This page contains an index of all the families/ relationships in the database, sorted by their family name/ surname. Clicking on a person’s name will take you to their family/ relationship’s page.

    ***Unknown** **Unknown** [I7565]Family of Helmut Werner Rosentreter and **Unknown** **Unknown** [F3176]  
     Agnes **Unknown** [I0410]Family of Georg Rosentreter and Agnes **Unknown** [F0145]25 Jul 1681 
     Agnes **Unknown** [I0437]Family of John Edwin Rosentrater and Agnes **Unknown** [F0542]  
     Amalia **Unknown** [I3005]Family of Frederick Rosentreter and Amalia **Unknown** [F1184]  
     Angelina **Unknown** [I6290]Family of Johann Jacob Rosentreter and Angelina **Unknown** [F2639]  
     Anita **Unknown** [I7132]Family of Kenneth Rosentreter and Anita **Unknown** [F2975]  
     Anna **Unknown** [I4661]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Anna **Unknown** [F1906]  
     Anna **Unknown** [I7996]Family of Max Hermann Richard Rosenträger and Anna **Unknown** [F3393]  
     Anna Catharina **Unknown** [I7254]Family of Adam Rosenträger and Anna Catharina **Unknown** [F3033]  
     Anna Luise **Unknown** [I6318]Family of Carl Friedrich Rosentreter and Anna Luise **Unknown** [F2648]  
     Anna Margretha **Unknown** [I6289]Family of Philip Rosentreter and Anna Margretha **Unknown** [F2633]  
     Antionette **Unknown** [I6132]Family of Otto John Rosentreter Jnr and Antionette **Unknown** [F2561]  
     Auguste **Unknown** [I5484]Family of Wilhelm Rosenträger and Auguste **Unknown** [F2250]  
     Auguste **Unknown** [I8276]Family of Wilhelm Rosenträger and Auguste **Unknown** [F3517]  
     Becke **Unknown** [I1279]Family of Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter and Becke **Unknown** [F0422]  
     Berta **Unknown** [I5242]Family of Alfred Albert Rosentreter and Berta **Unknown** [F2134]  
     Bertha **Unknown** [I1053]Family of Rudolf Rosentreter and Bertha **Unknown** [F0365]  
     Bertha **Unknown** [I3388]Family of Jacob Rosentreter and Bertha **Unknown** [F1344]  
     Bess **Unknown** [I3634]Family of Meyer Rosentreter and Bess **Unknown** [F1487]  
     Betty **Unknown** [I6256]Family of Lester James Rosentrater and Betty **Unknown** [F2621]  
     Betty Ann **Unknown** [I6091]Family of Walter (Wally) H Rosentreter and Betty Ann **Unknown** [F2545]  
     Brittany **Unknown** [I6086]Family of Josh Rosentreter and Brittany **Unknown** [F2542]  
     Caitlin **Unknown** [I6122]Family of Jimmy Rosentreter and Caitlin **Unknown** [F2559]  
     Caroline **Unknown** [I3506]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Caroline **Unknown** [F1424]  
     Caroline Charlotte **Unknown** [I6977]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Caroline Charlotte **Unknown** [F2932]  
      Family of Peter Turowski and Caroline Charlotte **Unknown** [F2913]17 Jun 1844 
     Catharina **Unknown** [I2806]Family of Paul Rosentreter and Catharina **Unknown** [F1104]  
     Catharina **Unknown** [I7192]Family of Hans Rosentreder and Catharina **Unknown** [F3003]  
     Catharina Dorothee **Unknown** [I6428]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Catharina Dorothee **Unknown** [F2686]  
     Catharina Margaret **Unknown** [I2026]Family of Hans Jacob Rosentreter and Catharina Margaret **Unknown** [F0594]  
     Catherine **Unknown** [I3674]Family of Johann (John) Conrad Rosentreder and Catherine **Unknown** [F1502]about 1805 
     Cindy **Unknown** [I4203]Family of Don Rosentreter and Cindy **Unknown** [F1734]  
     Cäcilie **Unknown** [I4899]Family of Cäcilie **Unknown** [F1993]  
     Delores **Unknown** [I4276]Family of Neil Rosentreter and Delores **Unknown** [F1751]  
     Denise L **Unknown** [I4458]Family of Roger D Rosentreter and Denise L **Unknown** [F1420]  
     Diane **Unknown** [I4909]Family of Donald E Rosentrater and Diane **Unknown** [F0485]  
     Dianne **Unknown** [I4600]Family of Ken Rosentreter and Dianne **Unknown** [F1884]  
     Dorothea **Unknown** [I1113]Family of Otto Rosentreder and Dorothea **Unknown** [F0380]1755 
     Dorothy **Unknown** [I0196]Family of William Joseph Rosentreter and Dorothy **Unknown** [F0247]  
     Elena Alexandrovna **Unknown** [I2858]Family of Sergey Ottovich Rosentreter and Elena Alexandrovna **Unknown** [F1123]  
     Elisabeth **Unknown** [I1200]Family of Görke Rosentreder and Elisabeth **Unknown** [F0401]  
     Elisabeth **Unknown** [I6296]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Elisabeth **Unknown** [F2632]  
     Elisabeth Elfriede **Unknown** [I1707]Family of August Clemens Leopold Rosentreter and Elisabeth Elfriede **Unknown** [F0783]9 Jan 1938 
     Emma **Unknown** [I4908]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Emma **Unknown** [F1997]  
     Erna **Unknown** [I3602]Family of Vladimir (Waldemar) Karl Rosentreter and Erna **Unknown** [F1474]  
     Euphrosina **Unknown** [I7176]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Euphrosina **Unknown** [F2997]  
     Eva **Unknown** [I3458]Family of Adolph A Rosentreter and Eva **Unknown** [F1406]  
     Eva **Unknown** [I3911]Family of Gary Alan Rosentreter Jr and Eva **Unknown** [F1599]  
     Eveyln **Unknown** [I6084]Family of Eveyln **Unknown** [F2541]  
     Frida **Unknown** [I4615]Family of Max Wilhelm Rosentreter and Frida **Unknown** [F1888]  
     Friederike **Unknown** [I5987]Family of August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Friederike **Unknown** [F2499]  
     Gloria E **Unknown** [I1839]Family of Alvin Lincoln Rosentreter and Gloria E **Unknown** [F0818]  
     Henriette **Unknown** [I6773]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Henriette **Unknown** [F2829]  
     Hilda **Unknown** [I3859]Family of Gordon Rosentreter and Hilda **Unknown** [F1575]  
     Hilde **Unknown** [I6516]Family of Hilde **Unknown** [F2728]  
     Hulda **Unknown** [I7966]Family of Theodor Julius Rosentrader and Hulda **Unknown** [F3387]  
     Jacabina (Josephine) **Unknown** [I1909]Family of Heinrich (Henry) Rosentreter and Jacabina (Josephine) **Unknown** [F0566]
     Janet **Unknown** [I4127]Family of Randy Albert Rosentreter and Janet **Unknown** [F1705]  
     Janet **Unknown** [I4602]Family of Terry Rosentreter and Janet **Unknown** [F1885]  
     Janice **Unknown** [I4598]Family of Wayne Rosentreter and Janice **Unknown** [F1883]  
     Johanna **Unknown** [I1882]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Johanna **Unknown** [F1354]  
     Johanna **Unknown** [I3196]Family of Johann August Rosentreter and Johanna **Unknown** [F1259]  
     Juanita June **Unknown** [I0281]Family of John (Jack) Herman Rosentreter and Juanita June **Unknown** [F0261]  
     Julianna **Unknown** [I2362]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Julianna **Unknown** [F0687]  
     Kai Mei Tao **Unknown** [I6468]Family of Douglas Benjamin Rosentrater and Kai Mei Tao **Unknown** [F2465]  
     Karen **Unknown** [I4386]Family of Mark Rosentreter and Karen **Unknown** [F1796]  
     Karen **Unknown** [I4591]Family of David Rosentreter and Karen **Unknown** [F1879]  
     Kathy **Unknown** [I4119]Family of Duane R Rosentreter and Kathy **Unknown** [F1700]  
     Kaynika **Unknown** [I2911]Family of Uwe Rosentreter and Kaynika **Unknown** [F1150]  
     Konrad **Unknown** [I2534]Family of Konrad **Unknown** and Caecilia Rosentreter [F0885]  
     Lesley **Unknown** [I0000]Family of Charles A Rosentreter and Lesley **Unknown** [F0153]  
     Linda **Unknown** [I5396]Family of Wayne Murrey Rosentreter and Linda **Unknown** [F2205]  
     Louise M **Unknown** [I3446]Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Louise M **Unknown** [F1402]  
     Lucille **Unknown** [I0979]Family of George Raymond Rosentreter and Lucille **Unknown** [F0348]  
     Mari **Unknown** [I7198]Family of Mari **Unknown** [F3005]  
     Maria Elisabeth **Unknown** [I7270]Family of Johann George Rosenträger and Maria Elisabeth **Unknown** [F3037]  
     Marianna **Unknown** [I0412]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Marianna **Unknown** [F0146]2 Apr 1651 
     Marianna **Unknown** [I4998]Family of Jan Rosentreter and Marianna **Unknown** [F2037]  
     Marie G **Unknown** [I3848]Family of Laurence Rosentreter and Marie G **Unknown** [F1570]  
     Marilyn **Unknown** [I5636]Family of Wayne Philip Rosentrater and Marilyn **Unknown** [F2320]  
     Mary **Unknown** [I1410]Family of Lewis Rosentreader and Mary **Unknown** [F0461]  
     Mary **Unknown** [I1507]Family of Mary **Unknown** [F0483]  
     May **Unknown** [I1450]Family of Fredrick S Rosentreter and May **Unknown** [F0469]  
     Melinda **Unknown** [I4277]Family of Mark Frederick Rosentreter and Melinda **Unknown** [F1752]  
     Merly **Unknown** [I4722]Family of Wayne Curtis Rosentreter and Merly **Unknown** [F1930]  
     Mette **Unknown** [I1077]Family of Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter and Mette **Unknown** [F0371]  
     Michelle **Unknown** [I5095]Family of Keith Rosentreter and Michelle **Unknown** [F2078]  
     Minna **Unknown** [I4897]Family of Eduard Rosentreter and Minna **Unknown** [F1992]  
     Natalia Ivanovna **Unknown** [I2876]Family of Alexander Ottovich Rosentreter and Natalia Ivanovna **Unknown** [F1133]  
     Norma **Unknown** [I2298]Family of Donald Walter Rosentreter and Norma **Unknown** [F0671]  
     Olga **Unknown** [I8104]Family of Ewald Rosentreter and Olga **Unknown** [F3432]  
     Pam **Unknown** [I4114]Family of Richard Alan Rosentreter and Pam **Unknown** [F1698]  
     Pat **Unknown** [I6905]Family of Frederick George Rosentreter and Pat **Unknown** [F2889]  
     Reana **Unknown** [I3651]Family of Julius Emil Otto Rosentreter and Reana **Unknown** [F1492]  
     Rosalie **Unknown** [I4338]Family of Gottlieb Rosentreter and Rosalie **Unknown** [F1772]  
     Rosana **Unknown** [I6469]Family of Scott C Rosentrater and Rosana **Unknown** [F2706]  
     Roswitha **Unknown** [I0307]Family of Jörg Detlef Rosentreter and Roswitha **Unknown** [F0000]  
     Ruby **Unknown** [I3958]Family of Ivan Rosentreter and Ruby **Unknown** [F1619]  
     Salome **Unknown** [I1284]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Salome **Unknown** [F0423]  
     Sophia **Unknown** [I7275]Family of Johann Andreas Rosentreter and Sophia **Unknown** [F3040]  
     Steffi **Unknown** [I8037]Family of Alfred Rosentreter and Steffi **Unknown** [F3408]  
     Susanne Dorothea **Unknown** [I2106]Family of Lebrecht Christian Rosentreter and Susanne Dorothea **Unknown** [F0616]  
     Sylvia **Unknown** [I4596]Family of Dennis Rosentreter and Sylvia **Unknown** [F1882]  
     Theodore **Unknown** [I6253]Family of Theodore **Unknown** and Freida Rosentrater [F2618]  
     Vera **Unknown** [I7680]Family of Heinze Rosentreter and Vera **Unknown** [F3248]  
     Vi **Unknown** [I4594]Family of Leonard Albert Rosentreter and Vi **Unknown** [F1881]  
     Wilhelmina **Unknown** [I0874]Family of Peter Rosentreter and Wilhelmina **Unknown** [F0315]  
    ASarah (Sadie) Aarons [I0678]Family of Albert Rosentreter and Sarah (Sadie) Aarons [F0278]13 May 1906 
     Dawn Abel [I5072]Family of Andrew Alec Rosentreter and Dawn Abel [F2069]  
     Gustav Theodor Abendroth [I7638]Family of Gustav Theodor Abendroth and Sophie Auguste Rosentreter [F3222]1 May 1909  19 Jun 1949
     Clara Abloeh [I4968]Family of August Rosentreter and Clara Abloeh [F2022]  
     **Unknown** Abraham [I4000]Family of **Unknown** Abraham and Marjorie Rosentreter [F1640]  
     Gustina Henriette Abraham [I3087]Family of Fredrick August Rosentreter and Gustina Henriette Abraham [F1212]1863 
     Mary Beth Abshire [I2263]Family of Paul Gregory Rosentreter and Mary Beth Abshire [F0664]  
     Edna M Ackerman [I1452]Family of Philip August Rosentreter and Edna M Ackerman [F0470]  
     Julius Franz Otto Ackermann [I4612]Family of Julius Franz Otto Ackermann and Bertha Dorothea Rosentreter [F1887]20 Oct 1893 
     Fridrich Martin Ackerschewski [I7686]Family of Fridrich Martin Ackerschewski and Anna Rosentreter [F3252]17 Mar 1877 
     Berta Wilma Adams [I6855]Family of Hans Rosentreter and Berta Wilma Adams [F2865]  
     Hannah (Anna) Maria Adams [I0567]Family of John A Rosentreter and Hannah (Anna) Maria Adams [F0273]  
     Richard Wayne Adams [I2710]Family of Richard Wayne Adams and Linda Ann Rosentreter [F1013]  
     Esther Adamyzki [I7020]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Esther Adamyzki [F2938]  
     Amelia Adlam [I6077]Family of Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter and Amelia Adlam [F2537]  
     Karoline Ernstine Adler [I7393]Family of Reinhard Hermann Rosentreter and Karoline Ernstine Adler [F3090]  
     Nettie Clara Ahling [I6133]Family of Otto Gustav Rosentreter and Nettie Clara Ahling [F2562]9 Apr 1931 
     Adalbert Robert Paul Ahner [I7400]Family of Adalbert Robert Paul Ahner and Margarethe Anna Bertha Rosentreter [F3092]15 Sep 1906 
     Joseph Edgar Albaugh [I5585]Family of Joseph Edgar Albaugh and Florence Elberta Rosentrater [F2294]  
     Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Albaugh [I4082]Family of Richard Frank Rosentreter and Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Albaugh [F1687]  
     **Unknown** Albert [I4104]Family of **Unknown** Albert and Grace Rosentreter [F1694]  
     Lloyd Gilmore Albertson [I2629]Family of Lloyd Gilmore Albertson and Frances Charline Rosentreter [F0959]25 Jun 1927 
     Robert Albetski [I2433]Family of Robert Albetski and Anna A Rosentreter [F0744]7 Aug 1917 
     Heinrich Albrecht [I7354]Family of Heinrich Albrecht and Anna Klara Rosentreter [F3073]22 Oct 1910 
     Johann August Albrecht [I5119]Family of Johann August Albrecht and Ernestine Rosentreter [F2087]27 Feb 1865 
     Harry Eugene Alexander [I3255]Family of Harry Eugene Alexander and Clara Isabelle Rosentreter [F1291]24 Sep 1925 
     Ruth Christina Alexander [I3260]Family of Walter Louis Rosentreter and Ruth Christina Alexander [F0670]1 Jan 1942 
     Susan Jane Alexander [I3796]Family of August Emil Rosentreter and Susan Jane Alexander [F1549]21 May 1917 
     Louise (Lizzy) Alff [I1380]Family of Michael Henry Rosentreter and Louise (Lizzy) Alff [F0451]18 Jan 1884 
     Engel Alher [I6885]Family of Georg Rosentreter and Engel Alher [F2882]8 Nov 1684 
     Ann E Allen [I5748]Family of Gary Rosentrater and Ann E Allen [F2378]  
     Ethel M Allen [I3261]Family of Walter Louis Rosentreter and Ethel M Allen [F1292]29 Jun 1974 
     Jo Ann Allen [I3853]Family of Alan Martin Rosentreter and Jo Ann Allen [F1572]  
     Henrettta Allenburg [I2486]Family of Johann (John) Rosentreter and Henrettta Allenburg [F0856]  
     Bruno Walter Traugott Allert [I6728]Family of Bruno Walter Traugott Allert and Klara Martha Pauline Rosentreter [F2813]18 Aug 1928 
     **Unknown** Almendinger [I3545]Family of **Unknown** Almendinger and Marcia Jane Rosentreter [F1446]  
     Metta Maria Almers [I1191]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Metta Maria Almers [F0400]15 Jul 1815 
     Bernhard August Fritz Alte [I7484]Family of Bernhard August Fritz Alte and Elise Anna Rosentreter [F3125]29 Jan 1910 
     Johann Altenburg [I6630]Family of Johann Altenburg and Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2774]  
     Amelia (Emilie) Altman [I0669]Family of William Rosentreter and Amelia (Emilie) Altman [F0276]23 May 1894 
     Rudolph Amato [I2770]Family of Rudolph Amato and Pauline G Rosentreter [F1073]  
     Clara Helene Margarete Amdohr [I7213]Family of Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Clara Helene Margarete Amdohr [F3013]10 Jun 1908 
     Bartola Amestica Rodrigeuz [I0315]Family of August Rosentreter Dittman and Bartola Amestica Rodrigeuz [F0123]  
     Nancy Jo Amundson [I5742]Family of Harold Elgart Rosentrater Jnr and Nancy Jo Amundson [F2375]  
     Ryan Paul Andersen [I0102]Family of Ryan Paul Andersen and Sandra (Sandy) Lee Rosentreter [F0085]  
     **Unknown** Anderson [I2522]Family of **Unknown** Anderson and Beverly Jane Rosentreter [F0880]  
     Emma Anderson [I3089]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Emma Anderson [F1213]5 Jul 1911 
     Harold Ward Anderson [I4857]Family of Harold Ward Anderson and Anna (Annie) Louise Rosentreader [F1973]  
     Minnie M Anderson [I1374]Family of Michael Henry Rosentrater Jr and Minnie M Anderson [F0450]  
     Richard Anderson [I3230]Family of Richard Anderson and Arline (Sissie) June Rosentreter [F1274]  
     Brian Andrews [I2767]Family of Brian Andrews and Myra Pauline Rosentreter [F1070]  
     Iva Augusta Ankeny [I1915]Family of Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter and Iva Augusta Ankeny [F0568]1904 
     Eva Apelt [I4226]Family of Friedrich Rosentreter and Eva Apelt [F1741]  
     Cornelius M Appleman [I2750]Family of Cornelius M Appleman and Martha Rosentreter [F1053]21 Sep 1909 
     Jürgen Arfmann [I2434]Family of Jürgen Arfmann and Anna Ahlheit Rosentreter [F0745]29 Nov 1850 
     Debra J Armknecht [I1460]Family of Gerald K Rosentrater and Debra J Armknecht [F0472]  
     Beverly June Armstrong [I2153]Family of Trevor Herbert Rosentreter and Beverly June Armstrong [F0630]  
     Paulina Arndt [I3009]Family of Jan Rosentreter and Paulina Arndt [F1186]  
     Georg Franz Bruno Arnhold [I8233]Family of Georg Franz Bruno Arnhold and Minna Anna Auguste Rosenträger [F3493]28 Aug 1901 
     Louis Arranjo [I2786]Family of Louis Arranjo and Susan Rosentreter [F1089]  
     Hermann Adolf Richard Asmus [I8165]Family of Hermann Adolf Richard Asmus and Hedwig Wilhelmine Louise Rosentreter [F3460]26 Dec 1907 
     Sophia Gottlieb Asmussen [I1959]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Sophia Gottlieb Asmussen [F0576]  
     Lillian Louise Atchison [I3721]Family of Peter W Rosentreter and Lillian Louise Atchison [F1517]10 Jul 1926 
     Murray Atkinson [I4859]Family of Murray Atkinson and Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [F1975]  
     Solly (Sol) Auerhann [I7535]Family of Solly (Sol) Auerhann and Rosa Rosentreter [F3157]4 Oct 1920 
     Caroline August [I4266]Family of Benjamin Rosentreter and Caroline August [F1749]  
     Kathleen Joan Avann [I3730]Family of Edward Gordon Rosentreder and Kathleen Joan Avann [F1522]  
     Patricia Ann Aylward [I6973]Family of Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr and Patricia Ann Aylward [F1598]  
    B**Unknown** Babij [I4147]Family of **Unknown** Babij and Stefanie Olga Rosentreter [F1714]  
     Henriette Friederike Hulda Bach [I2637]Family of Carl August Rosentreter and Henriette Friederike Hulda Bach [F0964]26 Dec 1868 
     Jensine Sofie Mathilde Bagge [I1332]Family of Thorvald Ludolf Carl Vilhelm Rosentrætter and Jensine Sofie Mathilde Bagge [F0435]18 May 1889 
     Emma Wilhelmine Amalie Bahnemann [I7368]Family of Robert Reinhard Rosentreter and Emma Wilhelmine Amalie Bahnemann [F3080]18 Aug 1900 
     Rosalia Amalia Concordia Bahnick [I5731]Family of Christoph Benjamin Rosentreter and Rosalia Amalia Concordia Bahnick [F2369]  
     Louise Bahnik [I4231]Family of Emil Rosentreter and Louise Bahnik [F1742]  
     Alwine Bahr [I6747]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Alwine Bahr [F2822]  
     Justin Bailey [I2701]Family of Justin Bailey and Kathryn Shiree Rosentreter [F1004]  
     Catharina Bailje [I1934]Family of Arentsz Rosentreder and Catharina Bailje [F0573]7 Mar 1654 
     Frank Joseph Baker [I2438]Family of Frank Joseph Baker and Anna Elisabeth (Annie) Rosentreter [F0821]28 May 1900 
     Lena Louise Baker [I1023]Family of Leon (Leo) Jerome Rosentreter and Lena Louise Baker [F0357]14 Sep 1922 
     William D Baker [I5666]Family of William D Baker and Georgia Sue Rosentreter [F2335]  
     Paul Bales [I2512]Family of Paul Bales and Annette Robin Rosentreter [F0870]  
     **Unknown** Balitzki [I7591]Family of **Unknown** Balitzki and Else Rosentreter [F3193]  
     Henriette Wilhelmine Balke [I6820]Family of Karl Heinrich Ferdinand Rosenträger and Henriette Wilhelmine Balke [F2848]  
     Mike Ballas [I3195]Family of Mike Ballas and Holly Joy Rosentreter [F1258]  
     Adelheit Catharine Ballmers [I1118]Family of Johann Wilhelm Rosentreter and Adelheit Catharine Ballmers [F0382]22 Nov 1817 
     **Unknown** Balvanz [I4381]Family of **Unknown** Balvanz and Melissa Rosentreter [F1793]  
     Christian Friederich Wilhelm Bammer [I8260]Family of Christian Friederich Wilhelm Bammer and Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [F3506]6 Apr 1884 
     Karl Bangert [I7127]Family of Karl Bangert and Lydia Rosentreter [F2972]  
     Marie (Annie) Banks [I0452]Family of Julius A Rosentrater and Marie (Annie) Banks [F0160]31 Mar 1902  
     William Banks [I3749]Family of William Banks and Joan Beatrice Rosentreder [F1532]  
     Marie Banse [I7547]Family of Emil Ernst Gustav Rosentreter and Marie Banse [F3165]10 Dec 1910 
     Marie Baranowska [I1518]Family of Edward Walton Rosentreter and Marie Baranowska [F0488]30 Nov 1916 
     Donald L Bares [I4068]Family of Donald L Bares and Cheryl Lynn Rosentreter [F1680]  
     **Unknown** Barkenhagelin [I7067]Family of **Unknown** Barkenhagelin and Eleonora Rosentreter [F2951]  
     Sophie Elisabeth Barkowski [I7468]Family of Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter and Sophie Elisabeth Barkowski [F3117]4 Jan 1902  22 Apr 1922
     Walter Erich Bärmann [I7419]Family of Walter Erich Bärmann and Luise Erna Walli Rosentreter [F3100]17 Aug 1925 
     William Barnes [I3685]Family of William Barnes and Sarah Rosentreder [F1503]29 Apr 1829 
     Mildred Barrionuevo [I1989]Family of George James Rosentrater and Mildred Barrionuevo [F0587]  
     Caroline Wilhelmine Bartels [I6919]Family of Ludolph Justus Rosentreter and Caroline Wilhelmine Bartels [F2895]23 Sep 1827 
     Wilhelmine Bartels [I7810]Family of Ludwig von Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Bartels [F3304]  
     Wilhelmine Friederike Luise Bartels [I5646]Family of Gustav Emil Robert Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Friederike Luise Bartels [F2325]31 Mar 1905 
     Fanny Bartelt [I2826]Family of Otto Wilhelm Rosentreter and Fanny Bartelt [F1111]  
     Karoline Barten [I6743]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Karoline Barten [F2820]  
     Ida Emma Barth [I0218]Family of John Paul Wilhelm Rosentreter and Ida Emma Barth [F0252]23 Jul 1927 
     Nikolaus Barth [I6283]Family of Nikolaus Barth and Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [F2630]1756 
     Dorothea Elisabeth Barthels [I0757]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Dorothea Elisabeth Barthels [F0636]  
     Grace Adeline Barton [I3825]Family of James (Jimmy) Martin Rosentreter Snr and Grace Adeline Barton [F1561]  
     Charlotte Anna Maria Bartusch [I1621]Family of August Joseph Rosentreter and Charlotte Anna Maria Bartusch [F0765]28 Apr 1910 
     Emma Luise Bartz [I5307]Family of Ernst Hermann Otto Rosenträger and Emma Luise Bartz [F2164]22 Oct 1913 
     Friedrich Richard Baude [I5735]Family of Friedrich Richard Baude and Henriette Marie Louise Rosentreter [F2371]3 May 1858 
     Barbara Bauer [I2952]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Barbara Bauer [F1172]1836 
     Bertha Wilhelmine Louisa Bauer [I0266]Family of Carl Otto Rosentreter and Bertha Wilhelmine Louisa Bauer [F0039]28 Oct 1903 
     Gustav Bauer [I4445]Family of Gustav Bauer and Mathilde Rosentreter [F1819]Feb 1900 
     Herman August Bauer [I3311]Family of Herman August Bauer and Hilda Pauline Rosentreter [F1311]7 Jun 1905 
     **Unknown** Baum [I2930]Family of **Unknown** Baum and Martha Rosentreter [F1160]  
     James David Bauman [I3428]Family of James David Bauman and Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [F1392]  
     Susanna Bauman [I1738]Family of Paul Peter Rosentreter and Susanna Bauman [F0792]23 Feb 1886 
     Arnold Baumann [I3624]Family of Arnold Baumann and Pauline Julia Rosentreter [F1486]24 Oct 1936 
     Katherine M Baunmiller [I1825]Family of Anthony Paul (Paul) Rosentreter and Katherine M Baunmiller [F0813]7 Jun 1892 
     Wilhelm Bausdorf [I7747]Family of Wilhelm Bausdorf and Caroline Wilhelmine Pauline Rosentreter [F2675]2 Sep 1848 
     Cindy Bayne [I6411]Family of Devin Alexander Rosentreter and Cindy Bayne [F2680]  
     Walter M Beam [I5934]Family of Walter M Beam and Flora Rosentreter [F2474]  
     Debbie Beasley [I6264]Family of Ashley Rosentreter and Debbie Beasley [F2624]  
     Lillian Margaret Beasley [I0613]Family of Albert John Rosentreter and Lillian Margaret Beasley [F0192]  
     Victoria Ruth Beasley [I0614]Family of Alexander Paul Rosentreter and Victoria Ruth Beasley [F0193]  
     Raymond Arthur Bebendorf [I1013]Family of Raymond Arthur Bebendorf and Kerry Ann Rosentreter [F0102]  
     Marie Beck [I3174]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Marie Beck [F1247]  
     Christian Friedrich August Becker [I8244]Family of Christian Friedrich August Becker and Emma Luise Anna Rosenträger [F3498]9 May 1878 
     Christian Gottfried Becker [I2594]Family of Christian Gottfried Becker and Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F0925]20 Dec 1844 
     Johann Christian Gottfried Becker [I2798]Family of Johann Christian Gottfried Becker and Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [F1101]26 Dec 1855 
     Johann Friedrich Becker [I2476]Family of Johann Friedrich Becker and Friederike Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [F0849]1 Nov 1846 
     Hinrich Beckhusen [I2541]Family of Hinrich Beckhusen and Catharina Rosentreter [F0892] 
     Jeanne Lois Beckner [I0192]Family of James Merle Rosentrater and Jeanne Lois Beckner [F0541]18 Jul 1946 
     Anna Regina Dorothea Beerbaum [I2089]Family of Carl Friedrich Rosentreter and Anna Regina Dorothea Beerbaum [F0613]30 Nov 1821 
     Johann Christian Beerbaum [I2777]Family of Johann Christian Beerbaum and Regine Dorothee Rosentreter [F1080]  
     Regina Maria Beerbaum [I1960]Family of Johann Michael Friederich Rosentreter and Regina Maria Beerbaum [F0579]9 Oct 1794 
     Heather Beese [I6935]Family of Eric Donald Rosentrater and Heather Beese [F2899]  
     Andreas Begalke [I4444]Family of Andreas Begalke and Anna Christine Rosentreter [F1818]Jan 1871 
     Emma Marie Behlau [I4663]Family of Gustav Adolph Rosentreter and Emma Marie Behlau [F1907]  
     Wilhelmine Friederike Christine Louise Ernstine Behm [I6186]Family of Eugen August Robert Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Friederike Christine Louise Ernstine Behm [F2585]8 Dec 1886 
     Robita Lydia Behme [I1017]Family of Gustave (Gus) Edward Rosentreter and Robita Lydia Behme [F0356]1 Aug 1889 
     Vivian E Behmer [I3523]Family of Otto H Rosentreter and Vivian E Behmer [F1434]27 Oct 1934 
     **Unknown** Behnke [I6375]Family of **Unknown** Behnke and Eva Rosine Rosentreter [F2661]  
     August Behnke [I2462]Family of August Behnke and Anna Regina Rosentreter [F0840]1913 
     Catharina Behnke [I1606]Family of Jakob Albert Rosentreter and Catharina Behnke [F0763]24 Nov 1851 
     Maria Anna Behnke [I1605]Family of Johann Bernhard Rosentreter and Maria Anna Behnke [F0762]26 Nov 1889 
     Caroline Ottilie Behrendt [I1614]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Caroline Ottilie Behrendt [F0764]29 Apr 1866 
     Gustav Charles Behrendt [I5809]Family of Gustav Charles Behrendt and Agnes Magdalena (Lena) Rosentrater [F2410]25 Jun 1927 
     Joseph Behrendt [I2614]Family of Joseph Behrendt and Elisabeth Agnes Rosentreter [F0944]30 Apr 1906 
     Leo Aloys Behrendt [I2590]Family of Leo Aloys Behrendt and Catharina Hedwig Rosentreter [F0921]13 May 1913 
     Mathilde Behrendt [I5197]Family of Joseph Rosentreter and Mathilde Behrendt [F2113]  
     Charlotte Louise Gesine Behrens [I6216]Family of Andreas Friedrich Rosentreter and Charlotte Louise Gesine Behrens [F2597]16 Dec 1877 
     Auguste Marie Anna Behring [I7361]Family of Jakob Bernhard Rosentreter and Auguste Marie Anna Behring [F3076]1 Apr 1900 
     Auguste Behrnd [I0206]Family of Jacob Rosentreter and Auguste Behrnd [F0250]  
     **Unknown** Beijkirch [I0356]Family of Julio Eduardo Rosentreter San Martin and **Unknown** Beijkirch [F0134]  
     Siegfried Beimfohr [I3279]Family of Siegfried Beimfohr and Edna Rosentreter [F1297]  
     Henriette Auguste Caroline Bell [I5423]Family of Wilhelm Hermann Gustav Rosenträger and Henriette Auguste Caroline Bell [F2217]2 Dec 1877 
     Howard Delane Bell [I5630]Family of Howard Delane Bell and Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [F2317]  
     Leanne Margaret Bell [I2042]Family of Karl Leslie Rosentreter and Leanne Margaret Bell [F0598]  
     Sophie Luise Bell [I8059]Family of Joachim Christian Rosenträger and Sophie Luise Bell [F3416]1838 
     Connie Frances Bellew [I5633]Family of William Rosentrater and Connie Frances Bellew [F2319]  
     Frances Ann Bellm [I4392]Family of Gerald Edwin Rosentreter and Frances Ann Bellm [F1799]  
     Theresa Marie Bellm [I6097]Family of Donald Dewayne Rosentreter and Theresa Marie Bellm [F2548]  
     Luise Auguste Helene Below [I5300]Family of Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger and Luise Auguste Helene Below [F2161]5 Nov 1908 
     Anna Marie Gertrud Benecke [I7820]Family of Franz Willy Hermann Rosenträger and Anna Marie Gertrud Benecke [F3309]7 Oct 1911 
     Woodrow E Benjamin [I5547]Family of Woodrow E Benjamin and Gretchen Dolly Elisabeth Rosentrater [F2273]30 May 1940  19 Dec 1945
     Beate Benke [I4409]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Beate Benke [F1806]  
     Lois Fay Benke [I3830]Family of Bennie August Rosentreter and Lois Fay Benke [F1565]  
     Johanne Wilhelmine Bennert [I7767]Family of Karl Philipp Rosentreter and Johanne Wilhelmine Bennert [F3288]  
     George Frederick Bennett [I3175]Family of George Frederick Bennett and Edith Sophia Rosentreter [F1248]Aug 1907 
     Hazel Bennett [I6188]Family of Edward (Ed) Rosentreter and Hazel Bennett [F2586]  
     Kathie Maureen Benson [I4053]Family of Rodney Alvin Rosentreter and Kathie Maureen Benson [F1668]  
     Otto F Benthin [I0493]Family of Otto F Benthin and Matilda Louise Emilie Rosentreter [F0221]28 Oct 1903 
     Wilhelmine Sophie Friederike Bentschneider [I8381]Family of Carl Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Sophie Friederike Bentschneider [F3540]  
     Patty Benway [I6512]Family of Richard (Rich) Rosentreter and Patty Benway [F2724]  
     Anna Maria Louise Berg [I2236]Family of Johann Andreas Wilhelm Rosentreter and Anna Maria Louise Berg [F0658]5 Jul 1812 
     Ida Auguste Berg [I6719]Family of Erich Otto Rosentreter and Ida Auguste Berg [F2808]13 Apr 1926 
     Julius Berg [I2753]Family of Julius Berg and Martha Rosentreter [F1056]15 May 1919 
     Käthe Berger [I6759]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Käthe Berger [F2828]6 Apr 1929 
     Simon Berger [I2635]Family of Simon Berger and Henrietta Rosentreter [F0963]  
     Julius Bernhard Bergmann [I6063]Family of Julius Bernhard Bergmann and Marie Louise Rosentreter [F2528]12 Apr 1906 
     William Bergmann [I5581]Family of William Bergmann and Elaine Rosentreter [F2290]  
     Dorothea Berkholz [I7959]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Dorothea Berkholz [F3383]  
     Ernst Walter Berkowsky [I7509]Family of Ernst Walter Berkowsky and Anna Auguste Berta Rosentreter [F3141]30 May 1925  18 Jul 1936
     Friedrich Wilhelm Berlin [I8201]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Berlin and Auguste Wilhelmine Pauline Rosenträger [F3478]5 Feb 1900 
     Amalie Berndt [I4232]Family of Ferdinand Rosentreter and Amalie Berndt [F1743]5 Jun 1883 
      Family of Ludwig Braun and Amalie Berndt [F1784]20 Feb 1886 
     Heinrich Berndt [I4357]Family of Heinrich Berndt and Emilie Rosentreter [F1783]1 Oct 1861 
     Karoline Ottilie Berndt [I7745]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Karoline Ottilie Berndt [F3277]  
     **Unknown** Bertetto [I4170]Family of **Unknown** Bertetto and Linda Rosentreter [F1722]  
     Anna Bertrams [I4935]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Anna Bertrams [F2007]20 Jul 1669 
     Johann Gottlieb Bessel [I6920]Family of Johann Gottlieb Bessel and Louise Henriette Rosentreter [F2896]  
     Amy Best [I6109]Family of Rick Rosentreter and Amy Best [F2551]  
     Karl Gustav Bethge [I7239]Family of Karl Gustav Bethge and Dorothee Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [F3027]9 Jan 1886 
     Emma Martha Ida Bethke [I5378]Family of Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich Martin Rosenträger and Emma Martha Ida Bethke [F2197]10 Sep 1905 
     Ferdinand (Fred) Bethke [I3481]Family of Ferdinand (Fred) Bethke and Theresa Rosentreter [F1415]  
     Henrietta Bettie [I2562]Family of John Rosentreter and Henrietta Bettie [F0904]  
     Barbara Louise Beull [I5667]Family of Robert Edward Rosentreter and Barbara Louise Beull [F2336]  
     Michael Beutler [I2491]Family of Michael Beutler and Anne Justine Rosentreter [F0859]22 Feb 1848 
     Charles William Beutner [I3372]Family of Charles William Beutner and Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [F1339]26 Nov 1913 
     Nancy Lynn Bevins [I5820]Family of Jeffrey (Jeff) John Rosentrater and Nancy Lynn Bevins [F2417]  
     Johann Friedrich Beyer [I4451]Family of Johann Friedrich Beyer and Dorothea Wilhelmina Rosentreter [F1824]20 May 1791 
     Susanne Marie Bidwell [I0067]Family of Ariel Walter Rosentrater and Susanne Marie Bidwell [F0538]  
     Anton Biedermann [I4969]Family of Anton Biedermann and Auguste Rosentreter [F2023]18 Oct 1895 
     Michael Biedler [I4952]Family of Michael Biedler and Louise Rosentreter [F2014]  
     Johanna Henriette Christine Bierdemans [I7144]Family of Christian Gotthelf Rosentreter and Johanna Henriette Christine Bierdemans [F0591]16 May 1748 
     Levie Bierman [I2755]Family of Levie Bierman and Martha Maria Rosentreter [F1058]27 Apr 1921  6 May 1924
     Anna Marianna Biernacka [I6218]Family of Johann Ferdinand Rosentreter and Anna Marianna Biernacka [F2598]8 Nov 1816 
      Family of Johann Wilhelm Glaeser and Anna Marianna Biernacka [F2173]24 Sep 1837 
     Gottlieb Bierwagen [I2793]Family of Gottlieb Bierwagen and Wilhelmina Rosentreter [F1096]9 Feb 1847 
     Elisabeth Bigalke [I0242]Family of Daniel Rosentreter and Elisabeth Bigalke [F0257]  
     Willis John Bigler [I3219]Family of Willis John Bigler and Ellen Mae Rosentreter [F1270]3 Nov 1949 
     Roy W Biltgen [I3620]Family of Roy W Biltgen and Eudora Mae Rosentreter [F1484]26 May 1945 
     Ludovicus Albertus Bingelius [I6867]Family of Ludovicus Albertus Bingelius and Maria Anna Rosentreter [F2872]18 Apr 1746 
     Adeline Alvena Black [I3197]Family of Andreas (Andrew) Rosentreter and Adeline Alvena Black [F1260]  
     Naomi Verna Black [I0011]Family of George William Rosentreter and Naomi Verna Black [F0223]15 Jun 1935 
     Donna Marie Blackington [I5292]Family of Gary Lee Rosentrater and Donna Marie Blackington [F2156]  
     Thomas Francis Blackwell [I3916]Family of Thomas Francis Blackwell and Lisa Joan Rosentreter [F1601]  
     Anna Blake [I3163]Family of Emil R Rosentreter and Anna Blake [F1242]18 Jun 1891 
     George Fredrick Blanchard [I3960]Family of George Fredrick Blanchard and Elizabeth Augusta Rosentreter [F1620]  
     Carl Friedrich Rudolph Blank [I2518]Family of Carl Friedrich Rudolph Blank and Auguste Sabine Henriette Rosentreter [F0876]26 Dec 1883 
     Helmut Erich Herbert Blankenburg [I6577]Family of Helmut Erich Herbert Blankenburg and Herta Rosentreter [F2757]26 Apr 1923  25 Jan 1936
     Minna Bertha Blankenburg [I7882]Family of Arthur Bruno Hermann Rosenträger and Minna Bertha Blankenburg [F3341]15 Nov 1930 
     Kyle Blankenship [I7204]Family of Kyle Blankenship and Dawn Rosentreter [F3009]  
     **Unknown** Blech [I5582]Family of **Unknown** Blech and Pauline Rosentreter [F2291]  
     Ottilie Auguste Bleck [I6753]Family of Hermann Eduard Johann Rosentreter and Ottilie Auguste Bleck [F2825]11 Oct 1900 
     Harold Leland Blede Snr [I2381]Family of Harold Leland Blede Snr and Goldie Ravenna Rosentrater [F0700]21 Jun 1936 
     Gottlieb Bloch [I6376]Family of Gottlieb Bloch and Eva Rosine Rosentreter [F2662]30 Oct 1866 
     William John Bloome [I2723]Family of William John Bloome and Margaret Rose Rosentreter [F1026]8 Feb 1939 
     Auguste Emilie Blüwernick [I0854]Family of Gustave Rosentreter and Auguste Emilie Blüwernick [F0312]  
     **Unknown** Boatman [I4206]Family of **Unknown** Boatman and Carol Rosentreter [F1735]  
     Gertrud Therese Johanna Bochow [I7387]Family of Erwin August Moritz Rosentreter and Gertrud Therese Johanna Bochow [F3087]  
     Wilhelmine Albertine Louise (Minnie) Bode [I0100]Family of August Benjamin Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Albertine Louise (Minnie) Bode [F0234]15 Oct 1880 
     Alice Joanne Boehm [I1107]Family of James A Rosentreter and Alice Joanne Boehm [F0546]  
     Anna Boehm [I6237]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Boehm [F2606]7 Sep 1784 
     Benjaman Boeker [I3399]Family of Benjaman Boeker and Alma Caroline Rosentreter [F1379]17 Dec 1924 
     Gottliebe Boelke [I8396]Family of Joachim Rosenträger and Gottliebe Boelke [F3546]  
     Evelyn Bernadine Boente [I1809]Family of Harold E Rosentreter and Evelyn Bernadine Boente [F0808]  
     Wlodzimierz Bogacz [I2731]Family of Wlodzimierz Bogacz and Maria Marta Rosentreter [F1034]1957 
     Emma Anna Alma Boger [I8226]Family of Max Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Emma Anna Alma Boger [F3490]8 Oct 1909 
     Erenstena (Ernstine) Böhlke [I0348]Family of Ludwig (Lewis) Rosentreter and Erenstena (Ernstine) Böhlke [F0131]8 Apr 1873 
     Luise Charlotte Bohm [I7357]Family of Gustav Albert Rosentreter and Luise Charlotte Bohm [F3074]24 Nov 1903 
     Andreas Heinrich Bohndorf [I7278]Family of Andreas Heinrich Bohndorf and Emilie Ottilie Rosentreter [F3041]22 Apr 1889 
     Peter Boitzen [I6869]Family of Peter Boitzen and Entgen Rosentret [F2873]3 Aug 1660 
     Anna Bölcke [I8390]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Anna Bölcke [F3544]  
     Anna Caroline Helene Böldicke [I8198]Family of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Anna Caroline Helene Böldicke [F3476]26 Nov 1885 
     Robert Bollinger [I1286]Family of Robert Bollinger and Emma Cecilia Rosentreter [F1281]4 Jan 1936 
     Johann Bernhard Bollmann [I6305]Family of Johann Bernhard Bollmann and Johanne Dorothee Sophie Rosentreter [F2640]  
     Anna Rosine Bölter [I7657]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Anna Rosine Bölter [F3236]  
     Luise Bölter [I6525]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Luise Bölter [F2736]  
     Eva Catharina Bolzin [I6861]Family of Johann Peter Rosentreter and Eva Catharina Bolzin [F2869]9 May 1791 
     Andreas Bomberski [I6462]Family of Andreas Bomberski and Dorothea Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2704]17 Feb 1828 
     Christina Marie Bomkamp [I0414]Family of Peter Joseph Rosentreter and Christina Marie Bomkamp [F0147]21 Nov 1911 
     Anna Sophia Bonatz [I1938]Family of Martin Friedrich Rosentreter and Anna Sophia Bonatz [F0574]29 Nov 1807 
     Gottliebe Bonatz [I2103]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Gottliebe Bonatz [F0615]  
     Karl Bonau [I6486]Family of Karl Bonau and Emilie Rosentreter [F2712]  
     **Unknown** Bond [I3936]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and **Unknown** Bond [F1609]  
     Julie Borawski [I7167]Family of Friedrich Rosentreter and Julie Borawski [F2994]  
     Jane Rosella Nell Borchardt [I3588]Family of Harry Emil Rosentreter and Jane Rosella Nell Borchardt [F1465]  
     Carl Heinrich Joseph Börchelt [I2466]Family of Carl Heinrich Joseph Börchelt and Emilie Caroline Henriette Rosentreter [F0844]17 May 1859 
     Gottfried Borchert [I2464]Family of Gottfried Borchert and Anna Regina Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0842]4 Oct 1789 
     Peter Christoph Borkowski [I4286]Family of Peter Christoph Borkowski and Juliana Regina Rosentreter [F1755]22 Apr 1812 
     Otto Karl Franz Borkowsky [I7936]Family of Otto Karl Franz Borkowsky and Ida Anna Hedwig Rosenträger [F3371]9 Aug 1905 
     Theresa Borlak [I0434]Family of August Rosentreter and Theresa Borlak [F0158]  
     Ferdinand Otto Bornschein [I7494]Family of Ferdinand Otto Bornschein and Bernhardine Auguste Rosentreter [F3133]13 Oct 1899 
     Hermann Borowski [I5988]Family of Hermann Borowski and Maria Catharina Rosentreter [F2500]9 Mar 1891 
     Adalbert Borschke [I2444]Family of Adalbert Borschke and Anna Magdalena Rosentreter [F0827]1885 
     Natasha Bortoli [I2057]Family of Peter Charles Rosentreter and Natasha Bortoli [F0605]  
     Claus Böse [I4698]Family of Claus Böse and Anna Margaretha Rosentreter [F1922]26 Apr 1779 
     Nicolaus Böse [I6171]Family of Nicolaus Böse and Anne Margreta Rosentreter [F2578]30 Sep 1779 
     Leopold August Bothe [I3054]Family of Leopold August Bothe and Catharina Rosentreter [F1201]20 Jul 1880 
     Jim Bott [I6024]Family of Jim Bott and Janet Lynne Rosentreter [F2511]  
     Albertine Böttcher [I7716]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Albertine Böttcher [F3269]  
     Eva Rosina Böttcher [I6393]Family of Stanislaus Christoph Rosentreter and Eva Rosina Böttcher [F2671]8 Apr 1822 
     Eva Rosine Böttcher [I6317]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Eva Rosine Böttcher [F2647]  
     Maria Böttcher [I0743]Family of Johann Joachim Rosentreter and Maria Böttcher [F0578]  
     Wilhelm Böttcher [I7753]Family of Wilhelm Böttcher and Marie Dorothea Friederike Rosentreter [F3280]  
     Hinrich Böttjer [I3801]Family of Hinrich Böttjer and Louise Rosentreter [F1552]  
     William Bowen [I5595]Family of William Bowen and Madeline Rosentrater [F2299]  
     Melvin Leroy Boyd [I1499]Family of Melvin Leroy Boyd and Pauline Lillian Rosentreter [F1347]6 Sep 1936 
     Valentinus (William) Boza [I2696]Family of Valentinus (William) Boza and Josephine M Rosentreter [F0999]  
     Thomas R Braden [I3713]Family of Thomas R Braden and Anna Pauline Rosentreter [F1513]30 Aug 1911 
     Tracy Brand [I1425]Family of Barry J Rosentreader and Tracy Brand [F0464]  
     Luise Rosalie Brandenburg [I7286]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Luise Rosalie Brandenburg [F3046]9 Apr 1888 
     Carl Louis Brandt [I6541]Family of Carl Louis Brandt and Ernstine Wilhelmine Emilie Rosentreter [F2741]14 Feb 1875 
     Emma Brandt [I4877]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Emma Brandt [F1982]  
     Matilda C Brandt [I5559]Family of Gustav (Gust) Rosentrater and Matilda C Brandt [F2281]29 Jun 1899 
     Koppel Karl Brasch [I2857]Family of Koppel Karl Brasch and Henriette (Gittel) Rosentreter [F1126]1 Nov 1877 
     Friedrich Bratsch [I7150]Family of Friedrich Bratsch and Caroline Rosentreter [F2986]28 Oct 1830 
     Anna Justina Braun [I3364]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Anna Justina Braun [F1336]21 Nov 1841 
     Linda Lee Braun [I5600]Family of Philip Leon Rosentrater and Linda Lee Braun [F2301]  
     Ludwig Braun [I4358]Family of Ludwig Braun and Amalie Berndt [F1784]20 Feb 1886 
     Josepha Brauner [I6027]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Josepha Brauner [F2512]  
     Peter Christian Friedrich Brauns [I4285]Family of Peter Christian Friedrich Brauns and Juliana Regina Rosentreter [F1754]27 Jun 1796 
     Kenneth E Brawley [I2711]Family of Kenneth E Brawley and Lisa D Rosentreter [F1014]  
     Christine Brede [I5097]Family of Jacob Rosentreter and Christine Brede [F2080]  
     Johann Bredenburg [I2409]Family of Johann Bredenburg and Alke Rosentreter [F0729]16 Nov 1721 
     Kreszenz Brem [I7406]Family of Adolf Georg Johann Rosentreter and Kreszenz Brem [F3094]12 Dec 1922 
     Julius Richard Bremer [I7016]Family of Julius Richard Bremer and Alwine Auguste Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2936]  
     **Unknown** Brendicke [I2139]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosentreter and **Unknown** Brendicke [F0626]  
     Grace Brenningstall [I5763]Family of Robert E Rosentreter and Grace Brenningstall [F2387]29 Dec 1951 
     Karl Martin Brettschneider [I7829]Family of Karl Martin Brettschneider and Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [F3314]2 Mar 1917 
     Wilhelmine Brisske [I7280]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Brisske [F3042]  
     Emilie Britzwein [I5643]Family of Hermann Rosentreter and Emilie Britzwein [F2324]  
     Henriette Wilhelmine Karoline Brock [I5737]Family of Friedrich Rosentreter and Henriette Wilhelmine Karoline Brock [F2372]15 Apr 1834 
     Johanne Henriette Brock [I7151]Family of Carl Heinrich Rosentreter and Johanne Henriette Brock [F2987]5 Mar 1792 
     Theodor Friedrich August Brockmann [I4966]Family of Theodor Friedrich August Brockmann and Erna Rosentreter [F2021]2 Apr 1923 
     Bertha Broderson [I1901]Family of Charles Robert Rosentreter and Bertha Broderson [F0563]25 Jun 1902 
     Bernhard Bronkalla [I2615]Family of Bernhard Bronkalla and Elisabeth Helena Rosentreter [F0945]  
     Kevin Brophy [I6567]Family of Kevin Brophy and Wendy Denice Rosentreter [F2752]  
     Hedwig Natalie Brose [I5927]Family of Herbert Bruno Rosentreter and Hedwig Natalie Brose [F2470]14 Sep 1916 
     Otto Brose [I6652]Family of Otto Brose and Auguste Rosentreter [F2784]  
     Helene Franziska Brotzki [I6717]Family of Ernst Alfred Rosentreter and Helene Franziska Brotzki [F2807]1 Apr 1922 
     Arthur Richard Brown [I2757]Family of Arthur Richard Brown and Mary Elizabeth Rosentreter [F1060]12 Nov 1925 
     Debra Louise Brown [I2526]Family of Leslie John Rosentreter and Debra Louise Brown [F0884]  
     Harold D Brown [I2619]Family of Harold D Brown and Elsie L Rosentreter [F0949]  
     John William Brown [I4581]Family of John William Brown and Sarah (Sadie) Rosentreter [F1874]  
     Johnny D Brown [I4065]Family of Johnny D Brown and Donna June Rosentreter [F1677]  
     Wilhelmine Brucke [I2574]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Brucke [F0910]  
     Johannes Bruder [I2700]Family of Johannes Bruder and Katharina Rosentreter [F1003]11 Jul 1864 
     Max Hermann Julius Brüggemann [I7294]Family of Max Hermann Julius Brüggemann and Marie Gertrud Rosentreter [F3048]27 Mar 1903 
     Andreas Thomas Brügmann [I2489]Family of Andreas Thomas Brügmann and Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0858]16 Jan 1853 
     Eva Brügmann [I1595]Family of Johannes Rosentreter and Eva Brügmann [F0760]1814 
     Maria Charlotta Brügner [I6306]Family of Christian Gotthelf Rosentreter and Maria Charlotta Brügner [F2641]1810 
     Berta Johanna Brünjes [I1140]Family of Otto Christian Rosentreter and Berta Johanna Brünjes [F0386]  
     Anna Louise Brunnemann [I8366]Family of Friedrich Rosenträger and Anna Louise Brunnemann [F3534]  
     Frieda Luise Alwine Brunnemann [I5444]Family of August Adolf Friedrich Rosentreter and Frieda Luise Alwine Brunnemann [F2228]8 Mar 1912 
     Ida Brunnemann [I8204]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Ida Brunnemann [F3479]  
     Lydia Buchholz [I0430]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Lydia Buchholz [F0267]13 Mar 1921 
     Stanislaus Buchholz [I2742]Family of Stanislaus Buchholz and Maria Theodosia Rosentreter [F1045]  
     Leona Rosella Buckler [I0195]Family of Edward James Rosentreter and Leona Rosella Buckler [F0246]  
     Maurice Bucove [I4622]Family of Maurice Bucove and Henriette (Riette) Mignon Rosentreter [F1892]12 Jul 1933 
     Arthur Elijah Budd [I3703]Family of Arthur Elijah Budd and Edith Florence Rosentreder [F1511]1919 
     Rinehart C Bufe [I0741]Family of Rinehart C Bufe and Minnie Louise Rosentreter [F1038]3 May 1924 
     Wilhelm Buhlert [I3327]Family of Wilhelm Buhlert and Anna Rosentreter [F1318]13 Jul 1899 
     Johann Buhs [I6490]Family of Johann Buhs and Florentine Rosentreter [F2714]  
     Stanislava Bukofski [I3304]Family of Paul Rosentreter and Stanislava Bukofski [F1309]2 Jun 1901 
     Janice Bukovac [I6083]Family of Roger L Rosentreter and Janice Bukovac [F2540]  
     Floyd Alton Bullard [I3667]Family of Floyd Alton Bullard and Ruby Esther Rosentreter [F1498]  
     August Bertrand Bullner [I2373]Family of August Bertrand Bullner and Christine Marie Rosentrætter [F0692]29 May 1868 
     **Unknown** Bunger [I2780]Family of **Unknown** Bunger and Rosalia Ursula Rosentreter [F1083]  
     Andreas Bünger [I2455]Family of Andreas Bünger and Anna Maria Rosentreter [F0833]17 Jan 1855 
     Josef Bünger [I2730]Family of Josef Bünger and Maria Rosentreter [F1033]  
     Joseph Bünger [I6536]Family of Joseph Bünger and Maria Rosentreter [F2739]16 Jan 1872 
     Franciscus Burckel [I6843]Family of Franciscus Burckel and Anna Barbara Rosentreter [F2860]19 May 1795 
     Gustav Nickolas Burder [I5587]Family of Gustav Nickolas Burder and Hulda C Rosentrater [F2295]1917 
     John Burdick [I5871]Family of John Burdick and Nancy Ann Rosentreter [F2447]  
     Evelyn Marie Burger [I1808]Family of Harold E Rosentreter and Evelyn Marie Burger [F0807]1947 
     Marie Amalie Burgschweiger [I4584]Family of Carl Ferdinand Rosentreter and Marie Amalie Burgschweiger [F1876]4 Mar 1869 
     Marjorie Ellen Burke [I4126]Family of Albert William Rosentreter and Marjorie Ellen Burke [F1704]  
     Friedrich Burmeister [I2705]Family of Friedrich Burmeister and Leokadie Rosentreter [F1008]13 Nov 1908 
     Anna Luise Buss [I0988]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Luise Buss [F0351]20 Jan 1842 
     Anna Marianne Buss [I0293]Family of Gottlieb (Gottlob) Franz Rosentreter and Anna Marianne Buss [F0263]  
     Hermann Friedrich Busse [I8263]Family of Hermann Friedrich Busse and Wilhelmine Friederike Karoline Rosenträger [F3507]16 Nov 1877 
     Marianna Bussel [I3007]Family of Bogumil Rosentreter and Marianna Bussel [F1185]  
     Emma Bussian [I0222]Family of Johann (John) Karl August Rosentreter and Emma Bussian [F0253]6 Feb 1909 
     Paul F Bussian [I3761]Family of Paul F Bussian and Elizabeth I Rosentreter [F1535]22 Jun 1941 
     Anna Marianna Bussler [I5687]Family of Gottlieb Peter Michael Rosentreter and Anna Marianna Bussler [F1544]21 Nov 1784 
     Jan Büthner-Zawadzki [I2429]Family of Jan Büthner-Zawadzki and Anna Rosentreter [F0740]  
     Jan Büthner-Zawadzki [I2626]Family of Jan Büthner-Zawadzki and Eva Catharina Rosentreter [F0956]7 May 1786 
     Valmae Nola Butterworth [I0151]Family of Mervin George (George) Rosentreter and Valmae Nola Butterworth [F0063]  
     Mary Beth Byram [I4681]Family of Marcus J Rosentrater and Mary Beth Byram [F1915]  
    C**Unknown** Calvert [I3644]Family of **Unknown** Calvert and Mary Ellen Rosentreter [F1490]  
     Elisabeth Camiet [I7953]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Elisabeth Camiet [F3379]  
     **Unknown** Campbell [I3978]Family of **Unknown** Campbell and Valerie J Rosentreter [F1630]  
     Irma Theresa Cannon [I1026]Family of George Washington Rosentreter and Irma Theresa Cannon [F0358]21 Jun 1924 
     Donna Carkin [I7199]Family of Vail Rosentreter and Donna Carkin [F3006]  
     Michael Eugene Carmody [I2401]Family of Michael Eugene Carmody and Adrienne Lucille Rosentreter [F0721]16 Jun 1925 
     Ellie Carrasco [I0696]Family of Nathan John Rosentreter and Ellie Carrasco [F0282]  
     David (Jethro) Carroll [I0894]Family of David (Jethro) Carroll and Julie Ann Rosentreter [F0321]  
     **Unknown** Carter [I2602]Family of **Unknown** Carter and Dorothy Louise Rosentreter [F0933]  
     Olga Magdalene Caspari [I7331]Family of Rudolf August Rosentreter and Olga Magdalene Caspari [F3064]28 Apr 1899 
     John O Cassick [I5828]Family of John O Cassick and Ottile L (Tillie) Rosentrater [F2420]  
     Luis Armando Cea Toro [I3877]Family of Luis Armando Cea Toro and Dominique Alexandra Rosentreter González [F1585]  
     Michael Chall [I6918]Family of Michael Chall and Eva Rosentreter [F2894]  
     Betty Jean Chamberlain [I0161]Family of Paul Jonathan Rosentrater and Betty Jean Chamberlain [F0540]4 Sep 1951 
     Mary Champ [I3268]Family of Otto Fridrich Rosentreter and Mary Champ [F1295]  
     Agnes Naomi Chapman [I3598]Family of Jessie Lee Rosentreter and Agnes Naomi Chapman [F1470]20 Sep 1985 
     Melissa I Charlson [I4184]Family of Gregory James Rosentreter and Melissa I Charlson [F1730]  
     Getrude C (Trudy) Chekala [I6249]Family of Frederick (Fred) William Rosentrater and Getrude C (Trudy) Chekala [F2615]  
     Anna Chiracosta [I0116]Family of Peter John Rosentreter and Anna Chiracosta [F0116]  
     Linda Grace Christensen [I3247]Family of Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter and Linda Grace Christensen [F0449]  
     Hans Christiansen [I2378]Family of Hans Christiansen and Lillian Louise Rosentrater [F0697]1928 
     George Christoffer [I6477]Family of George Christoffer and Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2709]1736 
     Toby Alexander Christophersen [I4677]Family of Toby Alexander Christophersen and Simone Carla Rosentreter [F1913]  
     John Chrzenowski [I3964]Family of John Chrzenowski and Helen (Lena) Rosentreter [F1624]  
     Anastasia Ciżmowska [I0619]Family of Adalbert Jozef Rosentreter and Anastasia Ciżmowska [F0195]1913 
     Erwin Nelson Clarke [I5810]Family of Erwin Nelson Clarke and Luella Grace Rosentreter [F2411]  
     Johann Heinrich Friedrich Cramer Von Clausbruch [I6073]Family of Johann Heinrich Friedrich Cramer Von Clausbruch and Paula Valerie Marie Rosentreter [F2534]24 Aug 1918 
     Richard Stephen Claycomb [I4854]Family of Richard Stephen Claycomb and Goldie Mabel Rosentreter [F1971]13 Oct 1945 
     Thomas Godfrey Clynes [I3766]Family of Thomas Godfrey Clynes and Catharine M Rosentreter [F1539]30 Oct 1922 
     Benhard Cohn [I2365]Family of Benhard Cohn and Flora Rosentreter [F0688]22 Oct 1913 
     Judy R Cole [I1864]Family of Darwin L Rosentrater and Judy R Cole [F0555]  
     Mildred Marie Colegrove [I0082]Family of Fred Charles Rosentrater and Mildred Marie Colegrove [F0539]10 Jan 1912 
     Sandra Gayle Coleman [I5914]Family of Gary Ernest Rosentrater and Sandra Gayle Coleman [F2466]  
     Geoffrey William Collins [I0055]Family of Geoffrey William Collins and Vicki May Rosentreter [F0080]  
     Ina S Collins [I1758]Family of Frank Albert Rosentreter and Ina S Collins [F0798]1920 
     Sheila Collins [I3743]Family of Kevin G Rosentreder and Sheila Collins [F1529]  
     Ruth Odessa Compton [I3607]Family of Arnold Otto Rosentreter and Ruth Odessa Compton [F1477]  
     Dorothee Anna Regine Conrad [I5608]Family of Martin Friedrich Rosentreter and Dorothee Anna Regine Conrad [F2304]  
     Ernst Richard Conradi [I7487]Family of Ernst Richard Conradi and Else Gertrud Frieda Rosentreter [F3128]4 Aug 1914 
     Helen Conway [I3533]Family of Charles Herman Rosentreter and Helen Conway [F1439]  
     John H Conway [I3177]Family of John H Conway and Lydia Rosentreter [F1249]  
     Michael Kenneth Cook [I5387]Family of Michael Kenneth Cook and Alice (Allie) Marie Rosentreter [F2202]  
     Metta Adelheit Cordes [I0656]Family of William A Rosentreter and Metta Adelheit Cordes [F0274]25 Oct 1860 
     Gilberto Correa Macchiabello [I6700]Family of Gilberto Correa Macchiabello and Nora Rube Rosentreter Olivares [F2802]  
     Margarethe Dorothea Elisabeth Corthym [I4933]Family of Johann Andreas Rosentreter and Margarethe Dorothea Elisabeth Corthym [F2005]16 Nov 1700 
     Christopher Joseph Cosgrave [I3746]Family of Christopher Joseph Cosgrave and Olive Rosentreder [F1531]23 Nov 1946 
     Nicholas Cowey [I2620]Family of Nicholas Cowey and Emily Louise Rosentreter [F0950]  
     Mary Catherine Cox [I3420]Family of Richard Dean Rosentreter and Mary Catherine Cox [F1387]11 Jul 1947 
     Julius Crain [I3606]Family of Julius Crain and Marie Rosentreter [F1476]21 Apr 1945 
     Julius Quenton Crain [I4519]Family of Julius Quenton Crain and Marie Rosentreter [F1850]  
     Margaret Marie Crandall [I1484]Family of Bruno Oscar Rosentreter and Margaret Marie Crandall [F0478]23 May 1928  14 Mar 1950
     **Unknown** Crane [I3536]Family of **Unknown** Crane and Deanna Rosentreter [F1441]  
     Wanda Mae Crawford [I1385]Family of Lavern Howard Rosentrater and Wanda Mae Crawford [F0452]7 Jun 1950 
     Eddie Duane Crosby [I4015]Family of Eddie Duane Crosby and Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [F1645]  
     Gerald Croskey [I3869]Family of Gerald Croskey and Doris Ann Rosentreter [F1582]  
     Marsha L Crow [I4183]Family of Mark John Rosentreter and Marsha L Crow [F1729]  
     Sarah Annette Crutchfield [I5911]Family of Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater and Sarah Annette Crutchfield [F2464]  
     Ryan Cunningham [I6472]Family of Ryan Cunningham and Shannon Rosentrater [F2707]  
     Isabella Letitia Cunnington [I0017]Family of Edwin Eric (Ted) Rosentreter and Isabella Letitia Cunnington [F0040]  
     Pearl Cunnington [I0145]Family of Leslie Leonard Rosentreter and Pearl Cunnington [F0005]11 Sep 1938 
     Michael Curtis [I5669]Family of Michael Curtis and Leslie Curtis Rosentreter [F2337]  
     Roy Cushing [I2746]Family of Roy Cushing and Anne Marie Rosentreter [F1049]  
     Florence Isabelle Cutler [I3225]Family of Russell L Rosentreter and Florence Isabelle Cutler [F1273]27 Aug 1925  
     Max Thomas Czaikowski [I6795]Family of Max Thomas Czaikowski and Martha Auguste Rosentreter [F2841]15 Oct 1912  3 Dec 1915
     Ernestina Dorothea Czerszynski [I5249]Family of Johann Martin Rosentreter and Ernestina Dorothea Czerszynski [F2140]19 Oct 1899 
     Marein Ernestine Czewynska [I4872]Family of Marein Ernestine Czewynska [F1980]  
    DBertha Anna Amanda Daebel [I7225]Family of Oskar Franz Rosenträger and Bertha Anna Amanda Daebel [F3019]22 Apr 1899 
     Ida Emma Agnes Daeumichen [I7209]Family of Richard Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Ida Emma Agnes Daeumichen [F3011]27 Aug 1904 
     Arnold Dalmer [I4580]Family of Arnold Dalmer and Nellie Martha Rosentreter [F1873]1933 
     Hermann Karl Gustav Damm [I5985]Family of Hermann Karl Gustav Damm and Frieda Marie Caroline Anna Rosentreter [F2498]26 Oct 1889 
     Henriette Wilhelmine Dammnitz [I7917]Family of Richard Hermann Adolf Rosenträger and Henriette Wilhelmine Dammnitz [F3361]  
     Carl Wilhelm August Damnitz [I8242]Family of Carl Wilhelm August Damnitz and Henriette Friederike Rosenträger [F3497]10 Apr 1875 
     Stanislaw Daneliak? [I4447]Family of Stanislaw Daneliak? and Rosalie Rosentreter [F1820]Sep 1899 
     Bernard Heinrich Dange [I7705]Family of Bernard Heinrich Dange and Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [F3263]9 Mar 1916  14 Mar 1933
     Klara Daniel [I0985]Family of Julius Friedrich Rosentreter Snr and Klara Daniel [F0350]27 May 1911 
     Israel Hugo Dannemann [I6832]Family of Israel Hugo Dannemann and Emma Dorothea Johanna Rosenträger [F2852]26 Nov 1907 
     Hans Adam Daudermann [I6883]Family of Hans Adam Daudermann and Anna Catharina Rosentreter [F2881]26 Nov 1715 
     Gottlieb Däumling [I2552]Family of Gottlieb Däumling and Emma Auguste Rosentreter [F0899]6 Nov 1866 
     Lisbeth Hedwig Berta David [I7340]Family of Erich Hans Rosentreter and Lisbeth Hedwig Berta David [F3068]18 Apr 1932 
     Arthur Joseph Bowman Davidson [I2714]Family of Arthur Joseph Bowman Davidson and Louisa Martha (Minnie) Rosentreter [F1017]  
     Dorothy Greenleaf Davies [I3289]Family of Ernest William Rosentreter and Dorothy Greenleaf Davies [F1302]1943 
     Edward James Davis [I4858]Family of Edward James Davis and Leta Gertrude Rosentreader [F1974]4 Dec 1930 
     Jason Ray Davis [I7724]Family of Jason Ray Davis and Leslyann Rosentreter [F3272]  
     Leana Davis [I5968]Family of Richard (Rick) Lynn Rosentrater and Leana Davis [F2490]  
     Roelof John (Ralph) De Bruin [I3349]Family of Roelof John (Ralph) De Bruin and Evelyn Gladys (Evie) Rosentreter [F1330]10 Jun 1933 
     Emma Hermine De Lisen [I0124]Family of Walter (Wally) Joshua Rosentreter and Emma Hermine De Lisen [F0053]  
     Anna De Reese [I1210]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Anna De Reese [F0406]12 May 1735 
     Bryan Eugene De Wilde [I2392]Family of Bryan Eugene De Wilde and Beulah Jean Rosentrater [F0711]  
     **Unknown** Dean [I4208]Family of **Unknown** Dean and Karen Rosentreter [F1736]  
     Winifred Bessie Dean [I3745]Family of Frank Rosentreder and Winifred Bessie Dean [F1530]  
     Barbara June Deauncy [I0063]Family of Ivan Eric (Reg) Rosentreter and Barbara June Deauncy [F0110]  
     Steven Dedo [I3550]Family of Steven Dedo and Corryn Rosentreter [F1450]  
     August Carl Dehnke Snr [I2563]Family of August Carl Dehnke Snr and Loiuse (Julie) Sophie Rosentreter [F0905]26 Dec 1890 
     **Unknown** Deimwiddie [I3434]Family of **Unknown** Deimwiddie and Johanna Rosentreter [F1396]  
     Anna Emma Delkus [I4173]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Anna Emma Delkus [F1723]  
     Karl Friedrich Hermann Demke [I4970]Family of Karl Friedrich Hermann Demke and Auguste Marie Mathilde Rosentreter [F2024]11 Apr 1882 
     Darrell Arlene Dennis [I1397]Family of Harold Michael Rosentrater and Darrell Arlene Dennis [F0554]6 Oct 1940 
     Karl Gustav Dessin [I6424]Family of Karl Gustav Dessin and Minna Amalie Antonie Rosentreter [F2685]28 Mar 1871 
     Caroline Wilhelmine Charlotte Deutschmann [I7231]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Caroline Wilhelmine Charlotte Deutschmann [F3022]16 Oct 1842 
     Irmgard Dexler [I5286]Family of Orville Rosentreter Snr and Irmgard Dexler [F2153]about 1954 
     Jeffrey Dean Dickehage [I5629]Family of Jeffrey Dean Dickehage and Kimberly Ann Rosentrater [F2316]  
     Otto Dieball [I3510]Family of Otto Dieball and Hulda Rosentreter [F1428]6 Nov 1909 
     Marie Elise Martha Dieckhoff [I8237]Family of Paul Carl Oscar Rosenträger and Marie Elise Martha Dieckhoff [F3495]27 Feb 1920 
     Susanna Dietz [I4797]Family of Georg Rosentreter and Susanna Dietz [F1951]  
     Frank Madison Dillin [I2377]Family of Frank Madison Dillin and Mary Louise Rosentrater [F0696]16 Jun 1928 
     Johanne Friederike Eleonore Dimke [I0946]Family of Johann Michael Rosentreter and Johanne Friederike Eleonore Dimke [F0337]4 Jun 1838 
     Wilhelmine Dittman [I0111]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Dittman [F0052]  
     Carl Wilhelm Adolph Dittmann [I8167]Family of Carl Wilhelm Adolph Dittmann and Marie Wilhelmine Hermine Rosentreter [F3461]11 Oct 1881 
     Julia Dittrich [I4711]Family of Fedor Rosentreter and Julia Dittrich [F1927]6 Aug 1876 
     Julia Dittrich [I5277]Family of Theodore Alexander Rosentreter and Julia Dittrich [F2150]1876 
     Laurie Jo Dixon [I5288]Family of Orville Rosentreter Jnr and Laurie Jo Dixon [F2101]  
     Lawrence N Dixon [I5057]Family of Lawrence N Dixon and Virginia J Rosentreter [F2060]  
     Florentine Marie Dlugas [I5367]Family of Walter Gustav Karl Rosenträger and Florentine Marie Dlugas [F2192]  
     Thekla Dlusak [I3238]Family of Friedrich Martin Rosentreter and Thekla Dlusak [F1280]14 Apr 1903 
     Feodosija Dmitireva [I4807]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Feodosija Dmitireva [F1954]1896 
     Sofie Dobrasiak [I4137]Family of Stefan Rosentreter and Sofie Dobrasiak [F1709]  
     Gertrud Elisabeth Dodt [I1208]Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Gertrud Elisabeth Dodt [F0405]3 Sep 1743 
     Dorothea Regine Henriette Döhring [I8011]Family of Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Dorothea Regine Henriette Döhring [F3399]14 Nov 1856 
     Henriette Gottliebe Karoline Döhring [I5319]Family of Christoph Friedrich Rosenträger and Henriette Gottliebe Karoline Döhring [F2168]15 Sep 1867 
     Paul Dojahn [I2733]Family of Paul Dojahn and Maria Anna Rosentreter [F1036]26 Nov 1909 
     Johanna Domke [I0707]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Johanna Domke [F0285]  
     Henriette Wilhelmine Domnitz [I7870]Family of Julius Albert Hermann Rosenträger and Henriette Wilhelmine Domnitz [F3334]24 Jan 1878 
     Loiusa Don [I5199]Family of August Rosentreter and Loiusa Don [F2114]  
     Bre Donatee [I6208]Family of Chris Rosentreter and Bre Donatee [F2593]  
     Molly Gladys Donnelly [I3902]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Molly Gladys Donnelly [F1593]  
     Augusta Otillia Donner [I0897]Family of Gustave Carl August Rosentreter and Augusta Otillia Donner [F0322]1885 
     Emilie Albertine Donner [I1527]Family of Karl Ludwig Rosentreter Snr and Emilie Albertine Donner [F0491]25 Oct 1864 
     Emilie Döring [I7222]Family of Friedrich Rosenträger and Emilie Döring [F3017]  
     Pauline Döring [I1542]Family of Herman Rosentreter and Pauline Döring [F0549]1903 
     Justine Barbara Dorn [I6986]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Justine Barbara Dorn [F2918]22 Jun 1798 
     William Dorns [I2904]Family of William Dorns and Henriette Rosentreter [F1147]  
     Martha Helena Dossmann [I7165]Family of Georg Karl Rosentreter and Martha Helena Dossmann [F2993]10 Nov 1928 
     Regine Caroline Dossmann [I7938]Family of Friedrich Rosenträger and Regine Caroline Dossmann [F3372]  
     Wilhelmine Auguste Helene Dossmann [I7826]Family of August Friedrich Karl Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Auguste Helene Dossmann [F3312]31 Dec 1898 
     Frederick A Dove [I3857]Family of Frederick A Dove and Doreen Rosentreter [F1574]  
     Herbert A Dovel [I2895]Family of Herbert A Dovel and Louise Clementine Rosentreter [F1141]5 Nov 1903 
     Lydia M Dowsett [I6331]Family of Alfred Andrew Rosentreter and Lydia M Dowsett [F2653]  
     Henriette Dräger [I7330]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Henriette Dräger [F3063]  
     Wilhelm Karl Heinrich Drägert [I7667]Family of Wilhelm Karl Heinrich Drägert and Mathilde Pauline Rosentreter [F3241]10 Apr 1890 
     Erich Paul Draheim [I6749]Family of Erich Paul Draheim and Minna Else Rosentreter [F2823]10 Mar 1933 
     Everett Elmer Drake [I4861]Family of Everett Elmer Drake and Leona Almeda Rosentreader [F1976]1922 
     James D Draper [I2600]Family of James D Draper and Donna Jean Rosentreter [F0931]  
     William F Draves [I5908]Family of William F Draves and Ernestine Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2462]  
     Otto Wilhelm Drewisch [I5473]Family of Otto Wilhelm Drewisch and Emma Marie Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2241]2 Apr 1912 
     Loretta Jule Drews [I0005]Family of James Clyde Rosentreter and Loretta Jule Drews [F0216]25 Oct 1952 
     Franz Wilhelm Oskar Theodor Droysen [I5925]Family of Franz Wilhelm Oskar Theodor Droysen and Brunhilde Grete Rosentreter [F2469]  
     Jürgen Duckwitz [I2399]Family of Jürgen Duckwitz and Margareta Rosentreder [F0718]25 May 1748 
     Rebecka Duckwitz [I1099]Family of Conrad Rosentreder and Rebecka Duckwitz [F0377]  
     Minna Duenger [I7139]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Minna Duenger [F2980]  
     Robert Duesterhoeft [I4354]Family of Robert Duesterhoeft and Rosalie Rosentreter [F1781]13 Jun 1918 
     Wilhelmine Duesterhoeft [I4368]Family of Gottfried Wilhelm Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Duesterhoeft [F1790]Nov 1868 
     Helen Luiegene Duffer [I1977]Family of Ronald Roy Rosentrater Snr and Helen Luiegene Duffer [F0585]  
     Cheryl Lynn Dufner [I6594]Family of Victor Ray Rosentreter and Cheryl Lynn Dufner [F2764]  
     Edward Dugan [I2776]Family of Edward Dugan and Regina Jennie Rosentreter [F1079]  
     Johann Hinrich Duls [I6078]Family of Johann Hinrich Duls and Gesche Rosentreter [F2538]3 May 1796 
     Paul Dumaracki [I2544]Family of Paul Dumaracki and Maria Magdalena Rosentreter [F0894]27 Aug 1863 
     Rosina Dumdei [I1498]Family of Ernst Wilhelm Rosentreter and Rosina Dumdei [F0482]5 Feb 1858 
     Veronica Elisabeth Dummer [I0092]Family of Joseph Albert Rosentreter and Veronica Elisabeth Dummer [F0233]10 May 1897 
     June Lee Dunbar [I1030]Family of George Cannon Rosentreter and June Lee Dunbar [F0359]  
     **Unknown** Duncan [I3906]Family of **Unknown** Duncan and Patricia Faye Rosentreter [F1596]  
     **Unknown** Dunkel [I8092]Family of **Unknown** Dunkel and Auguste Rosenträger [F3425]  
     Matilda (Tillie) J Dunlap [I3253]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Matilda (Tillie) J Dunlap [F1290]18 Nov 1929 
     Ellen Rose Nellie Dunn [I1783]Family of Joseph Charles Rosentreter and Ellen Rose Nellie Dunn [F0801]  
     Cathrina Dunteken [I1065]Family of Lüer Rosentreter and Cathrina Dunteken [F0369]14 Jun 1687 
     Emma Marie Elise Düring [I6732]Family of Otto Erich Rosentreter and Emma Marie Elise Düring [F2816]16 Apr 1932  7 Oct 1944
     Marie Hedwig Düserhoft [I7711]Family of Karl August Rosentreter and Marie Hedwig Düserhoft [F3267]  
     Mathilda Dussach [I2909]Family of Jeade Rosentreter and Mathilda Dussach [F1149]  
     Franz Düsterhoeft [I4916]Family of Franz Düsterhoeft and Anna Justine (Justina) Rosentreter [F2000]about 1811 
     Wilhelminia Dusterhoft [I3333]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Wilhelminia Dusterhoft [F1321]  
     Ottilie Friederike Düsterhöft [I4716]Family of Rudolph Rosentreter and Ottilie Friederike Düsterhöft [F1929]6 Jul 1881 
     Wilhelmine Düsterweg [I4686]Family of Ferdinand August Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Düsterweg [F1918]1850 
     Robert Karl Duwe [I5246]Family of Robert Karl Duwe and Louise Julia Rosentreter [F2137]8 Apr 1890 
     Gesche Dwerhagen [I1097]Family of Johan Rosentreder and Gesche Dwerhagen [F0376]10 Feb 1711 
     Martha Dymmel [I2924]Family of Adolf Rosentreter and Martha Dymmel [F1158]1895 
     Anna Dzików [I4983]Family of Bogusław Rosentreter and Anna Dzików [F2032]  
    EElise Eberlein [I8035]Family of Alfred Rosentreter and Elise Eberlein [F3407]  
     Alexander A Eberson [I3437]Family of Alexander A Eberson and Fannie W Rosentreter [F1399]  
     Edward J Ebert [I2422]Family of Edward J Ebert and Klara Hellena Rosentreter [F0733]27 Apr 1907 
     Rudolf Ferdinand Heinrich Ebert [I7593]Family of Rudolf Ferdinand Heinrich Ebert and Maria Regine Rosentreter [F3194]3 Mar 1904 
     **Unknown** Eberz [I6785]Family of **Unknown** Eberz and Lisa Rosentreter [F2838]  
     Louis Karl Arthur Ecke [I6055]Family of Louis Karl Arthur Ecke and Emma Erdmunda Rosentreter [F2524]29 Jun 1889 
     Johanne Luise Eckert [I5640]Family of Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter and Johanne Luise Eckert [F2323]1867 
     David Todd Eckman [I4089]Family of David Todd Eckman and Laura (Lori) Celeste Rosentreter [F1689]  
     Charlotte Albertine Eckstein [I0935]Family of Joachim Friedrich Rosentreter and Charlotte Albertine Eckstein [F0333]  
     Daniel Eggers [I7789]Family of Daniel Eggers and Tania Rosentreter [F3296]  
     Wilhelm Franz Ludwig Eggert [I5652]Family of Wilhelm Franz Ludwig Eggert and Emeline Ernestine Rosentreter [F2328]12 Nov 1889 
     Regina Eggestorff [I1945]Family of Joachim Friedrich Ludwig Rosentreter and Regina Eggestorff [F0575]25 Nov 1762 
     Luise Egler [I7458]Family of Carl Philipp Oskar Rosentreter and Luise Egler [F3114]  
     Luise Anna Auguste Egler [I5122]Family of Carl Ferdinand Louis Rosentreter and Luise Anna Auguste Egler [F2088]3 Oct 1878 
     Bertha Louise Ehinger [I3291]Family of John Oscar Rosentreter and Bertha Louise Ehinger [F1303]29 Mar 1902 
     Caroline (Carrie) Freiderica Ehinger [I5059]Family of Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter and Caroline (Carrie) Freiderica Ehinger [F2062]16 Aug 1898 
     Johann Christian Friedrich Ehrendreich [I2641]Family of Johann Christian Friedrich Ehrendreich and Caroline Marie Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0966]25 Nov 1853 
     Anna Ilse Ehwald [I6223]Family of Richard Rosentreter and Anna Ilse Ehwald [F2599]  
     Pauline Virginia Eichen [I1751]Family of Alvin Lincoln Rosentreter and Pauline Virginia Eichen [F0796]1948 
     Martha Bertha Helene Eichhorst [I0272]Family of Oswald Reinhold Ernst Rosentreter and Martha Bertha Helene Eichhorst [F0260]15 Aug 1915 
     Charlotte Eikenhorst [I3343]Family of Friedrich (Fritz) Rosentreter and Charlotte Eikenhorst [F0366]8 Feb 1873 
     Johann Gustav Karl Einbeck [I7848]Family of Johann Gustav Karl Einbeck and Louise Wilhelmine Emilie Rosenträger [F3323]31 Oct 1904  25 Jul 1927
     Victoria Evangeline Eisen [I0177]Family of Eugene Charles Rosentreter and Victoria Evangeline Eisen [F0242]  
     Suzanne Carol Eisner [I2051]Family of Gary Paul Rosentrater and Suzanne Carol Eisner [F0602]18 Oct 1958 
     Christoph Elftmann [I3145]Family of Christoph Elftmann and Anne Rosine Rosentreter [F1236]22 Nov 1835 
     Charles Ellison [I2768]Family of Charles Ellison and Nellie Marcy Angela Rosentreter [F1071]24 Jun 1903 
     Clara Elsner [I7296]Family of Heinrich Rudolf Rosentreter and Clara Elsner [F3049]  
     Erna Ida Elsner [I7367]Family of Werner Walter Bruno Rosentreter and Erna Ida Elsner [F3079]19 Apr 1930 
     Ottilie Elsner [I5653]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Ottilie Elsner [F2329]  
     Friederike Auguste Emsmann [I2276]Family of Carl Friedrich Christian Rosentreter and Friederike Auguste Emsmann [F0666]26 Dec 1838 
     Brenda Bronwell Ennis [I0448]Family of Michael Donald Rosentrater and Brenda Bronwell Ennis [F0171]Dec 1966 
     Elisia Erb [I8291]Family of Christian Rosentreter and Elisia Erb [F3518]  
     Johann Erb [I2465]Family of Johann Erb and Henriette Rosentreter [F0843] 
     Johann Joachim Christian Friedrich Erb [I2631]Family of Johann Joachim Christian Friedrich Erb and Friederike Henriette Rosentreter [F0961]28 May 1855 
     Luise Erbe [I4826]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Luise Erbe [F1959]  
     Adolfine Erdgang [I5452]Family of Albert Rosentreter and Adolfine Erdgang [F2232]  
     Eduard Ergang [I4355]Family of Eduard Ergang and Melitta Caroline Rosentreter [F1782]20 May 1903 
     Anna Louise Dorothea Gottliebe Erp [I8338]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Anna Louise Dorothea Gottliebe Erp [F3528]  
     Anna Auguste Wilhelmine Erstling [I7824]Family of Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Rosenträger and Anna Auguste Wilhelmine Erstling [F3311]30 Oct 1898 
     Martha Margaret Esch [I1421]Family of Orval Benton Rosentreader and Martha Margaret Esch [F0463]  
     Margaret Eschler [I4153]Family of Donald R Rosentreter and Margaret Eschler [F1717]  
     **Unknown** Espe [I6688]Family of **Unknown** Espe and Louise Rosentreter [F2797]  
     Alejandro Espinoza [I0323]Family of Alejandro Espinoza and Guillermina Juana Rosentreter Amestica [F0124]  
     Lidia Espinoza Rosentreter [I0324]Family of Oscar Rojaz Wells and Lidia Espinoza Rosentreter [F0125]  
     Franco Esposito [I2691]Family of Franco Esposito and Joan Beverley Rosentreter [F0994]  
     Peter Eue [I2784]Family of Peter Eue and Dorothea Sophie Rosentreter [F1087]10 Sep 1828 
     Oscar Eupofer [I3093]Family of Oscar Eupofer and Ida Rosentreter [F1215]  
     Leigh Evans [I1078]Family of Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter and Leigh Evans [F0003]  
     Johann Friedrich Evers [I6330]Family of Johann Friedrich Evers and Rebecka Rosentreter [F2652]22 Oct 1799 
     **Unknown** Eversole [I4122]Family of **Unknown** Eversole and Jeanine Rosentreter [F1701]  
     Amalie Ewald [I6544]Family of Eduard Rosentreter and Amalie Ewald [F2742]  
    FLinda A Fager [I1834]Family of John R Rosentreter and Linda A Fager [F0816]  
     Robert B Fair [I5661]Family of Robert B Fair and Donna J Rosentrater [F2332]  
     Johanna Faiss [I2283]Family of Laurenz Rosentreter and Johanna Faiss [F0669]  
     Steve Farmer II [I2394]Family of Steve Farmer II and Debra Sue Rosentrater [F0713]  
     Emma Louise Fastnow [I3562]Family of Heinrich Gottlieb (Hank) Rosentreter and Emma Louise Fastnow [F1454]22 Feb 1911 
     Johann Gottlieb Faustmann [I5035]Family of Johann Gottlieb Faustmann and Louise Rosentreter [F2052]18 Jan 1878 
     Franz Fechter [I3485]Family of Franz Fechter and Alwine Rosentreter [F1418]  
     Kate (Lucy) Fedden [I3455]Family of Albert John Rosentreter and Kate (Lucy) Fedden [F1404]  
     Lücke Margrete Fedden [I1136]Family of Johann Albrecht Rosentreter and Lücke Margrete Fedden [F0385]9 Jun 1846 
     Michael Fedor [I6137]Family of Michael Fedor and Lydian Matilda Rosentrater [F2300]1948 
     Amello Fredrick Fedrigo [I5813]Family of Amello Fredrick Fedrigo and Dora Lou Rosentreter [F2414]  
     Franz Albert Fedtke [I2589]Family of Franz Albert Fedtke and Catharina Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0920]13 Apr 1880 
     Leon Feige [I2718]Family of Leon Feige and Lydia Rosentreter [F1021]2 Dec 1925 
     Eva Feiler [I7555]Family of Paul Franz Rosentreter and Eva Feiler [F3170]22 Feb 1906 
     Heinrich August Johann Feldman [I2785]Family of Heinrich August Johann Feldman and Sophie Louise Rosentreter [F1088]11 Jan 1906 
     Karl Hermann Paul Charles Feldman [I3231]Family of Karl Hermann Paul Charles Feldman and Elbertine Caroline Charlotte Rosentreter [F1275]9 Dec 1909 
     Gail Marie Felio [I5089]Family of Eugene Phillip Rosentreter and Gail Marie Felio [F2076]  
     Friedrich August Fels [I7912]Family of Friedrich August Fels and Anna Pauline Marie Rosenträger [F3358]15 Jul 1929 
     Ernestine Wilhelmine Felsmann [I6533]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Ernestine Wilhelmine Felsmann [F2737]  
     Wilhelmine Felzmann [I1268]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Felzmann [F0420]  
     Regina Mary Fenton [I0911]Family of Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr and Regina Mary Fenton [F0327]  
     Elizabeth Ferguson [I5993]Family of Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter and Elizabeth Ferguson [F2502]4 Mar 1857 
     Stefan Fernandez [I4682]Family of Stefan Fernandez and Bethany L Rosentrater [F1916]  
     Lillian Ferry [I2045]Family of Paul Rosentrater and Lillian Ferry [F0599]  
     Ginger Rose Fessler [I5577]Family of August (Augie) Edward Rosentrater and Ginger Rose Fessler [F2287]  
     Ruth Margaret Fetty [I0605]Family of Robert Dean Rosentreter and Ruth Margaret Fetty [F0188]25 May 1957 
     Maria Gesine Ficke [I1142]Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Maria Gesine Ficke [F0387]27 Oct 1921 
     John Ficken [I2605]Family of John Ficken and Anna Rosentreter [F1366]  
     Paul Karl Georg Fieber [I7543]Family of Paul Karl Georg Fieber and Anna Marie Luise Rosentreter [F3163]6 Jul 1916 
     Brett Fiedler [I2791]Family of Brett Fiedler and Tracie Lee Rosentreter [F1094]  
     Bertha Fiege [I3637]Family of Kristof Rosentreter and Bertha Fiege [F1488]18 Oct 1924 
     Irene Lucille Fileger [I5548]Family of Floyd Edward Rosentrater and Irene Lucille Fileger [F2274]  
     Floyd Alfred Files [I2380]Family of Floyd Alfred Files and Elsie Rebecca Rosentrater [F0699]  
     Johann Joseph Fimm [I8089]Family of Johann Joseph Fimm and Therese Rosentreter [F3424]1881 
     Ernst Julius Richard Finck [I2699]Family of Ernst Julius Richard Finck and Karoline Hermine Pauline Auguste Rosentreter [F1002]9 Jun 1872 
     Mark Jeffrey Fine [I5671]Family of Mark Jeffrey Fine and Robin Dale Rosentreter [F2338]  
     Max Ernst Fing [I1227]Family of Max Ernst Fing and Anna (Annie) Rosentreter [F0117]26 Dec 1910 
     Gevert Finken [I2442]Family of Gevert Finken and Anna Gesine Rosentreter [F0825]25 May 1841 
     Maria Elisabeth Firl [I5721]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Maria Elisabeth Firl [F2366]2 May 1785 
     Elsie Irene Fischer [I3907]Family of Floyd Henry Rosentreter Snr and Elsie Irene Fischer [F1597]29 Mar 1948 
     Ilene Alison Fischer [I5665]Family of Samantha Lynn Rosentrater and Ilene Alison Fischer [F2334]  
     John Fischer [I5827]Family of John Fischer and Martha Rosentrater [F2419]27 Oct 1919 
     Karoline Fischer [I7655]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Karoline Fischer [F3234]  
     Maria Elisabeth Fischer [I2128]Family of Matthias Rosentreter and Maria Elisabeth Fischer [F0622]5 Nov 1820 
     Emma Katherine Fisher [I1894]Family of Norton Carl Rosentreter and Emma Katherine Fisher [F0562]10 Aug 1926 
     John Walter Fisher [I4050]Family of John Walter Fisher and Julie Anne Rosentreter [F1666]  
     Julianna Fisher [I4064]Family of Weldon Ray Rosentreter and Julianna Fisher [F1676]  
     Ludwig Fitting [I2477]Family of Ludwig Fitting and Sophie Dorothea Albertine Rosentreter [F0850]21 Jun 1840 
     Edith Estelle Fitzhenry [I3600]Family of Ben Gus Julius Rosentreter Jnr and Edith Estelle Fitzhenry [F1472]25 Jul 1948 
     Anna Sophie Fixen [I5894]Family of Peter Rosentreter and Anna Sophie Fixen [F2458]  
     Walter Andrew Valerius Fleckenstein [I2759]Family of Walter Andrew Valerius Fleckenstein and Maybelle Marie Rosentreter [F1062]  
     Cherylee (Cheryl) Dawn Flickinger [I6405]Family of Donald Raymond Rosentreter Jnr and Cherylee (Cheryl) Dawn Flickinger [F1690]  
     Lilli Flugrad [I5449]Family of Alexander Rosentreter and Lilli Flugrad [F2231]  
     Gertrud Fock [I6439]Family of Helmut Rosentreter and Gertrud Fock [F2692]  
     **Unknown** Foellner [I7805]Family of **Unknown** Foellner and Pauline Marie Auguste Rosentreter [F2677]20 Feb 1873 
     Catharina Folleher [I1660]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Catharina Folleher [F0773]7 Oct 1822 
     Elisabeth Thecla Folleher [I1627]Family of Adam Rosentreter and Elisabeth Thecla Folleher [F0767]1824 
     Diana K Forbes [I4109]Family of James Donald Rosentreter and Diana K Forbes [F1696]  
     Kevin Andrew Ford [I3915]Family of Kevin Andrew Ford and Cindy Lynne Rosentreter [F1600]  
     O Forrest [I2683]Family of O Forrest and Henrietta Rosentreter [F0985]  
     Friederike Försterling [I8112]Family of August Rosentreter and Friederike Försterling [F3434]  
     Doris E Fortik [I1418]Family of Loren Kenneth Rosentreader and Doris E Fortik [F0462]  
     John William Fose [I2627]Family of John William Fose and Flora Rosentreter [F0957]12 Feb 1901 
     **Unknown** Fowler [I4175]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and **Unknown** Fowler [F1724]  
     Elizabeth Fowles [I3444]Family of Otto George Rosentreder and Elizabeth Fowles [F1227]20 Oct 1872 
     Jill Frame [I6120]Family of Rodney James Rosentreter and Jill Frame [F2558]  
     Ottilie Bertha Emma Franchon [I6891]Family of Christoph Wilhelm Heinrich Rosenträger and Ottilie Bertha Emma Franchon [F2884]10 Dec 1871 
     Bernice Elaine Frank [I4077]Family of Howard William Rosentreter and Bernice Elaine Frank [F1685]1950 
     Elise Emilie Auguste Frank [I7643]Family of Paul Friedrich Rosentreter and Elise Emilie Auguste Frank [F3226]25 Apr 1936 
     **Unknown** Franke [I7814]Family of **Unknown** Franke and Emilie Rosentreter [F3305]  
     Alma Alwine Emilie Wilhelmine Franke [I5944]Family of Carl Paul Willy Rosentreter and Alma Alwine Emilie Wilhelmine Franke [F2480]18 Oct 1897 
     Georg Franke [I2630]Family of Georg Franke and Friedericke Rosentreter [F0960]3 Mar 1819 
     Leonie Therese Fränkel [I7644]Family of Isaac Rosentreter and Leonie Therese Fränkel [F3227]17 Jul 1935 
     Sophie Marie Friederike Frantz [I6875]Family of August Wilhelm Otto Carl Rosenträger and Sophie Marie Friederike Frantz [F2877]12 Nov 1875 
     Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Franz [I5354]Family of Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Franz and Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [F2186]22 Apr 1894 
     Ernst Karl Frauendorf [I8121]Family of Ernst Karl Frauendorf and Ida Anna Rosentreter [F3438]17 May 1902 
     Charles W Freites [I2437]Family of Charles W Freites and Anna Christine Rosentreter [F0820]1 Aug 1897 
     Vera French [I3601]Family of David Arthur Rosentreter and Vera French [F1473]  
     Sabina Rae Frey [I1972]Family of David Mark Rosentrater and Sabina Rae Frey [F0582]  
     Hedwig Friedlaender [I7537]Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Hedwig Friedlaender [F3158]16 Dec 1920  24 Jan 1945
     Emilie Wilhelmine Friedrich [I4234]Family of Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr and Emilie Wilhelmine Friedrich [F1744]4 Dec 1877 
     Karl Hermann Otto Friedrich [I7946]Family of Karl Hermann Otto Friedrich and Elfriede Marie Gertrud Rosenträger [F3376]12 Aug 1922 
     Rosina Friedrich [I2124]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Rosina Friedrich [F0621]  
     Anna Friedrichs [I5976]Family of Jacob Rosenträger and Anna Friedrichs [F2495]17 Aug 1634 
     Johanna Elise Friese [I5327]Family of Max Moritz Richard Rosenträger and Johanna Elise Friese [F2172]11 Jul 1900 
     Maria Dorothea Katherine Friese [I7241]Family of Andreas Rosenträger and Maria Dorothea Katherine Friese [F3028]26 Jun 1796 
     Hermann Rudolf Wilhelm Friesicke [I8252]Family of Hermann Rudolf Wilhelm Friesicke and Ida Louise Wilhelmine Rosenträger [F3502]29 Jul 1884 
     Martha Hedwig Frieske [I6724]Family of Paul Karl Albert Rosentreter and Martha Hedwig Frieske [F2811]12 Nov 1923 
     Beata Friske [I3013]Family of Christian Rosentreter and Beata Friske [F1188]1857 
     Franz Friske [I6734]Family of Franz Friske and Gertrude Anna Rosentreter [F2817]22 Oct 1923  16 Jan 1938
     Albert Henry Fritz [I1880]Family of Albert Henry Fritz and Hulda Rosentreter [F1353]  
     Amalie Fritzer [I4295]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Amalie Fritzer [F1758]  
     Lydia Fritzke [I2942]Family of Adolf Rosentreter and Lydia Fritzke [F1166]1922 
     Joseph Georg Froegel [I2613]Family of Joseph Georg Froegel and Elisabeth Agate Rosentreter [F0943]22 Oct 1849 
     Catharina Frögel [I0803]Family of Peter Rosentreter and Catharina Frögel [F0303]  
     Jacob Frögel [I2411]Family of Jacob Frögel and Barbara Rosentreter [F0731]  
     Ernst Karl Erich Fröhlich [I7867]Family of Ernst Karl Erich Fröhlich and Irma Hedwig Erna Rosenträger [F3333]  
     Theodor Alfred Richard Fröhner [I4668]Family of Theodor Alfred Richard Fröhner and Margarethe Ruth Rosentreter [F1909]8 May 1926 
     Mary Marianna Frosyna [I0285]Family of Albert (Adalbert) Augustin Rosentreter and Mary Marianna Frosyna [F0262]23 Nov 1879 
     Hugo Artur Frühbies [I4971]Family of Hugo Artur Frühbies and Minna Mathilde Johanna Rosentreter [F2025]15 Aug 1912 
     Renata Fryca [I1883]Family of Augustyn Bernard Rosentreter and Renata Fryca [F0559]  
     Herta Fuhlbrügge [I5342]Family of Werner Erich Herbert Rosenträger and Herta Fuhlbrügge [F2181]  
     Christiane Funck [I7169]Family of Hans Rosentreter and Christiane Funck [F2995]  
     Katharina Funk [I5493]Family of Franz Otto Willi Rosentreter and Katharina Funk [F2251]27 May 1905 
    G**Unknown** Gäbler [I2688]Family of **Unknown** Gäbler and Irma Rosentreter [F0991]  
     Anna Louise Gabriel [I1493]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Anna Louise Gabriel [F0479]31 Jan 1830 
     Frederick William Gaedt [I2621]Family of Frederick William Gaedt and Emma Elizabeth Rosentreter [F0951]16 Jun 1909 
     Ida Gaedtke [I0019]Family of Charles Norman Rosentreter and Ida Gaedtke [F0109]30 Oct 1937 
     Anna Pauline Ida Gaertke [I7906]Family of Otto Ernst Georg Rosenträger and Anna Pauline Ida Gaertke [F3355]15 May 1926 
     **Unknown** Gaffga [I2815]Family of **Unknown** Gaffga and Augusta Rosentreter [F1106]  
     Dorothy Gagnon [I4724]Family of Emil Rosentreter and Dorothy Gagnon [F1932]  
     Ada M Gail [I1678]Family of Jacob Philip Rosentreter and Ada M Gail [F0777]21 Jun 1924 
     Julianna Gajda [I7425]Family of Alexander Victor Rosentreter and Julianna Gajda [F3102]18 Oct 1892 
     Anton Gall [I2624]Family of Anton Gall and Eva Rosentreter [F0954]  
     Harold Fredrick Gallagher [I3965]Family of Harold Fredrick Gallagher and Bernice Marie Rosentreter [F1625]30 Mar 1935 
     **Unknown** Galligher [I3945]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and **Unknown** Galligher [F1613]  
     Mary E Galligher [I4151]Family of William O Rosentreter and Mary E Galligher [F1716]  
     Jill Susan Gamblin [I5294]Family of David Harold Rosentrater and Jill Susan Gamblin [F2157]  
     Auguste Gardow [I5454]Family of August Rosentreter and Auguste Gardow [F2233]10 Apr 1887 
     Hinrich Garlemann [I2772]Family of Hinrich Garlemann and Rebecca Rosentreter [F1075]  
     Dora Gärtner [I5383]Family of Ernst August Wilhelm Rosenträger and Dora Gärtner [F2200]  
     William Garvey [I2580]Family of William Garvey and Kate Isabelle (Bella) Rosentreter [F0913]30 Apr 1886 
     Hedwig Martha Johanna Gasper [I5510]Family of Otto Max Rosentreter and Hedwig Martha Johanna Gasper [F2257]29 Mar 1923 
     Anna Gatz [I0781]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Gatz [F0299]5 Feb 1906 
     Anna Gatz [I1602]Family of Jakob Albert Rosentreter and Anna Gatz [F0761]20 Jun 1859 
     Anna Gatz [I6638]Family of August Rosentreter and Anna Gatz [F2777]  
     Anna Gatz [I6692]Family of August Rosentreter and Anna Gatz [F2799]  
     Catharina Gatz [I0681]Family of August Rosentreter and Catharina Gatz [F0280]9 Jul 1861 
     Johannes Gatz [I2745]Family of Johannes Gatz and Marianna Rosentreter [F1048]6 Feb 1780 
     Maria Gatz [I1558]Family of Adalbert Rosentreter and Maria Gatz [F0748]1890 
     Martin Gatz [I5105]Family of Martin Gatz and Agnes Rosentreter [F2083]  
     Paul Johannes Gatz [I2676]Family of Paul Johannes Gatz and Gertrud Rosentreter [F0978]  
     Ida G Gaulke [I2171]Family of Emil R Rosentreter and Ida G Gaulke [F1360]  
     **Unknown** Gause [I2928]Family of **Unknown** Gause and Olga Rosentreter [F1159]  
     Renae Gavillet [I7786]Family of Michael Andrew (Andy) Rosentreter Jnr and Renae Gavillet [F3294]  
     August Gehrke [I2575]Family of August Gehrke and Hulda Rosentreter [F0911]2 Jun 1890 
     Auguste Gehrke [I6736]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Auguste Gehrke [F2818]  
     Olga Gellert [I4592]Family of Daniel Henry Rosentreter and Olga Gellert [F1880]9 Sep 1938 
     Anna Rosina Gellhar [I7963]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Gellhar [F3385]  
     Lisa Gemmel [I4759]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Lisa Gemmel [F1941]  
     Lisa M Gemmel [I4058]Family of Michael T Rosentreter and Lisa M Gemmel [F1670]  
     Maria Rosa Generalska [I1794]Family of August Rosentreter and Maria Rosa Generalska [F0804]26 Sep 1893 
     Minnie George [I1466]Family of Gustav Herman Rosentrater and Minnie George [F0474]29 Jul 1900 
     Auguste Gep [I2474]Family of Fredrich Rosentreter and Auguste Gep [F1363]  
     Hermann Ferdinand Gerber [I0081]Family of Hermann Ferdinand Gerber and Wilhelmine Otilie Rosentreter [F0038]14 Nov 1878 
     Dorothea Gercken [I1081]Family of Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter and Dorothea Gercken [F0372]13 Feb 1766 
     Richard Gercken [I6254]Family of Richard Gercken and Bertha Elisabeth (Betty) Rosentrater [F2619]  
     Arnold Gottlob August Gericke [I5851]Family of Arnold Gottlob August Gericke and Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2434]24 Jun 1899 
     Anna Elizabeth Gerk [I2996]Family of Bogumil Rosentreter and Anna Elizabeth Gerk [F1181]1840 
     Rose Dorothy Gerke [I5812]Family of Merton Robert Rosentreter and Rose Dorothy Gerke [F2413]  
     Leo Arthur Gerlach [I2747]Family of Leo Arthur Gerlach and Marie (Mary) Rosentreter [F1050]  
     Emilie Sophie Gerling [I7846]Family of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Emilie Sophie Gerling [F3322]16 Mar 1880 
     Jean Germain [I4588]Family of Carl (Chuck) Rosentreter and Jean Germain [F1878]  
     Michelle Germain [I1853]Family of Timmy Rosentreter and Michelle Germain [F0551]  
     Catharina Gernerth [I2028]Family of Joannes Georgius Rosentreter and Catharina Gernerth [F0595]6 May 1777 
     Adolph Rudolph Oskar Alexander Gerngross [I7950]Family of Adolph Rudolph Oskar Alexander Gerngross and Jenny Clara Helene Rosenträger [F3378]26 Jun 1875 
     Victoria Caroline Gerrard [I0869]Family of Bernard Alfred Rosentreter and Victoria Caroline Gerrard [F1102]  
     Mathilde Friederike Gerth [I7710]Family of Karl August Rosentreter and Mathilde Friederike Gerth [F3266]  
     Bruno Hermann Gerwinski [I7511]Family of Bruno Hermann Gerwinski and Edith Luzia Rosentreter [F3142]24 Oct 1936 
     Walter Paul Hermann Gerwinski [I7624]Family of Walter Paul Hermann Gerwinski and Herta Martha Helene Rosentreter [F3211]5 Apr 1930 
     Hedwig Ida Minna Geschonke [I5370]Family of Emil Rudolph Rosenträger and Hedwig Ida Minna Geschonke [F2193]  
     Augusta L Gesse [I3359]Family of Herman Rosentreter and Augusta L Gesse [F1334]  
     Annie Gibney [I0517]Family of Otto Rosentreter and Annie Gibney [F0172]about 1876 
     Wanda Gieldon [I0630]Family of Ignacy Romuald Rosentreter and Wanda Gieldon [F0196]3 Jun 1924 
     Leon Gierszewska [I2728]Family of Leon Gierszewska and Maria Rosentreter [F1031]  
     Louise Giesel [I5301]Family of August Rosenträger and Louise Giesel [F2162]  
     Michael Giesse [I4964]Family of Michael Giesse and Anna Justine Rosine Rosentreter [F2020]12 Oct 1806 
     Christa Gijswijt [I1532]Family of Hans-Jürgen (Juur) Rosentreter and Christa Gijswijt [F0271]  
     Sammi Gillam [I0698]Family of Jason Leslie Rosentreter and Sammi Gillam [F0283]  
     Retta (Rita) Elda Gillard [I1512]Family of George Raymond Rosentrater and Retta (Rita) Elda Gillard [F0484]  
     Anna Giller [I5844]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Anna Giller [F2431]  
     **Unknown** Gillette [I3538]Family of **Unknown** Gillette and Sharon Denise Rosentreter [F1442]  
     Lisa Jo Gillette [I6108]Family of Larry Eugene Rosentreter and Lisa Jo Gillette [F2550]  
     Alfred Gillieron [I3020]Family of Alfred Gillieron and Nonna Borisovna Rosentreter [F1192]  
     **Unknown** Ginter [I2932]Family of **Unknown** Ginter and Mary Rosentreter [F1161]  
     Friederike Auguste Gladow [I7901]Family of Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Rosenträger and Friederike Auguste Gladow [F3352]  
     Emilie Glaermann [I5042]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Emilie Glaermann [F2054]1870 
     Johann Wilhelm Glaeser [I5330]Family of Johann Wilhelm Glaeser and Anna Marianna Biernacka [F2173]24 Sep 1837 
     Auguste Friedericke Glagow [I7831]Family of Carl Christian Wilhelm Rosenträger and Auguste Friedericke Glagow [F3315]  
     Georg Glambeck [I2397]Family of Georg Glambeck and Sophie Rosentreder [F0716]  
     **Unknown** Glapner [I7603]Family of **Unknown** Glapner and Minna Dorothee Hildegard Elisabeth Rosentreter [F3199]  
     Norman Martin Glawe [I3592]Family of Norman Martin Glawe and Gertrude Ann Rosentreter [F1467]15 Jul 1945 
     Raymond Arnold Glawe [I3839]Family of Raymond Arnold Glawe and Betty Amanda Rosentreter [F1567]  
     Ruth Marie Glawe [I3581]Family of Alvin Louis Rosentreter and Ruth Marie Glawe [F1463]15 Jun 1944 
     Mary Margaret Gleeson [I2453]Family of Douglas Owen Rosentreter and Mary Margaret Gleeson [F0832]1953 
     Elise Anna Maria Glienicke [I7563]Family of Albert August Franz Rosentreter and Elise Anna Maria Glienicke [F3175]30 Aug 1935 
     Anna Susanna Glockziehn [I1225]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Susanna Glockziehn [F0411]  
     Johannes Głowczewski [I3133]Family of Johannes Głowczewski and Juliana Rosentreter [F1231]  
     Emilie Karoline Gluch [I4574]Family of August Rosentreter and Emilie Karoline Gluch [F1116]  
     Samuel Gob [I2558]Family of Samuel Gob and Pauline Rosentreter [F1364]  
     Johann Gödke [I2468]Family of Johann Gödke and Luise Rosentreter [F0845] 
     **Unknown** Goede [I5034]Family of **Unknown** Goede and Louise Rosentreter [F2051]  
     Michael Golca [I4480]Family of Michael Golca and Carolina Rosentreter [F1836]1851 
     Olga Marie Gollnick [I4404]Family of Gottfried (Fred) Rosentrater and Olga Marie Gollnick [F1804]31 Oct 1912 
     Franz Goltz [I4478]Family of Franz Goltz and Marianna Rosentreter [F1835]18 Nov 1844 
     Andreas Goltze [I2729]Family of Andreas Goltze and Maria Rosentreter [F1032]  
     Friedrich Gomsz [I6384]Family of Friedrich Gomsz and Christine Rosentreter [F2666]22 Jan 1804 
     Peggy A Gonzalez [I3851]Family of Larry W Rosentreter and Peggy A Gonzalez [F1571]  
     Christina De las nieves González Fuentes [I0353]Family of Julio Eduardo Rosentreter San Martin and Christina De las nieves González Fuentes [F0133]  
     Anna Goodman [I0661]Family of William Rosentreter and Anna Goodman [F0275]  
     Paul Alexander Goodman [I2680]Family of Paul Alexander Goodman and Helen Loretta Rosentreter [F0982]26 Sep 1929 
     **Unknown** Goodpaster [I3346]Family of **Unknown** Goodpaster and Joyce Marie Rosentreter [F1328]  
     Wilhelmine Gorel [I4249]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Gorel [F1746]15 Sep 1898 
     Ruth Anna Gorsuch [I3213]Family of Carl Lewis Rosentreter Jnr and Ruth Anna Gorsuch [F1267]14 Aug 1930 
     Anna Lucia Gottschalk [I0762]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Anna Lucia Gottschalk [F0295]4 Sep 1808 
     Anne Caroline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [I2189]Family of Friedrich Martin Rosentreter and Anne Caroline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [F0645]1843 
     Bernhard Arnhold Reinhold Gottschalk [I8157]Family of Bernhard Arnhold Reinhold Gottschalk and Margarethe Hedwig Rosentreter [F3455]3 Sep 1925 
     Caroline Gottschalk [I5607]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Caroline Gottschalk [F0644]  
     Martin Gottschalk [I2509]Family of Martin Gottschalk and Anna Sophia Rosentreter [F0867]29 Oct 1778 
     Pauline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [I6493]Family of August Julius Rosentreter and Pauline Wilhelmine Gottschalk [F2716]  
     Reece Goudge [I5604]Family of Reece Goudge and Emma Nicole Rosentreter [F2302]  
     Roberta Mary Gourley [I3862]Family of Herman Edward Rosentreter and Roberta Mary Gourley [F1577]24 Apr 1948 
     Donald Grabel [I2598]Family of Donald Grabel and Dianne Louise Rosentreter [F0929]  
     **Unknown** Graber [I4004]Family of **Unknown** Graber and Lillian Hanna Rosentreter [F1643]  
     Anne Catherine Gräber [I6323]Family of Heinrich Johann Rosentreter and Anne Catherine Gräber [F2650]  
     Marianna Josephina Grabowitz [I0406]Family of Adam Simon Rosentreter and Marianna Josephina Grabowitz [F0143]24 Nov 1777 
     Barbara Maria Graf [I4079]Family of Robert (Bob) Carlton Rosentreter and Barbara Maria Graf [F1686]  
     Emilie Louise Graf [I2572]Family of Gustave Adolf Rosentreter and Emilie Louise Graf [F0909]2 Mar 1889 
     Amanda Grah [I3499]Family of John William Rosentreter and Amanda Grah [F1422]  
     **Unknown** Graham [I6112]Family of **Unknown** Graham and Tammie Rosentreter [F2553]  
     Helen Graham [I1913]Family of Floyd August Rosentreter and Helen Graham [F0567]  
     Jeffrey Scott Graham [I4060]Family of Jeffrey Scott Graham and Tamara Lurene Rosentreter [F1672]  
     Friederike Wilhelmine Karoline Grahl [I7626]Family of Michael Martin Rosentreter and Friederike Wilhelmine Karoline Grahl [F3213]7 Apr 1903 
     Wladislaus Grajkowski [I7534]Family of Wladislaus Grajkowski and Hildegard Luise Rosentreter [F3156]  
     Anna Christina Dorothea Grams [I5688]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Anna Christina Dorothea Grams [F2349]  
     Anna Louisa Auguste Grams [I2353]Family of Julius Rudolph Rosentreter and Anna Louisa Auguste Grams [F0684]28 May 1881 
     Friedrich Karl Heinrich Grams [I6049]Family of Friedrich Karl Heinrich Grams and Emmi Anna Rosentreter [F2521]16 Aug 1923 
     Byron? Granke [I3278]Family of Byron? Granke and Betty Jane Rosentreter [F1296]  
     Jean Annie Grant [I5757]Family of Philip Rosentrater and Jean Annie Grant [F2384]  
     Fritz Vaul Granzien [I2404]Family of Fritz Vaul Granzien and Agnes Louisa Rosentreter [F0724]8 Oct 1924 
     **Unknown** Graskey [I5096]Family of **Unknown** Graskey and Anna Rosentreter [F2079]1867 
     **Unknown** Graver [I3961]Family of **Unknown** Graver and Evelyn Rosentreter [F1621]  
     Clifford Elmer Graves [I2604]Family of Clifford Elmer Graves and Dorothy Lucille Rosentreter [F0935]  
     William E Graves [I2658]Family of William E Graves and Clara Luisa Rosentreter [F0971]31 Dec 1902 
     Maria Anna Grawunder [I5970]Family of Johann Ludwig Rosentreter and Maria Anna Grawunder [F2492]  
     Mary or Ruth Gray [I1832]Family of Kenneth Glen Rosentreter and Mary or Ruth Gray [F0815]  
     Wayne Greene [I4388]Family of Wayne Greene and Mary Rosentreter [F1797]  
     Estella Greenwald [I2862]Family of David Rosentreter and Estella Greenwald [F1128]5 Nov 1890 
     **Unknown** Greer [I4132]Family of **Unknown** Greer and Becky Rosentreter [F1707]  
     Rudolf Johann Gregor [I7840]Family of Rudolf Johann Gregor and Erna Martha Hedwig Rosenträger [F3319]12 Sep 1929 
     **Unknown** Gregorie [I5862]Family of **Unknown** Gregorie and Irene Lucille Rosentreter [F0989]  
     Heinrich Greinke [I0121]Family of Heinrich Greinke and Marie Rosentreter [F0013]  
     Irene Greinke [I0098]Family of William Herbert Rosentreter and Irene Greinke [F0090]18 Jun 1943 
     Sophie Grell [I8042]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Sophie Grell [F3409]  
     Anna M Greves [I3450]Family of Carl Edward Rosentreter and Anna M Greves [F1403]  
     Joseph H Griffee [I3986]Family of Joseph H Griffee and Paula Emilie Rosentreter [F1634]  
     Ilene Griffin [I4545]Family of Fred August Rosentreter and Ilene Griffin [F1860]  
     **Unknown** Grigg [I2389]Family of **Unknown** Grigg and Sandra Lee Rosentrater [F0708]  
     Wera Marie Bertha Grillenberg [I8154]Family of Alfred Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter and Wera Marie Bertha Grillenberg [F3453]30 Apr 1923 
     Karoline Wilhelmine Grimm [I6822]Family of Ludwig Rosenträger and Karoline Wilhelmine Grimm [F2849]  
     Anna Maria Grobecker [I7255]Family of Anna Maria Grobecker [F3034]  
      Family of Johann George Rosenträger and Anna Maria Grobecker [F3035]  
     William Robert Groschan [I3422]Family of William Robert Groschan and Marie Henrietta Rosentreter [F1389]12 Sep 1957 
     Joseph Alvin Gross Snr [I2674]Family of Joseph Alvin Gross Snr and Janet Lynne Rosentreter [F0976]  
     Friedrich Wilhelm Grothe [I2946]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Grothe and Regina Dorothea Rosentreter [F1168]  
     Stephen Grubb [I6251]Family of Stephen Grubb and Dianne Rosentrater [F2616]  
     Eva Gruening [I4349]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Eva Gruening [F1778]14 Jul 1877 
     Werner Rudolf Grundner [I7390]Family of Werner Rudolf Grundner and Luise Friederike Ida Rosentreter [F3088]24 Sep 1932 
     Ottilie Bertha Grünig [I7551]Family of Ernst Ludwig Rosentreter and Ottilie Bertha Grünig [F3168]5 Dec 1911 
     Johann Grüning [I5691]Family of Johann Grüning and Anna Rosina Rosentreter [F2350]22 Jan 1818 
     Wilhelmine Grüning [I6484]Family of Jacob Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Grüning [F2711]  
     Karl Friedrich Robert Grunow [I7542]Family of Karl Friedrich Robert Grunow and Anna Luise Rosentreter [F3162]10 Mar 1917 
     Martha Marie Emilie Grunow [I7581]Family of Otto Ludwig Ernst Rosentreter and Martha Marie Emilie Grunow [F3186]9 Jun 1928 
     Marie Dorothea Louise Grünthal [I2178]Family of Johann Michael Christian Rosenträger and Marie Dorothea Louise Grünthal [F0639]20 Apr 1835 
     Anne Marie Dorothee Grünwald [I2166]Family of Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Anne Marie Dorothee Grünwald [F0635]1831 
     Karl Heinrich Hans Grussdorf [I8267]Family of Karl Heinrich Hans Grussdorf and Auguste Marie Dorothee Rosenträger [F3508]10 Oct 1877 
     Ella Anna Grützke [I7557]Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Ella Anna Grützke [F3171]30 Jan 1926 
     Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Grützmacher [I8193]Family of Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Grützmacher and Caroline Wilhelmine Rosenträger [F3474]18 Nov 1899 
     Eowen Shel Gubler [I5861]Family of Eric Donald Rosentrater and Eowen Shel Gubler [F2440]  
     Johann Friedrich Gums [I4852]Family of Johann Friedrich Gums and Anna Christina Rosentreter [F1968]  
     Anna Elizabeth Günther [I2919]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Anna Elizabeth Günther [F1155]  
     Wilhelmine Günther [I7244]Family of Wilhelm Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Günther [F3029]  
     Garret Gurney [I6450]Family of Garret Gurney and Jennifer Rosentrater [F2697]  
     Pawel Gurschinski [I2435]Family of Pawel Gurschinski and Anna Catharina Rosentreter [F0781]5 Feb 1929 
     Anna Rosina Gurten [I5181]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Gurten [F2109]  
     Wilhelmine Gust [I4410]Family of August Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Gust [F1807]Jun 1884 
     Augusta Gustafson [I3532]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Augusta Gustafson [F1438]  
     Maria-Khudes Gutman [I4529]Family of Tankhen Rosentreter and Maria-Khudes Gutman [F1856]  
     Donald O Guy [I2685]Family of Donald O Guy and Hildagarde Rosentrater [F0987]  
    HWanda Haake [I8027]Family of Albert Carl Wilhelm Rosenträger and Wanda Haake [F3404]  
     Philippine Haas [I6912]Family of Artur Rosentreter and Philippine Haas [F2891]  
     Adolf Wilhelm Hermann Haase [I8144]Family of Adolf Wilhelm Hermann Haase and Herta Elise Rosentreter [F3447]23 Mar 1928 
     Henriette Dorothea Haase [I0050]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Henriette Dorothea Haase [F0228]  
     Joachim Haase [I2773]Family of Joachim Haase and Regina Rosentreter [F1076]  
     Susan Haase Gusewelle [I6127]Family of Jerry Rosentreter and Susan Haase Gusewelle [F2560]  
     Grete Heidewig Haasemann [I1173]Family of Lüder Rosentreter and Grete Heidewig Haasemann [F0395]1 Jul 1851 
     Robert Hack [I5873]Family of Robert Hack and Jill Katherine Rosentreter [F2449]  
     Minna Hackbarth [I6590]Family of Eduard Rosentreter and Minna Hackbarth [F2762]  
     Wilhelmine Hackbeil [I6838]Family of Max Paul Wilhelm Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Hackbeil [F2856]23 Oct 1902 
     Stanley A Hacke [I2405]Family of Stanley A Hacke and Agnes Rose Rosentreter [F0725]  
     Pauline Hacker [I3181]Family of William John Rosentreter and Pauline Hacker [F1251]10 Oct 1895 
     Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Haesler [I5047]Family of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Haesler and Henriette Rosentreter [F2057]10 Dec 1871 
     Anna Catharina Hæusler [I4887]Family of Johann Michael Rosentreter and Anna Catharina Hæusler [F1988]5 Feb 1804 
     Otto Henry Hafer [I3190]Family of Otto Henry Hafer and Matilda Rosentreter [F1254]  
     Alison Shae Haffner [I5746]Family of Mark Richard Rosentreter and Alison Shae Haffner [F2377]  
     Wilhelmine Hagel [I2329]Family of Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Hagel [F0677]  
     Helen Hageman [I6193]Family of Donald (Don) Rosentreter and Helen Hageman [F2587]  
     Jenny Else Herta Hagen [I5376]Family of Ludwig Wilhelm Rosenträger and Jenny Else Herta Hagen [F2196]  
     Cäcilie Emilie Amalie Wilhelmine Antonie Adelheid von Hagen [I7123]Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Cäcilie Emilie Amalie Wilhelmine Antonie Adelheid von Hagen [F2969]  
     Ragnhild Hulda Alvilda Viktoria Hagensen [I1344]Family of Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter and Ragnhild Hulda Alvilda Viktoria Hagensen [F0438]16 Sep 1939 
     Alvina Hahn [I0022]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Alvina Hahn [F0225]  
     Pauline Marie Hahn [I5479]Family of Hermann Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosentreter and Pauline Marie Hahn [F2244]21 Apr 1877 
     Eva Catharina Haket [I0595]Family of Franz Simon Rosentreter and Eva Catharina Haket [F0187]21 May 1832 
     Karl Otto von Halen [I5400]Family of Karl Otto von Halen and Frieda Martha Luise Rosenträger [F2207]7 Jun 1933 
     Gary Lynn Halstead [I2390]Family of Gary Lynn Halstead and Merri Jo Rosentrater [F0709]  
     Theodor Hamann [I2706]Family of Theodor Hamann and Leokadie Rosentreter [F1009]15 Oct 1913 
     Anna Rosina Hamel [I6952]Family of Johann Samuel Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Hamel [F2907]1828 
     John Henry Hammann [I3079]Family of John Henry Hammann and Emma M Rosentreter [F1208]12 Sep 1906 
     Everett Calvin Hammons [I2788]Family of Everett Calvin Hammons and Thelma Elaine Rosentreter [F1091]  
     Anne Hamscher [I3224]Family of Russell L Rosentreter and Anne Hamscher [F1272]1946 
     Wilhelmine Hand [I6683]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Hand [F2794]  
     Ernstine Handel [I5031]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Ernstine Handel [F2050]  
     Laurie Handel [I2787]Family of Laurie Handel and Susan Anne Rosentreter [F1090]  
     Else Hanke [I4761]Family of Rudolph Oscar Rosentreter and Else Hanke [F1942]  
     John L Hanley [I2903]Family of John L Hanley and Anna Bertha Rosentreter [F1146]19 Sep 1901 
     Luise Mathilde Gerda Hann [I1012]Family of Hieronymus Paul Rosentreter and Luise Mathilde Gerda Hann [F0355]14 Sep 1929 
     Johanna D Hannamon [I3045]Family of Johann August Rosentreter and Johanna D Hannamon [F1199]10 Feb 1876 
     Gustav August Friedrich Hannemann [I7802]Family of Gustav August Friedrich Hannemann and Franziska Mathilde Rosentreter [F3061]16 Jul 1911 
     John Norris Hanning [I2722]Family of John Norris Hanning and Mabel Julia Rosentreter [F1025]19 Apr 1922 
     Johanna Hansdatter [I8125]Family of Paul Rosentreter and Johanna Hansdatter [F3440]  
     Christopher Hansen [I8128]Family of Christopher Hansen and Else Rosentreter [F3442]24 Oct 1812 
     Ida May Hansen [I1819]Family of John Paul Rosentreter and Ida May Hansen [F0812]before 1930 
     Kerstine Hansen? [I8138]Family of Michael Friderich Rosentreter and Kerstine Hansen? [F3445]  
     Christian Gotleib Harbich [I3334]Family of Christian Gotleib Harbich and Sarah Antonia Rosentreter [F1322]30 Jun 1897 
     Ernestine Hardel [I6648]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Ernestine Hardel [F2783]  
     Gertrud Emma Hardtke [I7704]Family of Johann Alfred Erich Rosentreter and Gertrud Emma Hardtke [F3262]6 Sep 1930 
     Alan Hardy [I5760]Family of Alan Hardy and Mila Jean Rosentrater [F2385]  
     Hermann Harenburg [I5139]Family of Hermann Harenburg and Catharina Friederike Rosentreter [F2096]11 Jan 1838 
     Barbara Milburne Harington [I3967]Family of Frederick Myles Rosentreter and Barbara Milburne Harington [F1626]11 Jun 1950 
     Gottlieb Harmel [I5175]Family of Gottlieb Harmel and Anna Christina Rosentreter [F2107]  
     Charles Harrington [I2679]Family of Charles Harrington and Hattie Rosentreter [F0981]29 Apr 1922 
     Kyle Catherine Harrington [I8101]Family of Jason Matthew Rosentreter and Kyle Catherine Harrington [F3429]  
     **Unknown** Harris [I6939]Family of **Unknown** Harris and Erica Rosentrater [F2900]  
     Frank S Harris [I1480]Family of Frank S Harris and Margaret E Rosentreter [F1346]24 Oct 1941 
     Saurie James Harris [I2689]Family of Saurie James Harris and Janette Phyllis Rosentreter [F0992]  
     Donald Leslie Harsh [I3124]Family of Donald Leslie Harsh and Geraldine Lucille Rosentreter [F1224]16 Aug 1947 
     June Irene Harsh [I5616]Family of Harold (Hudda) Elgart Rosentrater Snr and June Irene Harsh [F2307]  
     Leroy Warren Harthan [I5835]Family of Leroy Warren Harthan and Alma Mae Rosentreter [F2426]  
     Charlotte Helene Auguste Louise Hartmann [I6814]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger and Charlotte Helene Auguste Louise Hartmann [F2846]8 Dec 1879 
     Heinz Arthur Eduard Hartmann [I5512]Family of Heinz Arthur Eduard Hartmann and Charlotte Johanna Rosentreter [F2258]  
     Henriette Charlotte Marianne Hartmann [I7784]Family of Wilhelm Adolf Fedor Rosentreter and Henriette Charlotte Marianne Hartmann [F3293]28 Jun 1916 
     Johann Friedrich Hartmann [I2510]Family of Johann Friedrich Hartmann and Anna Sophie Rosentreter [F0868]  
     Margarete Hartstein [I5590]Family of Isaac Rosentreter and Margarete Hartstein [F2297]3 Jun 1926 
     Ethelyn Marie Hartwig [I0547]Family of Hilmar W Rosentreter and Ethelyn Marie Hartwig [F0180]20 Nov 1933 
     Julius Hartwig [I4350]Family of Julius Hartwig and Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F1779]2 Sep 1873 
     Aloysius Johann Martin Harwardt [I2403]Family of Aloysius Johann Martin Harwardt and Agnes Cäcilie Rosentreter [F0723]6 Dec 1914 
     Ida Doris Luise Häser [I7714]Family of Karl Friedrich Rosentreter and Ida Doris Luise Häser [F3268]  
     Bertha Friederike Hasse [I6690]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Bertha Friederike Hasse [F2798]  
     Alice Hassel [I3956]Family of Paul Karl Rosentreter Jnr and Alice Hassel [F1618]1 Apr 1939 
     Julius Clarence Hastings [I4856]Family of Julius Clarence Hastings and Nina May Rosentreader [F1972]  
     Paulina E Haufe [I2660]Family of Johann (John) C Rosentreter and Paulina E Haufe [F0972]31 Aug 1875 
     Patrick Haugen [I6260]Family of Patrick Haugen and Debra June Rosentrater [F2622]  
     Amalie Juliane Haupt [I6135]Family of Carl Philipp Rosentreter and Amalie Juliane Haupt [F2563]  
     Johann Casper Hausse [I5697]Family of Johann Casper Hausse and Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2354]20 Nov 1785 
     August Karl Havemann [I8150]Family of August Karl Havemann and Auguste Minna Rosentreter [F3451]24 Apr 1905 
     Volena Frances Hawk [I1740]Family of John Frank Rosentreter and Volena Frances Hawk [F0793]25 Apr 1908 
     Audrey May Hawkin [I0137]Family of Arthur Henry Rosentreter and Audrey May Hawkin [F0017]  
     Elizabeth A Haynes [I3697]Family of William Percival Rosentreder and Elizabeth A Haynes [F1508]18 May 1907 
     Curtis Alan Headrick [I8305]Family of Curtis Alan Headrick and Maggie Jayne Rosentreter [F3522]  
     Rita Heath [I1426]Family of Jerry Rosentreader and Rita Heath [F0465]  
     Herta Hedwig Hebbe [I6712]Family of Gustav Otto Rosentreter and Herta Hedwig Hebbe [F2804]16 Jan 1933 
     William Hedrich [I2743]Family of William Hedrich and Maria Theresa Rosentreter [F1046]5 Aug 1914 
     Carl Franz Heese [I6772]Family of Carl Franz Heese and Hulda Mathilde Emilie Rosentreter [F2834]7 Aug 1880 
     Franz Heese [I5888]Family of Franz Heese and Mathilda Rosentreter [F2456]  
     Mathilda Heese [I6597]Family of August Rosentreter and Mathilda Heese [F2766]  
     Anna Adelheit Heesemann [I1188]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Anna Adelheit Heesemann [F0399]6 Nov 1783 
     Georg Heesemann [I3799]Family of Georg Heesemann and Meta Rosentreter [F1550]  
     Lüder Heesemann [I2398]Family of Lüder Heesemann and Adelheit Rosentreder [F0717]  
     Gustav Wilhelm Albert Heidepriem [I8171]Family of Gustav Wilhelm Albert Heidepriem and Minna Rosentreter [F3463]8 Jul 1881 
     Wilhelmine Heideprien [I5435]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Heideprien [F2223]  
     Franz-Peter Heider [I5489]Family of Franz-Peter Heider and Monika Edith Rosentreter [F2248]  
     Ursula Heider [I1364]Family of Karl-Joachim Wilhelm Rosentreter and Ursula Heider [F0446]  
     Steven Heimbrook [I5537]Family of Steven Heimbrook and Debra Kay Rosentrater [F2271]  
     Albert Paul Richard Hein [I7685]Family of Albert Paul Richard Hein and Florentine Auguste Ottilie Rosentreter [F3251]14 Oct 1893 
     Raymond John Hein [I3591]Family of Raymond John Hein and Melinda Gertrude Rosentreter [F1466]  
     Heinrich Robert Heinemann [I4353]Family of Heinrich Robert Heinemann and Albertine Rosentreter [F1780]1878 
     Elwood Raymond Heiner [I3222]Family of Elwood Raymond Heiner and Elecia Jeanne Rosentreter [F1271]Sep 1950 
     Jacob Heinkel [I4002]Family of Jacob Heinkel and Helen Rosentreter [F1642]  
     Emma Amalie Heinrich [I7495]Family of Gustav Wilhelm Rosentreter and Emma Amalie Heinrich [F3134]23 Dec 1910 
     Pauline Heinrich [I0958]Family of Edward (Eduard) Rosentreter and Pauline Heinrich [F0341]Jan 1900 
     **Unknown** Heinze [I5217]Family of **Unknown** Heinze and Emilie Rosentreter [F2122]  
     Anna Frieda Heise [I3317]Family of Karl Rosentreter and Anna Frieda Heise [F1315]6 Aug 1905 
     Carl Friedrich Christian Heise [I5684]Family of Carl Friedrich Christian Heise and Emma Anna Maria Rosentreter [F2347]10 Oct 1896 
     Wilhelmine Heise [I8207]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Heise [F3481]9 Feb 1868 
     Anna Maria Hellwig [I1666]Family of Peter Paul Rosentreter and Anna Maria Hellwig [F0774]1856 
     Auguste Wilhelmine Friederike Hellwig [I8213]Family of Paul Rosenträger and Auguste Wilhelmine Friederike Hellwig [F3484]20 Apr 1907 
     Malwine Helmerich [I1359]Family of Karl Hermann Rosentreter and Malwine Helmerich [F0443]  
     Elisabeth Helwig [I7625]Family of Jakob Albert Rosentreter and Elisabeth Helwig [F3212]  
     Amalia Hempel [I4630]Family of Friedrich Rosentreter and Amalia Hempel [F1897]  
     Wallÿ Emma Flora Henckel [I7907]Family of Oskar Franz Rosenträger and Wallÿ Emma Flora Henckel [F3356]4 Apr 1929 
     **Unknown** Henke [I6523]Family of **Unknown** Henke and Henriette Rosentreter [F2731]  
     Bertha Henke [I5773]Family of Johann August Rosentreter and Bertha Henke [F2393]13 Jan 1881 
     Wilhelmina Henke [I4829]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Wilhelmina Henke [F1960]  
     Rosine Henkel [I5210]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Rosine Henkel [F2118]  
     August Bartholomäus Hennig [I2778]Family of August Bartholomäus Hennig and Rosa Rosentreter [F1081]3 Feb 1875 
     Minna Hennig [I7880]Family of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Minna Hennig [F3340]8 Oct 1910 
     Eugenie Caroline Henry [I2134]Family of Rudolph Rosentreter and Eugenie Caroline Henry [F0624]20 Oct 1809 
     Gwendolyn Marie Henry [I3237]Family of Gary Lee Rosentrater and Gwendolyn Marie Henry [F1279]Jun 1964  
     William (Bill) Henschel [I7793]Family of William (Bill) Henschel and Annie Rosentreter [F3298]23 Dec 1941 
     August Herburger [I3234]Family of August Herburger and Martha Ernstine Rosentreter [F1277]before 1893 
     Lina Hercher [I7499]Family of Friedrich Karl Rosentreter and Lina Hercher [F3136]  
     Anna Charlotte Margarete Hermann [I7549]Family of Gustav Albert Rosentreter and Anna Charlotte Margarete Hermann [F3167]20 Dec 1919 
     Christian Friedrich Hermann [I2538]Family of Christian Friedrich Hermann and Caroline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F0889]14 Jan 1849 
     Louise Hermann [I6599]Family of August Rosentreter and Louise Hermann [F2767]16 Jun 1872 
     Luise Hermann [I5960]Family of Gottfried Rosentreter and Luise Hermann [F2485]  
     Lyndal Herschelman [I5065]Family of Lyndal Herschelman and Mary Rosentreter [F2066]  
     Leonard J J Hersey [I3604]Family of Leonard J J Hersey and Victoria C Rosentreter [F1475]  
     Amalie Friederike Wilhelmine (Minna) Hertel [I7216]Family of Friedrich Christian Joachim Rosenträger and Amalie Friederike Wilhelmine (Minna) Hertel [F3014]20 Oct 1875 
     Eduard August Gustav Hertling [I7507]Family of Eduard August Gustav Hertling and Auguste Karoline Rosentreter [F3140]2 Nov 1922 
     Otto H Rudolph Herzog [I0491]Family of Otto H Rudolph Herzog and Elenora (Nora) Rosentreter [F0998]  
     Auguste Bertha Ida Hesse [I7398]Family of Ernst Friedrich Paul Rosentreter and Auguste Bertha Ida Hesse [F3091]19 Apr 1883 
      Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Auguste Bertha Ida Hesse [F3233]14 Oct 1891  21 Nov 1910
     Tony Hesseldenz [I5841]Family of Tony Hesseldenz and Amy Lynn Rosentreter [F2430]  
     Anna Frida Charlotte Heuck [I7333]Family of Willi Otto Ernst Rosentreter and Anna Frida Charlotte Heuck [F3065]4 Jul 1936 
     Anna Auguste Heuer [I6836]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger and Anna Auguste Heuer [F2855]30 Jun 1869 
     Ferdinand Wilhelm von Heuss [I7162]Family of Ferdinand Wilhelm von Heuss and Hedwig Pauline Rosentreter [F2991]22 Apr 1874 
     Luise Heymann [I6053]Family of August Rosentreter and Luise Heymann [F2523]  
     John Hickey [I8001]Family of John Hickey and Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [F3394]  
     Martha Hickisch [I4802]Family of Reinhold Hermann Eduardovich Rosentreter and Martha Hickisch [F1952]6 Aug 1889 
     Sandra Hicks [I6156]Family of David (Dave) Rosentreter and Sandra Hicks [F2570]  
     Alfred Hiebert [I5125]Family of Alfred Hiebert and Annette Bernice Rosentreter [F2090]  
     Friedrich August Hiesener [I6988]Family of Friedrich August Hiesener and Susannah Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2919]6 May 1817 
     William Elvin Higgins [I5618]Family of William Elvin Higgins and Julia (Weyona) Hedwig Rosentrater [F2308]5 May 1934  1 Jul 1938
     Karoline Hilderbrand [I0198]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Karoline Hilderbrand [F0248]  
     Susanna Hilderbrandt [I6006]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Susanna Hilderbrandt [F2506]  
     Charles Clayton Hildreth [I3995]Family of Charles Clayton Hildreth and Helen May Rosentreter [F1638]16 May 1947 
     Anna Susanna Hillbrandt [I5799]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Susanna Hillbrandt [F2406]11 Nov 1814 
     Friederike Wilhelmine Hille [I6151]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosentreter and Friederike Wilhelmine Hille [F2568]1 Dec 1842 
     Fritz Erwin August Hiller [I6722]Family of Fritz Erwin August Hiller and Else Hildegard Rosentreter [F2810]23 Sep 1935 
     Pauline Hiller [I5195]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Pauline Hiller [F2112]  
     Ida Emma Hillmann [I7758]Family of Artur Hugo Rosentreter and Ida Emma Hillmann [F3283]  
     Simon Hinke [I5969]Family of Simon Hinke and Lucke Margreth Rosentreter [F2491]11 Jun 1819 
     Ida Helene Ludonica Hintze [I6715]Family of Ernst Emil Rosentreter and Ida Helene Ludonica Hintze [F2806]19 Dec 1901 
     Adolf Ernst Friedrich Hirche [I6147]Family of Adolf Ernst Friedrich Hirche and Auguste Margarete Rosentreter [F2567]9 Dec 1918 
     Michael George Hirsch [I3239]Family of Michael George Hirsch and Elsie A G Rosentreter [F1372]30 Jun 1926 
     Rosalie Hirt [I4832]Family of Gottfried Rosentreter and Rosalie Hirt [F1961]  
     Josef Hloch [I7635]Family of Josef Hloch and Klara Ida Rosentreter [F3220]7 Sep 1917 
     Carol Ann Hobbs [I0745]Family of Rodney (Rod) Claude Rosentreter and Carol Ann Hobbs [F0291]  
     **Unknown** Hodge [I4179]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and **Unknown** Hodge [F1725]  
     Benjamin F Hodges [I2383]Family of Benjamin F Hodges and Hazel Mae Rosentrater [F0702]  
     Helga Fredricka Hoel [I3243]Family of Bruno Oscar Rosentreter and Helga Fredricka Hoel [F1282]  
     John Hoelting [I2748]Family of John Hoelting and Marie Harriet Rosentreter [F1051]8 Jun 1926 
     Anna Krystyna Hoffman [I2968]Family of Michał (Michael) Rosentreter and Anna Krystyna Hoffman [F1174]  
     Friedrich Hoffman [I4448]Family of Friedrich Hoffman and Eva Rosentreter [F1821]Jun 1892 
     Harold Herman Hoffman [I3593]Family of Harold Herman Hoffman and Violet Evelyn Rosentreter [F1468]  
     Harold Herman Hoffman [I5826]Family of Harold Herman Hoffman and Violet Evelyn Rosentreter [F2418]21 Jun 1953 
     Terry Lee Hoffman [I4048]Family of Terry Lee Hoffman and Lori Lee Rosentreter [F1664]  
     Maria Elizabeth Hoffmann [I4511]Family of Carl August Rosentreter and Maria Elizabeth Hoffmann [F1846]20 Mar 1840 
     Therese Hermine Marie Hoffmann [I2326]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Therese Hermine Marie Hoffmann [F0676]  
     Anna Catharina Hofman [I5188]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Catharina Hofman [F2110]  
     Linda L Hogsett [I1978]Family of Paul Daniel (Dan) Rosentrater and Linda L Hogsett [F0586]  
     Julius Eduard Theodor Hohensee [I5248]Family of Julius Eduard Theodor Hohensee and Juliane Auguste Rosentreter [F2139]8 Jun 1897 
     Emil Hohn [I5214]Family of Emil Hohn and Constantia Alexandra Rosentreter [F2120]4 Oct 1881 
     Martha Bertha Elisabeth Höhnert [I7888]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Martha Bertha Elisabeth Höhnert [F3345]29 Mar 1904 
     Robert (Bob) Holigroski [I4520]Family of Robert (Bob) Holigroski and Cynthia Rosentreter [F1851]  
     Christoph Von Hollen [I6176]Family of Christoph Von Hollen and Anne Alheit Rosentreter [F2582]16 Jan 1794 
     Elisabeth Hollender [I7571]Family of Johann Bruno Rosentreter and Elisabeth Hollender [F3180]31 May 1919 
     Eliza Holloway [I0562]Family of John Alfred Rosentreter and Eliza Holloway [F0183]1883 
     Andreas Hollstein [I7069]Family of Andreas Hollstein and Anna Barbara Rosentreter [F2952]2 Feb 1687 
     Jim Holm [I2374]Family of Jim Holm and Margie Rosentrater [F0693]  
     Henriette Honneck [I6685]Family of Reinard Rosentreter and Henriette Honneck [F2795]  
     Dorothy A Hoover [I3864]Family of Richard (Dick) Burto Rosentreter and Dorothy A Hoover [F1578]  
     Edith Ann Hoover [I1920]Family of Douglas Richard Rosentreter and Edith Ann Hoover [F0570]  
     Terry H Hoover [I4032]Family of Terry H Hoover and Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [F1656]  
     Anna Hoppe [I1580]Family of Mathias Rosentreter and Anna Hoppe [F0755]1836 
     Elisabeth Hoppe [I1736]Family of Andreas Franz Rosentreter and Elisabeth Hoppe [F0791]1859 
     Wilhelm Henry Horlacher [I3120]Family of Wilhelm Henry Horlacher and Ella Alvina Rosentreter [F1221]23 Nov 1910 
     Minna Auguste Karoline Hörmann [I7940]Family of Erdmann Friedrich Carl Rosenträger and Minna Auguste Karoline Hörmann [F3373]17 Apr 1897 
     Tracy Lynn Horne [I8017]Family of Tracy Lynn Horne [F3402]  
     Anna Carolina Hornin [I5169]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Carolina Hornin [F2104]  
     Clyde Robert Horrex [I6570]Family of Clyde Robert Horrex and Pamela Joan Rosentreter [F2753]  
     Martha Emma Hörster [I7646]Family of Herbert Alfred Ernst Rosentreter and Martha Emma Hörster [F3228]  
     Kara Lee Hostetler [I8215]Family of Mark Richard Rosentreter and Kara Lee Hostetler [F3485]  
     Charles Lincoln Hostler [I3432]Family of Charles Lincoln Hostler and Lorraine E Rosentreter [F1395]5 Mar 1955 
     Douglas Gerard Houf [I2713]Family of Douglas Gerard Houf and Lorie Denice Rosentreter [F1016]  
     Joseph Houghton [I2765]Family of Joseph Houghton and Minnie A Rosentreter [F1068]  
     **Unknown** Householder [I7029]Family of **Unknown** Householder and Linda Rosentrater [F2942]  
     Kurt Erwin Howaldt [I2593]Family of Kurt Erwin Howaldt and Cecilie Elisabeth Sophie Dorothea Rosentreter [F0924]12 Dec 1905 
     Frances Annette Howard [I0640]Family of Clarence Paul Rosentreter and Frances Annette Howard [F0197]18 Nov 1940 
     Brittany Hoy [I8302]Family of Clint Rosentrater and Brittany Hoy [F3521]  
     Edith Camilla Harriet Høyer [I1351]Family of Vilhelm Jens Emil Rosentrætter and Edith Camilla Harriet Høyer [F0441]6 May 1916 
     Wilhelmine Hübner [I5446]Family of August Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Hübner [F2229]15 Nov 1878 
     Florentine Hückel [I6687]Family of August Rosentreter and Florentine Hückel [F2796]  
     Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Huckewitz [I5715]Family of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Huckewitz and Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [F2363] 5 Oct 184310 Nov 1847 
     William H Huddleston [I3398]Family of William H Huddleston and Hilda Mildred Bertha Rosentreter [F1378]23 Jun 1956 
     Johann Huebner [I2719]Family of Johann Huebner and Lydia Rosentreter [F1022]  
     Julius Huebner [I2560]Family of Julius Huebner and Emma Rosentreter [F0903]16 Mar 1889 
     Friedrich Samuel Huf [I5222]Family of Friedrich Samuel Huf and Anna Carolina Rosentreter [F2125]17 Apr 1888  12 Jul 1897
     Oskar Wilhelm Friedrich Hükel [I7875]Family of Oskar Wilhelm Friedrich Hükel and Anna Ida Hedwig Rosenträger [F3337]21 Oct 1905 
     Gustav Humpert [I5239]Family of Gustav Humpert and Julie Auguste Rosentreter [F2132]3 Feb 1882 
     Derich Hunckes [I6874]Family of Derich Hunckes and Agnes Rosentret [F2876]13 Sep 1665 
     Hedwig (Hattie) Hunsicker [I0537]Family of Carl Julias Rosentreter and Hedwig (Hattie) Hunsicker [F0178]21 Sep 1907 
     Amanda Sue Hunt [I5672]Family of Kory James Rosentrater and Amanda Sue Hunt [F2339]  
     Claude Orville Hunter [I3338]Family of Claude Orville Hunter and Alma Rosentreter [F1324]12 Aug 1900 
     Edward Elmer Hunter [I4870]Family of Edward Elmer Hunter and Linda Lee Rosentreter [F1979]  
     Kim Lenard Hurst [I3555]Family of Kim Lenard Hurst and Lynn Rosentrater [F1452]  
     John Henry Husemeyer [I2921]Family of John Henry Husemeyer and Anna Maria Rosentreter [F1157]  
     Johann Carl Christopher Huster [I2762]Family of Johann Carl Christopher Huster and Meta Rosentreter [F1065]17 May 1857 
     Friedrich Ferdinand Hermann Huth [I8230]Family of Friedrich Ferdinand Hermann Huth and Martha Helene Emmi Rosenträger [F3491]8 Feb 1906 
     Hermann Huth [I6313]Family of Hermann Huth and Justine Caroline Emilie Rosentreter [F2645]  
     Johann George Hutze [I6458]Family of Johann George Hutze and Anna Louisa Rosentreter [F2701]22 Jun 1759 
    IAugust Ikert [I4438]Family of August Ikert and Julianne Rosentreter [F1815]Oct 1919 
     Mary Lee Inks [I0088]Family of Oscar Lewis Rosentreter and Mary Lee Inks [F0232]14 Feb 1940 
     Bertha Henriette Wilhelmine Isberner [I7515]Family of Albert Rudolf Rosentreter and Bertha Henriette Wilhelmine Isberner [F3144]2 May 1906 
     Margaret M Isenberger [I0521]Family of Peter W Rosentreter and Margaret M Isenberger [F0173]about 1914 
     Josephine Iske [I3478]Family of Karl Ferdinand Rosenträger and Josephine Iske [F1414]29 Nov 1873 
     Jerry Iverson [I5679]Family of Jerry Iverson and Mary (Maxine) Rosentreter [F2343]  
     Kathryn Iwasyshyn [I6142]Family of David George Rosentrater and Kathryn Iwasyshyn [F2566]  
    JKerstin Jablonski [I1368]Family of André Rosentreter and Kerstin Jablonski [F0447]  
     Wlodzimierz (Vladimir?) Jablonski [I4789]Family of Wlodzimierz (Vladimir?) Jablonski and Alexandra Rosentreter [F1949]  
     Martha Alma Frieda Jacob [I7873]Family of Arthur Paul Hermann Rosenträger and Martha Alma Frieda Jacob [F3336]  
     Claire Jacobson [I3954]Family of Leonard Rosentreter and Claire Jacobson [F1617]  
     Roschel Jacubovski [I3896]Family of Josef Rosentreter and Roschel Jacubovski [F1592]
     Marcell Jaczyk [I2517]Family of Marcell Jaczyk and Auguste Catharina Rosentreter [F0875]1880 
     Caroline Jaeger [I5589]Family of August Rosentrater and Caroline Jaeger [F2296]  
     Lucy Powers Jaeger [I2920]Family of Rudolph Bruno Rosentreter and Lucy Powers Jaeger [F1156]17 Jun 1910 
     Pauline Jaeger [I4268]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Pauline Jaeger [F1750]  
     Gustav Otto Jaensch [I2425]Family of Gustav Otto Jaensch and Amanda Auguste Wanda Rosentreter [F0736]12 Nov 1891 
     Emma Friederike Charlotte Jage [I7307]Family of Karl Johannes Rosentreter and Emma Friederike Charlotte Jage [F3054]24 Apr 1901 
     Anna Maria Luise Jäger [I4985]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Anna Maria Luise Jäger [F2034]22 Sep 1899 
     Emilie Bertha Jäger [I4714]Family of Carl Ludwig Rosentreter and Emilie Bertha Jäger [F1928]18 May 1907 
     Martha Jäger [I6639]Family of Erich Adolf Rosentreter and Martha Jäger [F2778]  
     Katrine Marie Jahn [I8364]Family of Johann Christian Rosenträger and Katrine Marie Jahn [F3536]26 Sep 1824 
     Caroline Friederike Auguste Jahnke [I8265]Family of Carl Rosenträger and Caroline Friederike Auguste Jahnke [F2878]  
     Johanne Caroline Jahnke [I0929]Family of Johann Matthias Martin Rosentreter and Johanne Caroline Jahnke [F0331]2 Feb 1851 
     Oskar Jahnke [I8187]Family of Oskar Jahnke and Margarete Johanna Rosenträger [F3471]22 Oct 1915 
     Anna Catharina Jahns [I6017]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Anna Catharina Jahns [F2510]  
     Leopold Jakmuss [I2752]Family of Leopold Jakmuss and Martha Rosentreter [F1055]17 Jul 1913 
     **Unknown** James [I3540]Family of **Unknown** James and Deanna Rosentreter [F1443]  
     Christian Friedrich Gustav Janicke [I8269]Family of Christian Friedrich Gustav Janicke and Wilhelmine Emilie Friederike Rosenträger [F3509]11 Jul 1876 
     Magdalena Janiszewska [I5083]Family of Vinzent Rosentreter and Magdalena Janiszewska [F2075]about 1835 
     Emil Paul Janke [I2889]Family of Emil Paul Janke [F1138]16 Apr 1898 
      Family of Emil Paul Janke and Bertha Louise Rosentreter [F1547]4 Nov 1899 
      Family of Emil Paul Janke and Hilda Rosentreter [F2575]16 Apr 1898 
     Angelika Rosalia Janowitz [I0606]Family of Franziskus Johann Rosentreter and Angelika Rosalia Janowitz [F0189]30 May 1889 
     Franz Jansong [I8123]Family of Franz Jansong and Anna Marta Rosentreter [F3439]6 Feb 1932 
     August Jantz [I4436]Family of August Jantz and Mathilde Rosentreter [F1814]Feb 1902 
     Manuel Jara Cereño [I0364]Family of Manuel Jara Cereño and Laura Rosa Rosentreter Amestica [F0137]  
     Frummet Jaratsky [I2855]Family of Meyer Rosentreter and Frummet Jaratsky [F1125]  
     Jan Jaszczyk [I2402]Family of Jan Jaszczyk and Agnes Rosentreter [F0722]about 1911 
     Marcel Jaszczyk [I3135]Family of Marcel Jaszczyk and Augusta Rosentreter [F1232]  
     Harold Ralph Jeffery [I3942]Family of Harold Ralph Jeffery and Violet Grace Mabel Rosentreter [F1612]  
     Anna Rosina Jelonnek [I6008]Family of Krzystof Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Jelonnek [F2507]  
     Axel Rosenlund Jensen [I1433]Family of Axel Rosenlund Jensen and Ruth Rosentrætter [F0430]  
     Kirstine Elisabeth Jensen [I3266]Family of Hans Karl Rosentreter and Kirstine Elisabeth Jensen [F1294]  
     Russell Jensen [I2692]Family of Russell Jensen and Joanne Marie Rosentreter [F0995]  
     Hattie Bertha Jeschke [I0163]Family of Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Snr and Hattie Bertha Jeschke [F0240]28 Jul 1926 
     Michael Jess [I4442]Family of Michael Jess and Luise Rosentreter [F1817]  
     Friedrich Samuel Jesse [I2443]Family of Friedrich Samuel Jesse and Anna Juliane Rosentreter [F0826]11 Jan 1844 
     Johann Wilhelm Jesse [I4346]Family of Johann Wilhelm Jesse and Caroline Rosentreter [F1776]5 Feb 1870 
     Pauline Jesse [I4344]Family of Friedrich Rosentreter and Pauline Jesse [F1775]16 Oct 1881 
     Pauline Job [I3173]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Pauline Job [F1246]  
     Samuel Job [I2698]Family of Samuel Job and Karolina Wilhelmina Rosentreter [F1001]11 Oct 1835 
     **Unknown** Joehl [I8105]Family of **Unknown** Joehl and Christina Rosentreter [F3433]  
     Anna Caroline John [I1219]Family of Carl Wilhelm Rosentreter and Anna Caroline John [F0410]16 Jun 1868 
     Agnes Marie Johnson [I1389]Family of Albert Ernest Rosentrater and Agnes Marie Johnson [F0454]1 Jan 1930 
     Andrew Johnson [I5874]Family of Andrew Johnson and Jill Katherine Rosentreter [F2450]  
     Dillon Johnson [I4690]Family of Dillon Johnson and Claire Anne Rosentrater [F1919]  
     Jack Johnson [I3895]Family of Jack Johnson and Joanne M Rosentreter [F1591]  
     Paul Johnson [I5673]Family of Paul Johnson and Karen E Rosentrater [F2340]  
     Victor O Johnson [I4070]Family of Victor O Johnson and Judy Marie Rosentreter [F1682]  
     Anna Maria Jonacher [I6925]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Maria Jonacher [F2897]  
     Anna Charlotte Jonas [I6998]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Charlotte Jonas [F2928]21 Nov 1783 
     Dorothea Jonas [I5518]Family of August Rosentreter and Dorothea Jonas [F2261]  
     Johann Christian Friedrich Jonas [I2475]Family of Johann Christian Friedrich Jonas and Rosine Wilhelmine Dorothea Rosentreter [F0848]10 Mar 1854 
     Anna Charlotte Jonasch [I6946]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Charlotte Jonasch [F2904]  
     Bernice (Margaret) E Jones [I3868]Family of Richard (Dick) Burto Rosentreter and Bernice (Margaret) E Jones [F1581]  
     Doreen W Jones [I3737]Family of Eric C Rosentreder and Doreen W Jones [F1526]  
     Winfield Jones [I6199]Family of Winfield Jones and Alice Rosentreter [F2588]  
     Agathe Amalie Joost [I7027]Family of Otto Eduard Rosentreter and Agathe Amalie Joost [F2941]7 Dec 1901 
     Frieda Emma Jopke [I7421]Family of Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter and Frieda Emma Jopke [F3101]28 Dec 1934 
     Bertha Marie Jorgens [I8134]Family of Johann Joachim Paul Rosentreter and Bertha Marie Jorgens [F3444]  
     Bertha Jorgenson [I2013]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Bertha Jorgenson [F0590]15 Dec 1747 
     Vern Jorgenson [I4546]Family of Vern Jorgenson and Annette Bernice Rosentreter [F1861]  
     Dennis Joseph [I2387]Family of Dennis Joseph and Martha Marie Rosentrater [F0706]  
     Juliane Henriette Jost [I6336]Family of Samuel Franz Eduard Rosentreter and Juliane Henriette Jost [F2584]25 Mar 1827 
     Pauline Louise Jouanne [I6326]Family of Heinrich Rudolph Rosentreter and Pauline Louise Jouanne [F2651]  
     Roland R Juarez [I4038]Family of Roland R Juarez and Nancy Ruth Rosentreter [F1660]  
     Bertha Auguste Louise Jückstock [I6818]Family of Eduard Hermann Reinhold Rosenträger and Bertha Auguste Louise Jückstock [F2847]24 Dec 1879 
     Emil Hermann Otto Juhl [I7828]Family of Emil Hermann Otto Juhl and Anna Albertine Emilie Rosenträger [F3313]25 Sep 1896 
     Susanna Jungermann [I1495]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Susanna Jungermann [F0480]  
     Rosalie Emilie Anna Jungmann [I7321]Family of Karl Otto Fritz Rosentreter and Rosalie Emilie Anna Jungmann [F3060]31 May 1901 
     Marie Jupe [I7748]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Marie Jupe [F3278]  
     Anna Auguste Luise Emma Just [I7885]Family of Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger and Anna Auguste Luise Emma Just [F3343]18 Dec 1897 
     Barbara Ann Justice [I5627]Family of Herman Wayne Rosentreter and Barbara Ann Justice [F2314]  
     **Unknown** Justies [I7098]Family of **Unknown** Justies and Catherine Rosentreter [F2961]  
    KFriederike Wilhelmine Ulrika Kabelitz [I5771]Family of Carl Friedrich Rosentreter and Friederike Wilhelmine Ulrika Kabelitz [F2660]14 Oct 1866 
     Stephanie Kachar [I5391]Family of Joseph Ryan Rosentreter and Stephanie Kachar [F2204]  
     Theophile Kackerow [I6380]Family of Theophile Kackerow and Caroline Louise Friederike Rosentreter [F2664]  
     Elizabeth Anna (Elsie) Kaddatz [I0203]Family of Franz Joseph (Joe) Rosentreter and Elizabeth Anna (Elsie) Kaddatz [F0041]5 Jan 1924 
     Irvin Kaddatz [I5580]Family of Irvin Kaddatz and Frieda Rosentreter [F2289]  
     Louise Dorothea Kaddatz [I0025]Family of Ernest Christian Rosentreter and Louise Dorothea Kaddatz [F0076]11 Jun 1918 
     Kellie Kadel [I6269]Family of Paul Leslie Rosentreter and Kellie Kadel [F2626]  
     Charlotte Anna Amanda Kagel [I7850]Family of Friedrich August Rosenträger and Charlotte Anna Amanda Kagel [F3324]  
     August Kahlenberg [I7765]Family of August Kahlenberg and Emilie Rosentreter [F3287]11 Oct 1882 
     **Unknown** Kaiser [I2934]Family of **Unknown** Kaiser and Helen Rosentreter [F1162]  
     Edward Leo Kalaher [I4945]Family of Edward Leo Kalaher and Dorothy Marie Rosentreter [F2012]  
     Stella Mae Kalaher [I0773]Family of Victor Albert Rosentreter and Stella Mae Kalaher [F0297]13 Oct 1938 
     Erich Friedrich Paul Kalies [I7433]Family of Erich Friedrich Paul Kalies and Grete Frieda Anna Rosentreter [F3106]24 Dec 1925 
     Henriette Mathilde Kallett [I4773]Family of August Rosentreter and Henriette Mathilde Kallett [F0675]1843 
     Adolf Reinhold Otto Kallies [I6674]Family of Adolf Reinhold Otto Kallies and Bertha Sophie Emma Rosentreter [F2789]21 Mar 1909 
     Emma Kallweit [I7738]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Emma Kallweit [F3275]  
     Helen V Kam [I3549]Family of Floyd Rosentreter and Helen V Kam [F1449]  
     Marie Luise Elisabeth Kamieth [I2185]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Marie Luise Elisabeth Kamieth [F0641]11 Apr 1841 
     John C Kamke [I6245]Family of John C Kamke and Helen Rosentreter [F2610]1930 
     Daniel van Kampen [I5079]Family of Daniel van Kampen and Kathryn (Katie) Ann Rosentreter [F2073]  
     Susie Kamps [I3720]Family of Julius Carl Rosentreter and Susie Kamps [F1516]6 Aug 1943 
     Dorothea Charlotta Kannacher [I6950]Family of Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Rosentreter and Dorothea Charlotta Kannacher [F2905]5 Oct 1830 
     Johann Jacob Kannenberg [I5024]Family of Johann Jacob Kannenberg and Eva Rosina Rosentreter [F2046]5 Jun 1827 
     Hermann Emil Adolf Kanowski [I7545]Family of Hermann Emil Adolf Kanowski and Anna Marie Rosentreter [F3164]20 Nov 1934 
     Elsie E Kapell [I1435]Family of Albert John Rosentreter and Elsie E Kapell [F0467]  
     Lonnie Karasch [I5621]Family of Lonnie Karasch and Diane Rosentreter [F2311]  
     Donovan Charles Conrad Karg Jnr [I4049]Family of Donovan Charles Conrad Karg Jnr and Shelley Fay Rosentreter [F1665]  
     Regine Luise Gottliebe Anna Karin [I8297]Family of Johann Christian Rosenträger and Regine Luise Gottliebe Anna Karin [F3519]21 Apr 1818 
     Molly Karnes [I7967]Family of Brent Rosentreter and Molly Karnes [F3388]  
     Helena Karpinska [I1812]Family of Josef Rosentreter and Helena Karpinska [F0810]  
     Casimir Johann Karpinski [I5082]Family of Casimir Johann Karpinski and Julianna Helene Rosentreter [F2074]9 May 1878  20 Sep 1889
     Grete Kastens [I1288]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Grete Kastens [F0425]  
     Raymond Kaul [I4142]Family of Raymond Kaul and Joanna Rosentreter [F1711]  
     Anna Maria Kausin [I6845]Family of Johann Peter Rosentreter and Anna Maria Kausin [F2861]13 Feb 1775 
     Michael Kautowsky [I6396]Family of Michael Kautowsky and Anna Regina Rosentreter [F2673]12 May 1805 
     John Keipert [I2570]Family of John Keipert and Auguste Rosentreter [F0908]7 Jan 1886 
     Caroline Regine Kelch [I2186]Family of Friedrich Martin Rosentreter and Caroline Regine Kelch [F0643]27 Nov 1835 
     Chester J Keller [I3611]Family of Chester J Keller and Evelyn M Rosentreter [F1480]23 Jun 1934 
     Paul Kellner [I3417]Family of Paul Kellner and Martha Marie Rosentrater [F1385]  
     Marsha Kelly [I4162]Family of Michael Andrew Rosentreter Snr and Marsha Kelly [F1720]  
     Ida Emma Kelm [I0181]Family of Louis Joseph Rosentreter and Ida Emma Kelm [F0243]23 Dec 1920 
     Katy Kelso-Smith [I0719]Family of Joshua Carl Rosentreter and Katy Kelso-Smith [F0287]  
     Regine Luise Kemnitz [I5482]Family of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger and Regine Luise Kemnitz [F2245]  
     Della Elizabeth Kemp [I0859]Family of Rudolph George Rosentreter and Della Elizabeth Kemp [F0313]15 Sep 1915 
     Marie Elise Kempf [I6740]Family of Otto Gustav Rosentreter and Marie Elise Kempf [F2819]16 Feb 1915 
     Minnie Kempf [I0899]Family of Julius Carl Rosentreter and Minnie Kempf [F0324]26 Jun 1917 
     Alice Margaret Kennedy [I4640]Family of Thomas (Tom) Michael Eugen Rosentreter and Alice Margaret Kennedy [F1900]  
     Jim Kenney [I6200]Family of Jim Kenney and Alice Rosentreter [F2589]  
     Henry Keppler [I2639]Family of Henry Keppler and Mary Augusta Rosentreter [F0965]9 Jun 1878 
     Betty Frances Kerby [I3815]Family of Henry Ferdinand Rosentreter Jnr and Betty Frances Kerby [F1557]  
     Carl Kern [I4521]Family of Carl Kern and Martha Rosentreter [F1853]5 Nov 1921 
     Johanna Wilhelmine Ernstine Kernchen [I7922]Family of Hermann Rosenträger and Johanna Wilhelmine Ernstine Kernchen [F3363]  
     Carol Ann Kernke [I1162]Family of Ronald Clive Rosentreter and Carol Ann Kernke [F0391]  
     Bruce Kerr [I8002]Family of Bruce Kerr and Michelle Leigh Rosentreter [F3395]  
     Ruth Minnie Kerske [I5620]Family of George Louis Rosentrater and Ruth Minnie Kerske [F2310]3 Aug 1935 
     **Unknown** Kienitz [I7764]Family of **Unknown** Kienitz and Henriette Rosentreter [F3286]  
     Emil Kienitz [I6398]Family of Emil Kienitz and Emma Emilie Rosentreter [F2674]27 Nov 1889 
     Albert Ernst Franz Kindermann [I5864]Family of Albert Ernst Franz Kindermann and Regina Maria Rosentreter [F2442]26 Mar 1896 
     Theodore Richard Kindermann [I3114]Family of Theodore Richard Kindermann and Ida Louise Rosentreter [F1218]21 Dec 1905 
     Chris King [I6090]Family of Chris King and Tateum Rosentreter [F2544]  
     Mary J King [I4066]Family of Gary Allen Rosentreter and Mary J King [F1678]  
     Heather Lois Kinley [I4736]Family of John (Jack) Edward Rosentreter and Heather Lois Kinley [F1936]  
     Lillian Mabel Kinnear [I3530]Family of Charles Herman Rosentreter and Lillian Mabel Kinnear [F1437]6 Aug 1940 
     Friedrich Wilhelm Kirschstein [I7700]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Kirschstein and Johanna Emilie Bertha Rosentreter [F3259]20 May 1885 
     Marie Ernestine Kittler [I5316]Family of Ludwig (Louis) August Rosenträger and Marie Ernestine Kittler [F2167]12 Jan 1892 
     Krystyna Kitzmann [I4995]Family of Krzysztof Rosentreter and Krystyna Kitzmann [F2036]1837 
     Elsbeth Martha Anna Kladziwa [I7731]Family of Hans Rosentreter and Elsbeth Martha Anna Kladziwa [F3274]  
     Gustav John Klander [I0080]Family of Gustav John Klander and Mary Minnie Rosentreter [F0898]27 Jan 1910 
     Henry Eric Klann [I3281]Family of Henry Eric Klann and Elsie Clara Rosentreter [F1299]  
     Emil Klatt [I3202]Family of Emil Klatt [F1262]11 Jun 1887 
     Otto Julius Klatt [I6365]Family of Otto Julius Klatt and Gertrud Luise Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2658]  
     Rosine Klawiter [I5972]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Rosine Klawiter [F2493]  
     **Unknown** Klein [I3925]Family of Gottlieb Rosentreter and **Unknown** Klein [F1604]  
     Ernst Julias August Klein [I0041]Family of Ernst Julias August Klein and Melba Margarette Rosentreter [F0091]15 May 1925 
     Maria Anna Auguste Klein [I0142]Family of Heinrich Alexander Rosentreter and Maria Anna Auguste Klein [F0025]20 Jun 1923 
     Walter Klein [I2043]Family of Walter Klein and Helene Rosentreter [F1440]1935 
     Grit Kleinwächter [I6848]Family of Mirko Rosentreter and Grit Kleinwächter [F2863]  
     Anne Justine Klensk [I2305]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Anne Justine Klensk [F0673]29 Sep 1850 
     Elisabeth Klinger [I2803]Family of Paul Rosentreter and Elisabeth Klinger [F1103]29 Oct 1747 
     Eva Klinger [I5266]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Eva Klinger [F2146]13 Jan 1746 
     Erna Marie Klober [I7349]Family of Walter Otto Bruno Rosentreter and Erna Marie Klober [F3070]12 Feb 1921 
     Donald L Klock [I2712]Family of Donald L Klock and Lois Irene Rosentreter [F1015]24 Oct 1985 
     Friedrich Emil Klos [I7483]Family of Friedrich Emil Klos and Elise Anna Rosentreter [F3124]8 Apr 1897  19 May 1908
     Anna-Katrin Kloss [I6781]Family of Sergej Rosentreter and Anna-Katrin Kloss [F2836]  
     Johann Klosterman [I5692]Family of Johann Klosterman and Anna Rosina Rosentreter [F2351]9 Feb 1834 
     Minna Kluck [I4492]Family of Emil Rosentreter and Minna Kluck [F1842]  
     Alexander Kluczikowski [I2737]Family of Alexander Kluczikowski and Maria Elisabeth Rosentreter [F1040]6 Nov 1859 
     Martin Klug [I5102]Family of Martin Klug and Rosina Rosentreter [F2081]  
     Gustav Kluge [I4329]Family of Gustav Kluge and Juliane Rosentreter [F1768]13 Nov 1884 
     Julianne Klukas [I4304]Family of Daniel Rosentreter and Julianne Klukas [F1762]5 Dec 1871 
     Selma Kluth [I8295]Family of Wilhelm Rosenträger and Selma Kluth [F2214]  
     Selma Karoline Elisabeth Kluth [I5417]Family of Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Selma Karoline Elisabeth Kluth [F3450]3 Apr 1914 
     Auguste Amalie Knappe [I4885]Family of Gustav Eduardt (Edward) Rosentreter and Auguste Amalie Knappe [F1987] 16 Jul 187727 Oct 1887 
     Friedrich Knittler [I4984]Family of Friedrich Knittler and Alwine Rosentreter [F2033]  
     Paul Edward Knöpke [I5946]Family of Paul Edward Knöpke and Else Sophie Rosentreter [F2481]18 Feb 1928 
     Gottliebe Knörck [I6893]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Gottliebe Knörck [F2885]25 Apr 1834 
     Oma Ethel Knox [I1404]Family of Ervin Arnold Rosentrater and Oma Ethel Knox [F0458]20 Feb 1932 
     Sophie Margrete Kobbe [I1106]Family of Conrad Rosentreder and Sophie Margrete Kobbe [F0379]2 Oct 1762 
     Friederike Wilhelmine Dorothee Elisabeth Kober [I8261]Family of Johann Karl Christian Rosenträger and Friederike Wilhelmine Dorothee Elisabeth Kober [F3024]1847 
     Anna Koberstein [I4289]Family of Adolph Rosentreter and Anna Koberstein [F1757]  
     Elizabeth Kobs [I3025]Family of Johann (John) Fredrich Rosentreter and Elizabeth Kobs [F1194]  
     Adolph August Koch [I8235]Family of Adolph August Koch and Bertha Anna Helene Rosenträger [F3494]13 May 1897 
     Christine Marie Koch [I1342]Family of Michael Frederich Rosentrætter and Christine Marie Koch [F0437]  
     Kristian Kochanke [I2697]Family of Kristian Kochanke and Carolina Rosentreter [F1000]26 Nov 1847 
     Bernice Koehler [I1764]Family of Otto John Rosentreter and Bernice Koehler [F0799]7 May 1925 
     Adolph Koehli [I4359]Family of Adolph Koehli and Maria Rosentreter [F1785]31 Mar 1909 
     Marie Koeneki [I3347]Family of Richard Henrich (Henry) Albert Rosentreter Snr and Marie Koeneki [F1329]13 Aug 1908 
     Ulrica Dorothea Koetke [I2083]Family of Christian Rosentreter and Ulrica Dorothea Koetke [F0611]  
     Eric J Kohle [I3725]Family of Eric J Kohle and Hilda A Rosentreter [F1519]1941 
     August Ferdinand Kohler [I5995]Family of August Ferdinand Kohler and Wilhelmina Rosentreter [F2503]  
     Michael Kohler [I5818]Family of Michael Kohler and Joan Mary Rosentrater [F2415]  
     Hermann Paul Walter Köhler [I6043]Family of Hermann Paul Walter Köhler and Emmi Martha Rosentreter [F2517]29 May 1920 
     Caroline Rosina Köhlern [I5000]Family of Samuel Friedrich Rosentritt and Caroline Rosina Köhlern [F2038]Oct 1804 
     Chester A Kolaski [I3610]Family of Chester A Kolaski and Mary Rosentreter [F1479]  
     Albert Kolbe [I7683]Family of Albert Kolbe and Anna Julianna Rosentreter [F3250]19 Mar 1900 
     Bertha Hermine Caroline Kollmorgen [I5650]Family of Johann Carl Gottlieb Rosentreter and Bertha Hermine Caroline Kollmorgen [F2327]30 Nov 1905 
     Anna König [I6475]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Anna König [F2708]30 Oct 1927 
     Martha Matilda Könke [I7402]Family of Albert Martin Rosentreter and Martha Matilda Könke [F3093]26 May 1904 
     **Unknown** Konya [I3280]Family of **Unknown** Konya and Evelyn Rosentreter [F1298]  
     Hedwig Elisabeth Kopinke [I6513]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Hedwig Elisabeth Kopinke [F2726]19 Nov 1898 
     Bluma-Fridla Kopinsky [I4527]Family of Itsekh (Izaak) Rosentreter and Bluma-Fridla Kopinsky [F1855]8 Jun 1888 
     Clara Elisabeth Kopischke [I6391]Family of Gottlieb Johann Rosentreter and Clara Elisabeth Kopischke [F2670]4 Dec 1825 
     Susan Marion Kopp [I0278]Family of Gregory (Greg) Wayne Rosentreter and Susan Marion Kopp [F0069]  
     Wilhelm (William) Kopp [I2797]Family of Wilhelm (William) Kopp and Wilhelmine (Minnie) Emma Rosentreter [F1100]8 Aug 1899 
     Emilie Köppen [I6600]Family of August Rosentreter and Emilie Köppen [F2768]  
     Sophiya Vasilievna Korganova [I2977]Family of Boris Ottovich Rosentreter and Sophiya Vasilievna Korganova [F1177]  
     Joachim Christoph Korn [I3138]Family of Joachim Christoph Korn and Maria Dorothea Rosenträger [F1233]27 Oct 1839 
     Leena Korpivuoma [I0386]Family of Eric Rosentreter and Leena Korpivuoma [F0127]  
     Minnie Körth [I3392]Family of Friedrich (Fritz or Fred) Rosentreter and Minnie Körth [F1373]26 Dec 1920 
     Regina Koslowski [I1668]Family of August Alois Rosentreter and Regina Koslowski [F0775]17 Jul 1881 
     Erich Walter Kowall [I8084]Family of Erich Walter Kowall and Edith Marion Wally Rosentreter [F3422]  
     Annette Marie Kowalski [I1154]Family of Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr and Annette Marie Kowalski [F0389]  
     Ernestine Johanna Kraft [I4892]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Ernestine Johanna Kraft [F1990]  
     Fritz Adolf Kraft [I6679]Family of Fritz Adolf Kraft and Helene Alwine Emilie Rosentreter [F2792]5 Feb 1898 
     Mathilde Maria Auguste Kraft [I7363]Family of Johann Martin Wilhelm Rosentreter and Mathilde Maria Auguste Kraft [F3077]  
     Wilhelmina Krahn [I6480]Family of Carl Rosenträger and Wilhelmina Krahn [F2710]  
     Karin Kramer [I8288]Family of Peter Rosentreter and Karin Kramer [F2693]  
     Susanna Kramer [I5719]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Susanna Kramer [F2365]27 Nov 1801 
     Bernhardt Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm Krämer [I8152]Family of Bernhardt Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm Krämer and Else Johanna Rosentreter [F3452]11 May 1923 
     Anton Eduard Kränsel [I7818]Family of Anton Eduard Kränsel and Minna Luise Anna Rosenträger [F3308]20 Apr 1923 
     Richard F Krase [I0941]Family of Richard F Krase and Emma Rosentreter [F1214]6 Nov 1907 
     Marianna Krass [I5705]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Marianna Krass [F2358]2 May 1783 
     August Friedrich Adolf Krause [I8205]Family of August Friedrich Adolf Krause and Caroline Emilie Wilhelmine Rosenträger [F3480]2 Jul 1903 
     Eduard Krause [I4361]Family of Eduard Krause and Auguste Rosentreter [F1787]1887 
     Frieda Elly Krause [I5359]Family of Bernhard Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger and Frieda Elly Krause [F2188]17 Jul 1929 
     Friedrich Wilhelm Krause [I7903]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Krause and Anna Helene Auguste Rosenträger [F3353]15 Jan 1910 
     Karoline Krause [I4423]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Karoline Krause [F1810]Feb 1890 
     Maria Krause [I0977]Family of Johann Andreas Rosentreter and Maria Krause [F0347]23 Oct 1854 
     Rosina Krause [I6057]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Rosina Krause [F2525]  
     Hermann August Kraut [I5488]Family of Hermann August Kraut and Ottilie Auguste Rosentreter [F2247]6 Dec 1919 
     Marianne Krawczak [I6790]Family of Carl Rosentreter and Marianne Krawczak [F2839]  
     Emma Berta Auguste Kreis [I7247]Family of Hermann Martin Theodor Rosenträger and Emma Berta Auguste Kreis [F3031]24 Mar 1913 
     Carl Juius Kreisler [I4471]Family of Carl Juius Kreisler and Mariane Dorothea Rosentreter [F1831]1843 
     Ida Marie Bertha Kremser [I4882]Family of Otto Ferdinand Rosentreter and Ida Marie Bertha Kremser [F1986]1871 
     Anna Susanna Krenz [I0998]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Anna Susanna Krenz [F0352]5 Oct 1862 
     Ottilie Krenz [I4709]Family of Ferdinand Rosentreter and Ottilie Krenz [F1926]  2 Apr 1906
     Charles P Krepel [I2436]Family of Charles P Krepel and Anna Catherine Rosentreter [F0802]16 Jun 1934 
     Edith Elfriede Margarete Kretzschmar [I7942]Family of Ernst Werner Rosenträger and Edith Elfriede Margarete Kretzschmar [F3374]  
     John P Kreuz [I3564]Family of John P Kreuz and Catherine Agnes (Katherina) Rosentreter [F1456]26 Jun 1905 
     Gustav Krisatis [I7865]Family of Gustav Krisatis and Maria Auguste Helene Rosenträger [F3332]29 Oct 1898 
     Harry Krisman [I2866]Family of Harry Krisman and Gladys M Rosentreter [F1130]  
     Maria Dorothea Kröcher [I8388]Family of Johann Rosenträger and Maria Dorothea Kröcher [F3543]14 May 1865 
     Auguste Marie Louise Krohn [I7452]Family of Karl Friedrich Rosenträger and Auguste Marie Louise Krohn [F3113]  
     Ottilie Renate Wilhelmine Krohn [I7289]Family of Carl August Rosentreter and Ottilie Renate Wilhelmine Krohn [F3047]  
     Auguste Kroll [I5681]Family of August Rosentreter and Auguste Kroll [F2344]  
     Hedwig Luise Auguste Kroll [I7410]Family of Wilhelm Hans Rosentreter and Hedwig Luise Auguste Kroll [F3097]12 Dec 1911 
     Louise Wilhelmine Auguste Kroll [I7760]Family of Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Louise Wilhelmine Auguste Kroll [F3284]  
     Ottilie Luise Emilie Kröning [I7302]Family of Wilhelm Gustav Rosentreter and Ottilie Luise Emilie Kröning [F3052]27 Aug 1904 
     Herta Kropp [I6903]Family of Erhard Rosentreter and Herta Kropp [F2887]  
     Albertine Augusta Krueger [I2568]Family of John William Rosentreter and Albertine Augusta Krueger [F0907]15 Apr 1884 
     Augusta Krueger [I3167]Family of Carl Rosentreter and Augusta Krueger [F1244]10 Jan 1890 
     Emilie Marta Krueger [I4254]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Emilie Marta Krueger [F1747]13 Jan 1909 
     Justina Krueger [I5051]Family of Karl August Rosentreter and Justina Krueger [F2058]3 Jan 1864 
     Ernst Gottlieb Krug [I5014]Family of Ernst Gottlieb Krug and Wilhelmine Albertine Bertha Rosentritt [F2043]  
     Anna Kruger [I3246]Family of Hugo Rosentreter and Anna Kruger [F1285]  
     Anna Krüger [I1632]Family of Joseph Augustin Rosentreter and Anna Krüger [F0768]25 Nov 1858 
     Auguste Justine Krüger [I1302]Family of Carl Rosentreter and Auguste Justine Krüger [F0428]23 Jan 1876 
     Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger [I8246]Family of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger and Louise Dorothee Rosenträger [F3499]2 Apr 1877 
     Emilia Krüger [I6154]Family of Fritz Gus Rosentreter and Emilia Krüger [F1253]1908 
     Maria Dorothea Charlotte Krüger [I5711]Family of Christian Friedrich Rosentreter and Maria Dorothea Charlotte Krüger [F2362]11 Oct 1810 
     Martin Krüger [I5792]Family of Martin Krüger and Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2401]5 May 1822 
     Michael Krüger [I2461]Family of Michael Krüger and Anna Marianna Rosentreter [F0839]  
     Paul Herrmann Krüger [I2751]Family of Paul Herrmann Krüger and Martha Rosentreter [F1054]11 Nov 1911 
     Erich Erwin Krum [I3429]Family of Erich Erwin Krum and Pauline (Paula) Rosentreter [F1393]  
     Regina Krystyniak [I3003]Family of Frederick Wilhelm Rosentreter and Regina Krystyniak [F1183]28 Jun 1896 
     Georg Kuchenbecker [I2625]Family of Georg Kuchenbecker and Eva Rosentreter [F0955]1734 
     Johann Christoph Kuehn [I4362]Family of Johann Christoph Kuehn and Anna Louise or Maria Rosentreter [F1788]30 Sep 1855 
     Edgar Leslie Kuesthardt [I2708]Family of Edgar Leslie Kuesthardt and Lillian Emma Rosentreter [F1011]25 Jan 1927 
     Dorothee Kufahl [I8383]Family of Johann Rosenträger and Dorothee Kufahl [F3541]  
     Elisabeth Kugelt [I6232]Family of Georg Rosentreter and Elisabeth Kugelt [F2603]29 Apr 1806 
     Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kuhfahl [I8044]Family of Johann Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger and Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kuhfahl [F3410]  
     Arno Hartwig Kühn [I7609]Family of Arno Hartwig Kühn and Ida Agnes Frieda Rosentreter [F3202]5 Oct 1920 
      Family of Arno Hartwig Kühn and Minna Anna Meta Rosentreter [F3231]19 Dec 1927 
     Auguste Kühn [I7503]Family of August Rosentreter and Auguste Kühn [F3138]  
     Elise Johanna Kühn [I6646]Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Elise Johanna Kühn [F2782]12 Sep 1881 
     Franz Walter Kühn [I6828]Family of Franz Walter Kühn and Elise Ida Martha Rosenträger [F2850]8 May 1916 
     Hedwig Henriette Christine Kühn [I6770]Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Hedwig Henriette Christine Kühn [F2833]7 Jun 1886 
     Anna Pauline Kühne [I7803]Family of Gottlieb Emil Rosentreter and Anna Pauline Kühne [F3302]  
     Emilie Martha Kühne [I7579]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Emilie Martha Kühne [F3184]1 May 1909 
     Anna Pauline Kuhnel [I2023]Family of Herbert (Herbie) Manley Rosentreter and Anna Pauline Kuhnel [F0593]24 Apr 1936 
     Catharina Maria Kuhpfahl [I2179]Family of Johann Ehrenreich Rosenträger and Catharina Maria Kuhpfahl [F0638]24 Feb 1811 
     Anna Rosina Kujat [I5114]Family of Daniel Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Kujat [F2085]  
     Arthur August Kuklies [I3580]Family of Arthur August Kuklies and Paula Emilie Rosentreter [F1462]  
     Emilie Kulbarsch [I0425]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Emilie Kulbarsch [F0266]Oct 1872 
     Pauline Kulka [I7694]Family of Carl Rosentreter and Pauline Kulka [F3256]  
     Bertha Wilhelmine Auguste Kunde [I1587]Family of August Andreas Rosentreter and Bertha Wilhelmine Auguste Kunde [F0758]3 Oct 1898 
     Willard Lloyd Kunkel [I3814]Family of Willard Lloyd Kunkel and Norma Lee Rosentreter [F1556]  
     Dorothea Kunsse [I4937]Family of Baltzer Rosentreter and Dorothea Kunsse [F2008]  
     Friedrich Kunst [I2556]Family of Friedrich Kunst and Dorothea Sophia Rosenträger [F0900]21 Oct 1832 
     John Kunz [I2813]Family of John Kunz and Rosa Rosentreter [F1105]  
     Corrine Caroline Kupic [I5663]Family of David Philip Rosentrater and Corrine Caroline Kupic [F2333]  
     Anortha Kuprisowna [I7043]Family of Gottlieb Joseph Rosentreter and Anortha Kuprisowna [F2946]  
     Cheryl Jeanne Kure [I4107]Family of James Louis Rosentreter and Cheryl Jeanne Kure [F1695]7 Jun 1984 
     Martha Walli Kurth [I5854]Family of Ernst Johann Albert Rosentreter and Martha Walli Kurth [F2436]29 Mar 1930  12 Oct 1934
     Wilhelm August Hermann Kurtz [I6835]Family of Wilhelm August Hermann Kurtz [F2854]12 Nov 1925 
     Adalbert Kutka [I2744]Family of Adalbert Kutka and Marianna Rosentreter [F1047]1806 
     Leopold Friedrich August Kuwatsch [I2949]Family of Leopold Friedrich August Kuwatsch and Anna Louise Rosentreter [F1170]21 Aug 1836 
     Christine Kyriakivis [I0701]Family of Leon Eric Rosentreter and Christine Kyriakivis [F0284]  
    LMichelle Ann La Macchia [I0187]Family of Roger James Rosentreter and Michelle Ann La Macchia [F0060]  
     William Lamb [I5830]Family of William Lamb and Esther Rosentrater [F2421]  
     Fern Lambrech [I4383]Family of John F Rosentreter and Fern Lambrech [F1795]  
     Fritz Wilhelm Lambrecht [I7189]Family of Fritz Wilhelm Lambrecht and Elli Anna Rosa Rosentreter [F3002]5 Aug 1922 
     Maria Lambrecht [I7197]Family of Ernst Rosentreter and Maria Lambrecht [F3004]  
     Auguste Christine Wilhelmine Helene Lampe [I7373]Family of Karl Heinrich Paul Rosentreter and Auguste Christine Wilhelmine Helene Lampe [F3082]30 Nov 1903 
     Martha Marie Emma Lamprecht [I5350]Family of Gustav Karl Wilhelm Rosenträger and Martha Marie Emma Lamprecht [F2184]20 Apr 1908 
     Carson Avery Lancaster [I3416]Family of Carson Avery Lancaster and Miriam Ruth Rosentrater [F1384]  
     Marie Landig [I7981]Family of Rudolph Rosenträger and Marie Landig [F3391]  
     Anna Catharina Landmesser [I0806]Family of Johann Thomas Rosentreter and Anna Catharina Landmesser [F0304]16 Jun 1823 
     Wesley Robin Landwer [I3659]Family of Wesley Robin Landwer and Deirdre Verna Rosentreter [F1495]  
     Laura Lea Lane [I5752]Family of William Justin Rosentrater Jnr and Laura Lea Lane [F2381]  
     **Unknown** Lange [I0739]Family of Jacob Rosentreter and **Unknown** Lange [F0288]  
     Heinrich Rudolph Lange [I4331]Family of Heinrich Rudolph Lange and Ernestine Rosentreter [F1769]1 Jul 1875 
     Margarethe Lange [I3919]Family of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Rosentreter and Margarethe Lange [F1602]after 1800 
     Anna Margaretha Langen [I7181]Family of Johann Samuel Rosentreter and Anna Margaretha Langen [F2963]  
     Hedwig Marie Ida Langer [I7932]Family of Hans Robert Rudolf Rosenträger and Hedwig Marie Ida Langer [F3368]16 Aug 1919 
     Derek V Langley [I3741]Family of Derek V Langley and Gladys M Rosentreder [F1528]  
     Anna Elisabeth Langner [I5234]Family of Johann Karl Rudolph Rosentreter and Anna Elisabeth Langner [F2131]25 Oct 1900 
     Johann Ernst Philipp Wilhelm Langner [I7119]Family of Johann Ernst Philipp Wilhelm Langner and Henriette Amalie Rosentreter [F2967]15 Sep 1816 
     **Unknown** Lapp [I2703]Family of **Unknown** Lapp and Katy Rosentreter [F1006]  
     Theodore Lappe [I6521]Family of Theodore Lappe and Auguste Rosentreter [F2730]  
     Albert Franz August Lapschies [I6062]Family of Albert Franz August Lapschies and Agnes Martha Rosentreter [F2527]12 May 1928  23 Nov 1942
     Alfred Merle Larson [I2379]Family of Alfred Merle Larson and Rosalie Minnie Rosentrater [F0698]  
     David A Larue [I4031]Family of David A Larue and Gina Vaughn Rosentreter [F1655]  
     Gertrud Latzke [I0485]Family of Peter Rosentreter and Gertrud Latzke [F0166]16 May 1773 
     Caroline Laube [I3670]Family of Johann Gottlieb Rosentreter and Caroline Laube [F1499]  
     Emma Margarethe Lauburg [I7884]Family of Erich Hermann Walter Rosenträger and Emma Margarethe Lauburg [F3342]1 Apr 1925 
     Emma Lauchstedt [I5258]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Emma Lauchstedt [F2142]  
     Christoph Lauder [I3783]Family of Christoph Lauder and Minna Rosentreter [F1548]  
     Charles James Lauer [I2707]Family of Charles James Lauer and Lillian (Lillie) Rosentreter [F1010]16 Sep 1905 
     Wilhelm Lauer [I6519]Family of Wilhelm Lauer and Hedwig Rosentreter [F2729]  
     Auguste Wilhelmine Laurin [I7698]Family of Wilhelm Christian Eduard Rosentreter and Auguste Wilhelmine Laurin [F3258]  
     Rieke (Ricka) Lazarus [I1235]Family of Moritz Rosentreter and Rieke (Ricka) Lazarus [F0414]  
     Jerry Leach [I2386]Family of Jerry Leach and Beverly Ann Rosentrater [F0705]  
     Nola Genevieve Leach [I1393]Family of Marvin Paul Rosentrater and Nola Genevieve Leach [F0455]  
     Frieda Amanda Leber [I3245]Family of Richard Max Rosentreter and Frieda Amanda Leber [F1284]4 Jan 1907 
     Jadwiga F (Hattie) Lechert [I3608]Family of Edward Walton Rosentreter and Jadwiga F (Hattie) Lechert [F1478]15 Sep 1908 
     Eun Joo Lee [I5628]Family of Karl Joseph Rosentrater and Eun Joo Lee [F2315]  
     Ulah Nell Leeds [I4014]Family of Richard (Dick) Burto Rosentreter and Ulah Nell Leeds [F1644]  
     Elsie Ida Lehde [I3463]Family of Benjamin Gus Julius Rosentreter and Elsie Ida Lehde [F1410]  
     **Unknown** Lehman [I4168]Family of **Unknown** Lehman and Loretta Rosentreter [F1721]  
     Nancy Lehman [I1970]Family of Eldon Paul Rosentrater and Nancy Lehman [F0581]  
     **Unknown** Lehmann [I4658]Family of **Unknown** Lehmann and Olga Rosentreter [F1904]  
     Joanna Bertha Lehmann [I5218]Family of Carl Ferdinand Louis Rosentreter and Joanna Bertha Lehmann [F2123]11 Feb 1885  12 Jul 1897
     Martha Lehmann [I4769]Family of Ferdinand August Rosentreter and Martha Lehmann [F1944]  
     Emilie Lehrke [I4296]Family of Rudolph Rosentreter and Emilie Lehrke [F1759]21 Nov 1900 
     Caroline (Lena) Lehrmann [I0143]Family of Gustav John Rosentreter and Caroline (Lena) Lehrmann [F0912]20 Nov 1913 
     Catharina Leicken [I1084]Family of Johann Friedrich Rosentreter and Catharina Leicken [F0373]28 May 1794 
     Nicholas Leif [I3335]Family of Nicholas Leif and Frances Rosentreter [F1323]  
     Anna Lembalski [I6510]Family of Ferdinand Rosentreter and Anna Lembalski [F2723]  
     Wilhelmine Lemke [I6694]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Lemke [F2800]  
     Bernard Wilfred Lemky [I3484]Family of Bernard Wilfred Lemky and Ottilia (Tilly) Rosentreter [F1417]  
     Auguste Wilhelmine Lemm [I7905]Family of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Auguste Wilhelmine Lemm [F3354]  
     John Leneberg [I3131]Family of John Leneberg and Wilhelmina Rosentreter [F1230]  
     **Unknown** Lentz [I7757]Family of **Unknown** Lentz and Auguste Rosentreter [F3282]  
     Joachim Michael Ferdinand Lentz [I8184]Family of Joachim Michael Ferdinand Lentz and Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Rosentreter [F3469]13 Feb 1880 
     Rosalie Lentz [I1314]Family of Johann (John) Rosentreter and Rosalie Lentz [F0548]about 1879 
     Anna Lenz [I0233]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Anna Lenz [F0255]  
     Frieda Martha Klara Lenz [I5447]Family of Paul Richard Gustav Rosentreter and Frieda Martha Klara Lenz [F2230]  
     Lillian M Leonard [I5560]Family of Robert Laverne Rosentrater and Lillian M Leonard [F2282]  
     Ernst Karl Friedrich Leopold [I6495]Family of Ernst Karl Friedrich Leopold and Ottilie Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2717]30 Jul 1927 
     Rose C Leritz [I0611]Family of Paul Willam Rosentreter and Rose C Leritz [F0191]  
     Michael Lesinski [I2774]Family of Michael Lesinski and Regina (Jenny) Rosentreter [F1077]17 Jul 1905 
     Konstanty Lesnikowski [I1889]Family of Konstanty Lesnikowski and Barbara Rosentreter [F0561]  
     Marie Agnes Lester [I3353]Family of Richard Henry Rosentreter Jnr and Marie Agnes Lester [F1331]17 Dec 1938 
     Bernice A Letourneau [I3983]Family of Bernice A Letourneau [F1632]  
      Family of Benjamin Rosentreter and Bernice A Letourneau [F1633]1941 
     Anna Susanna Leuschner [I5019]Family of Johann Friedrich Rosentreter and Anna Susanna Leuschner [F2045]  
     John Lewis [I5872]Family of John Lewis and Nancy Ann Rosentreter [F2448]  
     Louisa Lieberanz [I3331]Family of John Rosentreter and Louisa Lieberanz [F1320]10 Nov 1903 
     **Unknown** Liebke [I6437]Family of **Unknown** Liebke and Ruth Rosentreter [F2690]  
     Christine Liedke [I5703]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Christine Liedke [F2356]8 Mar 1828 
     Justine Lieske [I2549]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Justine Lieske [F0896]  
     Johann Friedrich Lilkendey [I2407]Family of Johann Friedrich Lilkendey and Anne Alheit Rosentreter [F0727]13 Jun 1771 
     Louis V Lilley [I3987]Family of Louis V Lilley and Floy Mae Rosentreter [F1635]  
     Amanda Rosa Limmer [I0168]Family of Karl (Charlie) Johannes Rosentreter and Amanda Rosa Limmer [F0241]21 Jan 1923 
     Alma von der Linde [I5520]Family of Conrad Emil Rudolf Rosentreter and Alma von der Linde [F2263]  
     Emma Martha Margot Lindstaedt [I6575]Family of Reinhold Robert Rosentreter and Emma Martha Margot Lindstaedt [F2756]12 May 1922  19 Sep 1931
     Christian Lingnau [I7073]Family of Christian Lingnau and Catharina Rosenträger [F2954]17 Oct 1713 
     Frank J Link [I2493]Family of Frank J Link and Elizabeth Rosentreter [F0861]  
     Louise Benigna Link [I3923]Family of Friedrich Kasimir Rosentreter Snr and Louise Benigna Link [F1603]21 Oct 1806 
     Bertha Lippmann [I0680]Family of Louis Rosentreter and Bertha Lippmann [F0279]26 Jan 1887 
     Tauba-Baili Lips [I4653]Family of Donas Rosentreter and Tauba-Baili Lips [F1903]  
     Michael Allen Liska [I4059]Family of Michael Allen Liska and Luetta Kay Rosentreter [F1671]  
     Lillian (Hazel) M Lissack [I3122]Family of Elgard Hubert Rosentreter and Lillian (Hazel) M Lissack [F1223]  
     Carl List [I5832]Family of Carl List and Ottilie Rosentreter [F2423]8 Nov 1885 
     Ida List [I0264]Family of Emil Rosentreter and Ida List [F0259]22 Mar 1888 
     Joachim List [I2693]Family of Joachim List and Johanna Rosentreter [F0996]  
     Sandra Lister [I3248]Family of Richard (Richie) Gary Rosentreter and Sandra Lister [F1286]  
     Caecilie Loedke [I5941]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Caecilie Loedke [F2479]  
     Max Loewenthal [I2907]Family of Max Loewenthal and Rosa Rosentreter [F1148]14 Jul 1867 
     Henry August Bernhard Lohr [I3127]Family of Henry August Bernhard Lohr and Hannah Martha Rosentreder [F1226]7 Jun 1891 
     Johanna Lohse [I2030]Family of Hermann Rosentreter and Johanna Lohse [F1356]1 Jan 1933 
     Elisabeth Löper [I6339]Family of Christian Rosentreter and Elisabeth Löper [F2654]  
     Justina Lörch [I5269]Family of Jan Gottlieb (Bogumil) Rosentreter and Justina Lörch [F2148]  
     Veronica Lorenz [I6047]Family of Heinrich (Henry) Rudolph Rosentreter and Veronica Lorenz [F2519]1849 
     Emil August Loschert [I7318]Family of Emil August Loschert and Helene Louise Rosentreter [F3059]14 Nov 1923 
     Robert Theman Loss [I2801]Family of Robert Theman Loss and Bernice Veronica Rosentreter [F1368]12 Oct 1941 
     Elisabeth Lots [I6235]Family of Joseph Rosentreter and Elisabeth Lots [F2605]19 Jan 1792 
     **Unknown** Loveland [I3542]Family of **Unknown** Loveland and Leah R Rosentreter [F1444]  
     William Lowe [I5935]Family of William Lowe and Barbara H Rosentreter [F2475]  
     Inez E Lowrey [I2514]Family of Karl Fredrick (Charles) Rosentrader and Inez E Lowrey [F0872]6 Nov 1906 
     Lisa Everett Loy [I4056]Family of Jeffrey Alan Rosentreter and Lisa Everett Loy [F1669]  
     Wilhelm Lubig [I6037]Family of Wilhelm Lubig and Caroline Henriette Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2514]2 Dec 1874 
     John Alfred Otto Lubitz [I3962]Family of John Alfred Otto Lubitz and Frieda Rosentreter [F1622]12 Nov 1930 
     Betty Jo Lucas [I2001]Family of G Craig Rosentrater and Betty Jo Lucas [F0588]  
     Elise Minna Auguste Luckow [I5344]Family of August Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Elise Minna Auguste Luckow [F2182]22 May 1906 
     Anna Rosina Lud [I5727]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Lud [F2368]  
     Herbert Ludecke [I2607]Family of Herbert Ludecke and Lillian Edith Rosentreter [F0938]  
     Anna Martha Ottilie Ludewig [I1623]Family of Leo Andreas Rosentreter and Anna Martha Ottilie Ludewig [F0766]29 Nov 1913 
     Elfine Elfride Anna Ludewig [I7217]Family of Willy Hermann Rosenträger and Elfine Elfride Anna Ludewig [F3015]1 Jul 1915 
     Johann Lüdke [I3052]Family of Johann Lüdke and Julianna Rosentreter [F1200]31 Oct 1880 
     Anna Martha Lüdtke [I6730]Family of Aloysuis Franz Rosentreter and Anna Martha Lüdtke [F2815]10 May 1926 
     Johann Gottlob Ludwig [I5003]Family of Johann Gottlob Ludwig and Christiana Elisabeth Rosentritt [F2040]Jul 1806 
     Mewis Luntes [I6871]Family of Mewis Luntes and Grietgen Rosentret [F2874]11 Jan 1654 
     Franz Carl Heinrich Lüttjohan [I5233]Family of Franz Carl Heinrich Lüttjohan and Hulda Bertha Rosentreter [F2130]14 Dec 1888 
     Joseph Peter Lux [I2550]Family of Joseph Peter Lux and Anna Theresa Rosentreter [F0897]14 Sep 1885 
     Phyllis Luy [I4731]Family of William (Bill) Rosentreter and Phyllis Luy [F1934]  
    MJohann Maass [I6229]Family of Johann Maass and Anna Maria Rosentreter [F2602]19 Jun 1831 
     Robert Jefferson Maberry [I3828]Family of Robert Jefferson Maberry and Floy Mae Rosentreter [F1563]11 Apr 1947 
     Margaret (Maggie) Macaffery [I3504]Family of Johann Ludwig (Louis) Rosentreter and Margaret (Maggie) Macaffery [F1423]5 Mar 1898 
     Henriette Johanna Wilhelmine Machelett [I1360]Family of Wilhelm Georg Rosentreter and Henriette Johanna Wilhelmine Machelett [F0444]23 Feb 1916 
     Emilie Augusta Machler [I4499]Family of Carl August Rosentreter and Emilie Augusta Machler [F1843]18 Jan 1874 
     Tammy Machuga [I6088]Family of Jerry Rosentreter and Tammy Machuga [F2543]  
     Anna M Mack [I1693]Family of John Rosentreter and Anna M Mack [F0780]  
     Helena Mackowiak [I8080]Family of Adolph Rudolph Rosentreter and Helena Mackowiak [F3419]3 Mar 1928 
     Helen Madelinski [I3487]Family of Ferdinand Rosentreter and Helen Madelinski [F1419]  
     Betina Mitzi Madsen [I1325]Family of Jens Rosenlund Rosentrætter and Betina Mitzi Madsen [F0433]  
     Catharina Dorothea Maeker [I2121]Family of Joachim Rosentreter and Catharina Dorothea Maeker [F1293]  
     Elizabeth Julia Maginnis [I3187]Family of Charles Theodore Rosentreter and Elizabeth Julia Maginnis [F1252]  
     Wilhelm August Albert Magnus [I7669]Family of Wilhelm August Albert Magnus and Anna Elisabeth Rosentreter [F3243]8 Sep 1881 
     Shannon Maguire [I5074]Family of Kurt Douglas Rosentreter and Shannon Maguire [F2071]  
     Nancy M Magwire [I5535]Family of Howard Russell Rosentrater and Nancy M Magwire [F2270]  
     William (Bill) Mahlmann [I6081]Family of William (Bill) Mahlmann and Emma Rosentreter [F2539]30 Jan 1896  
     Bill Mahoy [I5865]Family of Bill Mahoy and Margaret Ernestine Rosentreter [F2443]  
     James Leroy Mahr Jnr [I4212]Family of James Leroy Mahr Jnr and Nicolette Marie Rosentreter [F1738]  
     Justine Mahs [I5878]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Justine Mahs [F2452]  
     Frank Alfred (Jim) Maiden [I2451]Family of Frank Alfred (Jim) Maiden and Dorothea Maude (Maud) Rosentreter [F0830]  
     Oswald Paul Maidorn [I7219]Family of Oswald Paul Maidorn and Hedwig Martha Rosenträger [F3016]8 Apr 1916 
     Amanda Majer [I3019]Family of Jan Ludwig Rosentreter and Amanda Majer [F1191]1882 
     **Unknown** Majerak [I2536]Family of **Unknown** Majerak and Carol Rosentreter [F0887]  
     Friedrich Mäker [I8009]Family of Friedrich Mäker and Dorothea Rosenträger [F3398]  
     Kammi Makofka [I6160]Family of Kelvin Rosentreter and Kammi Makofka [F2571]  
     Emma Marie Friederike Makuschett [I5311]Family of Gustav Wilhelm Hermann Rosenträger and Emma Marie Friederike Makuschett [F2165]26 Nov 1898 
     Wilhelm Louis Paul Malender [I8191]Family of Wilhelm Louis Paul Malender and Marie Hedwig Emmi Rosenträger [F3473]8 Jul 1901 
     Helene Malinski [I7702]Family of Willy Gustav Rosentreter and Helene Malinski [F3260]6 Jan 1926 
     Karl Mallée [I5980]Family of Karl Mallée and Anna Luise Rosentreter [F2497]19 Apr 1901 
     Marianne Pauline Agripina Mallek [I4723]Family of Johann Joseph Rosentreter and Marianne Pauline Agripina Mallek [F1931]  
     **Unknown** Malone [I5797]Family of **Unknown** Malone and Colleen Marie Rosentreter [F2405]  
     Georg Karl Malze [I7629]Family of Georg Karl Malze and Maria Barbara Rosentreter [F3215]5 Apr 1913 
     **Unknown** Mandeville [I6246]Family of **Unknown** Mandeville and Sandra Lee Rosentrater [F2611]  
     Harold Mann [I5866]Family of Harold Mann and Norma Jean Rosentreter [F2444]  
     Nicole Susan Mann [I4552]Family of Mark Joseph Rosentreter and Nicole Susan Mann [F1865]  
     Anna Christina Manteufel [I5787]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Christina Manteufel [F2399]24 Jul 1836 
     Charlie G Manthei [I3935]Family of Charlie G Manthei and Estelle Frances Rosentreter [F1608]  
     Hedwig Manthey [I5250]Family of Johann Daniel Rosentreter Jnr and Hedwig Manthey [F2141]  
     Julius Samuel Manthey [I2795]Family of Julius Samuel Manthey and Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F1098]15 Jun 1837 
     Christoph Mantowitz [I6551]Family of Christoph Mantowitz and Ulrike Adelheid Henriette Rosentreter [F2747]  
     Adrienne Manzo [I3854]Family of Robert Rosentreter and Adrienne Manzo [F1573]  
     Josephus Marach [I4485]Family of Josephus Marach and Anastasya Rosentreter [F1839]1907 
     Theodore Henry Maranda [I4582]Family of Theodore Henry Maranda and Pearl Rosentreter [F1875]  
     Kirsten Marcus [I8130]Family of Reinhold Rosentreter and Kirsten Marcus [F3443]24 Jul 1743 
     Sara Marcus [I4823]Family of Isidor Rosentreter and Sara Marcus [F1958]  
     Sara Rosalie (Nora) Marcus [I1237]Family of Isidor Rosentreter and Sara Rosalie (Nora) Marcus [F0415]26 Nov 1882 
     Wanda Pauline Marczewska [I1529]Family of Albert Julias Rosentreter and Wanda Pauline Marczewska [F0492]  
     Caroline Wilhelmine Laender Mardens [I1336]Family of Christian Wilhelm Rosentrætter and Caroline Wilhelmine Laender Mardens [F0436]7 Jun 1833 
     Kristina Jo Marko [I6139]Family of Andrew (Andy) Harold Rosentrater and Kristina Jo Marko [F2565]  
     Johann Marks [I2427]Family of Johann Marks and Anna Rosentreter [F0738]8 Nov 1868 
     Edwin Emil Markwardt [I3813]Family of Edwin Emil Markwardt and Odella Gertrud Rosentreter [F1555]  
     Gottlieb Markwardt [I4847]Family of Gottlieb Markwardt and Susanna Rosentreter [F1966]21 Jun 1818 
     Mathilde Markwardt [I2892]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Mathilde Markwardt [F1139]  
     Gottfried Markwart [I4449]Family of Gottfried Markwart and Eva Rosentreter [F1822]Jun 1902 
     Wilhelmine Marquard [I7598]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Marquard [F3196]  
     Elisabeth Pauline Marsch [I7346]Family of Johann Theodor Rosentreter and Elisabeth Pauline Marsch [F3069]20 Sep 1902 
     Evelyn Joyce Marschke [I1179]Family of Arthur Robert Rosentreter and Evelyn Joyce Marschke [F0099]17 Jun 1941 
     August Marshall [I5593]Family of August Marshall and Amanda Rosentreter [F2298]  
     Evelyn Marshall Marshall [I4129]Family of Joel Rosentreter and Evelyn Marshall Marshall [F1706]  
     Anne Beatrice Martin [I3754]Family of Harry R Rosentreder and Anne Beatrice Martin [F1533]16 Oct 1917 
     Doug Martin [I6408]Family of Doug Martin and Karen Kathleen Rosentreter [F2679]  
     Eva June Martin [I1928]Family of Adolf Marion Rosentreter and Eva June Martin [F0571]  
     Auguste Pauline Martini [I2502]Family of Gustav Hermann Rosentreter and Auguste Pauline Martini [F0864]5 Mar 1884 
     Anna Elisabeth Marx [I0711]Family of Efraim Rosentreter and Anna Elisabeth Marx [F0286]Jan 1843 
     Emilia Massow [I5202]Family of Adolf Rosentreter and Emilia Massow [F2115]27 Oct 1882 
     William Mathisen [I3656]Family of William Mathisen and Eleanor Rosentreter [F1494]  
     John Benedikt Matt [I5902]Family of John Benedikt Matt and Emilie Pauline Rosentreter [F2461]  
     Auguste Wilhelmine Matthäus [I5010]Family of Carl Friedrich August Rosentritt and Auguste Wilhelmine Matthäus [F2042]  
     Fiona Matthews [I4843]Family of Warren Vivian Rosentreter and Fiona Matthews [F1965]  
     Keith R Matthews [I3736]Family of Keith R Matthews and Shelagh A Rosentreder [F1525]  
     Anna Wilhelmine Emilie Matthias [I8275]Family of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Rosenträger and Anna Wilhelmine Emilie Matthias [F3513]14 Dec 1893 
     Friederike Henriette Mau [I5890]Family of Carl August Rosentreter and Friederike Henriette Mau [F2457]9 Feb 1884 
     Johanna Maurer [I2976]Family of Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Rosentreter and Johanna Maurer [F1176]23 Jul 1836 
     Juliana Mazurek [I4793]Family of Gustav Rosentreter and Juliana Mazurek [F1950]25 Feb 1921  17 Sep 1941
     Ray Mazzoni [I2618]Family of Ray Mazzoni and Ellen Rosentreter [F0948]  
     Lavina Martha McCarty [I3154]Family of Albert Julias Rosentreter and Lavina Martha McCarty [F1238]6 May 1916  before 1924
     **Unknown** McClead [I4194]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and **Unknown** McClead [F1733]  
     Mary McCormick [I1855]Family of Frank Rosentreter and Mary McCormick [F0553]  
     Allan Craig McCracken [I3976]Family of Allan Craig McCracken and Nancy Jean Rosentreter [F1629]  
     Patsy Ruth McDaniel [I0915]Family of Floyd Henry Rosentreter Jr and Patsy Ruth McDaniel [F0328]  
     Elizabeth J McDonald [I0552]Family of Joseph Paul Rosentreter and Elizabeth J McDonald [F0181]8 May 1906 
     Joanne (Jo) Marie McDonald [I4617]Family of Olaf Rosentreter and Joanne (Jo) Marie McDonald [F1890]  
     Bertha May McGill [I3252]Family of Carl Lewis Rosentreter and Bertha May McGill [F1289]2 Sep 1927 
     **Unknown** McGivern [I5765]Family of **Unknown** McGivern and Tina Marie Rosentreter [F2389]  
     Margaret McGlauflin [I4074]Family of David Arthur Rosentreter and Margaret McGlauflin [F3515]  
     Ida May McGready [I0504]Family of August Francis Rosentreter and Ida May McGready [F0169]  
     Jeffrey Douglas McHenry [I4135]Family of Jeffrey Douglas McHenry and Kristen Maria Rosentreter [F1708]  
     Verlin McKenzie [I3587]Family of Verlin McKenzie and Adeline M Rosentreter [F1464]  
     Bessie May McLeery [I0468]Family of Julius A Rosentrater and Bessie May McLeery [F0163]16 Aug 1924 
     Josephine McManus [I3457]Family of Louis Rosentreter and Josephine McManus [F1405]8 Nov 1896 
     Vera M McMurtrey [I5859]Family of Benjamin Ernest Rosentrater and Vera M McMurtrey [F2439]3 Jul 1936 
     Jerolyn Gwen McPhail [I2004]Family of John Marshall Rosentrater and Jerolyn Gwen McPhail [F0589]  
     Alan E McVey [I5623]Family of Alan E McVey and Anna Pauline Rosentreter [F2312]27 Nov 1952 
     **Unknown** Meagher [I5833]Family of **Unknown** Meagher and Emma Rosentreter [F2424]  
     William T Meagher [I2915]Family of William T Meagher and Emma B Rosentreter [F1153]20 Jun 1888 
     Gottlieb Franz Mecinek [I2611]Family of Gottlieb Franz Mecinek and Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0941]1859 
     Gunhild Megaard [I3763]Family of Gustav Albert Rosentreter and Gunhild Megaard [F1537]23 Jun 1920 
     Clara Amalie Luise Wilhelmine Mehrmann [I7854]Family of Friedrich Wilhelm August Rosenträger and Clara Amalie Luise Wilhelmine Mehrmann [F3326]  
     Heinrich Ludwig Meier [I8369]Family of Heinrich Ludwig Meier and Luise Friederike Anna Elisabeth Rosenträger [F3538]30 Oct 1855 
     Pauline Meier [I4432]Family of Gottlieb Rosentreter and Pauline Meier [F1813]  
     Sophie Hester Meinkowsky [I0189]Family of Raymond Karl Rosentreter and Sophie Hester Meinkowsky [F0244]17 Mar 1949 
     **Unknown** Meisinger [I3972]Family of **Unknown** Meisinger and Patricia Rosentreter [F1628]  
     Johann Rudolf Meissner [I5260]Family of Johann Rudolf Meissner and Anna Rosine Wanda Rosentreter [F2144]19 Nov 1885 
     Marianne L Meister [I4071]Family of Perry Dean Rosentreter and Marianne L Meister [F1683]  
     David Melow [I6309]Family of David Melow and Diane Rosentreter [F2643]  
     Hinrich Menke [I2763]Family of Hinrich Menke and Mette Rosentreter [F1066]18 Oct 1798 
     Anna Menken [I1090]Family of Lüder or Lüer Rosentreter and Anna Menken [F0374]15 Jul 1773 
     Dorothea Mentzen [I4958]Family of Alfons Franz Rosentreter and Dorothea Mentzen [F2017]  
     Agnes Luise Emma Menzel [I4880]Family of Carl August Otto Rosentreter and Agnes Luise Emma Menzel [F1985]29 Jun 1876 
     Marie Mergentaler [I7519]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Marie Mergentaler [F3146]  
     Catharina Mertens [I5331]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Catharina Mertens [F2174]5 Oct 1629 
     Ilsabe Mertens [I1062]Family of Lür Rosentreter and Ilsabe Mertens [F0368]5 Oct 1652 
     Janice Ruth Metts [I4456]Family of James Donald Rosentreter and Janice Ruth Metts [F1826]  
     Marie Emilie Auguste Metzelthin [I7859]Family of Albert Ludwig Fritz Rosenträger and Marie Emilie Auguste Metzelthin [F3329]26 Sep 1897 
     Carl Mey [I6991]Family of Carl Mey and Louise Henriette Rosentreter [F2921]14 Feb 1817 
     Amanda Meyer [I6497]Family of Hermann Rosentreter and Amanda Meyer [F2718]  
     August Meyer [I6547]Family of August Meyer and Amalie Amanda Rosentreter [F2744]  
     Else Martha Hedwig Meyer [I6726]Family of Ernst Willi Christof August Rosentreter and Else Martha Hedwig Meyer [F2812]18 Apr 1933 
     Erdmund Meyer [I6963]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Erdmund Meyer [F2910]  
     Fanny Meyer [I0512]Family of Otto Rosentreter and Fanny Meyer [F0201]7 Jan 1906 
     Joan Mary Meyer [I3842]Family of John (Bert) Frederick Rosentreter and Joan Mary Meyer [F1568]  
     Luise Maria Bertha Meyer [I7605]Family of Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter and Luise Maria Bertha Meyer [F3200]3 Nov 1925 
     Mette Meyer [I1094]Family of Lüder Rosentreder and Mette Meyer [F0375]  
     Nathan Meyer [I2870]Family of Nathan Meyer and Rose Rosentreter [F1132]  
     Velma Anna Maria Meyer [I3953]Family of Harold Emil Rosentreter and Velma Anna Maria Meyer [F1616]20 Feb 1938 
     Wilhelmine Johanna Meyer [I6169]Family of Georg Friedrich Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Johanna Meyer [F2577]2 Oct 1846 
     Adam Meyer-Turcotte [I4754]Family of Adam Meyer-Turcotte and Erin Rosentreter [F1940]  
     Geske Meÿerotten [I6364]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Geske Meÿerotten [F2657]23 Jan 1721 
     Elmo Laxton Meyers [I2681]Family of Elmo Laxton Meyers and Helen Susana Rosentreter [F0983]  
     Gertrude E Meyers [I0898]Family of Herman Charles Rosentreter and Gertrude E Meyers [F0323]1 Jul 1922 
     Gladys V Meyers [I1742]Family of John Adrian Rosentreter and Gladys V Meyers [F0794]  
     James W Meyers [I2523]Family of James W Meyers and Billie June Rosentreter [F0881]  
     Mary G Michael [I1388]Family of William Frederic Rosentrater and Mary G Michael [F0453]  
     Katharina Michalski [I1638]Family of Paul August Rosentreter and Katharina Michalski [F0770]26 Jan 1914 
     Peter Mielbradt [I5027]Family of Peter Mielbradt and Anna Dorothea Rosentreter [F2048]  
     Alwina Mielke [I6529]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Alwina Mielke [F2733]  
     Anna Elisabeth Mielke [I5134]Family of Johann Gottlob Rosentreter and Anna Elisabeth Mielke [F2095]  
     Christina Mielke [I6359]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Christina Mielke [F2656]  
     Marie Mielke [I5276]Family of Wilhelm Gottlieb Rosentreter and Marie Mielke [F2149]1866 
     Minna Charlotte Karoline Mielke [I7919]Family of Johannes Hermann Rosenträger and Minna Charlotte Karoline Mielke [F3362]6 Nov 1918 
     Pauline Mielke [I3370]Family of Charles (Carl) Rosentreter and Pauline Mielke [F1338]  
     Christian Miereke [I2508]Family of Christian Miereke and Anna Sabina Rosentreter [F0866]31 May 1787 
     Rudolf Wilhelm Ferdinand Mierke [I8145]Family of Rudolf Wilhelm Ferdinand Mierke and Emma Auguste Rosentreter [F3448]25 Oct 1912 
     Auguste Friederike Emilie Miersch [I5958]Family of Eduard Gottlieb Ferdinand Rosentreter and Auguste Friederike Emilie Miersch [F2484]25 Apr 1891 
     Lisette Miker [I0951]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Lisette Miker [F0338]  
     Frieda Milbradt [I4954]Family of Arthur Rosentreter and Frieda Milbradt [F2015]17 Jul 1921 
     Edward E Miller [I3471]Family of Edward E Miller and Hattie Rosentreter [F1412]4 Jun 1907 
     Hilster Miller [I3572]Family of Hilster Miller and Mary A Rosentreter [F1459]  
     Johnathon Mills [I7618]Family of Johnathon Mills and Andrea (Annie) Rosentrater [F3208]  
     Piter Miltenburg [I2766]Family of Piter Miltenburg and Moniek Rosentreter [F1069]  
     Julianna Miszalska [I2972]Family of Jan Rosentreter and Julianna Miszalska [F1175]  
     Freeman Mitchell [I1501]Family of Freeman Mitchell and Freda B Rosentreter [F1348]20 Jul 1942 
     Rosalie Mitzner [I4430]Family of Samuel Rosentreter and Rosalie Mitzner [F1812]  
     Alois Moch [I7567]Family of Alois Moch and Anna Berta Rosentreter [F3177]1 Jun 1918 
     John E Moeckel [I4182]Family of John E Moeckel and Rebecca Ann Rosentreter [F1728]  
     Christian Louis Reinhard Moeller [I8075]Family of Christian Louis Reinhard Moeller and Auguste Bertha Rosentreter [F3418]about 1869 
     Otto C Moeller [I2169]Family of Otto C Moeller and Rose M Rosentreter [F1359]  
     Eleonore Mogge [I0299]Family of Johann Daniel Rosentreter Snr and Eleonore Mogge [F0265]14 Nov 1839 
     Michael Mogilka [I2587]Family of Michael Mogilka and Catharina Christina Rosentreter [F0918]4 May 1873 
     **Unknown** Mollenhauer [I5625]Family of **Unknown** Mollenhauer and Sharon Rosentreter [F2313]  
     Maria Moln [I4342]Family of Christoph Rosentreter and Maria Moln [F1774]11 Nov 1873 
     Carlos Mondaca Yañez [I6698]Family of Carlos Mondaca Yañez and Kläre Rosentreter Rodriguez [F2801]  
     Henriette Caroline Monneck [I6452]Family of Gottfried Samuel Rosentreter and Henriette Caroline Monneck [F2700]  
     Charles N Montague [I3734]Family of Charles N Montague and Ethel Christine Rosentreder [F1524]  
     Willis Mooney [I5598]Family of Willis Mooney and Ottile L (Tillie) Rosentrater [F2564]  
     Dorothy Mae Moore [I4019]Family of Frank Edward Rosentreter and Dorothy Mae Moore [F1648]  
     Virginia Mae Moore [I6307]Family of Arbe Herman Rosentreter and Virginia Mae Moore [F2642]  
     Auguste Anna Moos [I8119]Family of Gustav Adolf Rosentreter and Auguste Anna Moos [F3437]  
     **Unknown** Morgan [I3426]Family of **Unknown** Morgan and Marie Henrietta Rosentreter [F1391]  
     Viola Catherine Morningstar [I3212]Family of Richard Dean Rosentreter and Viola Catherine Morningstar [F1266]29 Jun 1953 
     Virginia (Ginny) Mae Morrell [I1976]Family of Keith John Rosentrater and Virginia (Ginny) Mae Morrell [F0584]  
     **Unknown** Morris [I4113]Family of **Unknown** Morris and Deborah Lynn Rosentreter [F1697]  
     James Morris [I6113]Family of James Morris and Bonnie Rosentreter [F2554]  
     Michelle Morris [I0494]Family of Joshua Lawrence Rosentreter and Michelle Morris [F0269]  
     **Unknown** Morse [I2525]Family of **Unknown** Morse and Bonnie Rosentreter [F0883]  
     Pauline Mosdowski [I6605]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Pauline Mosdowski [F2771]  
     Amanda Moyer [I6168]Family of Kevin Rosentreter and Amanda Moyer [F2576]  
     Chester Mozuch [I3934]Family of Chester Mozuch and Ruth Mildred Eleanor Rosentreter [F1607]  
     Antoni Bolesław Mroz [I5147]Family of Antoni Bolesław Mroz and Jadwiga Rosentreter [F2099]  
     Dorothea Mueck [I6994]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Dorothea Mueck [F2925]4 Dec 1835 
     Theresia S Muehl [I3951]Family of Adolph Gustav Rosentreter and Theresia S Muehl [F1615]  
     Annette Mueller [I1975]Family of Kenneth James Rosentrater and Annette Mueller [F0583]  
     Gottlieb Mueller [I3110]Family of Gottlieb Mueller and Meta Elsa Rosentreter [F1217]16 Oct 1909 
     Johann Christoph Mueller [I2557]Family of Johann Christoph Mueller and Dorothea Sophia Rosenträger [F0901]31 Oct 1841 
     Regina M Mueller [I5054]Family of Julius Friedrich Rosentreter Jnr and Regina M Mueller [F2059]  
     Wilhelmine Mühlenberg [I5347]Family of August Wilhelm Friedrich Rosenträger and Wilhelmine Mühlenberg [F2183]  
     Margarethe Alwine Hedwig Muhs [I5955]Family of Eduard Ferdinand Rosentreter and Margarethe Alwine Hedwig Muhs [F2483]6 Oct 1894 
     Anna Sophie Dorothee Müller [I7930]Family of Karl Albert Rosenträger and Anna Sophie Dorothee Müller [F3367]  
     Antoinette Helene Johanne Müller [I5142]Family of Wilhelm Reinhardt Rosentreter and Antoinette Helene Johanne Müller [F2097]26 Mar 1921 
     Carolina Christina Müller [I6320]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Carolina Christina Müller [F2649]  
     Caroline Henriette Lisette Müller [I5474]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Caroline Henriette Lisette Müller [F2242]  
     Ferdinand Wilhelm Joachim Friedrich Müller [I2479]Family of Ferdinand Wilhelm Joachim Friedrich Müller and Rosine Wilhelmine Dorothee Rosentreter [F0851]  
     Gottlieb Ernst Müller [I6315]Family of Gottlieb Ernst Müller and Caroline Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F2646]  
     Helene Maria Müller [I7926]Family of Richard Otto Rosenträger and Helene Maria Müller [F3365]29 Aug 1911 
     Julie Müller [I7019]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Julie Müller [F2937]  
     Lisette Müller [I5526]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Lisette Müller [F2266]  
     Margareta Müller [I4638]Family of Paul Rosentreter and Margareta Müller [F1899]  
     Margreta Müller [I1206]Family of Hinrich Rosentreter and Margreta Müller [F0404]23 May 1719 
     Maria Christina Müller [I7148]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Maria Christina Müller [F2985]16 Nov 1777 
     Maria Dorothea Müller [I2071]Family of Andreas Rosentreter and Maria Dorothea Müller [F0608]  
     George Mumford [I3732]Family of George Mumford and Maureen Emma Patricia (Pat) Rosentreder [F1523]  
     Georg Friedrich Müncheberg [I4939]Family of Georg Friedrich Müncheberg and Karoline Luise Rosentreter [F2009]13 Mar 1766 
     Auguste Hedwig Ottilie Münner [I8006]Family of Albert Carl Wilhelm Rosenträger and Auguste Hedwig Ottilie Münner [F3397]8 Dec 1900 
     Frances Emma Munns [I0558]Family of John Henry Rosentreter and Frances Emma Munns [F0182]1904 
     Janet Faye Munos [I4026]Family of Milton Marvin Rosentreter Snr and Janet Faye Munos [F1652]  
     Maria Munter [I7337]Family of Paul Johannes Rosentreter and Maria Munter [F3067]3 Oct 1902 
     Hermine Wilhelmine Maria Murrej [I0262]Family of Michael Christian Rosentreter and Hermine Wilhelmine Maria Murrej [F0258]  
     Wilhelmine (Minna) Musal [I3094]Family of Julias Rosentreter and Wilhelmine (Minna) Musal [F0179]  
     Wilhelm Museholt [I2223]Family of Wilhelm Museholt and Dorothee Rosentreter [F0653]  
     Eugenia (Johnnie) Jane Musick [I3577]Family of Marvin Louis Rosentreter and Eugenia (Johnnie) Jane Musick [F1461]4 Oct 1947 
     Anna Catharina Musolf [I0402]Family of Josef Mathias Rosentreter and Anna Catharina Musolf [F0141]14 Nov 1842 
     Eliza Muthoni [I8029]Family of Heiko Alfred Rosentreter and Eliza Muthoni [F3405]  
     Margarete Wilhelmine Elisabeth Mütze [I7852]Family of Otto Karl Alfred Rosenträger and Margarete Wilhelmine Elisabeth Mütze [F3325]12 Dec 1918 
     Cristina Mylk [I4482]Family of Joannes Rosentreter and Cristina Mylk [F1837]  
    NAuguste Nadolning [I3205]Family of Johann Emil Rosentreter and Auguste Nadolning [F1263]  
     Nazanin Najjari [I1367]Family of Ingmar Rosentreter and Nazanin Najjari [F0448]  
     Franciszek Nalborski [I5149]Family of Franciszek Nalborski and Lidia Francizka Rosentreter [F2100]  
     John F Napiontek [I2440]Family of John F Napiontek and Theresia Rosentreter [F1228]9 Jul 1895 
     Thomas Napiontek [I3130]Family of Thomas Napiontek and Anna Francisca Rosentreter [F1229]19 May 1892 
     Helen Nasonowitz [I3250]Family of Samuel Rosentreter and Helen Nasonowitz [F1287]7 Apr 1908 
     Johann Karl Gustav Naugardt [I6996]Family of Johann Karl Gustav Naugardt and Dorothea Elisabeth Rosentreter [F2926]29 Apr 1828 
     Christian Naumann [I3329]Family of Christian Naumann and Marie Rosentreter [F1319]14 Mar 1896 
     Perry Nazareth [I5130]Family of Perry Nazareth and Crystal Dawn Rosentreter [F2093]  
     **Unknown** Neehouse [I3793]Family of **Unknown** Neehouse and Stella Isabelle Rosentreter [F1543]  
     Louise Auguste Amalie Neetzel [I5398]Family of Hermann Louis Rosenträger and Louise Auguste Amalie Neetzel [F2206]18 Feb 1888 
     Wilhelmine Nehring [I3384]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Nehring [F1343]10 Aug 1887 
     William Nehring [I2794]Family of William Nehring and Wilhelmine Rosentreter [F1097]  
     Ernest Johann Neifert [I2715]Family of Ernest Johann Neifert and Louise Amelia Rosentreter [F1018]  
     **Unknown** Neipert [I3520]Family of **Unknown** Neipert and Augusta Emilie Rosentreter [F1433]  
     Casimir Joseph Nelke [I2457]Family of Casimir Joseph Nelke and Anna Maria Rosentreter [F0835]1839 
     Jacob Netz [I6378]Family of Jacob Netz and Christine Rosentreter [F2663]28 Jul 1833 
     Magdalena Neubrand [I6076]Family of Petrum (Peter) Rosentreter and Magdalena Neubrand [F2536]17 Nov 1778 
     Theodor Julius Bernhard Neuendorf [I7238]Family of Theodor Julius Bernhard Neuendorf and Dorothee Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [F3026]21 May 1874 
     Dorothea or Sophie Neugebauer [I5336]Family of **Unknown** Rosentreter and Dorothea or Sophie Neugebauer [F2177]  
     Johann Neulitz [I2612]Family of Johann Neulitz and Elisabeth Rosentreter [F0942]24 Apr 1815 
     **Unknown** Neumann [I4334]Family of **Unknown** Neumann and Rosine Rosentreter [F1771]  
     Caroline Neumann [I4411]Family of August Rosentreter and Caroline Neumann [F1808]Jan 1902 
     Elisabeth Frieda Neumann [I7446]Family of Adolf Georg Johann Rosentreter and Elisabeth Frieda Neumann [F3111]  
     Emilie Albertine Auguste Neumann [I0529]Family of Johann (John) Rosentreter and Emilie Albertine Auguste Neumann [F0219]2 Dec 1874 
     Eric James Neumann [I8102]Family of Eric James Neumann and Janice Lorraine Rosentreter [F3430]  
     Lydia Bertha Alice Neumann [I6051]Family of Emil Wilhelm Rosentreter and Lydia Bertha Alice Neumann [F2522]19 Oct 1912 
     Marianna Neumann [I2194]Family of Franz (Franciscus) Rosentreter and Marianna Neumann [F0646]6 Oct 1806 
     Marie Neumann [I0237]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Marie Neumann [F0256]  
     Max Reinhold Fritz Neumann [I7501]Family of Max Reinhold Fritz Neumann and Martha Bertha Felizitas Rosentreter [F3137]31 Oct 1908 
     Michael Neumann [I2483]Family of Michael Neumann and Anna Rosina Rosentreter [F0854]Nov 1830 
     Otto Friedrich Hermann Neumann [I6830]Family of Otto Friedrich Hermann Neumann and Dorothea Ida Helene Rosenträger [F2851]27 Dec 1919 
     Wilhelmine Neumann [I5782]Family of Ludwig Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Neumann [F2398]3 Nov 1850 
     Justyna Nezel [I3001]Family of Marcin Rosentreter and Justyna Nezel [F1182]  
     Albert T Nicholls [I3525]Family of Albert T Nicholls and Winifred Louisa Rosentreter [F1435]about Aug 1932 
     Amelia Nichols [I3622]Family of Adolph Rosentreter and Amelia Nichols [F1485]  
     Therisia Nickel [I4956]Family of Albert Franz Rosentreter and Therisia Nickel [F2016]1916 
     Charlotte Gertrud Nickoleit [I7505]Family of Wilhelm Paul Rosentreter and Charlotte Gertrud Nickoleit [F3139]26 Oct 1912 
     Anna Elisabeth Nielke [I5220]Family of Gottlieb Rosentreter and Anna Elisabeth Nielke [F2124]  
     Evelyn Marie Nielsen [I6932]Family of Frederick George Rosentreter and Evelyn Marie Nielsen [F2888]4 May 1946 
     Agnete Halkier Nielson [I1346]Family of Svend Rosentrætter and Agnete Halkier Nielson [F0439]  
     Ernestine Niemann [I7668]Family of Gottlieb Rudolf Rosentreter and Ernestine Niemann [F3242]27 Oct 1890 
     Ailene B Niemi [I4067]Family of Gary Allen Rosentreter and Ailene B Niemi [F1679]  
     Martha Niereisel [I1292]Family of Otto Rosentreter and Martha Niereisel [F0426]  
     Elizabeth Ann Nierengarten [I4045]Family of Bartholomew (Bart) John Rosentreter and Elizabeth Ann Nierengarten [F1662]  
     Hermann Julius Bernhard Nierenz [I7596]Family of Hermann Julius Bernhard Nierenz and Anna Emilie Rosentreter [F3195]21 May 1908 
     Wilma Augusta Nimtz [I0016]Family of Herman Helmuth Rosentreter and Wilma Augusta Nimtz [F0224]22 Oct 1938 
     Martha Nireisel [I7521]Family of Otto Rosentreter and Martha Nireisel [F3147]19 Jun 1918  2 Apr 1954
     Maria Elfriede Nitschke [I7647]Family of Ernst Ludwig Rosentreter and Maria Elfriede Nitschke [F3229]30 Nov 1921 
     Anna Rosina Nittscher [I5777]Family of Michael Rosentreter and Anna Rosina Nittscher [F2395]20 Feb 1837 
     Friedrich Emil Noebert [I7588]Family of Friedrich Emil Noebert and Rosa Elise Pauline Rosentreter [F3190]28 May 1912 
     Hermine Nölte [I5522]Family of Wilhelm Rosentreter and Hermine Nölte [F2264]16 Jun 1882 
     Lonnic I Nordlund [I5750]Family of Richard J Rosentrater and Lonnic I Nordlund [F2380]  
     Friedericke Nordmann [I2073]Family of Gottlieb (Gottlob) Franz Rosentreter and Friedericke Nordmann [F0609]  
     Arthur Raymond Nordquist [I3397]Family of Arthur Raymond Nordquist and Helen Rosentreter [F1377]  
     Margarete Norhausen [I7741]Family of Viktor Rosentreter and Margarete Norhausen [F3276]  
     Nancy Norman [I7203]Family of Patrick Rosentreter and Nancy Norman [F3008]  
     James Novack [I5870]Family of James Novack and Susan Elaine Rosentreter [F2446]  
     Wilhelmine Novak [I6417]Family of Julius Rosentreter and Wilhelmine Novak [F2683]  
     Judith (Judy) Mary Novotny [I5803]Family of George Louis Rosentrater Jnr and Judith (Judy) Mary Novotny [F2408]  
     Helene Alwine Bernardine Nowak [I7430]Family of Emil Robert Rosentreter and Helene Alwine Bernardine Nowak [F3105]6 Jul 1929 
     Rosa Ottilia Nuebert [I6214]Family of Emil Max Rosentreter and Rosa Ottilia Nuebert [F2595]  
     Robertus Nuemann [I4476]Family of Robertus Nuemann and Teresia Rosentreter [F1834]1887 
    OGervase C O'Connor [I3739]Family of Gervase C O'Connor and Iris Ethel Rosentreder [F1527]  
     Velmer Sivert O'Dean [I2382]Family of Velmer Sivert O'Dean and Esther Evelyn Rosentrater [F0701]3 Jul 1937 
     Sarah O'Donnell [I3514]Family of George B Rosentreter and Sarah O'Donnell [F1430]  
     Charles Ochs [I3860]Family of Charles Ochs and Anita Jean Rosentreter [F1576]  
     **Unknown** Ochsner [I3980]Family of **Unknown** Ochsner and Shirley Rosentreter [F1631]  
     Paul L Ocshier [I2603]Family of Paul L Ocshier and Dorothy Lucille Rosentreter [F0934]  
     Gregory P Odom [I4037]Family of Gregory P Odom and Kim Yvonne Rosentreter [F1659]  
     Gilbert Oechler [I5508]Family of Gilbert Oechler and Edna Laura Rosentreter [F2255]  
     Henriette Anna Elisabeth Oehlschläger [I8045]Family of Johann Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Rosenträger and Henriette Anna Elisabeth Oehlschläger [F3411]2 Nov 1860 
     Sharon A Oelker [I4098]Family of Orville Rosentreter Snr and Sharon A Oelker [F2155]  
     Wendy Barbara Ogden [I1238]Family of Norman John Rosentreter and Wendy Barbara Ogden [F0416]  
     Marianna Rosalia Okonek [I0615]Family of Joseph Rosentreter and Marianna Rosalia Okonek [F0194]25 Nov 1878 
     Anna Adelheit Oldenbüttel [I1215]Family of Christoph Friedrich Rosentreter and Anna Adelheit Oldenbüttel [F0407]17 Apr 1801 
     Annette Oldham [I1953]Family of Henry William Rosentreter and Annette Oldham [F1355]  
     Beata Olek [I1886]Family of Andrzej Rosentreter and Beata Olek [F0560]  
     Esther Oley [I3618]Family of Arthur Gustave Rosentreter and Esther Oley [F1483]8 Dec 1915 
     Maria Elisa Olivares [I6695]Family of Bernado Federico Rosentreter Amestica and Maria Elisa Olivares [F0122]  
     Eleanor Dolores Oliver [I3671]Family of Grover Cleveland Rosentreter Jnr and Eleanor Dolores Oliver [F1500]8 Aug 1936 
     Ernst Ollech [I6653]Family of Ernst Ollech and Louise Rosentreter [F2785]  
     Friedrich Leopold Ollech [I7392]Family of Friedrich Leopold Ollech and Luise Rosentreter [F3089]5 Oct 1931 
     Sophie Margaretha Ölrichs [I1128]Family of Johann Hinrich Rosentreter and Sophie Margaretha Ölrichs [F2579]26 Nov 1840 
     Maria Olschewski [I4473]Family of Alexius Rosentreter and Maria Olschewski [F1833]2 Feb 1920 
     Thorvald Julius Olsen [I2586]Family of Thorvald Julius Olsen and Jensine Andrea Rosentrætter [F0917]5 Feb 1865 
     Nikoline Marie Kristine Olssen [I1349]Family of Thorvald Ludolf Carl Vilhelm Rosentrætter and Nikoline Marie Kristine Olssen [F0440]  
     Ronald George Olthius [I5061]Family of Ronald George Olthius and Darlene Rosentreter [F2063]  
     Albertine (Alvina) Onasch [I0882]Family of Julius Frederick Rosentreter and Albertine (Alvina) Onasch [F0318]27 Jun 1885 
     Clara Oppermann [I5965]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Clara Oppermann [F2488]27 Aug 1892 
     William T Opsomer [I5764]Family of William T Opsomer and Lucille Rosentreter [F2388]16 Jun 1951 
     Hermann Ordemann [I2694]Family of Hermann Ordemann and Johanna Magdalena Rosentreter [F0997]30 Mar 1800 
     Carol Jean Ortmann [I5762]Family of Donald (Don) Stuart Rosentrater and Carol Jean Ortmann [F2386]  
     Guillermo Oschileswky [I0362]Family of Guillermo Oschileswky and Ema Bernarda Rosentreter Amestica [F0136]  
     Hinrich von Ösen [I2601]Family of Hinrich von Ösen and Dorothea Rosentreter [F0932]11 Apr 1793 
     Irma Marie (Mamie) Osterland [I3374]Family of Edward Ernest Rosentreter and Irma Marie (Mamie) Osterland [F1340]23 Jun 1917 
     George Christof Otte [I3546]Family of George Christof Otte and Bernice Rosentreter [F1448]  
     August Heinrich Otter [I5930]Family of August Heinrich Otter and Clara Auguste Helene Rosentreter [F2471]16 Dec 1901 
     Barbara Ann Sofie Otterson [I4375]Family of Arthur Donald Rosentreter and Barbara Ann Sofie Otterson [F1791]14 Jun 1959  19 Nov 1982
     Luella L Ottman [I4062]Family of James Milton Rosentreter and Luella L Ottman [F1674]  
     Jodocus Henricus Otto [I6865]Family of Jodocus Henricus Otto and Catharina Rosentreter [F2871]5 Apr 1785 
     Wanda Hertha Charlotte Otto [I6514]Family of Wilhelm Emil Rosentreter and Wanda Hertha Charlotte Otto [F2727]5 Sep 1921 
     Wilhelmine Otto [I4783]Family of Wilhelmine Otto [F1947]  
    PElla Martha Agnes Paasch [I7833]Family of Wilhelm Karl Rosenträger and Ella Martha Agnes Paasch [F3316]14 Oct 1911 
     Carolina Wilhelmina Pachert [I6980]Family of Gottfried Samuel Rosentreter and Carolina Wilhelmina Pachert [F2915]1814 
     Viola Caroline Pagel [I3556]Family of Ernest Rudolph Rosentreter and Viola Caroline Pagel [F1453]21 Oct 1916 
     Hoa Pahn [I1160]Family of Gary Alan Rosentreter Snr and Hoa Pahn [F0388]  
     Brenda Painter [I1968]Family of Charles Ray Rosentrater and Brenda Painter [F0580]  
     **Unknown** Palmer [I2521]Family of **Unknown** Palmer and Betty Rosentreter [F0879]  
     Alvin Palmer [I6114]Family of Alvin Palmer and Betty Rosentreter [F2555]  
     Marie Luise Pankau [I3140]Family of Christian Rosenträger and Marie Luise Pankau [F1234]  
     Paul Andreas Pankau [I2738]Family of Paul Andreas Pankau and Maria Henriette Rosentreter [F1041]  
     Stanislaus Pankau [I2535]Family of Stanislaus Pankau and Caecilia Rosalia Rosentreter [F0886]26 Sep 1903 
     Marie Elisabeth Pankow [I8013]Family of Joachim Christian Friedrich Rosenträger and Marie Elisabeth Pankow [F0346]  
     Johann Panske [I2430]Family of Johann Panske and Anna Rosentreter [F0741]1810 
     Johann Martin Panske [I2741]Family of Johann Martin Panske and Maria Tekla Rosentreter [F1044]12 Sep 1876 
     Karl Eugen Panzer [I2406]Family of Karl Eugen Panzer and Albertine Bertha Rosentreter [F0726]30 Dec 1898 
     Henriette Anna Papenbrock [I5498]Family of Martin Rosentreter and Henriette Anna Papenbrock [F2253]  
     Louise Papenbrock [I5612]Family of Johann Michael Rosentreter and Louise Papenbrock [F2306]  
     Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Papke [I7229]Family of Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Papke and Sophie Marie Elisabeth Rosenträger [F3021]20 Aug 1871 
     Dora Johanna Gertrud Papstein [I5433]Family of Herbert Helmut Wilhelm Rosenträger and Dora Johanna Gertrud Papstein [F2222]  
     Phil Paradise [I4751]Family of Phil Paradise and Brinna Elisabeth Rosentreter [F1939]  
     Karl Paries [I2519]Family of Karl Paries and Auguste Wilhelmine Karoline Rosentreter [F0877]1865 
     Wilhelm Richard Franz Paries [I8176]Family of Wilhelm Richard Franz Paries and Minna Auguste Charlotte Rosenträger [F3466]28 Mar 1895 
     Louis von Parisey [I6239]Family of Louis von Parisey and Louise Auguste Rosentreter [F2607]24 Jul 1859 
     Bernice Park [I6204]Family of Neil Rosentreter and Bernice Park [F2591]  
     Geri M Parker [I4181]Family of Norman Lee Rosentreter Jnr and Geri M Parker [F1727]  
     Andrea Parthun [I5388]Family of James Lee Rosentreter and Andrea Parthun [F2203]  
     Lorenz Pasda [I6538]Family of Lorenz Pasda and Anna Rosentreter [F2740]26 Nov 1923 
     Antoni Paśko [I4993]Family of Antoni Paśko and Justyna Rosentreter [F2035]  
     Glenis Bronwyn Passey [I0748]Family of Rodney (Rod) Claude Rosentreter and Glenis Bronwyn Passey [F0292]  
     Anna Maria Pasternacius [I7156]Family of Johann Rosentreter and Anna Maria Pasternacius [F2990]8 Sep 1798 
     Karl Paul Otto Patke [I7619]Family of Karl Paul Otto Patke and Gertrud Else Rosentreter [F3209]23 Sep 1933 
     Krzysztof Patyna [I2792]Family of Krzysztof Patyna and Wanda Rosentreter [F1095]  
     Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Pätz [I7273]Family of Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Pätz and Elisabeth Clara Charlotte Rosentreter [F3039]22 Oct 1918 
     Adeline Patzer [I6675]Family of Gottfried Rosentreter and Adeline Patzer [F2790]18 Sep 1932 
     Marianna Patzke [I0404]Family of Joseph Rosentreter and Marianna Patzke [F0142]27 May 1811 
     Catharina Margretha Paukers [I6294]Family of Johann Jacob Christoph Rosentreter and Catharina Margretha Paukers [F2636]10 Nov 1668 
     Johanne Caroline Dorothee Paul [I5977]Family of Franz Rosentreter and Johanne Caroline Dorothee Paul [F2496]14 Oct 1875 
     Martha Paul [I7607]Family of Eduard Reinhard Rosentreter and Martha Paul [F3201]29 Dec 1933 
     **Unknown** Paulsen [I8127]Family of **Unknown** Paulsen and Else Rosentreter [F3441]  
     Olga Valerie Maria Paulsen [I5775]