MahrJames Leroy, Jnr [I4212]  Nicolette Marie Rosentreter [I1155] 
    MahsJustine [I5878]about 1838before 1948Martin Rosentreter [I5877] 
    MaidenFrank Alfred (Jim) [I2451]3 Jan 192028 May 2000Dorothea Maude (Maud) Rosentreter [I0419] 
    MaidornOswald Paul [I7219]27 Mar 1890before 2000Hedwig Martha Rosenträger [I7218] 
    MajchrzakHelena [I9239]about 1823before 1933Michał (Michael) Rosentreter [I9238] 
    MajerAmanda [I3019]about 1862before 1972Jan Ludwig Rosentreter [I3018] 
    Majerak**Unknown** [I2536]  Carol Rosentreter [I0909] 
    MäkerFriedrich [I8009]about 1825before 1935Dorothea Rosenträger [I8008] 
    MakofkaKammi [I6160]  Kelvin Rosentreter [I6157] 
    MakuschettEmma Marie Friederike [I5311]25 Oct 18737 Mar 1946Gustav Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger [I5306] 
    MalenderWilhelm Louis Paul [I8191]14 Apr 187423 Feb 1946Marie Hedwig Emmi Rosenträger [I8188] 
    MalinskiHelene [I7702]27 Feb 190117 Jan 1977Willy Gustav Rosentreter [I7701] 
    MalléeKarl [I5980]30 May 187321 Sep 1945Anna Luise Rosentreter [I5979] 
    MallekMarianne Pauline Agripina [I4723]29 Jun 1838before 1948Johann Joseph Rosentreter [I0284] 
    Malone**Unknown** [I5797]  Colleen Marie Rosentreter [I1925] 
    MalzeGeorg Karl [I7629]20 Jun 18872 Dec 1947Maria Barbara Rosentreter [I7628] 
    Mandeville**Unknown** [I6246]  Sandra Lee Rosentrater [I1877] 
    ManickeWalter Bart [I8914]7 May 191131 Dec 1989Gladys Rosentreter [I0543] 
    MannHarold [I5866]3 Oct 192017 Aug 2018Norma Jean Rosentreter [I0345] 
     Nicole Susan [I4552]  Mark Joseph Rosentreter [I0338] 
    ManteufelAnna Christina [I5787]1799before 1909Johann Rosentreter [I5788] 
    MantheiCharlie G [I3935]  Estelle Frances Rosentreter [I0118] 
    MantheyHedwig [I5250]about 1872before 1982Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr [I1485] 
     Julius Samuel [I2795]about 1818before 1928Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I0423] 
     Susanne [I9249]about 1824before 1934Carl Rosentreter [I9248] 
    MantowitzChristoph [I6551]about 1838before 1948Ulrike Adelheid Henriette Rosentreter [I6550] 
    MantykJacobus [I9187]about 1779before 1889Elisabeth Rosentreter [I9186] 
    ManzoAdrienne [I3854]  Robert Rosentreter [I1002] 
    MarachJosephus [I4485]about 1887before 1997Anastasya Rosentreter [I4486] 
    MarandaTheodore Henry [I4582]15 Nov 190229 Jan 1998Pearl Rosentreter [I4577] 
    MarcusKirsten [I8130]about 1723before 1833Reinhold Rosentreter [I6426] 
     Sara Rosalie (Nora) [I1237]28 Sep 185913 Feb 1935Isidor Rosentreter [I0705] 
    MarczewskaWanda Pauline [I1529]18 Feb 18831 Aug 1950Albert Julias Rosentreter [I1528] 
    MardensCaroline Wilhelmine Laender [I1336]18108 Feb 1859Christian Wilhelm Rosentrætter [I1335] 
    MarkiewiczCatharina [I9379]about 1875before 1985Franciscus (Franz) Rosentreter [I9378] 
    MarkoKristina Jo [I6139]  Andrew (Andy) Harold Rosentrater [I6138] 
    MarksAnna Rosina [I9116]about 1788before 1898Martin Rosentreter [I9115] 
     Johann [I2427]about 1823before 1933Anna Rosentreter [I0720] 
    MarkwardtEdwin Emil [I3813]  Odella Gertrud Rosentreter [I0122] 
     Gottlieb [I4847]1786before 1896Susanna Rosentreter [I4848] 
     Mathilde [I2892]about 1856before 1966Julius Rosentreter [I7594] 
    MarkwartGottfried [I4449]about 1885before 1995Eva Rosentreter [I4439] 
    MarquardWilhelmine [I7598]about 1872before 1982Julius Rosentreter [I7597] 
    MarschElisabeth Pauline [I7346]5 Sep 187520 Nov 1945Johann Theodor Rosentreter [I7345] 
    MarschkeEvelyn Joyce [I1179]21 Apr 192218 Dec 1998Arthur Robert Rosentreter [I0032] 
    MarshallAugust [I5593]about 1870before 1980Amanda Rosentreter [I5592] 
     Evelyn [I4129]  Joel Rosentreter [I4128] 
    MartenCaroline [I9333]about 1856before 1966Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9332] 
    MarthinsenIris [I8927]about 191818 Apr 1995Frederick (Rosy) Crea Rosentreter [I3996] 
    MartinAnne Beatrice [I3754]18911965Harry R Rosentreder [I3704] 
     Doug [I6408]  Karen Kathleen Rosentreter [I6406] 
     Eva June [I1928]27 Dec 193912 Jul 2011Adolf Marion Rosentreter [I1907] 
    MartiniAuguste Pauline [I2502]18 Sep 185329 Mar 1891Gustav Hermann Rosentreter [I2495] 
    MarxAnna Elisabeth [I0711]between 1813 and 1815before 1925Efraim Rosentreter [I0710] 
     Mathilde Louise [I9373]about 1874before 1984Carl Emil Rosentreter [I9372] 
    MassowEmilia [I5202]1864before 1974Adolf Rosentreter [I5201] 
    MathisenWilliam [I3656]about 1904before 2014Eleanor Rosentreter [I3655] 
    MattJohn Benedikt [I5902]29 Sep 18421924Emilie Pauline Rosentreter [I2312] 
    MatthäusAuguste Wilhelmine [I5010]about 1820before 1930Carl Friedrich August Rosentritt [I5009] 
    MatthesWilhelmine [I9243]about 1827before 1937Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I9242] 
    MatthewsFiona [I4843]  Warren Vivian Rosentreter [I1246] 
     Keith R [I3736]  Shelagh A Rosentreder [I3735] 
    MatthiasAnna Wilhelmine Emilie [I8275]3 May 185920 Apr 1943Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8274] 
    MattnerKathleen Ann [I4119]  Duane Richard Rosentreter [I3541] 
    MauFriederike Henriette [I5890]5 Mar 185310 Sep 1928Carl August Rosentreter [I5889] 
    MaurerJohanna [I2976]1814before 1924Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Rosentreter [I4373] 
    MausAnna Christine [I9146]about 1778before 1888Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9145] 
    MayerAlfred Elmer [I9026]28 Jul 190819 Mar 1988Amanda A Rosentreter [I3116] 
    MazurekFranziska [I8859]about 1898before 2008Eduard Rosentreter [I8858] 
     Juliana [I4793]27 Jul 1904before 2014Gustav Rosentreter [I4800] 
    MazzoniRaymond [I2618]  Ellen Rosentreter [I0983] 
    McCartyLavina Martha [I3154]Sep 1896before 2006Albert Julias Rosentreter [I3339] 
    McClead**Unknown** [I4194]  **Unknown** Rosentreter [I4193] 
    McClintockMelanie [I8821]  Peter J Rosentreter [I8823] 
    McCormickCasey [I8549]  Cheryl Rosentreter [I8548] 
     Mary [I1855]about 1870before 1980Frank Rosentreter [I1447] 
    McCrackenAllan Craig [I3976]  Nancy Jean Rosentreter [I3975] 
    McCuaig**Unknown** [I9324]  Rieva Rosentreter [I4734] 
    McCulloch**Unknown** [I8940]  Myrtle Marie Rosentreter [I3850] 
    McCuneWilliam Mac [I8920]20 Mar 190021 Apr 1981Frieda Louise Rosentreter [I1481] 
    McDanielPatsy Ruth [I0915]  Floyd Henry Rosentreter Jr [I0914] 
    McDonaldElizabeth J [I0552]26 May 187831 May 1963Joseph Paul Rosentreter [I0392] 
     Joanne (Jo) Marie [I4617]  Olaf Rosentreter [I4616] 
    McGillBertha May [I3252]17 Sep 187524 Oct 1946Carl Lewis Rosentreter [I3090] 
    McGivern**Unknown** [I5765]  Tina Marie Rosentreter [I1924] 
    McGlauflinMargaret [I4074]  David Arthur Rosentreter [I1890] 
    McGreadyIda May [I0504]12 Jul 187925 Sep 1947August (Gus) Francis Rosentreter [I0503] 
    McHenryJeffrey Douglas [I4135]  Kristen Maria Rosentreter [I4080] 
    McKenzieVerlin [I3587]  Adeline M Rosentreter [I3408] 
    McKinleyEleanor Leona [I8933]about 1909before 2019Donald (Rosie) Raymond Rosentreter [I3188] 
    McKinnonTeddy Rosevelt [I9006]7 Nov 19044 Apr 1984Rosanna Jane Rosentreter [I3557] 
    McLeeryBessie May [I0468]14 Jun 1891Aug 1985Julius A Rosentrater [I0456] 
    McManusJosephine [I3457]about 1870before 1980Louis Rosentreter [I3456] 
    McMurtreyVera M [I5859]  Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater [I2670] 
    McPhailJerolyn Gwen [I2004]  John Marshall Rosentrater [I1879] 
    McVeyAlan E [I5623]about 1884before 1994Anna Pauline Rosentreter [I3714] 
    Meagher**Unknown** [I5833]about 1868before 1978Emma Rosentreter [I3050] 
     William T [I2915]11 Nov 18625 Dec 1930Emma B Rosentreter [I2914] 
    MecinekGottlieb Franz [I2611]about 1841before 1951Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0599] 
    MegaardGunhild [I3763]about 1900before 2010Gustav Albert Rosentreter [I2417] 
    MehrmannClara Amalie Luise Wilhelmine [I7854]about 184817 Jul 1911Friedrich Wilhelm August Rosenträger [I7853] 
    MeierHeinrich Ludwig [I8369]about 182211 Dec 1894Luise Friederike Anna Elisabeth Rosenträger [I8368] 
     Pauline [I4432]about 1867before 1977Gottlieb Rosentreter [I4431] 
    MeinkowskySophie Hester [I0189]29 Apr 192630 Aug 2019Raymond Karl Rosentreter [I0183] 
    Meisinger**Unknown** [I3972]  Patricia Rosentreter [I3971] 
    MeissnerJohann Rudolf [I5260]18 Nov 186420 Jun 1908Anna Rosina Wanda Rosentreter [I4774] 
    MeisterMarianne L [I4071]  Perry Dean Rosentreter [I3834] 
    MelowDavid [I6309]  Diane Rosentreter [I6308] 
    MenkeHinrich [I2763]about 1774before 1884Mette Rosentreter [I1091] 
    MenkenAnna [I1090]30 Sep 174223 Mar 1809Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter [I1074] 
    MentzenDorothea [I4958]  Alfons Franz Rosentreter [I0694] 
    MenzelAgnes Luise Emma [I4880]10 May 1852before 1962Carl August Otto Rosentreter [I2324] 
    MergentalerMarie [I7519]about 1874before 1984Wilhelm Rosentreter [I2963] 
    MertensCatharina [I5331]10 Jun 160114 Jun 1664Andreas Rosentreter [I4934] 
     Ilsabe [I1062]about 1632before 1742Lür Rosentreter [I1060] 
    MessowMichael [I8545]about 1741before 1851Louise Rosenträger [I8544] 
    MetzelthinMarie Emilie Auguste [I7859]17 Aug 18742 Sep 1950Albert Ludwig Fritz Rosenträger [I7858] 
    MeyCarl [I6991]about 1777before 1887Louise Henriette Rosentreter [I2020] 
    MeyerAmanda [I6497]about 1867before 1977Hermann Rosentreter [I6496] 
     August [I6547]about 1843before 1953Amalie Amanda Rosentreter [I6546] 
     Else Martha Hedwig [I6726]24 Jan 1909before 2019Ernst Willi Christof August Rosentreter [I6725] 
     Erdmund [I6963]about 1824before 1934Christoph Rosentreter [I6962] 
     Fanny [I0512]11 May 18874 Jan 1972Otto Rosentreter [I0511] 
     Joan Mary [I3842]  John (Bert) Frederick Rosentreter [I3841] 
     Luise Maria Bertha [I7605]11 Aug 186618 Jun 1939Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter [I7604] 
     Mette [I1094]1656before 1766Lüder Rosentreder [I1093] 
     Nathan [I2870]5 Jun 18554 Aug 1936Rose Rosentreter [I2869] 
     Velma Anna Maria [I3953]16 Aug 19159 Nov 1998Harold Emil Rosentreter [I0387] 
     Wilhelmina [I9206]about 1819before 1929Christoph Rosentreter [I9205] 
     Wilhelmine Johanna [I6169]about 1786before 1896Georg Friedrich Rosentreter [I1189] 
    Meyer-TurcotteAdam [I4754]  Erin Rosentreter [I4752] 
    MeÿerottenGeske [I6364]about 1701before 1811Johann Rosentreter [I6363] 
    MeyersElmo Laxton [I2681]  Helen Susana Rosentreter [I1755] 
     Gertrude E [I0898]13 Feb 1899Jul 1968Herman Charles Rosentreter [I0863] 
     Gladys V [I1742]25 Mar 192018 Oct 2016John Adrian Rosentreter [I1741] 
     James W [I2523]  Billie June Rosentreter [I1746] 
    MichaelMary G [I1388]19071977William Frederic Rosentrater [I1382] 
    MichalskiKatharina [I1638]7 Sep 189025 Feb 1935Paul August Rosentreter [I1637] 
    MielbradtPeter [I5027]about 1808before 1918Anna Dorothea Rosentreter [I5026] 
    MielkeAlwina [I6529]about 1868before 1978Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6528] 
     Anna Elisabeth [I5134]about 1801before 1911Johann Gottlob Rosentreter [I5131] 
     Christina [I6359]about 1786before 1896Johann Rosentreter [I6033] 
     Emilie [I9126]about 1796before 1829Johann Rosentreter [I9125] 
     Marie [I5276]about 1843before 1953Wilhelm Gottlieb Rosentreter [I1226] 
     Minna Charlotte Karoline [I7919]24 May 1894before 2004Johannes Hermann Rosenträger [I7918] 
     Pauline [I3370]1884before 1994Charles (Carl) Rosentreter [I3369] 
    MierekeChristian [I2508]about 1766before 1876Anna Sabina Rosentreter [I1948] 
    MierkeRudolf Wilhelm Ferdinand [I8145]16 Oct 18847 Sep 1918Emma Auguste Rosentreter [I0265] 
    MierschAuguste Friederike Emilie [I5958]12 Nov 18422 Oct 1901Eduard Gottlieb Ferdinand Rosentreter [I5952] 
    MikerLisette [I0951]about 1790before 1900**Unknown** Rosentreter [I0950] 
    MilbradtFrieda [I4954]3 Jul 1893before 2003Arthur Rosentreter [I4953] 
     Karolina [I9312]about 1834before 1944Andreas Rosentreter [I9313] 
    MilkeElisabeth [I9237]about 1819before 1929Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9236] 
    Miller**Unknown** [I8977]about 1908before 2018Estella Mae Rosentreter [I1777] 
     Edward E [I3471]about 1878before 1988Hattie Rosentreter [I1250] 
     Hilster [I3572]about 1898before 2008Mary A Rosentreter [I3571] 
    MillsJohnathon [I7618]  Andrea (Annie) Rosentrater [I7617] 
    MiltenburgPiter [I2766]  Moniek Rosentreter [I0501] 
    MiszalskaJulianna [I2972]about 1803before 1913Jan Rosentreter [I2971] 
    MitchellFreeman [I1501]11 Apr 191026 Feb 1985Freda B Rosentreter [I1500] 
    MitznerRosalie [I4430]about 1808before 1918Samuel Rosentreter [I4429] 
    MochAlois [I7567]20 Jul 189431 Dec 1945Anna Berta Rosentreter [I7566] 
    MoeckelJohn E [I4182]  Rebecca Ann Rosentreter [I4023] 
    MoellerChristian Louis Reinhard [I8075]about 1840before 1950Auguste Bertha Rosentreter [I8074] 
     Otto C [I2169]about 1909before 2019Rose M Rosentreter [I2167] 
    Moesen?Fritz [I8789]  Hedwig Rosentreter [I8788] 
    MoggeEleonore [I0299]26 Nov 18214 Mar 1867Johann Daniel Rosentreter Snr [I0298] 
    MogilkaMichael [I2587]about 1829before 1939Catharina Christina Rosentreter [I1629] 
    Mollenhauer**Unknown** [I5625]  Sharon D Rosentreter [I5624] 
    MolnMaria [I4342]about 1853before 1963Christoph Rosentreter [I4341] 
    Mondaca YañezCarlos [I6698]  Kläre Rosentreter Rodriguez [I6634] 
    MonneckHenriette Carolina [I6452]1809before 1919Gottfried Samuel Rosentreter [I6944] 
    MontagueCharles N [I3734]  Ethel Christine Rosentreder [I3733] 
    MooneyWillis [I5598]about 1904before 2014Ottile L (Tillie) Rosentrater [I0460] 
    MooreDorthy Mae [I4019]30 Jun 193128 Jan 2009Frank Edward Rosentreter [I3464] 
     Virginia Mae [I6307]19 Feb 192312 Feb 1975Arbe Herman Rosentreter [I3642] 
    MoosAuguste Anna [I8119]about 1877before 1987Gustav Adolf Rosentreter [I8118] 
    Morgan**Unknown** [I3426]about 1910before 2020Marie Henrietta Rosentreter [I1911] 
    MorningstarViola Catherine [I3212]1 Nov 1930Mar 2012Richard Dean Rosentreter [I3211] 
    MorrellVirginia (Ginny) Mae [I1976]  Keith John Rosentrater [I0243] 
    MorrisJames [I6113]  Bonnie Rosentreter [I1015] 
     Michelle [I0494]  Joshua Lawrence Rosentreter [I0176] 
     William Cecil [I4113]  Deborah Lynn Rosentreter [I4112] 
    Morse**Unknown** [I2525]  Bonnie Rosentreter [I1015] 
    MosdowskiPauline [I6605]183811 Dec 1913Johann Rosentreter [I6606] 
    MoyerAmanda [I6168]  Kevin Rosentreter [I4760] 
    MozuchChester [I3934]  Ruth Mildred Eleanor Rosentreter [I3933] 
    MrozAntoni Bolesław [I5147]19151980Jadwiga Rosentreter [I5146] 
    MueckDorothea [I6994]about 1809before 1919Carl Ludwig Rosentreter [I6993] 
    MuehlTheresia S [I3951]15 Sep 191427 Dec 1992Adolph Gustav Rosentreter [I0027] 
    MuellerAnnette [I1975]  Kenneth James Rosentrater [I0193] 
     Gottlieb [I3110]15 Nov 188429 Nov 1961Meta Elsa Rosentreter [I3109] 
     Johann Christoph [I2557]about 180322 May 1869Dorothea Sophia Rosenträger [I2183] 
     Regina Martha [I5054]16 Feb 19276 Sep 2015Julius Friedrich Rosentreter Jnr [I4497] 
    MühlenbergWilhelmine [I5347]about 183623 Aug 1903August Wilhelm Friedrich Rosenträger [I5346] 
    MuhsMargarethe Alwine Hedwig [I5955]27 Jun 1871before 1981Eduard Ferdinand Rosentreter [I5954] 
    MüllerAnna Sophie Dorothee [I7930]about 1874before 1984Karl Albert Rosenträger [I7929] 
     Antoinette Helene Johanne [I5142]23 Sep 18986 Sep 1982Wilhelm Reinhardt Rosentreter [I5141] 
     Carolina Christina [I6320]17791829Michael Rosentreter [I6321] 
     Caroline Henriette Lisette [I5474]about 18418 Sep 1913Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5475] 
     Ferdinand Wilhelm Joachim Friedrich [I2479]about 1839before 1849Rosine Wilhelmine Dorothee Rosentreter [I2478] 
     Gottlieb Ernst [I6315]about 1787before 1898Caroline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I6314] 
     Helene Maria [I7926]14 Mar 188827 Apr 1936Richard Otto Rosenträger [I7925] 
     Julie [I7019]about 1848before 1958Julius Rosentreter [I7018] 
     Lisette [I5526]about 1839before 1849Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5525] 
     Margareta [I4638]  Paul Rosentreter [I4636] 
     Margreta [I1206]168026 Jan 1734Hinrich Rosentreter [I1203] 
     Maria Christina [I7148]about 1757before 1867Michael Rosentreter [I7147] 
     Maria Dorothea [I2071]about 173911 Jun 1815Andreas Rosentreter [I2070] 
    MumfordGeorge [I3732]  Maureen Emma Patricia (Pat) Rosentreder [I3731] 
    MünchebergGeorg Friedrich [I4939]1740before 1850Karoline Luise Rosentreter [I4938] 
    MünnerAuguste Hedwig Ottilie [I8006]2 Nov 187821 Jun 1915Albert Carl Wilhelm Rosenträger [I8007] 
    MunnsFrances Emma [I0558]7 Sep 1879about Nov 1968John Henry Rosentreter [I0557] 
    MunosJanet Faye [I4026]  Milton Marvin Rosentreter Snr [I3578] 
    MunsonKailee [I8837]  Max Rosentreter [I8836] 
    MunterMaria [I7337]8 Aug 187517 Apr 1954Paul Johannes Rosentreter [I7336] 
    MurphyLarry [I8485]  Gaye Rosentrater [I8481] 
    MurrejHermine Wilhelmine Maria [I0262]182112 Nov 1897Michael Christian Rosentreter [I0261] 
    MusalWilhelmine (Minna) [I3094]about 1858before 1968Julias Rosentreter [I0546] 
    MusallWilhelmine [I9308]about 1849before 1908Johann Christoph Julius Rosentreter [I6680] 
    MuseholtWilhelm [I2223]before 1817before 1927Dorothee Rosentreter [I2224] 
    MusickEugenia (Johnnie) Jane [I3577]3 Apr 192717 Sep 1987Marvin Louis Rosentreter [I0182] 
    MusigNadia [I8834]  Eddie Rosentreter [I8922] 
    MusolfAnna Catharina [I0402]10 Nov 18213 Jan 1896Josef Mathias Rosentreter [I0401] 
    MuthoniEliza [I8029]  Heiko Alfred Rosentreter [I7065] 
    MützeMargarete Wilhelmine Elisabeth [I7852]28 Nov 1891before 2001Otto Karl Alfred Rosenträger [I7851] 
    MütznerAnna Rozyna [I9158]about 1797before 1907Samuel Rosentreter [I9157] 
    MylkCristina [I4482]about 1809before 1919Joannes Rosentreter [I4481] 
    NadolningAuguste [I3205]about 1863before 1973Johann Emil Rosentreter [I6614] 
    NajjariNazanin [I1367]  Ingmar Rosentreter [I1366] 
    NalborskiFranciszek [I5149]  Lidia Francizka Rosentreter [I5148] 
    NapiontekJohn F [I2440]18721954Theresia Rosentreter [I3129] 
     Thomas [I3130]about 1869before 1979Anna Francisca Rosentreter [I0069] 
    NasonowitzHelen [I3250]10 Apr 1882before 1992Samuel Rosentreter [I3249] 
    NaugardtJohann Karl Gustav [I6996]about 179820 Jul 1861Dorothea Elisabeth Rosentreter [I6995] 
    NaumannChristian [I3329]about 1876before 1986Marie Rosentreter [I3328] 
    NazarethPerry [I5130]  Crystal Dawn Rosentreter [I4525] 
    Neehouse**Unknown** [I3793]  Stella Isabelle Rosentreter [I2149] 
    NeetzelLouise Auguste Amalie [I5398]10 May 18672 May 1941Hermann Louis Rosenträger [I5397] 
    NehringMichael [I9148]about 1776before 1886Anna Katharina Rosentreter [I9147] 
     Wilhelmine [I3384]about 1851before 1961Johann Rosentreter [I3383] 
     William [I2794]about 1844before 1954Wilhelmine Rosentreter [I0876] 
    NeifertErnest Johann [I2715]22 Feb 18471 Feb 1892Louise Amelia Rosentreter [I2357] 
    Neipert**Unknown** [I3520]about 1861before 1971Augusta Emilie Rosentreter [I3521] 
    NelkeCasimir Joseph [I2457]about 1816before 1926Anna Maria Rosentreter [I1596] 
    NetzJacob [I6378]about 1809before 1919Christine Rosentreter [I6377] 
    NeubertOttilie Rosa [I8849]about 1885before 1995Emil Max Rosentreter [I6213] 
    NeubrandMagdalena [I6076]about 1758before 1868Petrum (Peter) Rosentreter [I6858] 
    NeuendorfTheodor Julius Bernhard [I7238]29 Aug 184119 Nov 1884Dorothee Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I7237] 
    NeugebauerDorothea or Sophie [I5336]about 1914about 1930**Unknown** Rosentreter [I5337] 
    NeulitzJohann [I2612]about 1796before 1906Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0804] 
    Neumann**Unknown** [I4334]about 1816before 1926Rosine Rosentreter [I4333] 
     Caroline [I4411]about 1871before 1981August Rosentreter [I4407] 
     Elisabeth Frieda [I7446]about 1900before 2010Adolf Georg Johann Rosentreter [I7405] 
     Emilie Albertine Auguste [I0529]4 Feb 185410 Oct 1911Johann (John) Rosentreter [I0528] 
     Eric James [I8102]  Janice Lorraine Rosentreter [I6105] 
     Lydia Bertha Alice [I6051]10 Aug 1889before 1999Emil Wilhelm Rosentreter [I6050] 
     Marianna [I2194]about 17762 Nov 1849Franz (Franciscus) Rosentreter [I2193] 
     Marie [I0237]1743before 1853Martin Rosentreter [I0232] 
     Max Reinhold Fritz [I7501]30 Oct 1875before 1985Martha Bertha Felizitas Rosentreter [I7500] 
     Michael [I2483]about 1815before 1925Anna Rosina Rosentreter [I0717] 
     Otto Friedrich Hermann [I6830]29 Jul 1891before 2001Dorothea Ida Helene Rosenträger [I6829] 
     Wilhelmine [I5782]1822before 1932Ludwig Rosentreter [I5783] 
    NezelJustyna [I3001]about 1795before 1905Marcin Rosentreter [I3000] 
    NichollsAlbert T [I3525]about 1906before 2016Winifred Louisa Rosentreter [I0559] 
    NicholsAmelia [I3622]27 Aug 18843 Aug 1967Adolph Rosentreter [I3621] 
    NicholsonDarel [I8689]  Jennifer Rosentreter [I8688] 
    NickelTherisia [I4956]1886before 1996Albert Franz Rosentreter [I4955] 
    NickoleitCharlotte Gertrud [I7505]16 Mar 1895before 2005Wilhelm Paul Rosentreter [I7504] 
    NiclayAnna Christine [I9114]about 1766before 1876Martin Rosentreter [I9113] 
    NielkeAnna Elisabeth [I5220]about 1835before 1945Gottlieb Rosentreter [I5219] 
    NielsenEvelyn Marie [I6932]9 Nov 19242 Jul 2017Frederick George Rosentreter [I3282] 
    NielsonAgnete Halkier [I1346]27 Jul 19212003Svend Rosentrætter [I1345] 
    NiemannErnestine [I7668]1 Jun 185020 Sep 1900Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter [I7604] 
    NiemiAilene B [I4067]  Gary Allen Rosentreter [I3583] 
    NiereiselMartha [I1292]about 1900before 2010Otto Rosentreter [I1291] 
    NierengartenElizabeth Ann [I4045]  Bartholomew (Bart) John Rosentreter [I4044] 
    NierenzHermann Julius Bernhard [I7596]20 May 1880before 1990Anna Emilie Rosentreter [I7595] 
    NimtzWilma Augusta [I0016]3 Dec 191926 May 2002Herman Helmuth Rosentreter [I0015] 
    Nincke**Unknown** [I8851]about 1840before 1950Caroline Rosentreter [I8850] 
    NireiselMartha [I7521]10 Apr 1895before 2005Otto Rosentreter [I7520] 
    NitschkeMaria Elfriede [I7647]6 Feb 189228 Dec 1931Ernst Ludwig Rosentreter [I7550] 
    NittscherAnna Rosina [I5777]19 Dec 1813before 1923Michael Rosentreter [I5776] 
    NoebertFriedrich Emil [I7588]1 Aug 18836 Mar 1957Rosa Elise Pauline Rosentreter [I7587] 
    NoëtingerJean Charles Louis [I8828]about 1810before 1920Emilie Alice Rosentreter [I8825] 
    NölteHermine [I5522]3 Jan 18582 May 1932Wilhelm Rosentreter [I5521] 
    NordlundLonnic I [I5750]  Richard J Rosentrater [I0458] 
    NordmannFriedericke [I2073]about 174116 Jan 1829Gottlieb (Gottlob) Franz Rosentreter [I2072] 
    NordquistArthur Raymond [I3397]13 Feb 1891Jul 1976Helen Rosentreter [I2416] 
    NorhausenMargarete [I7741]  Viktor Rosentreter [I7740] 
    NormanNancy [I7203]  Patrick Rosentreter [I1840] 
    NovackJames [I5870]  Susan Elaine Rosentreter [I0382] 
    NovakWilhelmine [I6417]about 1855before 1965Julius Rosentreter [I6416] 
    NovotnyJudith (Judy) Mary [I5803]  George Louis Rosentrater Jnr [I5802] 
    NowakHelene Alwine Bernardine [I7430]10 Jun 1901before 2011Emil Robert Rosentreter [I5882] 
    NuemannRobertus [I4476]about 1867before 1977Teresia Rosentreter [I4475] 
    NykelZuzanna Julianna [I9161]about 1798before 1908Efram Rosentreter [I9160] 
    O'ConnorGervase C [I3739]  Iris Ethel Rosentreder [I3738] 
    O'DeanVelmer Sivert [I2382]12 Oct 19132 Jun 1978Esther Evelyn Rosentrater [I1473] 
    O'DonnellSarah [I3514]about 186511 Jun 1907George B Rosentreter [I0654] 
    OberhoferLynn-Ann [I8744]  Kurt Hans Rosentreter [I8743] 
    OchsCharles [I3860]  Anita Jean Rosentreter [I0219] 
    Ochsner**Unknown** [I3980]  Shirley Rosentreter [I3979] 
    OcshierPaul L [I2603]  Dorothy Lucille Rosentreter [I1779] 
    OdomGregory P [I4037]  Kim Yvonne Rosentreter [I0179] 
    OechlerGilbert [I5508]10 Mar 192628 May 2015Edna Laura Rosentreter [I3638] 
    OehlschlägerHenriette Anna Elisabeth [I8045]7 Jul 183316 Jul 1904Johann Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger [I8043] 
    OelkerSharon A [I4098]  Orville Rosentreter Snr [I3413] 
    OgdenWendy Barbara [I1238]  Norman John Rosentreter [I0028] 
    OkonekMarianna Rosalia [I0615]23 Aug 185625 Dec 1909Joseph Rosentreter [I0578] 
    OldenbüttelAnna Adelheit [I1215]177315 Feb 1839Christoph Friedrich Rosentreter [I1214] 
    OldhamEthel Annette [I1953]18 Sep 1913Jun 1979Henry William Rosentreter [I1949] 
    OlekBeata [I1886]  Andrzej Rosentreter [I1885] 
    OleyEstea (Esther) F [I3618]18 May 189610 Dec 1978Arthur Gustave Rosentreter [I3049] 
    OlivaresMaria Elisa [I6695]about 1897before 2007Bernado Federico Rosentreter Amestica [I0313] 
    OliverEleanor Dolores [I3671]2 Sep 191214 Mar 2006Grover Cleveland Rosentreter Jnr [I0523] 
    OllechErnst [I6653]about 1832before 1942Louise Rosentreter [I6654] 
     Friedrich Leopold [I7392]6 Aug 1908before 2018Luise Rosentreter [I5961] 
    ÖlrichsSophie Margaretha [I1128]about 1822before 1923Johann Hinrich Rosentreter [I6172] 
    OlschewskiMaria [I4473]4 Apr 1897before 2007Alexius Rosentreter [I4465] 
    OlsenThorvald Julius [I2586]about 1839before 1949Jensine Andrea Rosentrætter [I1338] 
    OlssenNikoline Marie Kristine [I1349]about 1866before 1976Thorvald Ludolf Carl Vilhelm Rosentrætter [I1330] 
    OlthiusRonald George [I5061]  Darlene Rosentreter [I5060] 
    OnaschAlbertine (Alvina) [I0882]about 1858before 1968Julius Frederick Rosentreter [I0881] 
    OppermannClara [I5965]2 Jun 185713 Aug 1894Johann Rosentreter [I5964] 
    OpsomerWilliam T [I5764]1 Aug 190730 Sep 1979Lucille Rosentreter [I3628] 
    OrdemannHermann [I2694]about 1777before 1887Johanna Magdalena Rosentreter [I0086] 
    OrtmannCarol Jean [I5762]26 Feb 19633 Mar 2016Donald (Don) Stuart Rosentrater [I5761] 
    OschileswkyGuillermo [I0362]about 1891before 2001Ema Bernarda Rosentreter Amestica [I0316] 
    Oschileswky RosentreterEmma [I0363]   Guillermo Oschileswky Ema Bernarda Rosentreter Amestica
    ÖsenHinrich [I2601]about 1769before 1879Dorothea Rosentreter [I1151] 
    OsterlandIrma Marie (Mamie) [I3374]24 Feb 19013 Nov 1951Edward (Charles) Ernest Rosentreter [I3373] 
    OtteGeorge Christof [I3546]  Bernice Rosentreter [I3547] 
    OtterAugust Heinrich [I5930]22 Nov 187628 Oct 1966Clara Auguste Helene Rosentreter [I5929] 
    OttersonBarbara Ann Sofie [I4375]7 Aug 194028 Mar 1993Arthur (Art) Donald Rosentreter [I3889] 
    OttmanLuella L [I4062]  James Milton Rosentreter [I0526] 
    OttoJodocus Henricus [I6865]about 1765before 1875Catharina Rosentreter [I6864] 
     Wanda Hertha Charlotte [I6514]15 Feb 1894before 2004Wilhelm Emil Rosentreter [I6511] 
     Wilhelmine [I4783]24 Feb 1817before 1927 
    PaaschElla Martha Agnes [I7833]2 Sep 1887before 1997Wilhelm Karl Rosenträger [I7832] 
    PachertCarolina Wilhelmina [I6980]about 1795before 1828Gottfried Samuel Rosentreter [I6944] 
    PagelViola Caroline [I3556]10 Jun 189416 Aug 1950Ernest Rudolph Rosentreter [I3453] 
    PahlAnna Louise [I9227]about 1822before 1932Friedrich Rosentreter [I9226] 
    PahnHoa [I1160]19451982Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr [I1152] 
    PainterBrenda [I1968]  Charles Ray Rosentrater [I1967] 
    PalickaKaren Ann [I8667]  Edward Charles Rosentreter III [I4117] 
    PalmerAlvin [I6114]  Betty Rosentreter [I1014] 
    PankauMarie Luise [I3140]about 1880before 1990Christian Rosenträger [I3139] 
     Paul Andreas [I2738]about 1822before 1932Maria Henriette Rosentreter [I1733] 
     Stanislaus [I2535]about 1874before 1984Caecilia Rosalia Rosentreter [I0690] 
    PankowMaria Elisabeth Luise [I8013]May 179031 Jul 1856Joachim Christian Friedrich (Fritz) Rosenträger [I0974] 
    PanskeJohann [I2430]about 1789before 1899Anna Rosentreter [I1593] 
     Johann Martin [I2741]about 1855before 1965Maria Tekla Rosentreter [I1607] 
    PanzerKarl Eugen [I2406]about 1866before 1976Albertine Bertha Rosentreter [I0999] 
    PapenbrockHenriette Anna [I5498]about 1805before 1915Martin Rosentreter [I5497] 
     Louise [I5612]181227 Feb 1889Johann Michael Rosentreter [I2039] 
    PapkeChristian Friedrich Wilhelm [I7229]18 Nov 1845before 1955Sophie Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [I7228] 
    PapsteinDora Johanna Gertrud [I5433]  Herbert Helmut Wilhelm Rosenträger [I5432] 
    ParadisePhil [I4751]  Brinna Elisabeth Rosentreter [I4043] 
    PariesKarl [I2519]about 1841before 1951Auguste Wilhelmine Karoline Rosentreter [I2354] 
     Wilhelm Richard Franz [I8176]20 Apr 1871before 1981Minna Auguste Charlotte Rosenträger [I0973] 
    PariseyLouis Wilhelm [I6239]about 183310 Mar 1881Louise Auguste Rosentreter [I6238] 
    ParkBernice [I6204]about 193830 Aug 2020Neil Rosentreter [I4530] 
    ParkerGeri M [I4181]  Norman Lee Rosentreter Jnr [I4018] 
    ParthunAndrea [I5388]  James Lee Rosentreter [I5287] 
    PasdaLorenz [I6538]10 Aug 1896before 2006Anna Rosentreter [I6539] 
    PaśkoAntoni [I4993]about 1845before 1955Justyna Rosentreter [I4992] 
    PasseyGlenis Bronwyn [I0748]  Rodney (Rod) Claude Rosentreter [I0744] 
    PasternaciusAnna Maria [I7156]about 1778before 1888Johann Rosentreter [I7155] 
    PatkeHerbert [I8598]about 1907before 2017Elizabeth Rosentreter [I8597] 
     Karl [I8600]about 1907before 2017Gertrud Rosentreter [I8599] 
     Karl Paul Otto [I7619]17 Mar 190721 Feb 1979Gertrud Else Rosentreter [I7620] 
    Patszlaf**Unknown** [I8717]  Stacey Rosentrater [I8716] 
    PatynaKrzysztof [I2792]  Wanda Rosentreter [I1884] 
    PätzHeinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand [I7273]1889before 1999Elisabeth Clara Charlotte Rosentreter [I7272] 
    PatzerAdeline [I6675]22 Mar 1903before 2013Gottfried Rosentreter [I4269] 
    PatzkeMarianna [I0404]Sep 179310 Apr 1890Joseph Rosentreter [I0403] 
    PaukersCatharina Margretha [I6294]about 1648before 1758Johann Jacob Christoph Rosentreter [I6293] 
    PaulDorothea [I7794]5 May 18575 Jul 1930  
     Johanne Caroline Dorothee [I5977]18461900Franz Rosentreter [I4987] 
     Martha [I7607]19 Apr 1904before 2014Eduard Reinhard Rosentreter [I7606] 
    Paulsen**Unknown** [I8127]about 1782before 1892Else Rosentreter [I8126] 
     Olga Valerie Maria [I5775]Jun 184830 Aug 1885Eugen August Robert Rosentreter [I6185] 
    PautschChristoper [I3377]  Adele Helena Rosentreter [I3376] 
    PawelkaAlfred [I6714]24 Jul 1894before 2004Hertha Elfriede Rosentreter [I6713] 
    PawloskiGrace [I3308]14 Jan 19177 Dec 2001Leo Stanley Rosentreter [I3307] 
    PaytonRuth Naomi [I3156]7 Sep 192127 Jun 1989Norman Albert Rosentreter [I3155] 
    Pearson**Unknown** [I3644]  Mary Ellen Rosentreter [I1817] 
    PedeKrystyna (Christina) [I9267]about 1823before 1855Fransiscus (Franz) Wilhelm Rosentreter [I9266] 
    PedersonAnne Kirsten [I8142]about 1770before 1880Reinholt Rosentreter [I8141] 
    PeiskerIda Marie Anna [I5881]16 Nov 187810 Sep 1951Carl Julius Oscar Rosentreter [I5880] 
    PennoJulianna [I9363]about 1876before 1986Gottlieb Rosentreter [I9291] 
    PennyShirley [I8923]  Samuel (Sam) Rosentreter [I3981] 
    Perrigo?Linda [I8284]  David Arthur Rosentreter [I1890] 
    PerryIsaac [I5605]  Liesel Ingred Rosentrater [I1982] 
    PerseMildred [I2645]1 Apr 18882 Jun 1971George Christoph Rosentreter [I2644] 
    PeschelMartha Gertrud Ella [I7440]30 Sep 1903before 2013Kurt Otto Friedrich Rosentreter [I7439] 
    PeschkeErich Karl [I2610]about 1819before 1929Elfriede Gertrud Elisabeth Rosentreter [I0431] 
    PeskeMarie Katherine [I1679]about 183214 Mar 1898Peter Paul Rosentreter [I1665] 
    PeterClara Regine Bertha [I8048]29 Sep 18744 May 1953Albert Franz Rosenträger [I8047] 
     Dorothea [I7898]9 Jul 1834before 1944Joachim Friedrich August Rosenträger [I7897] 
    PetersAlma Marie [I8441]8 Feb 1891before 2001Otto August Rosenträger [I8440] 
     Elisabeth [I7146]about 1784before 1894Johann Carl Rosentreter [I7145] 
     Katharina Margareta Friederike [I1176]9 Dec 185411 Sep 1936Heinrich Georg Rosentreter [I1175] 
     Walter Bernard [I2231]6 Oct 190821 Feb 1993Gertrude Justine Emilie Emma Rosentreter [I2226] 
    PetersenSuzanne M [I1462]  Chad K Rosentrater [I1461] 
    PetersonBetty [I1354]about 1897before 2007Nikolaj Povl Gotfred Rosentrætter [I1350] 
     Dorothy May [I0525]11 Nov 191620 Dec 2006Milton Frederick Rosentreter [I0514] 
     Joanne [I4782]  Tony Rosentreter [I4755] 
     Marissa [I5495]  Joel Rosentreter [I5494] 
    PetgesNick [I9060]  Rebekah Rosentrader [I9059] 
    PetoCasimir [I2460]about 1890before 2000Anna Maria Catharina Rosentreter [I0607] 
    PettyWanda Lou [I4022]  Orville Rosentreter Snr [I3413] 
    PfalzgraffDaniel Edward [I4016]  Beverly Dianne Rosentreter [I3822]