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Diemmy Rosentreter

Fedor Rosentreter

Major General Fedor Rosentreter

[Gramps ID I2799]

The Prussian Army’s Major General Fedor Rosentreter was born on June 13, 1842 in Tilsit, Prussia (now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia).

His father Gustav Adolph Rosentreter, was an Assessor at the Prussian Higher Regional Court, and his grandfather Traugott David Rosentreter, was a Lawyer and Government Councillor to King Frederick William II (King of Prussia).

His mother was Cäcilie Emilie Amalie Wilhelmine Antonie Adelheid von Hagen. The von Hagen’s are a very old and noble family that can trace back to the 1300’s.

Corps Vandalia Heidelberg

Corps Vandalia Heidelberg

He studied law in Heidelberg, Bonn and Berlin. In Heidelberg he was a member of the Corps Vandalia.

On 6 Aug 1849, he married Julia Dittrich in the Military Evangelische Church, at Srebrna Góra, Ząbkowice Śląskie County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.

Military Career:

  • 1863 started his officer’s career in the 2nd Uhlan Regiment of the Prussian Army in Racibórz,
  • 1864 appointed Second Lieutenant,
  • 1870/71 Ordnance Officer of the Brigade of Colomb, Cavalry Division, Graf Stollberg,
  • 1879 appointed Captain in the 2nd Uhlan Regiment,
  • 1884 Adjutant to the 10th Division and with the General Command of the 5th Army Corps in Poznan
  • 1886 appointed Major in the 2nd Pomeranian Uhlan Regiment No. 9 in Demmin
  • 1891 appointed Lieutenant Colonel in the 6th Dragoon Regiment in Mainz
  • 1896 appointed Commander of the 36th Cavalry Brigade in Gdansk
  • 1898 appointed Major General.


He was considered an opening theorist in chess. The system 4. d2-d4 in King Knight gambit bears his name as the Rosentreter Gambit.

He died in Blankenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany on 16 Mar 1919.

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